Ajer can follow van Dijk to top


Kristoffer Ajer made clear to Norwegian media his intentions to leave Celtic this summer. “With one year left of my contract, that would be the best solution for me and my club.  Something is going to happen this summer.”

Kris made it clear to the club two years ago he would not sign a new contract and has stuck to plan since.  For me, he was our stand-out Player of the Year last season and compares to the very best central defenders we have seen in the modern era.

At 23, Kris is one year older than Virgil van Dijk when he joined Celtic in 2013.  I would be hard pressed to pick a more impressive season between Kris’ last season or Virgil’s first.  Virgil was better in the air but I have never seen a Celtic central defender break through the lines as safely or effectively as Kris.  Virgil tried this but was not in the same class.

Just as we knew Virgil could do better than Southampton, Kris can do better than the apparently-keen Newcastle.  Liverpool could do worse than pair them up next season, he will play for a top EPL team eventually.  I hope we keep him for the European qualifiers.

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    Good luck to your golfing buddy.


    I’d had my two jabs when I got it


    9 days of migraine type headache


    2 days of coughs that set my chest on fire



    Since then legs and arms turn to jelly as I play golf


    I don’t think how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t had the jabs

  2. 31003 on 6TH JUNE 2021 6:36 PM


    Hate to say it but the boy Patterson looking good for Scotland







    He’s got a great future in the game.



    Well done, cracking score at the Golf.

  3. And a magic 2, will not be playing you for money, shark.



    The guy I played in the medal with, played at Shotts against the Shotts club champion he was’nt happy at the state of the Greens, I don’t know if that’s because he got beat….. Wonder if DESSYBHOY would agree.

  4. MARSPAPA on 6TH JUNE 2021 7:50 PM





    102 DAYS without a manager is Embarrassing.






    I dont disagree, but that banner protest is being parodied in a million ways on every huns twitter account.



    what is it meant to acheive ?

  5. MARSPAPA on 6TH JUNE 2021 7:52 PM


    Hanging onto a job after throwing your players under the bus was Embarrassing.






    throwing missles at the celtic bus and chasing it down the road was embarrasing.




    Here’s hoping they don’t copy and paste your assassination of Celtic fans from today



    The media couldn’t have painted us in a worse light worse.



    Ones as bad as the other……eh.

  7. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-I’m not allowed to talk about it


    But K was like you a diamond my pal


    It’s a small world 🍀

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    🍀31003-you are definitely to good for me ,but I would love to watch you play.




    Don’t you go trying to lull 30013 into a false sense of security….. Chancer 😎😂



    Apols for saying about K.. Oops.

  10. MARSPAPA on 6TH JUNE 2021 7:55 PM





    Here’s hoping they don’t copy and paste your assassination of Celtic fans from today.






    The events happened, it wasnt a celtic grandas telling off some hijinks by the young team.



    People are denying it on here. Raw ubdiluted hatred for Celtic staff and players, the twitter accounts have deleted much of the worse scenes, It was lucky missiles didnt hit the cars or busses, two policement were hurt, several stewards got hit, why make light of it.



    So what happens when Neil Lennon is intimidated ? what does experience tell us ? he digs in, unrepentant, maybe dermot is made of the same stuff,



    violence against our own, that is unforgivable.




    I’m not making light of it, you are OTT.


    You have dumbed it down from a Near riot and attacking players and staff, to chasing, and embarrassing.




    I wouldn’t use Embarrassing and riot in the same breath too extreme for me, I’ll leave it there.



    Don’t forget…



    I stated earlier it should not have happened FACT.

  12. Saint Stivs on 6th June 2021 8:04 pm





    Well said! It was atotal disgrace and made us all a laughing stock. Yes, I am angry that my team are crap this year. , do I attack them – NO. It is as bad as domestic abuse – the one you love has made you angry – hit her? NO

  13. fairhill bhoy on

    SS-you will without fear or feaver never ever knock Celtic 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Next up. Comparisons to celts for change movement.



    I don’t recall any violence in the protests. Some where actually good humoured.



    That night of the Killie game. There was banter. Not threats.



    Next. The riots back then most usually because we had been attacked such as the cup final. The casuals culture. Short lived as a Celtic things because they got chased out often.



    The bad as each other statement. Huns use it as deflection. One incident of ours allows them to legitamise all of theirs.



    Like a Roy Aitken stolen shy.

  15. FB



    High praise indeed



    What’s helped my golf most?


    The 4 ball I normally play in is a laugh fest from 1st to 18th


    We literally rip the piss out of each other through out the game.


    Recently we’ve restricted ourselves to 3 laughs per hole. My game has improved just because of that!




    You win I give in I don’t want this dragging on and bringing the blog down.


    I was out of order.




  17. fairhill bhoy on

    SS-talking rubbish again.


    Show me the prove of Celtic fans throwing any missile


    Take your time

  18. So anyways.



    I had to go to slaemuir this afternoon. Fella across the street from my niece now has two flagpoles up. Maybe ten feet tall. You can geuss the flegs displayed.



    Old eejit.

  19. FB.



    Moi. Talking rubbish again.



    Thanks for the compliment and engagement.

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    31003-we have no restrictions buddy


    And when you see me play, you will know why🏌🏻🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. Mars



    Not my intention. I will close off the conversation now. And go back to good celtic things .

  22. Watching the u21 final – some of the players look as if their birthday is on 29th Feb.

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    SS-my apologies


    Celtic fans/supporters throwing stuff 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Evidence please 👍