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Celtic’s Annual General Meeting took place at Celtic Park today as the club and shareholders reflected on a year in which the Scottish Premiership trophy was secured for the 10th season in 11.  Chairman, Ian Bankier (70) confirmed his decision to step down as at the end of next month, 11 years after replacing John Reid in the job.  An announcement on his replacement will be made to the stock market before then.

The most illuminating part of the day was Celtic FC Foundation chief exec., Tony Hamilton, explaining the work your Foundation has done in the past year and has planned for the difficult winter months ahead.  The Foundation continues to feed, educate, aid those in need of medical assistance and help those struggling in poverty.  Whatever happens on the park at Celtic, the Foundation is your proudest boast.

Ange Postecoglou pinned his familiar colours to the mast.  If we are to reach the highest levels of European football, we will not do so playing defensively in the Champions League.  It is an admiral conviction and Ange had more than enough affection to carry this or any other room full of Celtic supporters.  Other outcomes are possible.

It was not overtly clear to the room, but much of Celtic’s planning in recent times has been to be in the right place when Uefa change the Champions League in 2024.  Next season’s competition will feature the last of the Group Stages, a status that has occupied our hopes and dreams for so many years.

Instead, an open draw from 36 teams will see participants play four home games and four away, all against different sides.  Getting into this 36 team contest and remaining is a huge objective for the club.

Chief executive, Michael Nicholson spoke to on-going stadium developments.  The new sports bar opened recently in the Jock Stein Stand, which will help fans who travel from distance in particular.  Lots more work is needed here.  We have a fine 20th century stadium but the more Celtic fans travel to great European stadiums and come back with tales of extravagances, like catering facilities you can reach during halftime, handtowels in the toilets throughout the day, merchandise outlets you can spend money at, from the largest seating area at the group, the more we will realise there is work to be done.

Fan liaison chief, John Paul Taylor spoke about the fight he led (although he took no credit for it) against the regime at Glasgow City Council, who planned to impose a 1m parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park on match days.  This would have displaced the nearest drivers to park 1m away, while many would be forced multiples of this distance.

It was a beyond crazy idea that only a local government/Holyrood/Westminster politician could have suggested.

Chief Financial Officer, Chris McKay dived into the numbers, indicating some significant relief that the years without fans were behind us.  He and former chief executive, Peter Lawwell, had a significant influence on the new Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.  An understated indication of the soft power the club has amassed in the game in recent years.

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  1. fergusslayedtheblues on





    I think our manager is instilling confidence in the team on a daily basis .


    He is teaching them to be brave when on the ball and not to fear ANY opponent at ANY level


    IIRC there was an instance in the 2nd half were Greg Taylor was on the shy line in the left back area ,about 35 yards out with 2 RM players in close proximity.


    He could have lumped the ball forward to no one and see it come right back at us but he tried to drag the ball back inside to play it to a CB and possibly switch it to the other side and start an attack .


    Now it did not come off and he lost the ball but the fact he felt confident enough to try to do something positive with the ball in that position in that arena ,tells me Ange is getting through to the players and they will be better players from it



  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Chances of rocking up at The Park tomorrow waving cash and getting a ticket?

  3. fergusslayedtheblues on



    That’s my money your collecting




    Have you ever met a poor bookie




    Always good to see the bookie get a bloody nose



  4. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Might b a good idea to try at the coach park at the back of the JS stand


    Me and my old pal used to do well getting tickets there back in the day





    Agree 100%, but the suits have to back him or lose him, he has ambition, I pray they do also else he will walk, there is something special about Ange and given the operchancity, he will show it, it’s in the old bones, I just know it, but he has to be backed and we are not talking about breaking banks, just give him the tools and he will produce, I know he will, I have never been more confident

  6. Fergus, I expect a spirited effort from DUFC. I expect us to be reffed differently……………….I expect us to win 8 nil and for us to be 3 up in the first 5 mins, but I’ll celebrate a last minute winner like a madman!







  7. Obsession is a bad thing ,Some on here need to get Sevco out of their head ,talk all things Celtic it’s more healthy.

  8. Hello again all you young rebels





    Good morning from an expected sunny 22 deg Melbourne


    Getting ready for a little jaunt down to our rebel town on the


    peninsula coast.


