Ajer right to move on


I don’t know what Kristoffer Ajer is planning to do over the next two seasons, but when his then agent, Tore Pedersen, suggested the player would not sign a new contract with Celtic, a bridge was crossed.  Even players who are committed to leave usually observe rules of discretion.  Pedersen broke those rules, unnecessarily putting his client on the spot.

It was shoddy, Kriss was right to move on.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Our local supermarket is considering giving customers a digital alarm when they enter the shop that will beep if you get within 2 metres of anyone, presumably you wait before proceeding, then hand in the alarm with your shopping basket when you have finished shopping, that should be fun :-)

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy



    That’s old technology. Girls had them in Glasgow discos in the 80s . Whenever i got within 2 metres they seemed to move away 😜

  3. ROCK TREE BHOY on 2ND JUNE 2020 5:45 PM




    Might be better if they insisted everyone wore a face mask. That way any virus from coughs and sneezes would be contained at source.

  4. As far as Ajer goes, I don’t think he’s half as good as he and his agent think. Let’s be honest, he’s no Virgil or Franz!!!




  5. “the mob has transformed and humanised the world. It has established the value of human life, softened the horrors of war; compelled trial by jury, abolished the death penalty … All hail, then, to the mob, the incarnation of progress!”. – James Connolly #NoJusticeNoPeace

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PHILBHOY on 2ND JUNE 2020 7:05 PM












    Ya perra rascals….😁

  7. I am firmly in the Kris Ajer camp. One of my favourite Celtic players.


    I’d hate to see Kris go but no player is bigger than the Club.


    If he wants to go, good luck to him & I hope he brings in a pot of money.


    However my wish is very much in favour of him staying,




    I couldn’t agree more. Hope he stays but if he is determined to go, I hope we get good money. I think his best position is in the middle of the park, not central defence.

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    ajer’s problem for me is i dont know what position his attributes lend him to



    he has plenty of positive attributes but i wonder if they are thinly spread amongst a number of positions rather than having enough belonging to a single position



    but he may find that issue if he tries to find another club so he shouldnt be in a hurry to leave

  10. I would like to volunteer to take AJER to the airport should he wish to leave.




    He wouldnt make his flight. He would be trussed up in a shed somewhere in deepest darkest Govan to be released only after the transfer deadline.

  11. 10 weeks in lockdown and I have had only one haircut.


    Tomorrow I might cut the other one🤣


    Baldy man Celtic club. HH

  12. Kris Ajer


    To me he is very underrated he covers for his partners lack of pace at the centre of defence , he is very cool on the ball and a very good passer. I would be very disappointed if he was sold , I love the way he surges forward with the ball and he never shirks a tackle. Only downside for me is that for a man of his size he is not that good in the Air. Opinions differ over different players I really like Bolingoli with his pace and physical attributes the game at Ibrox showed that for me. Much better than Greg and Johnny in my opinion but he still has work to do. I am not a fan of Elyanoussi he disappears a lot for me I’d rather have Griff and Eddie playing together. We certainly need a reasonable solid centre back for cover maybe El Hamed with Frimpong at wing back , although I think he would make a better winger. . Looking forward to the day we are all back in Celtic Park roaring the Bhoys to 10. HH stay safe everyone.

  13. Today is now the start of my 77th Day of self isolation….ELEVEN feckin weeks….77 Days of NO Beer as I dont drink in the house.



    Im beginning to wonder if Wednesday 18th March 2020 is the last time I will enjoy a Beer in a Pub…maybe I have drunk my last ever Pint of Beer…how depressing !



    Last Friday/Saturday the BBC showed News items about the easing of Lock Down in England with some clips CLEARLY showing Folk enjoying Pints of Beer OUTSIDE in the sunshine.



    Has England already allowed Pubs with Beer Gardens to open since last week ?



    Because of my inability to exercise ( even going for very short walks ) cos of my poor health.I think my Legs are seizing up all together.


    I long for the day when Pubs in Glasgow ( maybe with Beer Gardens) are allowed to open…I will happily get Taxis to and from a Pub if needs be ?








  14. ADVICE ?



    Can anyone confirm that IF The SPFL get a deal with Sky to “Stream” games that are played behind closed doors…I take it those Celtic games would only be available thru Celtic TV….and if so…would those games be available on my Smart TV…or would I have to watch those games via my Computer ?





  15. My tuppence worth on Big Kris: It was the Fraudgers who saw a big 6’5” laddie and thought he’d make a great centre half. Don’t trust anything from that source now. We’ve wasted 3 years toying with that idea – and yet Kris has put in 100% effort and has had some outstanding games for us. But…. there is so much more to Kris’s game. In midfield he would be a sensation and the natural successor to Broonie if given the chance, development and financial security to be so. Sadly, I fear that opportunity has been missed. I would love the Big Ghuy to stay and see him play in his proper position.

  16. Hayes



    Personally, I would have kept him. From the 3 we have in the left back position he’s better defensively than Bolongoli and better offensively than Taylor. Boli has great pace and has shown that he can be a threat if he gets a clear run. However, I often thought that he made the game look much more complicated than it needed to be frequently as a consequence of poor decision making. Taylor is a tidy wee player who’s confident with the ball at his feet and is able to link up well with those in more attacking positions. The problem is he lacks any pace and doesn’t have a trick or the ability to create half a yard to get a cross in (Steve Guppy was fantastic at that!) and in the 3-5-2 which we introduced after Dubai he will continue to struggle. Ironically, that system may have suited Boli but for whatever reason he’s not been since since Santa last made an appearance! Of the 3 Hayes would be the only one with the combined attributes to score the winner at Ibrox.






