Ajax, Fenerbahce, Molde for Celtic


It’s a return to to seed Ajax, which is a good football draw, although the Ajax fans and Amsterdam police make it an unwelcome tie for other reasons.

Fenerbahce lost their Champions League qualifier to Shakhtar Donetsk before beating Greek club Atromitos in the Europa League play-off round. There were no easy teams in pot three, Fenerbahce are about par for the group.

Molde beat Dinamo Zagreb and Standard Liege, so deserve some respect, they will fear no one in this competition.

Happy with the draw, it could have been a whole lot more difficult but as always, we have to arrive prepared as there are no hiding places in Europe.


There’s a chance to win a round of golf for four of you at the magnificent Aberdour course, scene of the annual CQN Open, for £1. Taggsybhoy has provided this opportunity, to raise funds to support the Celtic Foundation’s work. If you want to cheer yourself up after a hard week, read about the Foundation’s work here.

But after you’ve read that, get onto ebay here and enter the raffle. You’re even allowed to win it for a friend, so pile in.

A box full of backpacks, pencils and cups for Malawi just arrived at my office (thank you) ahead of tomorrow’s collection at the Celtic Way before the game. Remember to bring along your old backpacks, pencils and handtowels if you have any.

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    Does that mean he agrees wi your opinions?



    Jooooost asking…

  2. We’re not losing because the standard of players has plummeted since 2014. We’re losing because we have a manager who, from the moment he took charge, has insisted on a one size fits all 4-2-3-1 blueprint for his team.



    You can make a good argument for it – 4-4-1-1 was the formation Lennon used in his most successful Euro outings, and you’d have the added bonus of consistency of team shape, with no need for a transition from domestic to European formations.



    But it hasn’t worked, has it?



    Despite what Commons says about learning more in the last year than in the previous four (file under placatory comments to a manager he appears obviously bemused by in unguarded press interviews), his form has gone downhill, along with that of Lustig, Mulgrew, Izaguirre, Ambrose, and Stokes, who looks to have given up (but hey, he lost half a stone, so swings and roundabouts).



    The only one who has remained consistent has been Scott Brown, perhaps because as the captain he has taken on the weight of responsibility to maintain standards. He was one of three players who didn’t let themselves down on Tuesday. He said he felt ashamed. I’d say his true feelings were more of frustration and anger.



    The 4-2-3-1 will get another outing today, and given the opposition, may deliver a result, but the crucial difference remains – whereas under Lennon we had a manager who looked to help his players play to their strengths, we have in Deila a rigid disciplinarian imposing a set formula on his team, and you either shape up or ship out.



    Let’s see how this strategy comes through the next batch of European games. I was incredulous at our results against Zagreb and Astra at home, where the team were dreadful yet scraped all three points. I suspect that luck won’t hold this season.





    Perhaps you underestimate PL’s networking ability…

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Introduced Wee BGFC to the Celtic corporate structure yesterday.



    He read through the aims, etc., of the Celtic PLC Board – no mention of football success anywhere. Aim of the PLC Board is corporate governance and sound financial results – no more, no less. Same as any PLC Board.



    If the aims can be met with success on the park, then great. If they can be met without success on the park – then also great (from their perspective). It is not turnover, trophies, fans through the gate, etc., that matter to the PLC Board, it is the ability to engineer a profitable bottom line.



    It is NOT necessarily the case that the aims of the fans (i.e. a successful team on the park) align with the duties of the PLC Board. Success on the park can mean less profit – as the team costs, wages, etc. have to rise significantly. Success on the park is therefore not the aim of the PLC Board – it is incidental.



    Wee BGFC got a tough lesson yesterday – still going to support the Celtic Football Club today, irrespective of the impact on the PLC bottom line.






  5. Rationalising failure while bodyswerving reality….wooft.


    Sleight of hand eh


    I tell you….there’s some textual terrors on this site.






  6. Latchford



    I am every bit as frustrated as you with our club, and agree with much of what you say




    Get yourself along today, for a Saturday 3pm kick off, you know you will miss it if not



    Ok Vet to head too, catch you all later



    Hail Hail




    Maybe Goldfinger or the Man with the Golden Gun, would be a more appropriate title for PL.


    And there’s no way, id ever underestimate the man.


    He is capable of anything(Apart from doing his job).




  8. Latchford – voting with your feet having already bought your season tickets will have zero impact on the board. You’ve already paid your portion of PLs bonus.



    You’ll need to cancel and get a refund.

  9. Morning all.



    Still overcast down here.



    I see its reflected on CQN.



    Hope all of you can make their way to Celtic Park today. That will, hopefully, bring you a bit of cheer.





    I’ve noticed your comments lately reminding us that reported wage bill is the ENTIRE bill.



    What %age would you say as an educated guess is spent on football wages?

  11. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Tried to get onto the ajax , fenerbache , and molde quick news sites but all have crashed due to the volume of angry posts about uefa cup football in a group with 2 former winners of the european cup

  12. We’ve all had our moan, put across our views and we are all still hurting. However, today is all about getting behind the Bhoys on the Park. So those of you who live near enough and can afford it, get yourselves along and support the Celtic.


    As Leftclicktic posted…


    It’s Cellllllllllllllllllltic time


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!





