Ajax, Fenerbahce, Molde for Celtic


It’s a return to to seed Ajax, which is a good football draw, although the Ajax fans and Amsterdam police make it an unwelcome tie for other reasons.

Fenerbahce lost their Champions League qualifier to Shakhtar Donetsk before beating Greek club Atromitos in the Europa League play-off round. There were no easy teams in pot three, Fenerbahce are about par for the group.

Molde beat Dinamo Zagreb and Standard Liege, so deserve some respect, they will fear no one in this competition.

Happy with the draw, it could have been a whole lot more difficult but as always, we have to arrive prepared as there are no hiding places in Europe.


There’s a chance to win a round of golf for four of you at the magnificent Aberdour course, scene of the annual CQN Open, for £1. Taggsybhoy has provided this opportunity, to raise funds to support the Celtic Foundation’s work. If you want to cheer yourself up after a hard week, read about the Foundation’s work here.

But after you’ve read that, get onto ebay here and enter the raffle. You’re even allowed to win it for a friend, so pile in.

A box full of backpacks, pencils and cups for Malawi just arrived at my office (thank you) ahead of tomorrow’s collection at the Celtic Way before the game. Remember to bring along your old backpacks, pencils and handtowels if you have any.

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  1. Sydney Tim



    You seem to have an inside line to what’s happening at Celtic Park. What are the end of year results going to be like ?

  2. BGX – correct. People pandering for 442 does my nut.



    In any case, 442, 451, 4231… It’s irrelevant what you call it. Johansen is called an attacking midfielder but actually occupies the same area as a lot of strikers would. As does Commons when he plays.



    Often in the league, we actually play a variation of 2431!



    The way our fullbacks play and they areas they play in, it would be hard to call them defenders!

  3. V67 .Celtic PLC... SNOUT IN TROUGH on

    SydneyTim on 29th August 2015 12:01 am



    Very true.



    We are being milked like a big fat…

  4. Corkcelt



    You always talk sense.



    ‘Down with this sort of thing’









    HH jamesgang

  5. SydneyTim on 29th August 2015 12:01 am –



    The idea that Celtic’s business policy is dictated by the need to provide a good pension to its CEO is absurd.



    If PL wanted to do that he could spend what we don’t have, win CL money and add to his bonuses from those winnings until the gamble fails over a cup tie – as it inevitably will.

  6. Sydneytim…PL is retiring soon and is protecting and topping up his pension by selling Celtics best assets therefore ensuring less success and lower crowds….Really Man..


    .Phew….Does DD know this?…is it Another Masonic conspiracy…..Get a Grip.

  7. jamesgang, The only bright spot is that the conspiracy theorists only go into overdrive after a bad result.

  8. V67 .Celtic PLC... SNOUT IN TROUGH on




    I think you might be confusing business strategies.



    There is a mile-wide difference between good husbandry and penny-pinching.

  9. Not a sinner on Hun Media tonight.They are all on here laughing their@rses off at the morons on here slaughtering everything Celtic.


    Its like Sharks in a feeding frenzy.


    Fekin disgraceful behaviour from supposed Celtic Fans.Spoiled brats more like.Do yourselves a favour,fek off and support Chelsea,Man U,they love glory hunters.Some trumpet actually gloating”There will be 30,000 there tomorrow”.Said with some relish.

  10. Malta Mick Fgura on



    ..What is ” a Nolan type player “, Colleen !!! Stick with the young ones, get them covering and fighting for each other..If they make an error…support… Let them grow and develop.. If we lose a game or two, big deal..Its all about development… What trophies has Nolan won, name some young players he has helped develop..

  11. Some people really need to take a look at themselves . Some of the crap spouted on here is cringeworthy .

  12. Auldheid. As you well know PL bonus was max last year If we had invested and had success on the park his bonus would be less as there would be some debt



    Why would he risk obtaining max salary from Celtic by approving to sign players who could improve team


    He is playing it safe. Cutting costs and achieving his max bonus while our team can’t complete with clubs in half our turnover on the park

  13. V67 .Celtic PLC... SNOUT IN TROUGH on




    The way the PLC have behaved over goodness knows how many years has been shocking.






    What doers that mean?



    Does it mean that we go out to work to pay for some fat cat to throw us crumbs from the table?



    Those crumbs are stale my friend.



    They leave a bad taste in your mouth.



    Hardly satisfying either.



    They do not nourish you.

  14. I honestly can’t take any more, off to my leaba, I dread really dread what this place will be like if we don’t get 3 points tomorrow. Anyway reading earlier of lads having their flights booked for the Dam & Istanbul, well I can’t match that but I did manage to book flights to Scotland for the home game against Fernabache, so hopefully on Oct 1st I’ll pay a wee pre-match visit to the Blane Valley & CQN corner. Goodnight & God Bless All.

