Ajer can follow van Dijk to top


Kristoffer Ajer made clear to Norwegian media his intentions to leave Celtic this summer. “With one year left of my contract, that would be the best solution for me and my club.  Something is going to happen this summer.”

Kris made it clear to the club two years ago he would not sign a new contract and has stuck to plan since.  For me, he was our stand-out Player of the Year last season and compares to the very best central defenders we have seen in the modern era.

At 23, Kris is one year older than Virgil van Dijk when he joined Celtic in 2013.  I would be hard pressed to pick a more impressive season between Kris’ last season or Virgil’s first.  Virgil was better in the air but I have never seen a Celtic central defender break through the lines as safely or effectively as Kris.  Virgil tried this but was not in the same class.

Just as we knew Virgil could do better than Southampton, Kris can do better than the apparently-keen Newcastle.  Liverpool could do worse than pair them up next season, he will play for a top EPL team eventually.  I hope we keep him for the European qualifiers.

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  1. JHB – I think that Advocaat counts as a “prestige” appointment given he was manager of Holland and PSV before taking a job at them.



    I disagree it’s a hard sell – we pay better than most managers outside England (for instance only Conte in Italy and the big 3 in Spain were paid more than Lennon last year); and we offer a boost to profile for those thinking about a job in England – which will be more of a consideration now we’ve Brexited as it’ll be easier to get a work permit in Scotland than it will in England. For any up and coming manager confident in their ability, it’s a decent proposition – only one team to beat, chance to cut teeth in European competition – look at Slippy G – he’s now being mentioned for jobs in a way he wouldn’t of he’d gone down the Lampard or Rooney route!

  2. 31003



    Three laughs a hole………..i have enough problems counting my strocks.

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-Tracy sees a lot .


    She gets ten thirty and his pater is still brilliant

  4. Out of nowhere Andy walker selling Eddie to Leicester during Belgium and Croatia game 😳

  5. Didn’t watch the Scotland game but a 1 goal win at Luxembourg who were down to 10 men for 60 mins doesn’t , on the face of it, look impressive

  6. Was talking to my Tottenham mate this morning – reckons they may be looking at Martinez – says all the talk of Conte was to push season ticket sales as deadline is up.


    Thought Howeveas a good move by us but hey ho.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Gene @ 9.06 pm



    It was not impressive . Scotland’s long running problems with putting the ball in the net don’t look anywhere near a solution .

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Stopped watching Scotland game after HT, take it Glasgow City won the league?

  9. Watched the highlights programme of the ghirls’ game. While I’m delighted they achieved a CL place, I didn’t think too much of the quality of the football on view.



    Still, it was good that they denied thon CL spot to the deid team’s ladies. I gather the deid team spent a fortune (whatever that means and where did they get a fortune from?).

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Park head



    Said before women’s international football is worth a watch, domestic stuff is awful

  11. PCS


    The bottom 3 teams are very weak with negative GD of -60, -73 and -60 in only 21 games

  12. Winningemmell


    NZ set them a getable total and they dropped anchor – very negative.

  13. Do the huns get any monies if Billy ” Billy ” Gilmurrrr gets a move from Chelsea?

  14. SPIDEY101 on 6TH JUNE 2021 8:47 PM




    Forgot about Advocat – as he came onboard 1998 – but you are right, he was quality.

  15. The Board weren’t the only ones to treat their customer base with arrogant disdain this season. They topped the bill, but NFL’s comments during the season and over the last couple of days show a complete lack of self awareness or a complete lack of giving a 💩



    Similarly, Scott Brown’s last game for Celtic at Celtic Park was all jolly japes testimonial pish. ‘Just put ******* Scooter on….’ wasn’t the comment of a man who’d just seen his Celtic legacy tarnished by the season from hell.



    We were obsessed by the 10 when we stopped the huns doing it. Unfortunately our highly remunerated experts on and off the field couldn’t be similarly obsessed on our behalf. Not even a wee bit it would seem.



    HH jg

  16. I don’t know if many people watched the Scotland game earlier, but Vahid Selimovic, the guy who got sent off is the only Luxembourg player I have ever thought we should sign.



    He is a 24 year old 6’3″ CB, a good athlete, who usually dominates the striker physically. He came through the ranks at Metz, is decent technically, and now plays in the Greek league. He would be affordable and a good addition to our squad I think.



    He has a tendency to make rash challenges when the striker has got goal side of him, but good coaching could fix that.



    If anyone saw the game, he forced a really good save from Marshall by outmuscling a Scotland defender and getting a header in from a corner.



    Miles better than Steven Welsh, and would not cost the earth.

  17. I like Big Kris and he will be missed. I thought he gave it 100% once the late Transfer windae shut, I thought he was distracted like others prior to it.



    He has given Celtic Good service and as far as I can see he has been open and honest about his intentions.



