Ajer and Elyounoussi await Scot Gov diktat


Kristoffer Ajer and Mohamed Elyounoussi’s immediate futures are in the hands of the Scottish Government.  Never a good omen.  Deemed sufficiently low risk for commercial air travel, with the negative Covid test results we have become accustomed to, they await a decision on whether outdoor football is a greater risk of contagion than sitting in a confined space with a couple of hundred others.

Norway’s international against Romania, due to take place at the weekend, was cancelled, so both players are fit and rested for the game against Hibs on Saturday afternoon. Neither player spent time in close proximity to infected Norwegian Omar Elabdellaoui.

The players have encountered no situations that determine they should isolate according to Scottish or UK guidelines and there are no rules determining how this scenario should play out within the football bubble arrangement.  If Kris and Moi are told not to play it will due to someone in Government making a rule up on the spot.

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  1. After all that, Paul slips in a new article!!










    Yes, doing it hat way the answer is 1.





    Doing it this way gives the answer as 9:







    6 divided by 2 multiplied by what is in the brackets eg





    6 divided by 2 = 3.





    3 X (1+ 2) = 3×3.





    3 X 3 = 9.








    It is a bit like using speech marks.



    Hot Smoked said Sevco is wonderful.



    Hot Smoked said, ” Sevco is wonderful. ” is obviously nonsense whereas:



    ” Hot Smoked, ” said Sevco, ” is wonderful.” might not be :-)))

  2. ` If Kris and Moi are told not to play it will due to someone in Government making a rule up on the spot.`


    If that is the case, I think we can assume that `someone in Government` will already be standing on that spot in readiness to handicap our team yet again.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    a few syntax errors in the article but i think i managed to translate it into English and get the gist of it – which is just P67 saying he doesnt know if they will be available for selection at the weekend



    he could have said it in 1 sentence

  4. I’ve no idea where all the concern re Ajer’s or Moi’s availability is coming from – did Scotland self isolate all their players after Armstrong tested positive ? Will Barisic self isolate after Croatia’s positive case ?



    Ajer and Moi will be available for Hibs.

  5. Hot smoked


    Bollington is just outside Macclesfield which is about 10 miles north of Congleton – all these towns were famous for Silk production

  6. Gene


    Yes. I worked near one of the old mills in Bollington. It was like going back in time :-))


    Cheerio for now.

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Level 4 lockdown being announced tomorrow by wee Nicola, but schools to remain open. Got off a train in Glasgow last week as a closely congregated gaggle of around 40 school weans got on. Literally zero social distancing. Nada. The R rate in Glasgow has increased by over 700% since the schools went back. In fact, you can map the sharp rise in cases since the day and hour schools returned.



    I am not saying that because I’m in favour of denying children their education. I’m making a point about relative risk. This Govt will literally lock the rest of society down tomorrow when they can clearly attribute the cause to schools.



    These two footballers present no risk to anyone, but may well have to self-isolate. School weans? Do your worst.



    There’s yer wee Scottish Govt for you.



    PS I have it on very good authority that Leitch is precisely the monumental egotist you all suspected. Loves the limelight.

  8. Any one help a mate of mine?



    He bought 2 executive suite tickets for the Euro 2020 fixture at Wembley that is now between between Scotland and England. The tickets cost £550 each. He’s just realised that the fixture is now the same day as his COVID-19 postponed wedding.



    He’s been asking around if anyone knows of someone able to take his place?







    It’s at Hamilton Registry office at 2:30 pm . The bride’s name is Angela. She’s 5′ 7″ about 8 stone, a pretty looker with a good job and a fantastic cook.

  9. Buddy,



    Heard back from Steve Clarke nonetheless.


    If Angela’s now free, can she take McBurnie’s place in the squad that day ?

  10. IF this Scot Gov ORDER a LOCK DOWN for Glasgow tomorrow…It will be a Feckin Disgrace imo. I only mention Glasgow/central Belt as this is the area that affects me obviously, no offence to anyone in other areas and the problems that they will have also with a Complete lock Down.


    Just SHUT ALL schools, colleges , Uni’s etc….that would be a start…and it MAY assist in helping Business’s in staying OPEN…and NOT going to the Wall !


    When i was at school…I enjoyed it..when I was on School holidays…like most/all other kids it was also great…My Mental helath was NOT affected because I wasnt at school for 8 weeks of summer holidays…Ive always been mental..maybe ?



    Why should Kids nowadays be any different, if they are not in School ?


    i KNOW Education is very important, but so to is every day life and Folks business’s etc…and for people being made unemployed, and maybe losing the Job for ever ?



    I also understand that if Kids are not at school than many Folk would need sitters etc to allow them to go to work…but there wont be any WORK PLACES left to go to…IF Schools, colleges, uni etc are allowed to stay open…its not Feckin rocket science.


