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Celtic’s Annual General Meeting took place at Celtic Park today as the club and shareholders reflected on a year in which the Scottish Premiership trophy was secured for the 10th season in 11.  Chairman, Ian Bankier (70) confirmed his decision to step down as at the end of next month, 11 years after replacing John Reid in the job.  An announcement on his replacement will be made to the stock market before then.

The most illuminating part of the day was Celtic FC Foundation chief exec., Tony Hamilton, explaining the work your Foundation has done in the past year and has planned for the difficult winter months ahead.  The Foundation continues to feed, educate, aid those in need of medical assistance and help those struggling in poverty.  Whatever happens on the park at Celtic, the Foundation is your proudest boast.

Ange Postecoglou pinned his familiar colours to the mast.  If we are to reach the highest levels of European football, we will not do so playing defensively in the Champions League.  It is an admiral conviction and Ange had more than enough affection to carry this or any other room full of Celtic supporters.  Other outcomes are possible.

It was not overtly clear to the room, but much of Celtic’s planning in recent times has been to be in the right place when Uefa change the Champions League in 2024.  Next season’s competition will feature the last of the Group Stages, a status that has occupied our hopes and dreams for so many years.

Instead, an open draw from 36 teams will see participants play four home games and four away, all against different sides.  Getting into this 36 team contest and remaining is a huge objective for the club.

Chief executive, Michael Nicholson spoke to on-going stadium developments.  The new sports bar opened recently in the Jock Stein Stand, which will help fans who travel from distance in particular.  Lots more work is needed here.  We have a fine 20th century stadium but the more Celtic fans travel to great European stadiums and come back with tales of extravagances, like catering facilities you can reach during halftime, handtowels in the toilets throughout the day, merchandise outlets you can spend money at, from the largest seating area at the group, the more we will realise there is work to be done.

Fan liaison chief, John Paul Taylor spoke about the fight he led (although he took no credit for it) against the regime at Glasgow City Council, who planned to impose a 1m parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park on match days.  This would have displaced the nearest drivers to park 1m away, while many would be forced multiples of this distance.

It was a beyond crazy idea that only a local government/Holyrood/Westminster politician could have suggested.

Chief Financial Officer, Chris McKay dived into the numbers, indicating some significant relief that the years without fans were behind us.  He and former chief executive, Peter Lawwell, had a significant influence on the new Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.  An understated indication of the soft power the club has amassed in the game in recent years.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Then there was the amazing semi-final between Italy and West Germany which ended in a 4-3 victory for the Azurri.



    90 minutes of end-to-end attacking football and some great goals.



    Luigi Riva — What a player.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Not forgetting the brilliant Gerd Muller of West Germany. Built like a tank but sharp and agile. What a striker.



    He broke English hearts in the quarter-final as Alf Ramsay’s holders led 2-0 with about 20 minutes to play. Muller scored twice to level before the Germans snatched a late winner.



    England players later admitted they were shattered after an hour due to the heat and the altitude and Sir Alf was criticised for a lack of proper acclimatisation and was soon sacked.

  3. Tom,


    Watching the highlights of the 1970 World Cup Final, which Brazil won 4-1 v ITALY ( Also a GREAT TEAM) in this programme !” WHEN THE WORLD WATCHED” this morning, the Cameras are on the Pitch at the end of the Final and many Fans had ran onto the Pitch in celebration with the Brazilian team getting almost swamped. PELE claims that “He was ROBBED” when someone STOLE his shirt.


    Also, the Camera showed RIVELLINO actually lying on the Turf after FAINTING with the excitement. He had to be carried off. I hadnt seen that before ?



    It was a World Cup that will NEVER be beaten for sheer Fitba…( NOT just Brazil) and ENTERTAINMENT IMHO.


    Funnily enough, i also ahve great memories not ONLY of Brazil etc, but of the other SEMI FINAL that featured ITALY v WEST GERMANY….which was also a game ” Fit to be a Final”…as ITALY best West GERMANY 4-3…..after extra time I think…( I could be wrong about the extra time ) ?


    What a game THAT was, and I think ITALY’s LUIGI RIVA Scored Two Goals in the game ?


    RIVA, used to go MENTAL after he scored…it was brilliant !





  4. Tom McLaughlin on

    Big game today v Dundee United. Looking forward to a good result which will go some way to helping us forget Europe for the time being.



    2-0 to the Bhoys.



    Hail Hail.

  5. In the Programme that Ive just watched, it also showed the Brazil team in some Training clips. One of the Brazilian players mentions how ” BRAZIL Trained at 2,800 feet” thru the Tournament because the KNEW that the Final in Mexico City would be played at ” 3,200 feet”.


    Hows THAT for ” PREPARATION ?



    I hope Big ANGE was watching this programme this morning ” WHEN THE WORLD WATCHED”…..It was a graet insight to Brazils Fitba Team, and some of the terrible Polotics that were happening in Brazil at the same time with the Murderous Dictatorship in charge.


    HH mate.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on




    You’re right. The Italy v West Germany semi-final did go to extra-time. In fact the score after 90 minutes was 1-1 with extra-time producing 5 more goals.

