Ajer can follow van Dijk to top


Kristoffer Ajer made clear to Norwegian media his intentions to leave Celtic this summer. “With one year left of my contract, that would be the best solution for me and my club.  Something is going to happen this summer.”

Kris made it clear to the club two years ago he would not sign a new contract and has stuck to plan since.  For me, he was our stand-out Player of the Year last season and compares to the very best central defenders we have seen in the modern era.

At 23, Kris is one year older than Virgil van Dijk when he joined Celtic in 2013.  I would be hard pressed to pick a more impressive season between Kris’ last season or Virgil’s first.  Virgil was better in the air but I have never seen a Celtic central defender break through the lines as safely or effectively as Kris.  Virgil tried this but was not in the same class.

Just as we knew Virgil could do better than Southampton, Kris can do better than the apparently-keen Newcastle.  Liverpool could do worse than pair them up next season, he will play for a top EPL team eventually.  I hope we keep him for the European qualifiers.

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  1. RON BACARDI on 5TH JUNE 2021 8:44 PM




    What are you on about, or what are you on?




    I could ask the same

  2. Hope the transfer kitty is ready to buy players from the Championship:



    “Aston Villa have agreed a club-record deal worth an initial £33m for Norwich City midfielder Emiliano Buendia.



    Villa have moved swiftly to head off potential interest from Arsenal.



    The Argentine, 24, was the Canaries’ player of the season as they cruised to the Championship title last term and a return to the Premier League.”

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    Turkeybhoy,regarding hendry.You don’t slag any player do you 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Take a day af

  4. Burnley 78


    Tell me when Celtic has ever made you happy. Even just once in your life ?


     Seville; 6-2; Invincibles; Wim’s season; Tommy Burns’ second season; Naka’s free kick against Man Utd; Lubo trapping the ball with his backside; 3-2 v Juve; Strachan’s comeback title.




    Tell us your ideas for a manager?


    Someone who:


    Has experience building title-winning teams;


    Has demonstrated he can sustain success;


    Buys into “modern” football – analytics, fitness, nutrition;


    Has an eye for a player – importantly ones who fit his system/way of playing;


    Open to a pathway for young players; and


    Demonstrable experience of improving players.



    I’ve already mentioned a few who meet these criteria – Philip Clement of Brugge was my pick for the job. I think he’d be gettable – his profile is too low for English teams, which would change if he came here and turned us around. Salary ought to be affordable too.




    Give us your suggestions for a strategy that the club can develop to improve its long term status and chance of success ?



    Develop and embed a proper “Celtic way” – whether that’s possession-based, high pressing, etc – and ensure we have the right coaching team in place to support that. Changes of manager/head coach should reflect our system – no more Strachan to Mowbray or Rodgers to Lennon.


    That system should be embedded among the Academy players so they can step up. The Colts need to have games at a higher level than the Lowland League, so copy Brentford’s B team strategy for them to run in parallel.


    We should have a professional high quality back room team underpinning that – no more part-time doctor’s or interns. We know the system so requirements on fitness, scouting, etc is calibrated to that.


    We bring in players who fit our system – no more Bayo’s who can only score with his head when we don’t have wingers (apart from Forrest) or Brattbacks/Klimala who play better in a counter-attacking side.


    Get better at moving on our sellable assets at the right time – don’t keep them too long! In parallel, get into the habit of buying next year’s team this year – we knew Ajer would leave this summer so should have brought in a proper replacement last year. Give them a season to adjust and be integrated without the pressure of being expected to deliver straight away.


    Communicate this with the fans – set out that this is our plan and it may be bumpy but for x reasons we think it’s the best approach to deliver sustained success domestically and improve in Europe. The last time we had a properly set out plan was when Fergus arrived – he said in 5 years he’s rebuild the stadium and win the title, which he delivered. I can’t remember any other time we set out a strategic plan like that. Do that, demonstrate the club is putting everything into that, and we can all buy into it. We may have the odd year we don’t win the title, but we’d know what we really doing over the longer-term.