    Just read your post about the time change for the Sydney


    tournament game.


    I previously posted how I would miss the games due to a Oz


    cruise we had booked prior to these dates due to Covid and




    However I will meet up with bhoys/ ghirls from our club and


    other Celtic clubs up at the city when our big ship sails into


    Sydney the day before the game.


    Don’t think I could jump ship though, princess would make me


    walk the plank first lol.


    H H. Mick

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Mrs BRRB to Johnny; you have your ticket to the game, now try to get home at a decent time. Yes indeed, my little Lilly of the Valley says I, unfortunately our understanding of decent doesn’t tally. I made another sharp exit.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Tams from this afternoon and capacity of Sports Bar.



    Thank you.



    1,100 capacity combined doesn’t seem like nearly enough.



    Many of our fans will go for food and drink before a game.



    5 or 6 times that capacity required?

  11. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Agree the big guy has something about him .


    I think he is in his element at Celtic at the moment .


    He has a drive and determination to achieve and has a squad of players who wish to do the same .


    I for one am looking forward to were the Ange appointment and influence can take us


    Happyclapper CSC

  12. You can feel Ange trying to EMPOWER Glasgow Celtic to be the Fitba Club it really should be.



    The Guy is Hame, well away from Home but hame.



    Over 3.5 Celtic goals 1st Half not First Hauf…….Although all the amounts of the Hard Stuff offered by so Many to Ange must Resonate with him to say it to the World.



    Ange has a Fergus McCann.



    Sorry Dundee United an Excellent Club that dinnae deserve maulings by the Hoops.



    This Celtic Juggernaut has to get bettah and bettah, Ange is the Driving, Energetic, Phenomenon….. Force that is ticking Every Box.



    Keith is right, Back Ange to the Hilt.



    Ajax went close a couple of Seasons ago… Not being a big TV Country, it was Impressive.



    For those that like a punt over 2.5 First Half Celtic goals should be guid.




  13. fergusslayedtheblues on



    You’ve got your ticket for the Ange rollercoaster all you have to do now is get back to your bed before kick off .



  14. *This Celtic Juggernaut has to get bettah and bettah, Ange is the Driving, Energetic, Phenomenon….. Force that is ticking Every Box.*






    This Celtic Juggernaut has to get bettah and bettah, Ange is the Driving, Energetic, *Phenomenal*….. Force that is ticking Every Box.




  15. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Think jota looks up for it since coming back .


    Think he will do well



  16. fergusslayedtheblues on 4th November 2022 11:41 pm






    Think jota looks up for it since coming back .



    Think he will do well








    Always good to have input frae Legends.



    That handel is Power to ….. certainly not the People.



    It was Awesome roaring when that CL tune gets Davie Hayed.



    I think we are going to MONSTER this League Season and keep Every player we want for next Season.



    Everyone that wants to be there will be there.



    RIP Keith



  17. Talking about Legends,






    I’m very happy to go on the Ange ride, we are playing the best fitba since the Maestros heyday – nope We are playing the Best Fitba I’ve seen frae a Celtic team!!!!!



    Ange is a whirlwind and you have to ride it.

  18. fergusslayedtheblues on



    watching the first half of the RM tie


    Always find it different watching the game again without the emotion of the live play .


    IMO Ange is building something special at our club .


    Our players do not look out of place against the best Europe in their own ground .


    Madrid have had to work for openings and if not for 2 pens all even half time would have been a fair result


    Ange has said we have to keep qualifying for CL and keep chipping away to make inroads . He is spot on


    He wants his players to see playing in the CL the same as playing in the spl .


    Doing this will remove the fear in their play at the higher level which hopefully leads to being more at ease in big game environments.


    We could play like shackter donesk.


    But I bet if you asked big Ange that question he would say


    When did shackter donesk win the Cl


    So why would I want to play like them .


    Maybe just maybe this BIG aussie at our club is trying to instill a no glass ceiling to what the players can do as a team .


    I for one am going to enjoy the journey

  19. FSTB,



    Dinnae ken if yer a Vintage Celt…….I Suspect ye are.



    My Lord & Saviour is the first port of call.



    This, definitely, is the maist Exciting Celtic Team I’ve witnessed.



    A Henry Joy to Watch.

