AGM robust defence of strategy


After a competitive first half Celtic stepped up a gear in the second to swamp Kilmarnock.  The back four, aided by the protection of Ismaila Soro, contributed to our first clean sheet in nine outings.  David Turnbull picked up where he left off on Thursday with another assist from a corner kick, this time converted by the renewed Shane Duffy.

Celtic’s run of form extends to only two games but if any innocuous effort encapsulated it more it was the run Patryk Klimala made deep into his own half to pick up a throw-in that ultimately led to the second goal.  The movement of Turnbull, Soro and Klimala (when he replaced Odsonne Edouard) has transformed Celtic into a team easy to play against into a solid operation that looks confident.

I never expected our play to right itself by moving Kristofer Ajer to right back and adding Soro and Turnbull to the midfield.  After St Johnstone, I didn’t expect Neil Lennon to find a workable formula so quickly, I doubt he did either.

After demonstrations against Neil, the players and the running of the club (which I assumed was a metaphor for not sacking Neil), the appetite to demonstrate against Neil and the players has dissipated, although I am unsure if the lack of a sacking still counts as a demonstrate-able event.

I did not back Neil Lennon to get the job in 2010 or in 2019 and as recently as a week ago, I didn’t think he had a hope of getting a decent 90 minutes out of this squad.  It would have been easier to have a bloodletting than for the board to tell us their man has the best chance of turning things around.

I still don’t think we will win the league this season, but it would be a Celtic fans with a heart of stone, or at least a tendancy to overreaction, who would campaign to tear our infrastructure asunder right now.  Get results for the next three weeks and see what happens next.

Our Annual General Meeting was held by videoconference this afternoon.  The highlight, not for the first time, was Celtic FC Foundation’s chief exec, Tony Hamilton, who explained that the Christmas Appeal in 2019 was our best ever and that our Football for Good campaing this year now topped the £1m mark.

Peter Lawwell gave a robust defence of strategy.  The year between summer 2019 and summer 2020 saw the largest spend in the club’s history, £35m across the transfer windows.  He affirmed his manager’s credentials and made it clear the board remain committed to the title fight this season.  It is difficult to do rallying calls by recorded AGM videolink, but this was as close as we are likely to see.

Some of us have juices flowing at the prospect of a fourth consecutive treble.  We won the fourth treble in our history in 2017.  Yes, this clearly is pitchfork time.

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  1. Re AGM


    Really poor go at an online AGM. Only two people spoke at the AGM. In fact probably as an exercise in accountability about as bad as it could get. No shareholders voice heard. No report on what the areas of interest of shareholders questions were though some challenges to CEO in interview. Company Chairman stated that Resolution 11/12 was “an important issue for some shareholders” i.e not the Board! Of course chairman also stated in regard to shareholders questions “we are not ignoring people, we will get back to you” Aye right!

  2. JQuinn67…. Bang on the button…. Its not rocket science… In fact its a very simple game…… Good strong players with ability and pace…. And a goalkeeper who gets his angles right and handles well…. Great reflexes as well please…… Not sure if we have the keeper

  3. SPFL Premiership


    Penalties Conceded


    20/21 Season


    As at 14/12 (41)



    Ross County 8


    Celtic 5


    Aberdeen 5


    Hibs 5


    Motherwell 5


    Kilmarnock 4


    Livingston 3


    Hamilton 2


    St.Johnstone 2


    Dundee Utd 1


    St.Mirren 1


    Rangers 0

  4. SPFL Premiership


    Penalties Received


    20/21 Season


    As at 14/12 (41)



    Aberdeen 6


    Rangers 6


    Hamilton 5


    Hibs 5


    Celtic 4


    Kilmarnock 3


    Livingston 3


    Motherwell 3


    Dundee Utd 2


    Ross County 2


    St.Johnstone 1


    St.Mirren 1

  5. Doetmund – who are 6 points off the top of the Bundesliga and in last 16 of the CL (topped their group) – sack their manager.



