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  1. Looking at the pots yesterday and people coming up with best/worst case scenarios. This can’t be far from worst case scenarios in each pot.



    Doable and not writing off our chances but compared with some of the dross kicking about in Pot 3 and Pot 4, I think it’s fair to say we’ve been a bit unlucky with this draw.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    GEEBEE1978 on 30TH AUGUST 2019 12:45 PM



    This is whats its all about. Lets beat them all at CP and restore its reputation as a tough place to come.







    True and we certainly have some unfinished business with Cluj. Lennon and the boys must stay awake at night wishing they’d get another go at them….

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Lazio is the standout name in our group . There is hardly a pot of difference between ourselves ,Rennes and Cluj. Maximum home points… Rebuild fortress Parkhead!

  5. Not looking forward to CQN Clug2 nights. Lose if we lose, lose if we win. Lazio will be interesting as will Rennes. Mon the hoops.

  6. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Just seen the video’s of the Swedish police (baton wielding security staff?) attacking Celtic fans. Guy on the security can clearly be seen throwing himself into a Celtic fan to instigate the their attack. Awful behaviour from the authorities that could have resulted in serious injury, or death when you consider the location of the assault.



    Scumbaggery at its finest

  7. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 02 results (Aug 24th)






    Hotel de Paris (Mustajeer) @16/1


    Onemalloy (Boomer) @5/2


    Fastbhoy (Alligator Alley) @11/8


    Weet Weet Weet (Little Nugget) @1/3






    16 roads (Wells Farhh Go)


    21-5-79 (Wedding Date)


    Bull67 (Laurens)


    Call Me Gerry (No Selection)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (No Selection)


    fleagle1888 (Cape Byron)


    GFTB (Laurens)


    Graffitionthewall (Water Diviner)


    Gweedore Celt (Barsanti)


    Hutchybhoy (Bannixtown Glory)


    leftclicktic (Jack D’Or)


    Nye Bevans RS (Shadn)


    Som mes que un club (Give It Some Teddy)


    voguepunter (Treble Treble)


    Zihuatanejo (No Selection)



    Hyperlinks to Week 02 selections:





    Cheers, fleagle1888

  8. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 02 standings (Aug 24th)



    OUTSTANDING effort from Hotel de Paris to nap the Ebor winner (Mustajeer) at 16/1, which pushes him into a strong early lead… and a big well done to the others who got themselves off the mark for the new season – Onemalloy; Fastbhoy; Weet Weet Weet.



    Naps Table – Week 02



    +15.00 > Hotel de Paris (1)


    +2.33 > GFTB (1)


    +1.50 > Onemalloy (1)


    +1.25 > Hutchybhoy (1)


    +0.38 > Fastbhoy (1)



    -0.67 > Weet Weet Weet (1)


    -2 > 16 roads (0)


    -2 > 21-5-79 (0)


    -2 > Bull67 (0)


    -2 > Call Me Gerry (0)


    -2 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (0)


    -2 > fleagle1888 (0)


    -2 > Graffitionthewall (0)


    -2 > Gweedore Celt (0)


    -2 > leftclicktic (0)


    -2 > Nye Bevans RS (0)


    -2 > Som mes que un club (0)


    -2 > voguepunter ()


    -2 > Zihuatanejo ()



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  9. Morning Bhoys, i’ll take a chance with AS YOU LIKE in the 14:30 @Newton Abbott




    Good Luck HH

  10. Voice of A Leader 19:30 Lingfield.


    Thanks again fleagle.


    Ps where is twistsNturns?

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