  20. Celtic








    G-Thang wisnae wrong…..





    A last wan frae Debbie McGhee….











    Over 2.5 Celtic First hauf/half goals isnae giving out much All things considered.



    Delighted the Bhoys down Under are gonnae see the Celts against an ok team frae the Englsh League, Lampard certainly isnae a Gentleman…. He’d let a wee Lady struggle with the baggage.



    I Agree with my Dad,

  21. AIPPLE and BRRB ( and others who MAY be interested ?)



    In the last TWO races at KEENELAND, KENTUCKY ( The 9th and 10th races), I had backed the Two SHORT PRICED FAVOURITES for those Races EARLY yesterday along with the other earlier Winners.


    In the 9th Race, the ODDS ON Favourite was well beaten.


    in the 10the Race, my selection was around EVEN Money in UK Odds.


    As the ONLY TWO ODDS ON Favourites, had been BEATEN on the Night, I then had a Final bet on the 10th and last Race….looking for some ” Value” ?


    Guess what Bhoys, I backed yet another Winner at UK Odds of 8/1 in the last race.



    LOOK AWAY now BRRB…The name of the Winner in the last Race was called ” VICTORIA ROAD” !


    A road that you are a wee bit familiar with.


    YOU SHOULD have backed ” VICTORIA ROAD” BRRB, I HOPE that you did ?


    TEN RACES at KEENELAND yesterday and I had SIX Winners, with Two Odds On Fvourites being beaten, and Two other Horses finishing in 4th Place.


    Close, but NO CIGAR.




    I am very happy with my nights work….not too shabby.


    I may take a wee bit of battering from The Bookies Today, both with UK and USA Racing, as my Bookie looks to RETALIATE big time ?


    Bring it on Matey…Ive taken my Jacket OFF already.





    Now, where’s my PUNTERS SATCHEL ?



    HH Bhoys.

  22. On ITV4 RIGHT now is a Fitba programme called ” WHEN THE WORLD WATCHED”.


    Its just over One Hour long and its about the BRAZIL TEAM of the World Cup in 1970.


    EASILY, the BEST World Cup…EVER !


    Certainly, the BEAT I ever watched on our New ( and first) Colour TV.


    HH Bjoys.

  23. Tom McLaughlin on




    Agreed re 1970 Worl Cup.



    A veritable feast of magnificent football, in glorious technicolour, played by true artisans.



    Pure entertainment. I was 16 at the time and had just sat my O-Levels. I was a keen amateur footballer enjoying the close season but still played street & scheme football every day as I imagined I was Pele, Beckenbauer and Riva.



    Great memories of innocent times.

  24. Brazils 1st game in MEXICO World Cup in 1970.


    it was against Czechoslovakia, and the Czechs scored FIRST.


    A player called ” PETRAS”, with the Goal and it was the FIRST time that I had seen a player ” BLESS” Himself in Goal celebration as he sunk to his knees on the Turf…especially on THAT World stage.


    That game is also best remembered for PELE LOBBING the Czech Goalie ( VIKTOR) from 60 YARDS OUT, while in his own half obviously. Tha World STOPPED to acclaim a FANTASTIC Goal..or what would have been one of the greatest Goals EVER ?



    As if in ” SLOW MOTION” the 60 YARD LOB…made its way to the Czech Goal, with the Goalie beaten as he raced back…only to drift slightly and go just past the Goalies left hand Post.


    NONE of Boys in the East End of Glesga had ever seen anything like it…and mostly probably Folks the World over ?


    I was almost 14 years of Age during that 1970 World Cup, and the day after the Brazil game all the talk with Pals and Schoolmates was of PELE’s 60 YARD LOB…Which didnt go in ?


    Many of us ALSO talked about the Czech Boy ” PETRAS”, running towards the touchline, and getting down on his knees in his Goal celebration…and then quite purposely BLESSING HIMSELF as he looked up towards Heaven…..MAGICAL !



    Brazil beat the Czechs with some great Fitba…and winning 4-1….with some graet goals.


    IF ONLY….THAT LOB had went in ?





  25. Tom McLaughlin on

    I also remember Gordon Banks’ miraculous one-handed save from Pele’s close range header. Brazil eventually overcame an excellent England side when Jairzinho netted the only goal of a fantastic game.