Ajer on-board as strategy rolls forward


Norwegian football journos I speak to all praise Kristoffer Ajer (17) in the highest terms. The 6’5” midfielder became the youngest captain in Norwegian topflight history when he wore the armband of Start as a 16-year-old last April. He’s a strong and mature individual, apparently.

Despite having made only 36 career starts, Celtic have watched him repeatedly, on top of the loan period he spent at Lennoxtown last month, so they know the player they are getting. The information I hear of him is all positive, but he’ll be learning the game for years, and for the remainder of the year he’ll learn what it’s like to be a Celtic player, something he’ll have little inclination of at the moment.

I like this strategy of recruiting and deploying talent of this age, a policy which has been missing for around 40 years, and has contributed to a similar period of underachievement in producing prodigious talent. It feels right for us.

Welcome to Celtic, Kristoffer.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyretim, i quite enjoyed the commentary of the Barca v Celta Vigo on Bein sports. The American commentator was very knowledgable about both teams.



    The Sid Waddell tribute act chap wasn’t as enjoyable.

  2. Welcome to Celtic Kristoffer


    Celtic must be favourites for that under 21 European tournament next season, with Ronny in charge of that team :-)))


    On a serious point, how is Calvin Millar coming along ? He was rated as one of the worlds best talents 2 or 3 years ago as a 15 yr old, hopefully he’s also being nurtured along nicely



    Hail Hail

  3. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Just watched the highlights of last night’s Scottish cup matches



    Never a penalty for waghorn … should have been a penalty for mcguinness and also miller



    Hearts guys second yellow was ridiculous as the bounces the ball straight back to the hibs player where the foul took place



    Terrible refereeing too when beaton isn’t giving Cummings a yellow then gives the hearts guy one for demanding a yellow for Cummings. .. then he books and sends off Cummings

  4. Delaneys


    I have dropped Big Jamesgang and my 2 mhates a message about Dublin on Friday night


    We are all staying in the Skylon hotel


    Brilliant info from Clogher, and would happily meet with fellow CQN’rs Fri night and Saturday morning to do any of the activities as supplied ????


    Big J flies home on the Sunday, my 2 mhates and I are there through to Monday afternoon, so again could meet up with fellow CQN’rs for anything on the Sunday afternoon into night ??



    Those going if any interested in doing something as a group let us know



    Hail Hail

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jc2, thanks for that.



    Its a pity our PR don’t let the pack of rats know certain subjects are off limits to them at our press conferences.



    I can’t remember any players signed by other premier league clubs asked questions like our new signings are asked.



    Also, sev new players aren’t asked any questions about facing us in an o@@ f@@@ game.

  6. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Named after my grandad on my mum’s side … funnily enough he ran off with another woman when my mum was a child and he was never mentioned



    We met his son ( to the other woman ) a couple of years ago after my mum had passed. When we were showing him pics of my mum and his family that he never knew existed he was showing us pics of him with his dad . He said it was nice that my mum had named me after him – i laughed and said ” I didn’t even know that was his name until you told me now . He was never even spoken about in our family ”



    When I told him I had been married 3 times he laughed and said ” your mum named you well “

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    My first underage pint was with my pal fae Saint Thomas Aquinas. We took a half day one Friday and went to the Dry Dock to meet his older brother who was a Yarrow apprentice. Two pints of heavy in my deepest voice was requested. That pint was the most delicious I have ever tasted. :)






    My older brother was in Fairfields.


    Used to frequent the Dry Dock myself of an evening.


    Till I found The Rock.


    Beer AND gimp.

  8. FourGreenFields on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK on 17th February 2016 4:41 pm



    Sorry for late reply mate , work and a problem posting on here got in the way .


    Cheers for the recommendation of the Jim McGuinness book – Until Victory Always , a fantastic read . Very sad in parts but inspirational in others , amazing account of his personal journey and the Counties journey to All Ireland winners.



  9. tbj



    And was not Jason Cummings first booking for celebrating scoring the goal?


    Saw dozens of EPL players over the weekend leave the pitch after a goal was scored, and not just the goalscorer, and do not recall any or many yellow cards.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, my son and I were at the eufa youth game last week. Calvin Miller did not impress us as much ad some of the others in our team.



    He had one good run in thr second half. He seemed confident enough but never got much change out of their right back especially in the first half.



    Chris McCart’s son, Jamie , was very impressive along with Jack Aitchison, Regan Hendry and our number 8, who I think was Mark Hill. Jack Aitchison is only 15 and was not over awed playing against players two or three years older than him.

  11. An Gorta Mor quiz night



    We’re holding a quiz night to raise funds for a permanent memorial in Glasgow to remember those who perished, or were forced to flee, as a consequence of the Great Hunger.



    It’ll be held in The Squirrel Bar near the Gallowgate with a 7pm start followed by live music



    Tickets are £5/person.



    If you’re interested can you please contact me at hamiltontim88@yahoo.co.uk to secure tickets.

  12. FourGreenFields on

    An Tearmann on 17th February 2016 3:57 pm



    Sorry for not getting back to you , thanks for info .


