Ajax, Fenerbahce, Molde for Celtic


It’s a return to to seed Ajax, which is a good football draw, although the Ajax fans and Amsterdam police make it an unwelcome tie for other reasons.

Fenerbahce lost their Champions League qualifier to Shakhtar Donetsk before beating Greek club Atromitos in the Europa League play-off round. There were no easy teams in pot three, Fenerbahce are about par for the group.

Molde beat Dinamo Zagreb and Standard Liege, so deserve some respect, they will fear no one in this competition.

Happy with the draw, it could have been a whole lot more difficult but as always, we have to arrive prepared as there are no hiding places in Europe.


There’s a chance to win a round of golf for four of you at the magnificent Aberdour course, scene of the annual CQN Open, for £1. Taggsybhoy has provided this opportunity, to raise funds to support the Celtic Foundation’s work. If you want to cheer yourself up after a hard week, read about the Foundation’s work here.

But after you’ve read that, get onto ebay here and enter the raffle. You’re even allowed to win it for a friend, so pile in.

A box full of backpacks, pencils and cups for Malawi just arrived at my office (thank you) ahead of tomorrow’s collection at the Celtic Way before the game. Remember to bring along your old backpacks, pencils and handtowels if you have any.

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  1. Morning all. Plenty of Tims at Dublin airport for the early morning flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh. See you later at the CQN Corner.

  2. V67 .Celtic PLC... SNOUT IN TROUGH on

    The bottom line is that PL has failed to deliver.



    You can look at the angles and financials and the hurdles and opportunities all you want.



    He has failed.



    We have the capacity both in sustainable domestic revenue and support to get to the CL.



    PL cannot deliver. He cannot deliver! HE CANNOT DELIVER!



    Why is he still here?

  3. paisley bhoy on 28th August 2015 10:16 pm



    Not so long ago we were “gambling” on Virgil.


    Before him we gambled on Fraser. I also seem to remember we gambled on Hooper.


    Strange how sometimes it is OK to gamble and other times it is not (pukki, balde etc).



    What’s the difference?




    Big Fraser had established a reputation as an excellent young keeper having be ‘blooded’ on loan to a number of clubs before Celtic. He also came highly recommended


    Big Virgil was one of the ‘bright young things’ of Dutch football during his time at Groningen. Most Dutch football commentators were somewhat disappointed he ended up at Celtic rather than Ajax.


    Hoops was banging in goals for fun while he was at Scunthorpe.


    None of these 3 i would considered a ‘gamble’ and all were very successful at Celtic. None of them cost a huge amount of money and we have and will make huge profit from their sale.



    Now, Teemu Puki has never been a prolific striker at any club – a big gamble signing.


    Amido Balde had a worse goal scoring record than Teemu – a bigger gamble signing. Celtic lost considerable amounts of cash on these 2.



    Now it seems to me a bit of decent scouting and common sense is required – Example he is a striker is his goal to game ratio good? It would appear that our scouts no longer do this.



    KISS – keep it simple stupid CSC

  4. V67. The job of a CEO is to ensure that the people that he employs brings success



    If he provides the cash or not he is scored against CL qualification



    He has failed 2 years in a row. Bucks stops with him


    He should be sacked

  5. The unhappy clappers are truly a deluded bunch of monkeys in their skewed fruitless criticism of Lawell.

  6. Good morning my friends from a dry, fairly bright but a wee bit breezy East Kilbride.



    A return to ParkRun for Jobo this morning. Haven’t done it since 20 June so anything around the 22 minute mark will be pleasing.



    And then the build up to a live Matchday at Celtic Park with my daughter in tow to see The Champions play. Doesn’t get any better than that, Ted!

  7. CQN is becoming the New Celtic View.


    Fingers in your ears…im not listening, no matter how bad things get.


    Probably the same kind of people who supported the biscuit- tin board.


    Scared to death of change….clinging on to a busted flush.


    Tugging the forelock to businessmen, who’s god is other people’s money.


    This wont go on much longer….no matter what you think.


    Keep rewarding PL for failure, and ignoring the pleas of the supporters….see what happens.


    Are you happy to see Celtic a mediocrity, do you just accept every failure with a shrug of the shoulders( We are EL level….we cant compete, its not big peters fault).


    Well, let me tell you this….go support somebody else.


    I want to see Celtic in the CL every year…..so all you financial gurus can feck right off.


    Sack Peter Lawell now…..he is dragging us down into the football gutter.


    If you don’t want to see a better Celtic….you can feck right off.


    Go watch Thistle.




  8. Well lets hope our bhoys come out with all guns blazing after that farce against the Skåningar.



    Would drop the centre-backs and Johanssen.






    Janko Effe Mulgrew Izzy



    Broony Bitton Armstrong




    Forrest Griffiths GMS




    KTF CFC 5 St.J 0

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    I don’t understand…..


