AIK, Thistle, James Forrest again


While we hoped for a backlash, the performance on Saturday against Dunfermline was in the post.  Scoring 12 in two league games this month is more of a measure of where we are right now, but Tuesday’s defeat cast a long shadow.  Whatever hangover exists, it needs to lift by Thursday.

Two pieces of positive news arrived yesterday: a home tie in the quarterfinals, against Partick Thistle, and AIK lost at home to Kalmar.  Thistle will be no easier than Dunfermline, but they are the only lower league team left in the competition and the tie is at Celtic Park.

AIK rested five who eliminated Sheriff on Thursday, but as we know, a defeat at home to a team with significantly fewer resources damages morale.  AIK will slip four points off the pace if Djurgarden win at home tonight.

For a while on Saturday, it looked like our monopoly of domestic trophies could end.  Winning 28 consecutive cups games is unfathomably consistent, even the greatest teams have off days.  It is a measure of James Forrest that he again delivered.


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  1. HENRIK1967 on 19TH AUGUST 2019 11:29 PM



    No disrespect to the boy but I don’t think anyone would like to see the twitter replies if Celtic announced his signing just now.

  2. Haven’t read any of the nonsense. I can imagine what it’s been like.



    Lenny has my 100% approval and backing.



    F them all



    We’re here for 10 in a row.



    You joining in? Or swimming with the fishes?



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  3. Very difficult for the SFA to do anything when they failed to take any action against SG for his repeated criticism of referees last year. Not that it will probably stop them. All that honesty and integrity stuff, nothing to do with them.

  4. Good morning CQN from a dry but chilly Garngad



    Some fuss about Tom Boyd telling the truth.



    So according to the media if you think a referee is biased you should just keep quiet and move along Timmy. Feck that.. Mr Slippy G made comments before a ball had been kicked in his tenure and nothing is said.



    Beaton is a cheat, Madhun is a cheat and their boss Fleming is a cheat.


    In fact did one referee cheat not just resign for anti Celtic/NFL/Bigotted comments, I never seen such a furore about that.



    Anyway Tom Boyd keep on calling it as it is CHEATING



    H H



    D. :)

  5. Shortest breakfast scroll back ever!


    Anyway, 4 huge games about to come thick and fast – AIK, Hearts, AIK, Sevco. Based on the way we had been playing between 1 July and 12 August I’d be confident of our chances. And even in the 2 games since, going forward and creating chances we’ve still been pretty decent. So I don’t think we’re yet in crisis territory.

  6. `Celtic’s Europa League opponents AIK were booed off the park as they lost ground in the Swedish title race after a home loss to Kalmar this afternoon.`



    They should feel at home at the current Celtic Park, then.




  7. “LARSSONSE7EN on 20TH AUGUST 2019 12:45 AM


    Haven’t read any of the nonsense. I can imagine what it’s been like.



    We’re here for 10 in a row.


    You joining in? Or swimming with the fishes?”



    My kinf of post to combat the incessant Celtic negativity in the MSSM .


    That does NOT mean I think everything in the garden is rosy.)


    Cheerio for now.


    Glen Clova bike ride beckons.



  8. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Celtic’s Europa League opponents AIK were booed off the park as they lost ground in the Swedish title race after a home loss to Kalmar this afternoon.`



    They should feel at home at the current Celtic Park, then








    might be the Boooo derby on thursday then



    better get my booing lungs filled up for it

  9. traditionalist88 on

    AURORABOREALIS79 on 19TH AUGUST 2019 5:08 PM



    Desmond did get more involved in 2016 and its not beyond the realms of possibility he does again soon.



    Only because he was humiliated by Awvco directors during that fateful afternoon when the buns knocked us out of the Scottish Cup.



    The lack of support for Brendan shows that it was all about his own damaged ego. True leadership, indeed





    The reasons for him getting more involved are irrelvant to the point – he took matters into his own hands.



    As for not supporting BR, BR signed a lot of players and I wouldnt trust him with a pot of our money, would you?!



    McGinn last summer was the big clusterf*ck and that was not DD’s fault.