    None of this is new – it’s effectively what Ajax have done for decades, what the Red Bull teams do now, what Brentford do, etc. But it would be truly revolutionary for us.

  5. CardboardCSC on

    Lambert, simple answer. I didn’t read the links but I’m aware it’s volatile. I would say it depends on how successful that particular club in South America had been since the actions of the CEO. I beleive most sensible fans anywhere in the world would let it go considering the success since. We have had to endure the Hun and we are angry. Time to stop looking back. Hail Hail

  6. St.Stivs 7.40.



    interesting read.bit to scattergunny.good all same.The divide is ancient as the country itself.The idea of othering tho first historically


    was noted with the first invasions of 11/12th century of ireland by Gerald(deBrencis) of Wales as England claimed rule.


    His writings of the irish dehumanized them,the first anti irish sentiment.



    His writings and anti irish sentiment,were adopted as elites merged in crown then parliament.there was an empire built on renaissance thinking.it rolled it out in the first colony.



    good subject mate.shine a light on it




  7. CARDBOARDCSC on 5TH JUNE 2021 9:02 PM


    Lambert, simple answer. I didn’t read the links but I’m aware it’s volatile. I would say it depends on how successful that particular club in South America had been since the actions of the CEO. I beleive most sensible fans anywhere in the world would let it go considering the success since. We have had to endure the Hun and we are angry. Time to stop looking back. Hail Hail




    Maybe have a quick look.


    It would explain my comments.

  8. Spidey101


    I suggested


    Zoran Mamic yesterday, won several titles in Croatia & Saudi, returned to Belgrade as DoF, stepping back into manager role to again win the league


    Currently now available


    Buscan is another in that area


    As an added bonus, they will know the player market in that area, which we should be looking at

  9. Deniabhoy



    Do you have a link to the rockanteurs pods you posted midweek? forgot to save.




  10. NorrieM – thanks, will have a look. I didn’t really look at that part of the world, other than Stankovic at Serbia who I thought might replace Inzaghi at Lazio.

  11. CardboardCSC on

    Lambert, we can’t compare ourselves with the South American. I do wish sometimes we were there, beautiful beaches and weather. Can you imagine the Celtic support intensified by Latino blood. We would give the folk in Buenos Aires a run for there money.

  12. CardboardCSC on

    Watched a video from about 5 years ago about Ange, in the clip it showed him on his laptop looking and researching players and team systems. I believe some folk think he is just going to get off the plane and get a copy of the wee green book (for older readers) and try and figure it out. Hail Hail

  13. CardboardCSC on

    Fairhill bhoy, to be honest, the name did sound a bit familiar but no I didn’t know much about him, like most I researched him and seen he was the manager of the Australian national team, I do remember being impressed watching them but didn’t pay much heed to him. My point was he can through modern technology communicate regarding prospective signings. Whether it will work out who knows.

  14. ra drap-in swearies are pure gallus…………….



    Oh aye.




  15. NorrieM – Mamic is currently in jail for embezzlement and tax evasion by the look of things…could make a joke about him still being in post before Ange..

  16. Spidey101


    I thought he had been released and his brother arrested , he was a director, although both worked on player deals

  17. NorrieM- looks like both got done and the manager one is serving his time while the other is on the Interpol wanted list!!


    Even if he has been released, he won’t get a work permit now…

  18. Fairhill Bhoy.



    Give what a rest?



    Do you mean not letting sniders be dropped by Wishaw Tim on a poster who doesnt even post here now but i count as a friend and shared many a Celtic experience with



    if so…….no.:-) smiley covers me bein polite😊



    Tits come in 2’s fb


    .Gerry iyo may be a tit,


    youll know who fills the other cup with sleekit snidery pash on people he disnae know!!



    fishyfishy- whats that shoite about?-nae need.


    stick ro Celtic WT. its no as if there is nowt to type bout,




  19. AT 😂 ! yes or know has the roar been on since the elections !! aye defend yur party leader, ya loser

  20. CardboardCSC on

    I often wonder how many trophys John Barnes would have one had he been giving 3 seasons. I’m pretty confident he would have matched our current foe across the city.