    I phoned SLATERS Menswear Today, and was advised that I was FREE to try on as many suits etc as I liked instore. I advised the Lady that I would probably only try on Two suits at most and maybe one or two Jackets etc and new shoes etc. she said that was okay.


    IF Anyone cant try on clothes and shoes etc IN Store at this time….what is the point of Me or anyone buying clothes and shoes etc In Store…and then being forced to try them on once I am home…with the possibility that I MAY have to return those ” Clothes/shoes” as they dont Fit. I tried to buy denims a wee while back, but I was unsure oif my size and I was NOT allowed to try them on in the Store.That store LOST a Sale…as I refused to buy them and then be forced to return them if they didnt Fit ?


    I explained to the Shop girl that I was Disabled and didnt drive…so it waould be a real pain IF I was forced to return to the shop with denims that didnt fit…so I didnt spend my money.


    As for Shoes…I KNOW what size I am..but before the Pandemic I bought a new pair of dress shoes in a store and I did NOT try them on as I was wearing sport socks.


    I got them home and tried wearing them for a few hours…and my feet were in agony…so I eventually returned them and got a refund DESPITE them being MY Size….sIze 10…As I have been for almost 50 feckin years…and yet they clearly were too small for me.


    FFS…Just SHUT the schools etc.



  11. HOT SMOKED on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:21 PM







    Yes. I worked near one of the old mills in Bollington. It was like going back in time :-))





    Cheerio for now.





    Please mate…dont mention “BOLIngton”…iit puts me in a mood.





  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Big Jimmy – I’m afraid L4 is being announced tomorrow. The Scottish Government has no plans to shut the schools. However, given the mass teacher absenteeism now being experienced it may force their hand in any case.

  13. Big Jimmy


    ” I got a new pair of dress shoes” were they high heels or slingbacks?


    Asking for a friend ☘️😎

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ” If Kris and Moi are told not to play it will due to someone in Government making a rule up on the spot”






    What odds would one lay that the following words, or similar, emerge from a Scot Gov employee’s mouth ….



    “Football can’t be treated as a special case as we all battle this pandemic”



    Insert “most of” at the beginning of the sentence and you get closer to the truth.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  15. The media are making sure the Moi and Ajer situation is highlighted enough for the SG to step in. It is absolute shooty-in for them because it’s Celtic. Notably they are not questioning whether Barisic should be self isolating.

  16. If our players need to self isolate Celtic should tell EUFA where to stick their internationals. We pay the players salaries and not being available could adversely affect our revenues. ALL internationals should be cancelled until a cure for Covid-19 is on the shelves

  17. Doherty and MacClean just tested positive in the Republic camp,will this affect Duffy? Barasic played in same team as a guy who tested positive on Thursday, will he have to quarantine?

  18. Confirmation Claire Whyte has resigned her post.






    Whilst she was not involved when 5 Way was drawn up its toxic trail has undermined Claire Whyte’s role as it did her predecessor Tony McGlennan when drawing up the non compliance charges relating to the monitoring period only that ran down the CAS cul de sac, in spite of SFA JPDT being handed in evidence the day before the JPDT sat, that the licence was granted in, being kind, dubious circumstances.

  19. I want both to play,because I support Celtic.BUT,its not that simple,is it?They may not have been in contact with the player infected,but may have been,with others,he has infected.Celtic have a problem here.If either is infected,it could spread through the rest of the team.We know the isolation is for a purpose.The news that Boris has to isolate because he was in the area of someone infected,does not bode well.


    Our luck has been terrible with Covid,at least this time we hopefully have the rest of the team safe.




    Regarding Slaters and Jeans…



    I ALWAYS buy my jeans from Slaters. Why? 🤔 Their prices are competitive for quality jeans (Wranglers are my preference), AND, crucially, they will tailor them for an exact fit for you FOR FREE! Well worth waiting a few days for jeans that will fit you Comfortably and exactly! 😊 And if that wasn’t enough, they will later take them in or out if you lose or gain a few pounds, again for free. What an amazing service! 😊



    There is an excellent Slaters in Basingstoke not too far from where I live in North Hampshire. I first found this out after being frustrated in Debenhams by not being able to find a member of staff to buy some jeans. I then thought about Slaters and now always buy jeans, trousers and suits from them because of this amazing service and helpful policy. (If this sounds like an advert I don’t apologise for this, and I have no connection with Slaters other than being a *loyal and happy customer. 😊


    (*Loyal – correct use of this term, and NO, I’m not a Hun! 😊)



    Yours in Celtic,



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail! 😊



    TB&F. 😊

  21. ST TAMS on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:03 PM



    Remember Paul, this is Scotland, the most bigoted wee country in the world



    i disagree.


    cliches like yours are worked every minute


    of every hour of every day to overcome.


    they always will be.thats why generation after generation we improve and we get a little bit better.and we have improved,got better.at every level catholics are participating in Scottish society.


    if you want to have a girn ask why the board of Celtic are neutered due to their participation in 5wa.that in itself could be conatrued aa bigoted and moneymaking but you dont mind that.Celtic and bigotry surely not!






