Ajer and Elyounoussi await Scot Gov diktat


Kristoffer Ajer and Mohamed Elyounoussi’s immediate futures are in the hands of the Scottish Government.  Never a good omen.  Deemed sufficiently low risk for commercial air travel, with the negative Covid test results we have become accustomed to, they await a decision on whether outdoor football is a greater risk of contagion than sitting in a confined space with a couple of hundred others.

Norway’s international against Romania, due to take place at the weekend, was cancelled, so both players are fit and rested for the game against Hibs on Saturday afternoon. Neither player spent time in close proximity to infected Norwegian Omar Elabdellaoui.

The players have encountered no situations that determine they should isolate according to Scottish or UK guidelines and there are no rules determining how this scenario should play out within the football bubble arrangement.  If Kris and Moi are told not to play it will due to someone in Government making a rule up on the spot.

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  1. CaddingtonCommon on

    I was also at the Bobby Moore testimonial in the exalted company of Peter Osgood, Ian Hutchinson ( of the long throw) and that genius of a footballer Charlie Cooke.


    Tickets were organised by my mate’s elder brother and my most vivid memory was the Chelsea boys drinking capacity.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  2. Melbourne Mick



    Good to hear from you and hope Paddy Macoz is well



    yup normal is a thing of the past now Mick.wait until the spikes restart(hopefully not!)


    we just have to adapt and that can be troublesome when we are the carrier.i hope youz have a long hot summer and give youz a go at zero cases like in NZ Mick.



    hail hail mick

  3. CaddingtonCommon on




    Don’t recall that name but the brother was a close friend of Charlie Cooke.

  4. CaddingtonCommon on



    Was John Boyle a full back did he play alongside Cooke ?


    Have never met him but Osgood regaled me with his love of the Scots in their team,

  5. ‘The Flea’ was a name given to Jinky by Spanish fans – going back to De Stephano’s testimonial



    Sixtiescsc 😀

  6. CC



    Ball-winning midfielder by most accounts. He was a bit before my time and always stayed in England but I did have a couple of bevvy sessions with him . Told me Peter Bonetti was very devout in his faith….. and other stuff. Proper gent.







    Paddymacs had the all clear after a torrid time with his health.


    Now his plans for our CSC are in full swing.


    Most Cities , towns, here had outside eating ,drinking, culture, but


    now it’s being extended to be the norm.


    Gov. are handing out money and extension permits for the


    hospitality trade to use carparking ranks, parks, lanes, anywhere


    they can put tables and sunshades.


    Behind all this is the fear of another outbreak, so easy to happen


    as it did in Adelaide the other day.


    After months of no cases and borders closed to every other state


    they now have an outbreak from a isolation hotel for returning




    We have now gone 18 days without any new infections here in


    Victoria but the worry is always there until we get a reliable vaccine.


    Hope you and yours are also well.


    H.H. Mick

  8. tinytim



    WGS played wee Brian Mc at left back?


    Sure you’re no confused wi Neil Lennon playing Calum Mac there


    That really did happen

  9. There was another forward converted to left back and was still playing in England a few years ago.



    He was small as well and was a Dundee lad name escapes me.




    Thats who it was lol, so I was havering.


    Anyhows it got a wee bit of debate going.


    H.H. Mick

  11. Watching Alfie’s Boys, and not for the first time, on BBC2, this time a tribute to Nobby Stiles.


    A terrific achievement for a group of players of the same generation as our own Lisbon Lions. Didn’t feel like that at the time of course. But fact is Celtic were invited by three of that World Cup winning team for their testimonials, Bobby, Jack and Bobby. That was paying tribute to us.


    And us them.

  12. Reading back, I think it was Ross Wallace that WGS played at left back.



    Went on to have a good career in England.

  13. Good morning CQN from a dark, wet and windswept Garngad



    That was a good wee read back, I enjoyed that.



    MM – That’s good you are all getting out and about in Victoria, I think you are right about shutting everything down, unfortunately our stupid Governments could not run a menage. They have us all in part lockdown but still allow international travel….Hunbeilavable



    So even if we all stayed in our houses there is still the risk of the virus coming into the country, we are an island ffs how hard can it be to stop flights/boats etc.



    Good luck and stay safe.



    Total lockdown or NO lockdown






    D :)

  14. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    Remember ghuys it’s u21



    So what’s your point?



    Excellence at at any level is admiral, especially when he plays for Celtic




  15. lets all do the huddle on

    oh dear



    P67 will be an angry man this morning with the news that Ajer and Moi are available for saturday when he so clearly wanted a ‘diktat’ to say they had to isolate



    i expect his lunchtime article to be a Trump-style bitter rant



    and im not sure he fully understands the meaning of the word ‘diktat’ either but no matter

  16. MATT STEWART on 16TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:30 PM




    Very good mate…that made me laugh.









    I went to a Trampoline Club last week…I couldnt get in….” The Place was JUMPIN” !


    Tht was one I made up myself a while ago LOL.


    HH Mate.

  17. Re the psts on John Boyle last night. I had a summer in Penzance ( Cornwall) around 1970 and John joined in our `matches` on the caravan site. John was holdaying with his family ( I think) . It shows how some aspects of football have changed . A Chelsea first team player having a caravan holiday in Cornwall !


    He was a really good guy.

  18. Hot Smoked


    in the Arena hourlong special on Busby,Stein and Shankly.Bobby charlton talked of living in digs 10 mins from old Trafford,they were living in the middle of the community they represented.


    our own players used to walk back from Barrowfield.i suppose sadly that does not happen augmenting the remoteness felt by the fans who have limited contact with their heroes.


    hope all is good with you jim





  19. Neil lennon and mccartney



    the other morning you posted part 1 and 2 of Busby Stein and Shankly.


    i saved them and watched them last night.


    magic thanks.



    could you post the final hour.i think you mistakenly posted part2 twice and missed part3.


    any chance of part3?


    thanks in advance and i hope all is safe your way.




  20. Not been on for a while but Arithmetic always catches my attention.






    The thing about brackets isn’t just about whether you do the inside brackets part first or not, it is the commutative property. So the equation is actually…



    6 / 2(1+2)=


    6 / (2*1 + 2*2) =


    6 / (2 + 4) =


    6 / (6) =



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