    We have been knocked out of three cups this year, have the joint worse goals conceded record in the Europa League, will be 7 points off Sevco (even if we win our games in hand), with an inferior goal difference somewhere in the region of circa 15 goals; all after having spent a record £35m on a large number of unsuccessful transfers.



    Yet here are our board and Paul talking about the great job they have done.



    A lack of leadership in the dugout and boardroom has brought us to this point.




    P.s. Sevco draw Royal Antwerp. As good as in the last 16. Funny that for years we have been told we can do nothing in Europe, but it is likely that for 2 years on the bounce Sevco will have progressed further than we have for 16 years.



    Expectation management by Paul and other posters on here who have bought into the ruse.

  6. Premiership


    Games live on SKY


    As at 14/12 (22)



    Rangers 10


    Celtic 7


    Hibernian 5


    Aberdeen 5


    Motherwell 4


    Dundee Utd 3


    St.Johnstone 3


    Hamilton 2


    Kilmarnock 2


    Ross County 2


    Livingston 1


    St.Mirren 0

  7. Premiership PPV Costs


    As at 14/12



    Ross County £124


    Dundee Utd £114


    Kilmarnock £102


    Hibs £100


    St.Mirren £99


    St.Johnstone £97


    Hamilton £95


    Livingston £92


    Aberdeen £55


    Motherwell £50


    Celtic £43


    Rangers £0



    Total spend required to watch every away game over & above a SKY sub.



    All state courtesy of Pie and Bovril, site.



    I am currently watching an Old Film from 1947 called ” Captain Boycott”, with Stewart Granger, Eddie Byrne and Aliastar Sim….leading the Cast.



    Its about Ireland in 1880 and the framers rebelling against the brit landlords…stirring stuff, although I have seen it before on Freeview Channel 81.


    I cant help but wonder IF there will many “Captain Boycotts” already to starve the Celtic Board of Cash ?



    In the Film…Captain Boycott is the Big Bad Brit Landlord and Master…..Apparently the term ” Boycott” has its source from this Brit Bassa ?



  9. The old saying that



    ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend’Clearly doesn’t apply where most rod the Celtic fan base is concerned.



    If our board or leadership structure were changed dramatically, or indeed if our CEO decided he had had enough of the crap that is thrown at him by the fan base then the loudest cheer would come from the supporters of our rivals for sure.



    They have spent 16 years claiming Peter Lawwell and Celtic controlled Scottish football. The past 10 they have realised the structure and professional management he had in place at Celtic was miles ahead of anything else in the game in Scotland. Their slow progress in catching up is something I have first hand experience of. Few know the terrain like our leadership team. Rangers are still playing catch up.



    Sure we can chase the current incumbents out of their roles. I would be surprised if the collective shit they take after such a sustained successful period feels worthwhile. Undoing the work and the accumulated knowledge of how to drive a successful off field structure for a club our size with its unique lack of TV revenue would be quite a trick for our ‘malcontents’ to achieve.



    In common with everyone else, including the CEO I imagine, appointing Neil without a ‘beyond 10’ strategy was folly but having got to where we are now throwing all the gains and assets we have which have given us sustained competitive advantage and bringing in a rookie leadership structure seems to make no sense at all.



    As for the team management. Yes on field ‘transition’ needs to be effected but no career savvy manager of any level of capability close to what we would want would touch our club right now with a barge pole. For this humble supporter I would love to see a ‘Beale’ or ‘Chris Davies’ type appt of someone who aspires to being a ‘top man’ and has top coaching credentials into our club sooner rather than later to support Neil with a view to succeeding. My sense from all I hear is Neil would welcome that too.



    A celebrity choice big name out of a job type appt to appease the baying masses is not for me.

  10. Rolling Stone



    Had we drawn 8th best in Poland and 6th best in Belgium and not top of Serie A and 2nd in French League then drawn 7th in Belgium in knock out game then you are right.

  11. JF – You obviously know Peter Lawwell inside out. Much better than I do. I’ve never met the guy but when I look at Celtic as a business over the last decade, I feel we’ve done pretty well with him at the helm. To say he’s not a Celtic supporter is a tad immature.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    As observed on Shortbread sportscene it was overlapping full backs supporting the attacks down the flanks that improved our play.