  22. Hot Smoked



    I’m no expert on Maths but I recall being told that resolving the bit in brackets was the first step in any equation.


    Which would mean




    6 divided by 2(3) or 2 x 3


    6 divided by 6




    Cannae find the division sign on my keyboard

  23. On previous matters, the Scottish Government has shown that Celtic are a special case and will be treated in a special way. No chance will Ajer and Elynousoussi be allowed to play versus Hibs we just need to learn the convoluted reason. Duffy could be banned also.



    Celtic had an individual player Boli who stepped out of line although didn’t have the virus. Celtic had 2 games cancelled and a large fine. Other clubs since have had no sanctions and indeed the new club were actually praised to the high heavens.



    When Armstrong tested positive he was able to play for his club as was Tierney. However Christie of Celtic was treated as a special case and banned. Again not repeated with any other club.



    Biton and Elhammed were isolated with Israel and continued when returning to Scotland.



    It is obvious that Celtic have been treated as a Special case and not in a good way. The SFA and SPFL will not back us and neither will the other clubs.



    I hope we will use these punishments to motivate our players as it seems they are a little short in that area. A rallying call pointing out this unfair singling out is at play and we might get a response from the players



    I hope Julien is fit as we need him

  24. lets all do the huddle on




    6 divided by 2(3) or 2 x 3



    6 divided by 6



    Cannae find the division sign on my keyboard






    correct to evaluate the contents of the bracket first to give



    6 ÷ 2 x 3 as you say



    but you have then given the multiplication of 2 x 3 precedence over the division. they have equal precedence so should be evaluated in order left to right



    therefore you do 6 ÷ 2 first then multiply the result by 3



    so its 3 x 3 = 9

  25. I’m with Big Jimmy, lockdown the full country, not a half arsed version.



    Also stop all flights in and out of the UK, after my Bhoy gets back in on Saturday. :)



    BRRB – John not seen you on for a while I hope you ok Buddy.



    D :)

  26. FESS19 on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:25 PM


    Big Jimmy





    ” I got a new pair of dress shoes” were they high heels or slingbacks?





    Asking for a friend ☘️😎




    Im NO Feckin tellin Ye…so there !


    sometimes I just get so feckin ” Fruity”…NOT !





  27. TRUTH etc etc…


    Cheers mate…but I now fear that Slaters and other NON Essentail outlets will be closed very soon.


    Anyway…Whats the Feckin point in buying new Clobber and having NOWHERE to go ?






    I think that you will be proved correct mate.


    Wee Nicola keeps talking about ” striking a Balance” in relation to places being Open or Shut….The is MORE DAMAGE to be done by keeping schools, unis, colleges OPEN…but closing shops etc at the same time.


    Mental imho.



  28. The social assimilation of a once shunned group is underway….Not fully mind you.



    Some may very well say….”At last!”



    No longer will a downtrodden world movement be regarded as a trigger for suspicion, sniggering or in some cases fear that they are an undercover strain of humanity.



    Now it’s surely time for celebration as these cracking pictures show….









    Am I red headed?



    No! Fullsome dark brown (well a while back) tresses …….without a trace of ‘ginga’! But beneath the surface ….lurking in oxters and …..you know….”doon there”…. flourishing from my earliest sprouting days, colonies of unadulterated “cheveux roux”, “roten haar’, “pelirojo”



    Forget about ‘reds under the bed’- it’s time to beam the light of stardom on the for too long unacknowledged



    …………………………..“REDS UNDER THE SEMMIT”!



    NOTE: I WILL NOT BE POSTING PICTURES OF THESE ‘AOONB’s – AREAS OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY. (Although the Slabbery Wumin does have some crackers on her mobile!)



    Hail Hail




  29. If the SFA and THE SPFL don’t back us ,what is the point of Celtic Football Club being a member,I Suggest Celtic should just have there rules and they are implemented for all employees to obey ,If we come up against some ban or whatever that affects our Players etc ,then the Clubs lawyers should take them to task ie The Highest Court in the Land which is probably in Edinburgh,when we would be up against Judges who favour other teams than Celtic,also I would like to know how the woman Complince Officer resigned from her post over at Hampden

  30. PeterLatchfordsBelly – I know everybody wants to blame the schools but it’s not obvious the rise in cases was due to the reopening. Obviously we don’t have the data but the Scottish Government does and they’re obviously happy to keep them open. At today’s briefing Dr Gregor Smith said that currently around 0.1% of pupils are off with Covid, which if accurate is pretty low. We’re not seeing widespread transmission in schools just now. There are positive cases cos there are cases in the community but large clusters linked to schools don’t seem to be happening very often. He also said that teachers aren’t any more likely to catch Covid than people in other professions. He’ll have the data on that but we don’t, unfortunately.

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