    TOMMY B. did not accuse BEATON of cheating .not knowing the rules .YES.



    GETTING full of free drink .NO.going to a named pub .YES.

  11. If things do not go well in the next couple of weeks [like they have this week] does anyone have any idea or predictions as how it will play out with our supporters? with our board? with our manager?.


    I am not being a merchant of doom here before anyone accuses me of being a hun.


    I am just curious as to what may be the tipping point and what anyone thinks we might do to recover the situation and would only pose these questions amongst fellow supporters.


    Here are a few /


    So worst case scenario ..dumped out the Europa, drop points in the league and get well beaten at Ibrox.?



    second worse case scenario…qualify just for Europa and still get beat at Ibrox?



    mixed scenario….dumped out of Europa but pull ahead in league with win at Ibrox



    Of course as a Celtic fan I want us to qualify for the Europa and go to Ibrox at beat them well.


    It would certainly be as welcome a win as any in the last 3 years.




    FFS,a whole raft of “What ifs”in that post.


    What if,Celtic gub AIK,on Thursday,gub Hearts on Sunday,and gub the Huns,the following week.Not an impossible task.I think ,as a Celtic fan,I will be looking at those possibilities,rather than yours.


    The negativity on here would put the SMSM to shame.

  13. How’d the launch of the book …… “Tangled Up In Blue”…….. by Stephen O’ Donnell go???



    Perhaps the latest squirrell took some eyes of that ball?




  14. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH AUGUST 2019 9:42 AM



    haha…brilliant mate




    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH AUGUST 2019 9:43 AM



    Exactly the response I had feared.


    For the record I backed Lennon for the job and I back him still.


    I was just wondering what my fellow supporters thought the tipping point may be that’s all


    If you cannot talk of such fears amongst fellow supporters who can you talk to.?

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Lazy D.


    ( Sounds like a ranch )




    The delusion.



    The views of CQN punters are representative of the views of Celtic supporters in general.



    Possible but highly unlikely.

  16. I guess the sleekit revellers will kontinue thur gloatin’ till we beat thum. Simple as that.



    In ither news…….



    Have the huns paid their court debts yet or are Tam and the various bams too “tired” to ask?

  17. Carrying on with the “Negativity”theme.Our friends in the Record,obviously vying for a guest spot on here,dragging out ex Celtic player Jackie” Victorias,”,to slaughter Legia Warsaw.Jackie,obviously keeping abreast of the wonderful things happening across the city,tells us all about,the wonderful manager,the wonderful improvements in the team,the great players,how everything there is ,well really,wonderful.In contrast,how pathetic Legia are,and surely,tongue in cheek,how many managers they have gone through in the past 5 years.


    Sevco only need to turn up.


    Contrast with their reports on AIK game.Celtic are poor,SPFL,obviously not the same league as their beloved play in,is a poor league.Celtics days of glory have gone.


    AIK,only have to turn up.

  18. TURKEYBHOY on 20TH AUGUST 2019 9:55 AM



    Wouldn’t know anything about that mate


    I don’t read the MSM from Scotland …far too negative for me so I do not give them clicks.



    Mate you post whatever you like,no problem.What I dont understand is,why you want a debate on the negative side of things.Dont you think,reading back,it reeks of it on here.A wee bit of positivity ,like “A spoonfull of sugar”sometimes helps the medicine,which has been tasting shit for a week,go down.



  20. Don’t really subscribe to the just qualifying phrase. You either qualify or you don’t. It’s only Celtic that scrape past opponents everyone else just makes the next round.


    Didn’t see any reports of Cluj just scraping through , that would be silly.




    “Dont read the media,too negative for me”LOL,aftervreading your post,I was actively looking to read the Record,to try and lift my spirits.

  22. TB………..


    That tawdry tabloid you refer to is a seasoned pro at setting an agenda and getting its sleekit message oooooot.


    Readership may be falling quicker than a tile from the Asbestox roof………..but they keep at it and are aye ready to pitch keech in our direction…………..Thur guid at it.




