Ajer and Simunovic should start in Valencia


With Scott Brown suspended for Sunday’s game against Motherwell, I would play Olivier Ntcham in Valencia on Thursday.  Olivier was due to return to the substitute’s bench last week, but succumbed to illness shortly before kick-off.  He has not played since December, so will be short of match fitness, but an hour in the Mestalla will prep him for Motherwell.

With Filip Benkovic injured, Dedryck Boyata is our best central defender, but neither of them will be at the club when the Champions League qualifiers take place in July.  Kristoffer Ajer and Jozo Simunovic will both be here.  For that reason, they should start against Valencia.

You, me, Brendan and Peter all know we need central defensive reinforcements for the qualifiers, but knowing that and meeting the challenge are two different things.  Ajer and Simunovic should be given every opportunity to develop their game at this level, as well as their mutual understanding.  We have nothing to gain from developing Dedryck’s understanding of European football.

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  1. OldTim


    Sorry to hear about your medical worries, but it sound like you are on the road again. I’m very lucky, my BP and all that are very good but as a smoker, who has high cholesterol , I was advised by my GP to get on statins to reduce this and I have to say it has worked well. To get to the point, has your GP put you on statins by any chance?


    All the best and keep the posts coming.




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Can’t see Boyata not playing.


    In any case I’m hoping we have a couple of new CBs in for the qualifiers. Ajer and Simunovic would be okay for the first round. After that we will need at least one of higher quality.

  3. MARADOMINIC on 19TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:26 PM


    not trying against Valencia.


    Get a goal and you never know. Also feel the same about people saying league is won.. Draw against well lose at Tynecastle and its shit city..One game at a time!



    Maradominic what medication are you on? talk about doom & gloom & wishful thinking


    aye right you need to take a reality check gone the bhoys eight in a row & two to go


    how many lonees will dodgy money laundering baby club be looking for next Season


    & oh Defoe & Davis are back & the poll in sly who believe in repeats sports poll states


    & we are going to tear up the hammer throwers league & win everything aye right


    It’s medication time for those lot & I happen to be the chief & the fellow who mugged


    you all @ the cards talking about cards I already know what is in your hand & it reads



  4. Mental how quickly some posters on here began to castigate and condemn the Celtic support.



    It’s like they couldn’t wait and immediately accepted the narrative without any concrete evidence.



    Parasites was one of the words used.



    Who needs enemies eh?

  5. Anybody want a laugh, check out Mark Warburton’s interview with Si Ferry.



    What he says about Jock Wallace at the beginning of the interview will send the sevconia rageometer off the scale .



    The banter years continue on ;))))




  6. King-Lubo I the over aged player who will not make a difference aye right wee


    Lubo was a very skillful player a wee golden gem (class)


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    YNWA Folks

  7. Its not a bad idea to give Simo and Ajer more game time as Boyata and Benko are for the off. I’m not convinced by Simo though, he’s been with us long enough now and was in no mans land at their 2nd goal last week only realising there was a player unmarked behind him after said player had tucked the ball away, even then he blamed Izzy, well, they blamed each other to be fair.


    I see more in Ajer, I think he’s under instruction at times to pass safely sideways or back ,but love when u see him go f— it i’m taking the ball forward.


    Can’t see us qualifying but draw is very possible. I’ll go 1-1. Then get down to the serious business of 8iar. HH.

  8. I know 16 Roads it’s typical gob shite media reporting with an anti-bhoys agenda


    funny how they seem to forget when their new found money laundering dodgy


    baby team threw a coin @ a lineman against Livy not so long ago & how quickly


    that incident was all hushed up parasites-gob-shites, & anti bhoys haters




    I don’t know If I’m on statins, But early last year I was on 22 medicines +3 injections per day,



    But I got very ill and lost 7 stone in weight over a four month period,



    I have a number of problems healthwise and when I picked up a bit, my Doctor said that I got rid of one of my illnesses Diabetes, which had been a pain in the arse for years disappeared from my body,



    I had a problem eating, anything I ate came back up within minutes, that carried on for four months,hense the loss of so much weight, dropped from 19st down to 12 st, they told me I had a problem and that I was lacking something in my body,I now have to have an injection every 3 months for the rest of my life,and with losing the diabetes I’m now down to 10 tablets a day + 1 injection.



    I have put a little weight back on, and I’m feel okay now,but as I say I still have a few hic ups now and again.