    Do people think Peter Lawell would prefer not to be in the CL ?


    Would his much talked about bonus not be bigger if we made the CL ?


    Is he intentionally trying to earn less of this bonus ?



    Anyway those were rhetorical, hope the bhoys get the other night out of their system and knock a few goals in today, dwell as you might but nothing will change Wednesday’s result, we are in the the Europa League




    aff oot to get the chores done

  10. Like I said….if you just shrug your shoulders when Celtic fail badly…..you should support somebody else.


    Try Hibs…or Sevco

  11. My two cents worth are that Celtic are not an out-and-out Champions League club (I wish we were). If you compare our income from TV and league success to teams from other countries, and also our lack of debt, what makes anyone think we should be in the CL every year? A sense of entitlement, because we’re big in Scotland, because we won the European Cup all those years ago?



    Financially, we’re not that big. CL participation is an aspiration, not an expectation.



    Added to the financial limitations, is what John Collins roughly said: Celtic do not face strong enough opposition on a regular basis, to properly prepare them for matches such as Tuesday’s.



    We’re a gargantuan fish in a very small bowl.

  12. At least two things have been cleared up from Tuesday our players are not pigs as nor were they scared


    “Ah well,we tried. Look at what we were up against,what did you expect?”



    This is the get-out clause used on every occasion by people who have failed,whether it be by luck or judgement.



    In the case of Celtic over,say,the last ten years,it seems to be built into the bricks. Look closely at all those expensively-etched ones,I’m sure it will be there.



    We were handed a glorious opportunity to grow in a post-Seville euphoria,the stadium was full,income was soaring and the huns were on the ropes. We didn’t take that opportunity as we should have done,yet the huns still went bust.



    When your major competitor goes out of business,your own can only improve-right? Wrong,watch it done The Celtic Way.



    No competition means a chance to provide a poorer product. Result is,well,poor results. Some real shockers.



    No competition means a chance to implement a new buying strategy. Result is poor players,some real shockers.



    No competition means stagnation,or worse,in our way of thinking. A lot of those players are more than good enough,but aren’t in danger of losing their place because there are few options available to the manager. How many are as good this season as last? Damn few.



    Off the field is worse. The huns had an administration period which saw the interests of the creditors ignored,followed by a liquidation which itself seems to have been ignored! I’ve said before that Celtic didn’t need to organise a witch-hunt to see them punished;due process is there,in law and in football,to do that.



    But when due process is clearly being ignored,our board should be earning their corn. Why was the EUFA licence awarded? Why was the LNS investigation rail-roaded? Why are laws on Phoenix companies being flouted,with their five stars and inglorious history and even their name still in use?



    (Why are BDO being given the runaround and why are HMRC being rubber-eared in Scottish tribunals? Same answers,I suspect,but even I don’t expect our board to be asking those questions!)



    So many questions because the board trusted The Establishment. So did I. More fool me. We might not be able to do much about that,but we can stop shooting ourselves in the foot and start putting a team out on that stadium which makes us all proud. We have the finances to do so.



    But we won’t do it. Which is a disgrace.

  14. Green Man,



    Well said Sack Lawwell now.



    I have 3 season tickets and today we give it a miss. The Bonus Thief is running our club into the ground.



    Only when the fans vote with their feet and crowds hit 20k will action happen.

  15. Acceptance of defeat and failure….that is precisely why we are crap now.


    Keep accepting failure….carry on.


    Celtic supporters my arse.


    Ive not been brought up to accept failure.


    Celtic should always be at the top table….no matter what.


    You can all shrug your shoulders if you like.

  16. theglasgowcelticway on

    Morning all in CQN land.Looking forward to today’s game although that sudden and very heavy rain shower here in Cambuslang was a bit ominous. When is Ciftci’s ban up? anyone know?


    Yesterday morning,I asked SYDEYTIM to be more restrained in his replies to TONYDONNELLY. Fine gentleman that he is,he did so.



    He also apologised,again as a fine fella would do.



    ST is more than capable of defending himself,here and elsewhere,but some ad hominem attacks on him have been bang out of order. Sure,we all love a good argument on here,but it might be wise to stay away from the keyboard when you’ve sampled too many of your competitors’ wares.

  18. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Morning ghuys



    Still feeling a tad numb,this is my first post since Tuesday,,,what’s happened,,happened nothing I say can change that.



    We are in a decent group in the Europa league,which is about our level at the minute hopefully we can get a left back and a striker,,as for big Virgil leaving I would much rather see the boy O’Connell get a game before Mulgrew at centre half.



    Mulgrew has proved time and time again not good enough,Jo Hansen is another I would drop absolutely woeful,Armstrong would be a far better choice to play in that position.




