Ajer on-board as strategy rolls forward


Norwegian football journos I speak to all praise Kristoffer Ajer (17) in the highest terms. The 6’5” midfielder became the youngest captain in Norwegian topflight history when he wore the armband of Start as a 16-year-old last April. He’s a strong and mature individual, apparently.

Despite having made only 36 career starts, Celtic have watched him repeatedly, on top of the loan period he spent at Lennoxtown last month, so they know the player they are getting. The information I hear of him is all positive, but he’ll be learning the game for years, and for the remainder of the year he’ll learn what it’s like to be a Celtic player, something he’ll have little inclination of at the moment.

I like this strategy of recruiting and deploying talent of this age, a policy which has been missing for around 40 years, and has contributed to a similar period of underachievement in producing prodigious talent. It feels right for us.

Welcome to Celtic, Kristoffer.

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  1. H.T Thanks ….As long as its not hidden in a wee corner somewhere….


    I wrote to S.N.P boy Feargal a few years ago….still waiting on reply


    Glad to hear it is still Live and Kicking..







  2. Draxler scored a goal for Wolfsburg tonight very reminiscent of Henke’s v Deidclub 6-2. Nutmegs defender then chips advancing keeper beautifully. Scored a great first goal too before his team nearly made a Ghent of it.

  3. Sorry bingo you asked what strategy we should follow? How about genuinely trying to build a team, get a manager who can manage, exploit our dominance in Scotland and build everything into trying to progress in Europe.



    And to add it it, take wanton racism and corruption and actually stick up for your supporters instead of attacking them at every opportunity.



    Dead easy this strategy stuff. But it gets hard when all you want to do is make money.



    I was talking to a man city fan today in Manchester. He was having a laugh at the difference between the Man city of 18 years ago and today. He asked me how much it costs for a season ticket at CP. he was utterly astonished at how much the club charge us. Genuinely couldn’t believe it. And to think the Celtic board charge us that, while downsizing and constantly attacking us oh and calling us criminally racist if we complain.







    Ain’t they fab?????????


    Aren’t we sooooo lucky?????



    Aren’t they a masterful wonderful board?

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Excellent, concise summary of Jim’s book.



    Incidentally, I’ll be passing the Skylon at midday on Good Friday.

  5. @Tbj…………………..Whits yer first name??? don’t make me read back:)









  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Channel 5 currently showing a programme called “the boy with the giant hands”.



    It seems it is not about the early years Charles of Normandy.

  7. NegAnon2 on 17th February 2016 10:45 pm



    Surely not charging you anything for a season ticket.



    I seem to remember you saying, a few years ago, that you wouldn’t be back at Celtic park while Lawwell was there.



    Am I thinking of someone else or did you change your mind or am I mistaking you for someone else?

  8. MM



    One of my first memories in Partick was 1969. My dad and uncles came into my house singing and partying after a cup final thrashing of the deid team.


    All our house windows were smashed by bricks that night. I was 3.


    My next memory was two years later. I stayed close to the Clyde Tunnel on Dumbarton Road. There was a constant wailing of Police Ambulance and Fire Brigade sirens all night of the Ibrox Disaster. Will never forget.

  9. Neganon



    As you know I’ll have the odd grump about things I’m unhappy with at Celtic. However, today’s a good day. We’ve signed someone, who by all accounts, is a genuine talent.



    Be happy.

  10. @H.T. …Brill……


    Ye naw beddie byes for school:)


    I admire your verve,when i used to go home and away many years ago,


    i thought it was forever……And boooom you find yourself ..Yesterdays supporter.


    Treasure each season and sing loud and proud.






  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    What is the Stars, Drambowiecelt, Hamiltontim



    Other topics are on the go. Nevertheless, thank-you

  12. @Neg…..Picture the scene…..A young Celtic team cruise thru various Friendlies, Qualifiers.


    They play Quality football ..and enter the champions league proper….


    They qualify for the last 16 of said competition….and with the average age of 23 years


    Their young manager thanks the support for their faith in him…






  13. Anyone see the penalty claims from Kilmarnock Sevco last night?



    Collum had three calls to make at Inverness. What you can say is that none were stonewall.



    Last night’s highlights on Sevco slot TV, shows Madden pointing to the spot after two mins with no contact established. Let’s say it was another non- stonewaller.