    I better stop writing about my problems with life,this is a football blog,not a medical centre.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    So Steve Clarke wants every Celtic fan who came on to the pitch (despite the fact they only came on to the track) prosecuted!



    I don’t hold with pitch invasion, but please Steve……leave that sort of thing to level 5.



    Future Celtic manager?……..errr , I don’t think so.

  11. Paul67 et al



    What is this, a press release from the Celtic Boardroom? Certainly reads like one!


    Is it that time of year when we have to worry about playing games four or five months down the road?


    Worry about players bedding in, getting up to speed before playing for Celtic. Six months seems to be the norm, though in Marvin “Morton” Compnerr’s case it has taken eighteen months to find his feet. Both of them. Maybe we could give Marvin a game, get him some European experience before er next season.


    Or we could treat it as the next game, the most important one.

  12. My view FWIW.


    Throwing a coin is a very shold not be compared with exhuberant fans leaving their seats to express happiness with their players. A last minute, important winner would lead to unbridled joy from supporters of nearly evey club in the land.


    The difference here? Celtic is the club involved so the MSSM makes a right meal of it and are helped in no small way by Celtic fans keen to show that we/they disapprove of bad behaviour.


    By all means, do what we can to identify the ONE person who threw the coin but let`s keep the `invasion` in perspective. A dozen on the perimetere and maybe two reaching the edge of the pitch?


    Incidentally, well done to Killie midfielder McKenze for presenting the `invasion`in the measured way the event deserved.




  13. Kinglubo – I’d advise against statins and the cholesterol fear mongering that goes on; most as a result of Big Pharma running the planet. Check out a Scottish doctor call Malcolm Kendrick, he wrote a book call the Great Cholesterol Con. Also, American doctor Dwight Lundell, is well worth some of your time regarding cholesterol and what really causes heart disease.




    Botanicals are the way to go for me. Guinness and praying the rosary helps too:)







  14. Incidentally, I often read of players needing time to `bed in` and of others short of a fitness that can only be achieved by playing. As regards the first scenario, some player fit in instantly and some don`t.As regards the second,I read anarticle some years ago which gave evidence to support the view that `match` fitness is something of a myth. Perhaps KT`s upcoming performance against Motherwell will tell us something about this ?




  15. Someone posted a stat yesterday that Celtic picked up 22 points from the last 12 games last year.


    Now with us being on exactly the same points after 26 games played as last year that is as good a rough guide as anything their is.



    The stat of dropping 14 points suggest nothing has been won with many difficult fixtures still remaining.



    Totally appreciate Sevco are capable of dropping points also but that would be relying on someone else.


    I’ll only totally relax when we are a set number of points in front that it would require a miracle.

  16. My son and his mate are flying out to Valencia tomorrow. They booked on the basis that they had been told from a 3rd party that there was a good chance of a ticket but this has fallen through.



    You can all probably guess what is coming………



    He is not due to arrive in Valencia until approx 5pm tomorrow. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone who is already over there or who is arriving shortly could pick up 2 tickets for him.


    I’ll be on here periodically (Mrs BB reckons every 60 seconds normally!) to catch any responses.

  17. Hot Smoked



    I seen a fan near the centre circle as the celebrations were taking place, in the interests of accuracy.

  18. I was at a game in Liverpool many years ago and wish they had thrown coins, instead of bottles.



    It was a game between Liverpool v Celtic,,Bobby Lennox scored a very good goal but was disallowed by the Referee, that angered the Celtic support who started to throw bottles onto the park,and when I say bottles there were thousands of bottles thrown that day and many never reached the pitch,there were a lot of them hit the front two or three rows hitting kids and adults alike, the next day one of the news broadcasters showed a pile of bottles that had been thrown, and a broadcaster was commenting about the number of bottles that were thrown ,he was behind the pile of bottles then he walked roung the pile and came into view,never seen the likes again.



    So I will say again Coins are better thrown than bottles,they can be collected up and given to a charity,at least the hooligans will be paying for any disruption caused

  19. If we can at least get some of the Valencia players thinking.



    Last Thursday they were vastly under strength, yet those who did play, barely broke sweat.

  20. HS- there is a video of fans at the other end of the park from where we scored,guys ran on the pitch and over the halfway line.

  21. Petethebeat- I’ve heard from a few different sources, there was a virus in the squad going in to the huns game

  22. OLDTIM67 on 19TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:10 PM



    Been reading your posts today with some interest.