  7. IF inly Big ANGE could get the CELTIC playing like that great Brazil Team….


    He probably won’t but he’s doing a GRAND JOB in my opinion, as I think hes installing a lot of confidence in some Celtic players along the way, in his efforts to make Celtic BETTER !












    What channel was that film on?




    ITV4…CHANNEL 26 on Freeview.


    It was BRILL !


    I hope that you will see it somehow ?



  9. Good morning all from a wet, grey Garngad



    This is the 1st day of my 56th year on gods green earth.



    5 -1 To the bhoys.



    D :)

  10. MEXICO World Cup 1970….


    PELE’s 60 YARD LOB.


    PELE’s Fantastic HEADER v England.


    Gordon BANKS SUPER save of above Header.


    CZECH Player ” PETRAS” Blessing himself v Brazil after scoring.


    Brazils’ ( TOSTAO or GERSON ?) NUTMEGGING Bobby Moore in the build up to Brazils Goal when beating England 1-0.




    WEST GERMANY GUBBING England 3-2 after extra time.


    PELE ” DUMMYING” Uraguyan Goalie..and his shot slipping just wide. DAMN !


    ITALY V WEST GERMANY Semi Final…Italy win 4-3 after extra time….WHIT a game that was !


    BRAZIL beating Uruguay in other semi final, AFTER going a Goal down.




    PELE’S FANTASTIC, TEXT BOOK Header in Final v ITALY, for BRAZILS First Goal…WHIT a HEADER AND GOAL THAT was ! The BRAZIL Players were GOBSMACKED after THAT Header as many claimed that PELE had HUNG IN the AIR for what seemed an ETERNITY!



    Just some of my great memories of THAT World Cup…The BEST EVER.



    HH Bhoys.

  11. DAVID66 on 5TH NOVEMBER 2022 8:26 AM


    Good morning all from a wet, grey Garngad







    This is the 1st day of my 56th year on gods green earth.







    5 -1 To the bhoys.




    HAPPY HOOPY Birthday to you Mate…My Big CHINA.


    We must have some more Beers real soon to celebrate !



  12. fergusslayedtheblues on

    DAVID 66




    hope the bhoys put on a show today and give you the gift of 3 pts to make your day that little bit more of a celebration.







    You must come with DAVID66 when we have our next CQN Bevvy ?


    HH Mate.

  14. AIPPLE…


    I have Placed my Bets for Today including 11 of the Races at KEENELAND later Today.


    I have NOT Bet on the 11th Race as the ” Wonder Horse” is Priced up at 2/5 ON Favourite, with my UK Bookie, and I will just be watching THAT Race.



    I imagine some of my Winnings from yesterdays SIX Winners at Keeneland will end up back in the Bookies Satchel later Today….Who knows ?


    Its only Money and I dont care about losing…but I do like to get a run for my Money whenever possible ?



    MON the HOOPS Today…Plenty of CELTIC Goals and being entertained into the bargain will do for me, ALTHOUGH I will accept a dull, 1-0 WIN right now.


    6-0 to The FAMOUS GLASGOW CELTIC…would be nice !





  15. Maybe a JOTA HAT TRICK Today….the Bhoy MUST be so confident right now after THAT Free Kick v Real Madrid in their ain Midden ?





  16. fergusslayedtheblues on



    would be more than happy to join


    the crew of the olde shipbank for a tot of rum and talk all things celtic HH 🥳🍻

  17. AIPPLE…


    I have some hard Racing to navigate BEFORE Keeneland later…as theres plenty of UK Racing first.



    As long as Celtic WIN…I dont care about the Horses if my Bets go down.



    HH Mate.

  18. fergusslayedtheblues on



    I think your spot on with jota


    I am looking for a MOTM from the bhoy ,think he is rearing to go .










    would be more than happy to join





    the crew of the olde shipbank for a tot of rum and talk all things celtic HH 🥳




    YOU would be most welcome Mate.



  20. fourstonecoppi on

    Gonna be cauld up in ‘Paradise’ the day.


    So thermals polo neck boots and big coat!



    Gonna be cauld up in ‘Paradise’ the day.





    So thermals polo neck boots and big coat!




    Hopefully a few Celtic Goals will allow you to sing and dance with each Goal to warm you up ?



  22. Remember, Remember the 5th of December. Gunpowder, treason and plot.



    Happy birthday David 66.

  23. Cheers bhoys out for Brekkie with the good lady.



    Got lots of cards, gifts and beer tokens (I mean cash) from the family.



    D :)

  24. What is the Starz on

    1970 World Cup was the best I remember.


    What a team Brazil were.


    Beckenbauer played the extra time v Italy in the 4 3 semi final with a dislocated shoulder.


    The 4th Brazil goal against Italy..almost every player touched the ball in the build up

  25. Where is football’s solidarity with ongoing oppression and discrimination of women and girls ?



    The silence is deafening.




  26. Happy Birthday,David 66 and I hope Celtic give you a suitable present. 5-0 rather than 5-5 , though !!