    Think you will like the book :-)



  13. Dallas


    Quite a few of those youths sound promising


    I have stated before, we need to drastically reduce the size of the squad from currently around 37 or something, to 24, and supplement with youth as required, giving them a better chance to succeed, if good enough



    Thanks for the info, I have heard about young JA and his potential

  14. Cowie



    My son Ryan and I arrive Friday morning, depart Monday morning.


    We are both buzzing about attending the Ireland v Swiss match. The stadium is a couple of minutes walk from our Hotel. Will be at the Celtic Storm concert on Saturday. Sunday will be mass followed by the parade. No plans for Sunday evening yet. Getting excited :)

  15. HT


    Unfortunately this date clashes with a night being arranged by CRC for wee Shay fundraiser, will still make a contribution though :-)

  16. DD


    We all arrive early Fri afternoon, big J back on sun afternoon, the other 3 of us Mon afternoon



    Saturday night and Sunday am will be same, not yet sure about Fri night ( I have no interest in international football, Celtic only for me :-)) or Sat am, then Sun pm

  17. Delaney’s Dunky




    I used to go to the Dry Dock on a Sunday when up visiting my aunt and uncle



    In the Kingsway court flats .



    My cousin had his own butchers shop as did our pal Joe McGovern .



    Didn’t seem to matter when you arrived at my uncles house be it in Easterhouse or Scotstoun



    the “Merryplough boy ” was always on , amongst other… ahem , Irish ballads:)

  18. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Celtic Mac



    Cummings deserved his first yellow for running to the hearts fans and celebrating while facing them up from 5 yards away



    However I also noticed that when Clark scored the winner at Rugby park one of the other sevcoNians jumped the boards to celebrate with the zombies before jumping back over to Clark and limited co. No booking from Madden

  19. What is the Stars on

    Cowie bhoy


    You are staying in the skylon drumcondra.


    Nice area. Few nice bars and restaurants within walking distance. Cartys Ivy House is almost directly opposite the hotel. Little side bar is a real man’s bar, good place to watch football or racing and nice Guinness, the lounge does good food and has music, .


    Just up the road in santry St kevins boys Fc have an underage academy tournament every easter, celtic arsenal West Bromwich, couple of Spanish Dutch teams. Good standard, stars of tomorrow on show. I will know tomorrow what teams are taking part. If celtic are involved it might be a good idea to go to it on the Friday as the pubs are closed

  20. Marspapa



    Kingsway flats. Have just remembered some activities I got up to there in my youth.


    Happy Days. :))

  21. FourGreenFields on




    Myself , Richie and Thunder Road are just up the road from you and BMCUWP is close by too .


    Should be good :-)

  22. tbj



    Hadn’t realised which fans he ran towards, so thanks for that clarification.


    As for Madden, one of many in house whistlers.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on




    To be fair to Madden he was also jumping the boards to celebrate the goal too :0)

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, I agree that our squad is too big and reducing it should be high in our prorities in the close season.



    I like the look of Joe Thompson when I have saw him. Good engine , box to box and knows where the goal is. I think he is injured the now.



    Jamie McCart is not as tall as his dad but I was impressed how comfortable he was on the ball and the amount of talking he did to his team mates.

  25. TBJ



    My cousin B was named after his father. Met his dad at his wedding for the first time since he was a baby. 30 years no contact. Mind you, Drumchapel to Darwin is a fair bit away. :)

  26. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Celtic Mac



    Same Madden who booked Leigh for his 50 goals to shirt



    Preston pans



    Madden did book elbows for crowd surfing with the zombies … elbows excuse was he was trying to get a pie from kris boyd

  27. Better second half in Rome. Dunno why they pulled Vainqeur off. He was stroking it about beautifully and didn’t get the rub of the green with his shot that went just wide with the ‘keeper beaten. 2-0 RM now Jesè.

  28. Cowiebhoy



    If I had known another non drinker was attending the soiree in Dublin that might have swayed me .



    How’s things , I’m looking forward to Saturday , in a funny way im liking the uncertainty of how we play



    Ross County like playing it on the deck as do ICT, I think the crowd being so quiet makes the performance seem



    poorer , anyhoo nice to seeing you posting again .

  29. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just watched our new bhoy’s interview on CTV and very impressive


    he was despite all the loaded questions from the usual bumholes


    6’5” and he would like to model himself on Patrick Viera that imo


    is exactly what we need and after watching the vids of the rest of


    our young pups i get the feeling there’s exiting times ahead for our


    club….Ajer doo doo doo


    Oz tims


    Well its our big Sun. again down the Celtic peninsula our usual reb


    band Tara in attendance with all the usual raffles, Irish dancing


    and same old jokes from Paddymacoz, good excuse to drown


    ourselves in Guinness, really it’s a big few weeks ahead for our new


    club, next week we have a BBQ at the beach park and can’t wait to


    see Paddy and his helpers put up that gazebo again ( how many


    Irishmen does it take to put up a big tent? ) while this auld Glesga


    wideo watches from a convenient pub window, its all leading up to


    our Lisbon Lions 50th anniversary tribute at easter weekend with


    the legend Willie Wallace coming down from the coast to honour


    us with his presence, the weather is looking beautiful 30 degs this


    Sun so lets paint our little bay town green again.


    The venue…the Bay Hotel Mornington, see you all there, i’m the


    ghuy in the hoops.


    H.H Mick