    Good Luck Big Man in yer next adventure – Feed the Norwegian Bear.

  18. James Gang



    That’s a huge stretch.



    Scott Brown made a joking comment when he thought the mics were off. He wasn’t commenting on the season with either arrogance or humility. It was his last competitive appearance for a club in front of his team mates and no spectators.



    Are we that much addicted to the TV and tabloid game that we need an apology when the players fail to achieve what we want them to achieve on our behalf? He’d have got it in the neck equally for being inappropriate, ungenuine or far too late if he started that lark.



    He came in as Scott Brown, the supposedly Rangers supporting Fife ned and he went out swearing accidentally on live TV, determined to keep his team mates amused and engaged- the captain’s job.



    How did these guys ever become good enough to win 9iar and a quadruple treble if they were uninterested and not trying? They were champions and warriors and last year they failed to do it one more time. They were surely gutted but that was an emotion for November, December and January when the league got lost.



    A downbeat apology on the last day of a great career???



    – I don’t need that show biz crap.

  19. ST TAMS,



    I always want Celtic to do well but I have no interest in the Celtic Ladies team, likewise I’d have no interest in the Celtic Basketball/insert other sport here.



    LarryBird.CSC :D

  20. LuxCelt,



    Stephen done very well considering the circumstances he was faced with. I’m happy he has been signed up.



    I don’t know if the guy thought the referee would see it in the light of it being a Friendly. No excuse he was idiotic as it was a friendly and the rules are the rules except in Ecosse.

  21. Seen some bhoys slaggin the womens football on other sites.i’l tell ye right now having played against them at 6’s.they would pump any eleven a side team i could put together.obv not as physical but fitness wise and tactically..embarrassed us😍🤣

  22. Jamesgang @ 10.54



    The fall of a dynasty played out in full public view even when they were gone or going, nobody on the inside could change a thing.



    Soro couldn’t dislodge Scott Brown from the side because Brown was Lennon’s man, who was Lawwell’s man.



    Lennon refused to go because Kennedy was his man too, and he knew he wouldn’t make things better, in fact he changed nothing. SB signing a pre contract with Aberdeen was the final insult, he even implicated Celtic as the reason. A real manager would have dropped him like a stone.



    Alas they were only flying white flags this season.




  23. PETEC



    Agree it was a very stupid challenge. Not the first time I have seen him do it either.



    Regarding Welsh though…. Forget it. He is literally miles off the standard needed for Celtic, and I think anybody can see it if they are honest. The stats don’t lie, and the guy simply can’t win a header. He won less then 50% of his headers in the Championship FFS never mind the SPFL. He isn’t even especially quick, given how high up the park we tend to play.



    He is a decent enough man marker when the ball is on the deck, and realises his limitations with the ball, so is sensible in his distribution. He will make a career in the game somewhere I am sure. He is however totally the wrong type of player that we need at Celtic, in a physical SPFL where most teams play a big target man against us. Giving him a 4 year deal was utter madness, and to compound it we don’t even know who signed off on it, as we had no manager and our Head of Football Ops was on his way out the door!



    If you really think he is good enough – just tell me which of the huns CBs he is better than? Even if you look at him compared to Liam Morrison, who left us. Morrison is levels above him.

  24. LuxCelt,



    The Bhoy is Wholehearted and played in a Team that had chucked it.






    Regarding Welsh though…. Forget it. He is literally miles off the standard needed for Celtic, and I think anybody can see it if they are honest. The stats don’t lie, and the guy simply can’t win a header. He won less then 50% of his headers in the Championship FFS never mind the SPFL. He isn’t even especially quick, given how high up the park we tend to play.






    Can you show these stats?

  25. St Stivs


    We talk of the Lanarkshire masonic referee association i think we have a Lanarkshire


    association on here.1 guy even saying the sevco player who came on for Scotland


    with 20 mins or so to go has a great future, Stivs you’re wasting your time with


    these cretins keep posting the pics, too many good posters have left cqn

  26. I Really want the Celtic Ladies to do well, it’s just not for me watching Ladies kick lumps out of each other – the Same with Boxing!!!!!

  27. GERRY123 on 7TH JUNE 2021 12:03 AM


    St Stivs






    keep it lit.

  28. Moravcik 67, predictor for European leagues, based on every probability



    Celtic pot 1 Europa league, 2nd rangers in pot 2.










    i wil be up tomorrow, still a greenock shamrock bhoy , from the port scheme, led by great bus convenors of the toughest hue, facing down the world, not scared of anyone tango face flag waving huns.



    and we go again.

  29. not to many folk on here give a toss about about Scotlands chances at Euros.i certainly do.been a scotland fan since i started watchin football ’73 onwards. Watchin scot v eng in the 70’s is a big part of my passion for football.too many with an axe to grind.like a lot of problems from the past imo.we’l no get anywhere as a country if we canny move on.



    HH brothers