  23. traditionalist88 on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH AUGUST 2019 9:55 AM



    On Legia – A few ways to look at it. 8th in their league after 4 games but win their game in hand and they go 3rd.



    3 0-0 draws in their last 5 games..the other two were wins and…. not 1 goal conceded in that time. They are definitely a poorer team than when we played them unfortunately but on face of it will be two very tight low scoring games vs the huns… on paper. Huns probably favourites with 2nd leg at home.



    Play players in their own positions and play our strongest players and we will take care of AIK no problem at all. But same applied to the match vs Cluj, so lets hope lessons have been learnt.




  24. Magnificentseven on

    WEE BGFC on 19th August 2019 10:59 pm


    Not sure of our group positiopn should we make it through vs AIK.




    Presumably if were (had things panned out as we’d wanted) 3rd seed in the CL group than we would be as a minimum 3rd seed in the Europa League group.




    Anyone know (too lazy to look it up).










    pot 2 if we go through

  25. Celtic Diary @ Etims is a tremendous read this morning, virtually free of any adverts into the bargain.



    I’m not certain that a Celtic supporter subscribing to Sky Sports, is the equivalent to a Celtic supporter buying the Daily Record though – most televised Celtic games are shown live by said broadcaster – next season they will have a monopoly of all live Celtic league games.



    Sky Sports are pure scum – it’s a terrible conundrum therefore.



    Regarding next week’s zombie fixture – it is unwise to try and predict the future, therefore I can’t say what the outcome is going to be. What I do know is this – the Ibrox club need to win it more than we do.



    Forza Tommy Boyd CSC. 🍀




    I agree.I dont “Read the Record”but I use Newsnow Celtic,for whatever bits of info,I can.Used to be good,but now nearly all click bait sites.Sadly some Celtic ones going the same way.Sometimes the Record is less negative than the comments on here.


    Whod a thunk it.

  27. One positive from the attacks on Tom Boyd for telling the truth is how it’s galvanised Celtic fans, certainly on here.


    As predicted the attacks on our club have escalated and will ramp up as the season goes on. With King in charge over there we are seeing the sort of stuff that went on during the Murray era.


    Got this horrible thought of a group of sevs camped out in the bowels of the Victorian toilet block, led by ole tin foil heid, pounding away on their keyboards feeding bile into social media.


    That would explain some of the trumpets that pop up on here after a poor performance.

  28. traditionalist88 on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH AUGUST 2019 10:22 AM



    Yeah a couple of newish Celtic sites using clickbait headlines popping up on newsnow – ‘Read Celtic’ being one.




  29. TB…………that tabloid you refer to may even be responsible……… or in part inspire……. some of the more sleekit kontributions , not only on This Dear Green Place but also on others / ithers………….the blog landscape is open to all including trolls………..



    I’m sure we are all aware that just because some “poster” has an appropriate moniker or an intriquing blog handle….that he / she / it is a Tim?



    However slight, influence and opinion-forming is at stake here.




  30. Borgo………..



    Correct, but they’ll have agents paid for and remunerated to provide such a service and they’ll have a Level of expectation as to how successful that service needs to be, especially when issues are perilous on the home front.



    The Big Hoose Must Stay Open…..and “reputationally” that kosts……




  31. CQN numbers are maybe falling as quick as the Daily Record’s paying reaadership.



    So calling posters trumpets, who take the trouble to post after navigating all the trials and tribulations to actually get on here is frankly disgraceful.

  32. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Looking forward to thursday now – lessons learnt, I hope and RC ON and calmac to do them.

  33. negative comments because the club is negative. Not trying to improve team .. But almost seeming to want to lose the league. As far a site is concerned almost impossible to post comments on my phone. some games never actually see comments until final score is on!.. nice to see we haven’t even bothered with EL tie… Papped out We have no full backs at the club… Absolutely insane.. A goalie lacking aa wee bit of form and a CH who appears not to want to play… or is chronically unfit. but still no signings. So if we go out board will just say no one wants to come to club as not in Europe. Well they planned for that! We are losing OE next summer possible a few more before this window closes too SS and ON so easy to be negative .. tell me something positive that club is doing to make us better?

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