Ajer and Elyounoussi await Scot Gov diktat


Kristoffer Ajer and Mohamed Elyounoussi’s immediate futures are in the hands of the Scottish Government.  Never a good omen.  Deemed sufficiently low risk for commercial air travel, with the negative Covid test results we have become accustomed to, they await a decision on whether outdoor football is a greater risk of contagion than sitting in a confined space with a couple of hundred others.

Norway’s international against Romania, due to take place at the weekend, was cancelled, so both players are fit and rested for the game against Hibs on Saturday afternoon. Neither player spent time in close proximity to infected Norwegian Omar Elabdellaoui.

The players have encountered no situations that determine they should isolate according to Scottish or UK guidelines and there are no rules determining how this scenario should play out within the football bubble arrangement.  If Kris and Moi are told not to play it will due to someone in Government making a rule up on the spot.

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    I was so good at Maths that I did everything I could to avoid doing Calculus.



    Does it show?

  2. BIG WAVY on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:16 PM


    Meanwhile, in other news, this might interest a few keen to understand why we are leaking goals this season.










    i now know why you are tense and nervous



    got some advice.



    dont click on Celtic news now!



    a modren day equivelant of teletext phone numbers.click bait nonsense.opinyinz as fact.


    repeated often enough it still is nowhere near truth.


    the home of Cellic opinyinz my arse.


    the home of aspiring rekkkord n Scum wannabes




  3. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:22 PM



    horse running today 3-10 Wolverhampton called 10 in a row



    came 10th lol 😊😊

  4. Hot Smoked



    i saved one of my betting hunner pences earlier😊 15/1 eh.



    mugsgamecsc 😊

  5. Antearman (hope I’ve spelt that right)



    Celtic NewsNow used to be a great site. When you googled it, it was usually 3rd in the list with “NewsNowceltic” in top 2 places and filled with HITC crap. A few months ago it all changed with Celticnewsnow at the top. Think the site owner has sold out as it’s very similar to NewsNowceltic filled wiith nothing but click bait. IMHO.


    Best avoided

  6. CHAVEZ on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 4:47 PM




    Maybe your right about lack of evidence of schools etc and ifection sources etc…but as far I know, there was NOT much in the way of evidence regarding Pubs being a Factual source of infections either…in fact many folk and me have argued that their local pubs were showing great determination to comply with Sanitising, social distancing etc…I KNOW my local Pub has worked very hard to comply, but it has also been shut down.



  7. Big Jimmy/ Chavez


    i think i’ts now a political football with the SG and the schools. ‘Damn if you do damn if you don’t’


    Pupils testing positive /self isolating are on the rise and all staff are getting very very nervy. Non practical subjects can maintain some sort of line in the sand ie social distancing in the classes but non practical..H.E. Music, Art PE etc are finding it impossible. Mask wearing for seniors in the class are non-mandatory and difficult to enforce. Pupils not distancing getting infected — taking it home– then spreading into the community.


    While i’m a big supporter of independence, this is i’m afraid for Schools/colleges/unis, are a ‘Head in the sand’ moment….. SHUT THE SCHOOLS FFS!!!!

  8. Anywho


    Anyone know how to get alexa to control my samsung telly…..i just bought it for this reason. I’ve tried everything ie through smart things alexa app etc etc


    All i can do is get Alexa to turn on/off the telly and go to netflix and firestick but as far as changing channels NADA. I thought it may be because i’m hooked up to VM through HDMI tried it without…NADA.


    I feel its close but no cigar!

  9. Why not shut all the schools and colleges for a month or whatever and just make up the time next summer when they are normally on holiday? It gives the shutdown a chance to work and no education time is lost. Then again, I can hear teachers cry…”but it’s my holiday time!!”

  10. I was really concerned watching the Scotland dressing room celebration s. Thinking if any of them tests positive in coming daysthen surely all will need to isolate.






    Anyone know how to get alexa to control my samsung telly…..i just bought it for this reason. I’ve tried everything ie through smart things alexa app etc etc



    All i can do is get Alexa to turn on/off the telly and go to netflix and firestick but as far as changing channels NADA. I thought it may be because i’m hooked up to VM through HDMI tried it without…NADA.



    I feel its close but no cigar!






    I know how to do this



    Its dead easy



    Just rename the wife ALEXA lol

  12. Also anyone thats having trouble logging in?



    It just happened to me, logged in and no box to type in



    If you hit refresh, it seems the box appears and you are logged in



    Might be something to do with cache settings



    I dunno but this is a decent workaround for now

  13. timmy7_noted @ 4:05 pm



    Big bad proddie government picking on us again its no fair. BooHoo.







    That’s well in keepng with your previous attempts to rebut a charge when Paul has told you how the Scottish Govt. actions have hurt Celtic or their words scolded us.



    You post sarcastically, call the host a name and then run away.



    What was that you were saying about pathetic?



    No doubt squire danaher will be on too saying I have no evidence again for seeing this McGlashan reaction.

  14. On a more positive note- it is very rare that you find something profound on the TV programme Countdown.



    Today’s episode featured a poem from Rufus Hound which far surpassed its modest setting to speak to some of the batterings that Truth & Reality have taken over the past Decade from the Dark Web, Alt-Right, US TV Dollar Evangelists, Russian bots, illinois Nazis and the Agents of Chaos that have made us doubt which way is Up.



    Here’s the only version I can find at present




  15. STV again speculating about whether Ajer and Elyounoussi need to isolate but no mention of Barisic, surprise surprise !





    Some of my best friends are teachers :-). I just think they might have objections when they’re used to having a long summer break. These are exceptional times though and having part of Nov/Dec off in lieu would surely be nice.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bit radical but, with obvious benefit of hindsight can’t help think we’ve missed a trick in last two months.



    Ship has sailed – no more internationals for a while



    1. Lesson learned from Bolingoli mess – club securely retain player passports to avoid repeat of unapproved international travel.



    2. Refuse to release players citing ….



    – commitment to reducing virus


    – absence of secure travel corridor (unlike squads on EL duty travelling as a confined group using a charter)



    Downside? Unhappy players. The Scots will get over it. The others might be a problem.



    5 day rule invoked?



    Fine. They CAN’T play but they CAN train … and lack of training time together during the busy first half of the season always hampers us.

  18. MORTEN WEIGHORST, signed by tommy burns from dundee in 1995, tommy knew a player unfortunately morton had his fair share of injuries, but one thing that will go down in the history books, he helped us stop them bassas from winning the 10, later on he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, but thankfully he recovered, remember taking my wife for a tour round parkhead probably 2001/2002 and morten was sitting in one of the stands being interviewed by danish television, i actually waved to him and he waved back, good luck morten wherever you are.H,H,

  19. Celtic fans who purchase Saturday’s pay-per-view against Hibs will be able to listen to commentary from their own club TV channel.



    The Easter Road side are making Saturday’s 3.00pm fixture available to purchase for all as diehards get set to tune in for the big game.




    Supporters can buy the game for a one-off price of £15 and there will be an option for away fans to change the audio settings ahead of kick-off



    We are the cash cow for other clubs…..that’s 3 PPV we’ve had,Sevco nil to the best of my knowledge

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    this will be our 3rd away game this season that hasnt been on the telly



    i know theres no right for them all to be on, and most other clubs get nowhere near the same number as us



    but when was the last time that happened, and why is it happening this season?

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