    I was on holiday recently had cause to go into a pharmacy with my other half. Ok I was a wee tiny bit FUBARED at the time, there was a BP machine so I decided to take my own BP whilst I was waiting. It was 160/89, and said that was high. Your posts have made me decide to go to the docs. HH.



    Off oot.

  23. Might be a bit extreme, maybe get Broonie and KT to hold a presser,and ask the idiots to stop breaking seats ,throwing coins.They might take more notice of them,than a club statement. The players might not fancy it,fair enough…..Forget the huns invasions, every time they win a game,let’s get our own house in order.

  24. F.U.B.A.R.BHOY.



    I’m glad my post helped you make a decision,go to your doctor he will give the correct medication to suit you. Take Care.

  25. Asked by Ferry if he had any advice for young managers trying to make their way in the game ‘ choose your chairman carefully ‘ which was a clear dig at King.



    I’m guessing Warbs won’t be back as guest doing their halftime draw anytime soon ;))))




  26. MADMITCH on 19TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:03 PM


    AK … @ 12.48



    At least in 1975 we were singing about a real event — going for 10 in a row.




    Name that tune and artist?

  27. I have no problem with supporters singing about ten in a row. Ten in a row would be a record for Celtic and that’s what it’s all about,singing 8 in a row would be nothing, 9 in a row would equal our record, so there is no point in singing 9 in a row ,but ten in a row would be something to sing about, then we could sing 11 in a row, then 12 -then 13 in a row ++++++,no big deal singing what we want to happen ,I hope we can reach one of the plusses.

  28. Afternoon Folks.



    On Saturday 9th March before our game against Aberdeen the Glasgow An Gorta Mor group are holding a bucket collection to help raise the necessary funds to build a permanent memorial to those who sadly perished during The Great Hunger. We expect this to be the most significant fundraiser but it can only be successful if we have sufficient numbers to rattle a bucket. Celtic have been fully co operative and are actively helping in some of the logistics and organisation. If you are able to help then please get in touch via email at angortamorglasgow@gmail.com



    Thank You







    Chris.How are you and your lovely wife doing. Give my love to Helen, and hopefully we will meet up again sometime, somewhere.

  30. Billy Bhoy (and obviously anyone elsee interested).



    I tried the Mestalla ticket office today and was sumarily told ‘no chance’.


    This may have been because of my west of Scotland spanish accent and my Johannesburg Celtic top. However it may also have been because I had no confirmatory proof that I lived in Spain ….the tickets are given to those who can prove name and address.



    I am told that there are plenty of tickets unsold but for the moment the are sticking ridgidly to the rules of ‘no away fans in home sections.



    Anyway, things may improve as the match approaches and so tomorrow I am going to attempt another cunning ruse by getting the hotel reception to pretend to want a ticket. (note ,,Valencia are NOT selling tickets on-line)



    Failing that I may have to quickly marry a senorita.



    I’ll let youse all know how my various attempts progress.



    Hail Hail



    Manolita de Stewart

  31. Paul



    By your logic, Ralston should start at RB?



    Play your best players if fit…always. No exceptions




    I’m not able to hold a bucket so I’ll pass on that chore, but if I’m in the vicinity of one of the bucket collectors I’ll donate a few quid.

  33. OldTim67



    I’m good my old friend and Helen is *blessed daily by virtue of being married to me!



    We’re extremely busy which is part of the reason that I rarely get on here. I’ll give you a call in the next week and we’ll get something arranged.







    I’m thinking of coming into the Blane Valley this Friday if you fancy a meet up then,that would be great,maybe a few others will join us.



    Blessed yes.


    Cursed, definitely not

  35. 50 shades of green on

    10 in a row is the goal for a lot of Celtic fans, myself included, I’ve no problem singing about it or anyone else doing it for that matter, what is stupid is going on about 55 when you dont have any …???

  36. OLDTIM


    Thanks for reply. Glad you seem sorted , there is no doubt about excess weight and how it can contribute to one diabetes. The weghitloss you mentioned seems to have helped in that respect. Hope you continue improving.




    I have read about statins a lot and kind of agree with what you say, but since i started using them, my cholesterol has dropped to 4.5, without any of the well mentioned side effects. Thanks for advice though.



    Getting back to football, I hope we do well in spain on Thursday, but I’m expecting the worst, hoping for the best. Our no. 1 priority must be the league title, no if’s , no buts







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