    Still to be convinced MJ will be a player for us, but it’s very early days in his career,

  13. I spend £3500 -£4000 on travel and hotels a year travelling from south Wales to watch Celtic on average 12 times a season and have done for 43 years. I have given a lot of thought this last 12 months as to what I am paying my money into.


    Conclusion, A board I can no longer trust and a board that have sold what this great club stands for out for the blue pound, while”, lying to the Best fans and biggest family in the world. I will never forgive them for being part of the 5 way way agreement, EBT’s and Res 12. I was hoping to retire next year and attend all home games. my waiting list season ticket should be due next season and I was going to take it up and start to use my retirement following Celtic. After today lawwell won’t get another penny out of me and my waiting list ticket can go to someone who wants to pay into a corrupt board. I see troubled times ahead on and off the field if thing’s don’t change, but”, after today don’t look like any time soon. Not a penny more lawwell , not a penny more.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    The pitchforks will be aimed at Laweel and Desmond’s arses should we not win the league this season and they know it. Their time will come, of that I have no doubt.

  15. Paul , did Lawwell mention that Neil had been sacked by Bolton and Hibs when waxing lyrically about his credentials.



    Re. Mikey Johnston, hasn’t used his time on sidelines to bulk up. Still looks like you could blow him over . Bit like Frimpong.

  16. BURNLEY78 on 14TH DECEMBER 2020 2:43 PM



    “I would love to see a ‘Beale’ or ‘Chris Davies’ type appt of someone who aspires to being a ‘top man’ and has top coaching credentials into our club sooner rather than later to support Neil with a view to succeeding.”






    Rightly or wrongly, do you think they had Kennedy in mind to fit this description?

  17. A personal view on the AGM………



    Well, that was a total SHAM. The scene was set during the 25 minute “delay” when the stream briefly caught a carefree Bankier in jovial spirits with a fellow Board member. Bankier later apologised for the AGM delay apparently due to technical difficulties, the only contrition he would offer the fans throughout the meeting. In outlining our recent achievements, he boasted that Celtic had qualified for the last 32 of the Europa for the 3rd consecutive season. No mention of only two Champions League Group qualifications in the last 7 years. It was no shock that the absentee landlord (DD) was absent yet again & that another two Directors were watching online. All resolutions were voted on as expected with a disgraceful whitewash against the long-standing Res. 12. Total contempt. It was also no surprise that fans’ questions were grouped together as the Board saw fit & answered in pre-recorded video by Messrs Bankier/Lawwell/Lennon, mealy-mouthed interrogation posed by Gerry McCulloch. Bankier said the Shareholders who asked questions not in vogue would receive a written response from the Board. Don’t hold your breath. In reviewing this season’s efforts, Bankier neglected to mention another Champions League failure but did state that we qualified again for the Euro. He went on praise Peter Lawwell – touted as a decision maker. Peter’s piece touched on a bad run over the last 8 weeks & defended NFL as the best man for the job. In his view, the Board have not fallen asleep at the wheel as alleged by the GB and the malcontents in nasty social media. As regards communication with the fans, JPT seemingly does a great job as a conduit between the fans & the Board & the Fans Forum will soon be back post-COVID. Some might say Peter has another conduit via this blog. In Neil’s pre-recorded message, he said his managerial record spoke for itself being responsible for 5 out of 9 Premiership successes. In short, the meeting attempted to throw a domestic veil over our European catastrophes & avoided searching questions like player recruitment strategy or the inadequacies of our scouting network. A Scottish Cup Final win on Sunday will not camouflage the fans concerns on the manner in which our Club is currently being run. Although Fergus was our saviour in 94, he made a major error in selling so many shares to DD. In doing so, as in the Kelly days, the Club is no longer accountable to the fans, now in majority control by two entities. This Board are stale, self-serving, without foresight, without ambition. Mass membership of the Celtic TRUST & season ticket renewal time is our only means to effect change.

