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  1. we look great going forward, good passing and movement but defensively we are allover the place , imo it was a pen boil boli caught ball watching on the wrong side of their forward and barged into him.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 29TH AUGUST 2019 6:48 PM



    Probably not , however.






    Our defence. Wide open.

  3. We don’t defend as a team and leave our back four very exposed.



    In Forrest, Edouard and Christie we can be devastating going forward.



    Fingers crossed for Ajer – he’d be a big loss for Sunday.



    That said, if Forrest and Edouard keep this up, we’ll win comfortably on Sunday despite our defending.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Superb offensively but shaky defensively . Let’s hope we can put out a settled and solid defensive unit for the group stage.



    Hope big Kris is ok for Sunday.

  5. lets all do the huddle ? on

    never a penalty



    just because you get caught on the wrong side doesnt mean the opponent can just fall down in front of you with the slightest touch



    see that all the time these days



    does my thrup’nies in

  6. GB1978…for me…compete means having a realistic chance of qualifying from the groups…as the team stands

  7. Timjim


    Flatters us in what way?


    Apart from our 2 goals, Eddie hit the frame and Ryan drew an excellent save from their keeper

  8. Well done James! One of the best goals I have ever seen. And to think he was a whipping bhoy not that long ago.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Boli was unlucky ,looking at the ball and not the attacker ,who was very cute at falling over with minimal contact. Having said that , our defence looks very porous.

  10. Difference between our defence and attack is stark. We are devastating going forward. Edouard looks incredible and they cannot cope with him and his mates Forrest and Christie. Going the other way we are an accident waiting to happen. The penalty was soft but positionally Boli was all at sea and we have been poor generally. Not doing enough to stop crosses, track runners and getting tight inside the box. Our game Management is also poor as it always is away. Not taking the sting out of the game when we have the chance is criminal at +3 goals. Overall a great result so far but lots to worry about too.

  11. Judith in tight green looking happy on the weather.



    and it is going to be pishing doon at the dilapidated toilet block.






    their blogs are pure raging, stuck between i will sing what i want cos i am a protestant ………. and lets replace fenian with paedo or terrorist in the songs.



    ban coming up.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    The debate about why we’re playing a crucial game with a 3rd choice RB , a middy at CB alongside 2 new guys


    will wait till later.

  13. Scott Brown is having a mare. Gave away possession needlessly in 1st minute and hasn’t recovered. The game is passing him by.



    No protection for an already fragile back 4.



    Thankfully our front 4 look like they can score every time we have the ball

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID17 on 29TH AUGUST 2019 6:59 PM



    That`s the way I see it.



    Even before Ajer went off.

  15. Macjay


    Don’t be so gloomy.


    We should be seeing European football till Christmas


    At least

  16. Will be interesting to see if manager changes personnel or shape to try and squeeze the game and make us a little harder to get through – I would be very pleased to see that we have that in our locker!

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Great score line. We’re like Harrod’s up top and Lidl’s at he back! What kind of defence will we put out at Ibrox? Gulp.

  18. Radio Scotland in whataboutery mode.


    “Celtic will be getting fined for flares “


    “Large amount of stewards in the Celtic end”


    Then mention partial closure at the asbestos dome.



  19. GG on 29TH AUGUST 2019 7:03 PM





    Don’t be so gloomy.



    We will be seeing European football till Christmas



    At least









  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 29TH AUGUST 2019 7:03 PM



    Sorry , pal.



    Not gloomy.



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