    Sean will be in his element!




  14. I won’t be there today. But it’ll be because of a late kick off for the wee mhan’s footie and ensuing childcare impossibility….



    So my non appearance at cqn corner has nothing to do with Tuesday’s result. Nor the fact I owe Cowiebhoy a hundred quid!!!!



    Bealin’ I won’t be there.



    HH jamesgang

  15. Just got a nice wee cheque from Celtic through the post, will re invest it today at the Celtic Superstore, l have been following The Famous Glasgow Celtic since the late fifties and have had worse weeks than this, oh and l hope to meet some cqnrs at the famous corner today, do you need signed in?

  16. Am all for Celtic signing up best young Scottish players and from further afield as well, but those players need support and guidance from some good senior players. In all honesty i don’t think our older higher paid players are sticking to the bargain.



    see we have a group of 25 and over players who are simply not up to it, for a variety of reason. lustig is very good, but unreliable for over 50% if season


    brown will dig all day long, but that only gets you so far. commons, mulgrew, derk stokes either cant or dont step up often enough, izzy is hit or miss. Stef s and effa is more miss than hit



    dont think we should be to hard on the 18 to 24 years old like Johansson and forrest



    if i was pl i would be furious with,the 25+ age group.



    oh and for the record most of those guilty of failure to deliver were not RD signing so give the man a chance to get the team he wants in before judging his team or achievements




  17. BMCUW


    the weemhan is staying tonight,it was a battle to get him to go home last night,


    Said to his dad,if you want to go to the game with me and papa sometime I will speak to the KANO bhoys,for you.



    no boards ,balance sheets,or any other distraction


    just THE Celtic,I envy him at times :))))))))))))

  18. Weeminger & Cowiebhoy,



    Will not cancel my season tickets just a no show today. Off to Shanghai tomorrow so a lot to do as I am only in the country at the weekend.



    As a businessman I am disgusted with the incompetence of Lawwell ; he should never have been allowed to screw the club up so much. Our absentee landlord ensconced in Dublin 4 does not help.



    My oldest Bhoy tells me he is going to go today after all. My younger Bhoy would rather go and play golf with his mates. So 1 of the 3 STs will be used.



    Apathy from the support will kick in as Lawwell prepares the next wave of downsizing. He sits with his excel spreadsheet with all the weekly salaries , hits the sum key adds in OCOR and the buffer for his bonus. Voila sell VIrgil, buy Christie, 2 loanees, financial KPIs delivered and bonus secured. Celtic strategy in a nutshell from our CEO, DOF, Beancounter in Chief.

  19. saltires en sevilla on

    End of a very tough week



    Next part of the Celtic journey begins today



    Same as it ever was

  20. What’s the difference between a wonder kid/starlet and a youngster?



    Whether they are singing for Sevco or Celtic it seems…..



    DoSevco still bother to publish an in house magazine given the coverage they get from the MSM is more or less the same thing?



    That said I hope we are looking for someone longer term and more experienced.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    A surfeit .



    On holiday – put some feelers out for a ticket re EPL games in London.Ended up with 2 – so it’s Chelsea v Crystal Palace at 3pm and then a mini cab across town for Spurs v Everton at 5 30.

  22. MoonbeamsWD on 29th August 2015 9:39 am



    I predict a draw today with lots of booing.






    You must be very popular at parties – do you do weddings?

  23. Christie is an excellent prospect. This generation’s James McCarthy!!



    But agree with poster above, we need a bit more experience in the team. Not necessarily players on the verge of retirement (a la Roy Keane), more players who have been round the block and can hold things together.

  24. Dear, dear…..know what?…..I think that yet another CQN-skelping for ole KEVJUNGLE might be just what the doctor has ordered for me….so, bear with me….please….right, here goes….


    Celtic PLC


    Celtic Quick News


    …are in desperate need of some focus…that seems to me to be the ‘only’ way to get both those enterprises onto the same page…is…sadly…a visit from the medicine-man ie: to be drawn v’s Warbutons huns in the League Cup and, be eliminated.


    Only then…will Timdom in it’s entirity….realise just how ‘plastic’ Celtic FC/ PLC really is and, recognise…who is to blame for this and…most importantly…what has to be done to make Celtic Football Club…feel….like, Celtic Football Club again.


    P.S. Who is VVD being measured against?


    You have to remember that…Vic, Hooper, Ki, Aiden were valued so highly coz they were…hun-skelpers….who does VVD skelp?


    My departure has been delayed…thats why I can post today….sorry for annoying yeez:)


    Tri-Coloured-Ribbon…keep it lit and let yer family love you better – Hail Hail


    Philbhoy / Olivia / Family…best wishes & prayers fom mine to yours…LOVE.


    Celtic FC need a Jeremy Corbyn-type as the fugurehead of the club to, turn it upside down / inside-out to get it started again…imho.


    Celtic fans…LOVE to you all but…please wake-up FFS.


    …oot. YNWA





    Something needs to shake us out of our lethargy. Dunno if I fancy your way much!



    I hope everything goes well for you,mate.




  26. SoT – you’ll be doing well to get from Stamford Bridge to White Hart Lane in 40 minutes – still I’m sure you know what you’re doing.