  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Latchford at 8:33:


    “Well said Sack Lawwell now. I have 3 season tickets and today we give it a miss ”



    ANDYR53 on 29TH AUGUST 2015 at 1:09 AM


    “I’m a Celtic supporter, and I SUPPORT my Team..


    I’ll be there at the St J game, cheering them on, shaking my head when a pass goes astray or when we miss a sitter or concede a stupid goal.. and hoping we get a win.



    I’ll stay to the end, and not leave 15 mins before the whistle, and I won’t return my season book if we get beat, or will I ever play into the anti Celtic media by putting my disappointment in print for them to spin and use against us.



    I am a Celtic supporter.”




  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Interesting article in The Times re CFC



    Interview with RD….his position ..we are a CL club with an EL team ….we used to be a CL club with a CL team



    We sold many of our CL players …and replaced them with dross….who is responsible for this mismanagement



    Many think that most of last seasons first window signings were not RDs ..if not who signed them



    Someone is to blame for denuding our team of quality to such an extent that we are at such poor level today



    Is it the CEO ? ….the product is football ..it’s very poor ….if not CEO who ?



    Lastly RD says the club is in progress …if he means positive progress he’s kidding himself on ..we Are worse than last year




    I have nothing but contempt for the halfwits running our club.


    They should be gone.


    I don’t know when it will happen…but it will.


    It cannot go on, its a farce.


    People who suck up the financial rewards….but hide when things go badly,…is that the kind of people we want running Celtic.


    They should be ashamed….but sadly, they only care about themselves.





  22. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    With that CB pairing are you trying to make a match of it :-))



    Strong drink needed to watch that pair at CB.

  23. Morning from a scorching Barca. Have managed 2 5K runs so far since Wednesday but today I am a bit late and it is now pure roasting ,so it is.


    Yesterday did the full touritsy bit, very eventful will spare you the details. Beach today, with free Wi Fi for Celtic updates.


    ‘Mon the Hoops!

  24. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Gratuitous ad hominem attacks are embarrassing and juvenile



    Often instigated by the weak minded or the frustrated who consider themselves of great importance and can’t understand why their word isn’t accepted entirely



    It can also be the behaviour of the keyboard hardman …you know the type of guy who would love to be a a hard ass tough guy but just doesn’t hack it in real life

  25. My friends in Celtic,



    Because someone has alternative views to mainstream ( or the clique ) does not make them a troll.



    In fact it would be interesting to see if the so called “trolls” actually attended more games.



    EG : The knowledge and insight of Mr Pastry’s football posts over the last few days are IMO undoubtedly among the best and most knowledgable we have read.



    To call someone a troll without reasoned argument or foundation is nothing short of lazy posting akin to the fundamental principal of CQN ” Not Lazy Journalism”




  26. Gooooooood Morning CQN


    Vet to visit this morning with wee Shug, swelling returning again to his neck -(


    Then it’s on to see the Celtic – will that cheer me up ?



    Hail Hail

  27. In the last 3 years the Celtic team has been downsized in every transfer window apart from last winter when we brought in GMS and Armstrong.



    We have known all summer we needed a left back and striker and £30M CL up for grabs. We buy Cifcti another Sebo.



    We will sell our best player and bring in a loan signing and another midfield project.



    We will exit this transfer window weaker than when we started it. The man who has orchestrated the downsizing since 2003 will be rewarded again for this failure.



    We are left to play out the mickey mouse league where our football budget is approx 10 times our nearest rival and probably greater than the rest of the league together.



    We have only one real challenge every season to qualify for the CL. Our strategy needs to be geared towards that one goal as the money from it allows Celtic to prosper ; otherwise we need to sit in the library at Celtic Park and watch dross.



    There is no clear strategy from our CEO to achieve it. He has surrounded himself with Yes men who follow every order. He interferes in all football matters. He has complete control of everything that happens at Celtic and he decides who comes and goes – not the manager.



    If you look at the decline in the Team since 2003 until today , imagine what it will be like in 3 years time. Next transfer window he will sell Bitton or Gordon and so on replacing them by cheaper and cheaper projects.



    He is a tactical beancounter who has dangerously too much control.



    MON said welcome to life in the slow lane — he was spot on.

  28. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    What is a supporter ?



    Is it emotional support…. Is it physical attendance at a game …is it active support while at a game …is it providing financial support to the club



    What’s your definition ??


    PF AYR



    I’m scared to disagree with you on any of that,haha!!!

  30. PFAYR



    You know the script on CQN.


    If you disagree with the intellectuals and financial gurus on here….you’re a hun, or some kind of retrograde human.


    You know the ones I mean…..the ones who shrug their shoulders when Celtic spectacularly fail yet again.


    I’m starting to wonder, if they really are supporters….or, er…..employees.