  18. Starve the board of cash = starve the club of cash and allow our rivals clear water for another period of dominance. Good luck to all who advocate this. Personally I feel it is not a strategy which will give me as a Celtic supporter much joy in the next 20 years but hey there seem so many experts ‘manning the barricades’ that would prefer to be malcontent losers than personal winners most of the time.

  19. BURNLEY78 on 14TH DECEMBER 2020 3:21 PM


    ‘Starve the board of cash = starve the club of cash and allow our rivals clear water for another period of dominance. ‘










    Good to see you’re on message there, but please don’t use the term Old Firm. Not yet anyway, maybe give it a couple of seasons. By then it should be OK. They’ll have forgotten what all the fuss was about and it will all be back to normal.

  20. The hand of God on

    If the board has nothing to hide regarding resolution 12 why dont they just come out and explain to us their view of what occurred it will be interesting to say if they say anything when ,as you would expect ,rangers lift the league cup and add it to the honours list of the old club…I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    The plc have already colluded in making an Ibrox legitimate and sat back as we’ve regressed and been overtaken.



    The trouble with sticking your head in the sand is when people look at you all they see is an ar*ehole

  22. Go tell The Spartim…………. Perhaps Mikey Johnston has been a bit too brave for his own good in the past. Good to hear he’s fit again and lets hope he uses the head and tries to avoid the kickers this time around. Now that Lenny has finally taken the wrapping paper off his young guns and rejuvenated the team and with James Forrest due back, perhaps the gloom has lifted.



    Just seen the highlights of yesterday’s match and the Hoops created a lot of chances. The defence seems to be finally sorted now that Chris Julienne is settled back after injury and I reckon clicks nicely into place with Shane Duffy. Cracking header from Shane for the second goal and now that young Turnbull is on board with those pretty lethal deliveries there is a real threat from Julienne and Duffy.

  23. my club has given me more wonderful memorise over the last 10 years than I can count, the last 5 years have been beyond my wildest dreams.



    This year has been as dramatic as it has been disappointing, but on Sunday I get to see my team complete for a a quadruple treble.



    It took us 70 years to accumulate the first 4. We are literally witnessing history never to be repeated.

  24. Shocked to hear that our spending this year, 35 Million, is the highest in our history, in the light of our performances in Europe. Yet still they come out fighting!! Belittling the protests of the supporters while claiming the team is losing because the supporters are not there😡 Completely agree with our blogger James Forrest who explains succinctly where the problem lies. Another very interesting post today about the difference between what is a supporter and what is a fan. Very enlightening for me and for sure we could do with more ( real ) supporters on the board.

  25. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’m glad we have our potential game changers are returning to fitness, hopefully he’s stronger than before.



    Perhaps the return to some sort of form of our defenders CJ and KA is the catalyst to the small change in fortune.

  26. Well, it seems that Virtual AGMs are just as unsatisfactory as real-time AGMs.



    Very hard to effect change in an arena where block votes will swamp you.



    We did not even get anyone complaining about the pies.



    I was intrigued that the small amount of votes against Bankier and Wilson being reappointed were higher than against Lawwell and Desmond.



    Who managed to vote for Desmond & lawwell but thought that Bankier and Wilson were a step too far?

  27. Dermot Desmond for all his faults got MON and Brendan Rodgers… A personal choice…… Suits me

  28. Burnley78,



    I am probably like so many other Celtic supporters in that, whatever happens, I will renew my season ticket, when the time comes and I am in a position to do so.



    That does not mean that I have anything but contempt for those who conducted that farce of an AGM today. It was a total waste of my time.

  29. Burnley78.


    The way we have been playing I don’t think we would have qualified no matter which group we were drawn in.


    We have struggled in the spfl all season never mind in Europe.


    It is churlish in the extreme if you cannot accept the remarkable transformation in sevco’s performances in europe. This is a team who were knocked out of Europe by the 4th best team in Luxembourg a couple of years ago.


    You need to accept reality.


    Bring back Pedro.

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