  15. BGX. Our club can do better


    We can invest a little at CL qualifying ,


    We then recoup CL money



    We can’t compete in the park financially with clubs on half our income

  16. Jamesgang, I think you are the first guy ever to refer to me as big man, I can assure you that I’m no very big.

  17. This Place had been a Madhouse since Malmo beat us…But i gotta say ive Enjoyed it…Now im off to ponder the wonders of Ms Akexandra Breckenridge as the young Moira o’Hara in American Horror Story….On and On…HH…

  18. If ever our beleguered team, broken captain and shattered manager needed our support its tomorrow. We live to fight another day. Cmon the Hoops.

  19. Malta Mick



    You make good points but I would counter with ( by your measuring) who has Scott Brown brought on? It’s hard to define how someone aids a young players development but surely having someone of Nolan’s ilk at Lennoxtown would only improve their skills?

  20. sydney, My very last post, we had 4 times the investment of Malmo what makes you think if we threw another couple of million it would have made any difference. Fernabache threw 50 million at it, they are in the same boat at us. Celtic have a business model approved by Desmond and the Board, Lawell oversees it. You may not approve of it, I may not approve of it but that’s the way it is.

  21. Cork. It’s how we invest it



    We only invest in a player who will have a possible sell on valve in the future



    We don’t buy players for a particular position to improve the team



    Goal scorer and left back a prime example



    Malmö don’t care about sell on value. The buy players that can improve their team



    End of story

  22. V67 .Celtic PLC… SNOUT IN TROUGH on 29th August 2015 12:12 am







    I think you might be confusing business strategies.



    There is a mile-wide difference between good husbandry and penny-pinching.




    The £11m profit generated in the last accounts came from player sales of £17M which means £6M either went on player purchases or was spent on running costs.



    We are NOT going to spend £17M on replacement players because



    a) To break even in the absence of CL money we depend on player sales.


    b) We cannot depend on CL money every year. Ask the huns


    c) Players who come in at the level and price we sold at, ie with proven experience at European level will cost more than the players we sold when they arrived not just in transfer fees but crucially in wages.



    One replacement player at say £5M (half what we sold Wanyama for) on 30k a week over 3 years would cost nearly £10M throwing the wage structure oot the windae and eat into the one year of profit. Two replacements at those rates players would create a loss if CL money not realised.



    That’s not penny pinching its cutting your cloth.



    However trying to squirrel what profit you do make to cover the risk of not qualifying for the CL in any year without having to sell a player (if the buggers want to stay) whilst it might take three years to accumulate makes more business sense towards overcoming the restrictions we face than does the idea its all to maximise retirement bonuses or share dividend payouts.

  23. ST



    “We only invest in a player who will have a possible sell on value in the future


    We don’t buy players for a particular position to improve the team”



    How do we manage this trick of selling on players who have not improved the team? Surely we only make money on the ones who have improved the team?

  24. Anyway, Dublin v Mayo this weekend. Can’ wait to see O’Shea against the Dubs.



    Forget the curse of 51.

  25. BgX


    BEFORE you ponder the first goal we had two men on the post ssssso


    The second goal we had no one. mmm



    But still be there



    Hail Hail

  26. Don’t think big Derk’s got one of those sell-on valves, unfortunately. Can you get them fitted retrospectively?

  27. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Thank God there is a game tomorrow,Some of the ‘banter’ since Tuesday has been dreadful.’I can call you worse than you can me’.bloody hell we were shite on the night.Shit happens,nobody gets a coupon up every because it is a game of chance(or chances) like all sports.I don’t think Eddie Hyde got mis-called more when he rode the losing 33 to 1 ON Fav at Hamilton.Me? I am dumped but I am no deid!so will be there tomorrow with both daughters supporting the Hoops AND THEY BETTER WIN! :) correction missed out week after every doh.

  28. Malta Mick Fgura on

    Atticusfinch… Scott Brown, is no mentor, he has other qualities however.. Keep the Faith with the young ones…Would you prefer if we one all of our games 4 5 nil…or 3 2 or 4 3..?

  29. Malta Mick Fgura on

    I am starting to talk pash now..Hope you know what I mean….Goodnight..4 or 5 nil rorra.!

  30. Sftb. It all an age thing we won’t buy a player who in 3 years will have a low sell on Value



    Auldheid. We sell vic and buy a player for say 5m and add on wages up to 10m And put him in first team to improve team



    Or we buy a few 2.5m project players and money goes drain


    I think the project failures have cost us 10m over last 4 years


    We keep track inf the same thing and keep failing



    Better off trying something different


    Eg one player with better experience will cost more in wages. But in long run will be less costly as we keep throwing money away every year in duds