    However the most obvious penalty of the week was at 1-1 when the Killie player was straight through on goal and was completely taken out from behind by the Sevco defender.



    Stonewall pen and last man red card.



    Madden gave nothing.



    Has he been subjected to the same treatment from our impartial national broadcaster and the rest of the MSM?

  14. Neganon



    “Sorry bingo you asked what strategy we should follow? How about genuinely trying to build a team, get a manager who can manage, exploit our dominance in Scotland and build everything into trying to progress in Europe.



    Dead easy this strategy stuff.”




    ‘Fraid that does not count as strategy. That is just wishful thinking.



    The club is trying to do all that you wish for. They may not be doing it well but their plan and yours does not differ in any detail than that you just supplied.



    Seems it’s not that easy after all, otherwise they’d just employ the nearest CQNr with a sense of certitude.

  15. WC



    They are cheating in front of our faces.


    They know we know they are cheating.


    What are we as a support or club gonnae dae aboot it?????

  16. @W.C…..The radio played that forgotten song….


    It’s so blatant it hurts……..


    All those years without tv,video, you tube ,streams, beams,


    was Paranoia city…..Cheatin bassas……






  17. D D



    I will never forget a lovely man called John Donnachie, he


    lived next close to me in a single end same as me, a hard


    worker for his family and never bothered nobody but like


    most ghuys in those days he would go to the pub after


    work, nothing unusual about that but when he had a few


    he would walk along the road singing his Irish ballads and


    thats when the waiting beasts would attack, many, many


    beatings that man took but he would not bow down to


    them, and even when i’d guide him home with his face


    covered in blood he would stop and say ” c’mon Mick get


    the ball and i’ll show you how to be a Celtic man ) and he


    would try and show me the tricks with all the windae


    hingers laughing at him staggering about bruised and


    battered, what a man , i had so much admiration for him.


    Single end= 1 room and outside toilet in tenements


    Windae hinger = Women hung out their windows and


    gossiped with their neighbours.


    Thats for the young dudes.


    H.H Mick

  18. SFTB I completely disagree. Our strategy is not to build a team or get better. It’s simply to make money. We don’t invest that money. We simply make the money to pay DDs dividend. Football results are not part of that strategy.



    The board and the supporters are not goal congruent.



    We are divided.



    And we do not run the strategy of wanting a successful football club.



    Drambowiebhoy. Picture the scene. Just before the champions league qualifiers our best players are sold………….you dream. I live in reality.



    HT if he is successful he is sold. Happy?



    Terje quite correct I gave up my season book. Does that disallow me from telling people how much season books cost. Is it a secret?

  19. Delaney’s Dunky



    Same old, same old.



    Their penalty King is in crutches and their support reckon this could cost him a place in thrEngland squad for France in the summer.




    Completely deluded and a reality check awaits.



    If Hibs get their act together they could end up in the playoffs again and could be facing Killie again. It would maybe need an honest mistake or two to see them through that.

  20. @D.D 11.29


    What are we as a support or club gonnae dae aboot it?







    Any Ideas???

  21. @Neg…Every fan lives the dream……..Thats why we keep coming back


    The Dream………Now i dont doubt you wish the Celts well in what they do,


    But …To wake up every morn to your reality is Frankly mee maw mee maw


    A health warning ……..Chill out Bro..






  22. Drambowie



    The Green Man has come up with the best idea so far.


    We all turn up at Hampden on the day of the League Cup final. We all bring a couple of custard flans each. We gather at the entrance of Hampden with offensive banners and our flans. When the masonic blazers arrive for their freebie pre match succullent lamb lunch, we absolutley splat them stupid wi custard flans. Sounds a good plan. ;)

  23. a light insanity on

    The thing that annoys me is the silence over the cheating. If the board stands up I for one will follow. Whatever it takes.


    When my knees hurt I like to stand.

  24. I agree with Neganon


    I dont see a strategy


    i dont see a vision


    I see a message bhoy who has been sent by the grocery clerk to collect the bill.

  25. Delaneys flinging a flan ins Copland would be deemed offensive and probably sectarian. A few years in jail would await for such a heinous crime.



    Drambowiecelt reality is a bitch isn’t it!

  26. Lets have a …fling a fenian flan day… sounds good to me


    we’ll send you over a big box of Aussie eggs they have huge yokes


    he he.


    H.H Mick