AIK, Thistle, James Forrest again


While we hoped for a backlash, the performance on Saturday against Dunfermline was in the post.  Scoring 12 in two league games this month is more of a measure of where we are right now, but Tuesday’s defeat cast a long shadow.  Whatever hangover exists, it needs to lift by Thursday.

Two pieces of positive news arrived yesterday: a home tie in the quarterfinals, against Partick Thistle, and AIK lost at home to Kalmar.  Thistle will be no easier than Dunfermline, but they are the only lower league team left in the competition and the tie is at Celtic Park.

AIK rested five who eliminated Sheriff on Thursday, but as we know, a defeat at home to a team with significantly fewer resources damages morale.  AIK will slip four points off the pace if Djurgarden win at home tonight.

For a while on Saturday, it looked like our monopoly of domestic trophies could end.  Winning 28 consecutive cups games is unfathomably consistent, even the greatest teams have off days.  It is a measure of James Forrest that he again delivered.


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  1. PS how can the do TB.. He is staing the truth.. he refs Celtic differently.. if that is not biased then I don’t know what definition is.


    if not biased he is completely blind

  2. GREENPINATA on 20TH AUGUST 2019 10:51 AM



    Thanks mate…A bit of common sense.I appreciated your post



    I have been posting here for years.


    I lay out a post trying to gather ‘opinion’ on what possibly may be a ‘tipping point’


    I did state that it is only a question I would ask fellow celtic fans and not post or ask in public and it all ends in me being described as possibly some kind of main stream media troll or indeed worse.!



    Another poster took aim at my post being too negative which is fair enough.He is entitled to his opinion and I have no problem with that.



    But it is quite deflating to see that the impression I have made on here through the years was so little that I could be thought of as a troll for the other side.


    The ‘lazydynamite’ username is from my musical tastes and I am male not female for anyone who was wondering.


    here is my twitter handle although I don’t use it much it does prove Im not a Rangers fan



  3. LAZYDYNAMITE on 20TH AUGUST 2019 11:12 AM



    Cheers Mate.



    Ps : Don’t normally mind Paul McCartney/ Wings , but thought the ticket prices for Paul’s recent gigs extortionate. However ultimately each to their own.



    HH to you.

  4. Lazydynamite- yip Macca’s voice gone now and prices extortionate.. so never went same last time at Hamdump but 2 days before gig I emailed a completion and won 2 tickets.. think 2010? unusual not being in Celtic end!

  5. GREENPINATA on 20TH AUGUST 2019 11:25 AM



    I could not get tickets as they sold out in liverpool,glasgow and london before I got chance.


    But you are correct the prices are a joke.


    The last time I saw McCartney was 2010 at Hampden park of all places and it was £100 a ticket for 10th row.


    Great gig and that was my 9th macca gig.Not sure I will see him again although the kids are keen to get to see him.


    Also it is also more of an emotional investment now because his voice is almost completely shot.


    You go for the experience and the memories and to enjoy the evening now not to hear him singing.

  6. Worst thing is charging fans money to meet them,, automatically excludes anyone who is not very rich…. £700 to shake a hand! They should be glad to meet fans who made them millionaires. probanly not too long till footballers do the same!

  7. Re the outpouring of negative emotion here, it reflects an internet phenomenon, the researchers say:


    That rage outpaces any other emotion in going viral. I.e. negativity’s catchier than most anything else.




    Only thing that beats anger and rage, is awe and feelings of wonder and excitement.


    So for the Sellik soc meeja team monitoring this forum, it’ll take a monster signing or huge result to overcome the prevalent despondency.



  8. Going by the Bournemouth managers comments a week ago,Jordan Ibe is going nowhere.Some might say,it reflects his carreer.What I do think is that is just another media stunt to get some fans worked up,and then deflated.Not in the least bit pleased,I use that conservatively,on the real transfer activity.A bloody shambles.No idea what the thinking is,but some finger needs to be pulled from somewhere.Personally,I would take Taylor,I dont think we would get a better bargain.Good player,who will only improve.Wanyama would have been playing on Thursday.Lenny said he was going to have a serious sit down with the Powers,to work out the latest transfer proposals.I think he must have gone “All in”on his 1st hand,to the cardshark,PL,and left skint,shortly after.


    We soldier on.

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