    Thanks big fella and good luck.



    I remember his first game at Parkhead and watched him twice lunge, quite recklessly, into tackles, in front of the North Stand. It concerned me immediately. Stay on your feet big man! Celtic (fans) social media often relives his tackle on Miller at Ibrox where the orange faced one did two loops of Saturn and a somersault around Neptune! It was a great tackle, however, he’s a fraction away from us being reduced to ten men. Despite all of this, when fit, he put in some fine performances in a Celtic jersey. When fit!






    I thinks he’s a fantastic big player perfect for the modern game. I know at times he looks raw, his decision making and positional sense as a centre half still need to be improved but he’s still relatively young. He has fantastic pace, essential these days, and he’s good in the air. His reading of the game is improving which is why we often see him making tackles when covering for others. As a footballer for me his biggest attribute is that ability to carry the ball out of defence. Rodgers often spoke about how the modern game is about breaking through the lines of the opposition. His Celtic side predominantly did that by pass, pass and pass again, looking for a space to run into or a gap to pass the ball to a team mate. Big Kris is much more direct and with his combination of pace, strength and vision he’s a diamond to have these days! Couple that with his winning mentality, always questioning referees, always the first one there when a team mate has been pole axed. Future captain of Celtic for me.

  17. Rare opportunity here to mark a teacher’s essay!



    3/3 for Chris in his 7.59 assessment of the situation and personnel involved.



    With an extra mark for highlighting KA’s ‘unrepentant Viking bassa’ attitude in sticking up for team-mates (something we lack). Interesting the Mrs JG watching with a different perspective always highlights KA as the visible and audible leader on the park.



    We do him no favours playing him left centre half as a very right footed player.



    And his runs from deep are magnificent. Compare the terror we had when boyatta or efe tried similar!



    Take care HT



    HH JG

  18. H/T and Jamesgang,



    Let’s hope we can keep Ajer and play him in his best position, central midfield. I get excited every time he starts moving forward with the ball. Imo, he is wasted at Left CB.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Football starved fans across the country look set to be offered the chance to buy virtual season tickets – as the SPFL close in on a revolutionary new broadcast deal with satellite giants Sky.



    Record Sport understands crisis talks between the league’s chief executive Neil Doncaster and TV bosses have reached an advanced stage as they prepare to begin next season behind closed doors.



    We told how, as part of the discussions, Sky could be willing to write off a potential £5.5m claw back claim for the failure to complete the 2019/20 campaign – with Doncaster attempting to negotiate a greatly reduced penalty sum of £1.5m, with payments spread over the next five years.



    Now we can reveal the talks have also explored ways that Scotland’s cash strapped clubs might be able to create some sort of vital matchday revenue even although their turnstiles could remain locked for months.

  20. This is





    `Brown has been with the Parkhead side all the way through the glorious nine-in-a-row achievement and this season’s Premiership crown was his ELEVENTH successive honour during the historic sequence.



    It’s a feat which leaves him behind only McNeill, with 23 medals, and Bobby Lennox, who has two more, as he piles up the silverware.`



    So, how many medals has Broonie won in his time at Celtic?

  21. Big Jimmy


    My mate in the South Esst of England ( Eastbourne) was telling me last night that, at their Golf Club, they can buy a pint through a hatch and sit outside and drink it.


    That MIGHT suggest that something similar might not be too far down the road ( as Eastbourne certainly is !!) for us in Scotia.

  22. Add me to the Ajer Fan Club. He has many qualities and I would be trying very hard to keep him.


    I agree that he might not be as good as Julien in the air and tends to foul a bit much in dangerous areas but I feel he could become a tremendous player ( and leader).

  23. fourstonecoppi on

    So let me get his right, am i going to pay my £500 season ticket money to Celtic for virtual football and possibly through Celtic TV ???

  24. Help needed – got up this morning and the streets are wet, what’s that all about 🌧️

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HS- I would try and get Ajer on a longer contract, and give him occasional games in midfield to rest Broonie now and then, and he could be his successor there.

  26. We already need a new centre half to replace Jozo. Selling Ajer will mean 2 new CBs for the ten season.



    I’d be inclined to keep Ajer who has been a mainstay of our team for a couple of years now.



    McKenna could be a replacement for Jozo but certainly not Ajer.



    The thought of going into the new season weaker than last is unconscionable given the opportunity that presents itself, changed market or not.




    Pubs can still operate as an off licence. But the lockdown rules forbids entry and consumption on the premises, beer gardens included. Three of my local pubs do delivery and takeway services at weekends. I think the scenes on the news were from south coast seafronts where folk were enjoying their takeaways off the premises. But I suspect many were in the beer garden anyway.

  28. AN DUN on 3RD JUNE 2020 9:37 AM


    We already need a new centre half to replace Jozo. Selling Ajer will mean 2 new CBs for the ten season.



    I’d be inclined to keep Ajer who has been a mainstay of our team for a couple of years now.



    McKenna could be a replacement for Jozo but certainly not Ajer.



    The thought of going into the new season weaker than last is unconscionable given the opportunity that presents itself, changed market or not.






    It’s a little bit early to start talking about going into the next season weaker. It’s not clear when the season will start and the transfer window will actually open!



    We don’t even know what CL qualification will consist of.



    As things stand, nobody has made a bid for Ajer. I agree we should be looking at CB’s and RB’s just in case somebody arrives with Tierney money for Ajer. But McKenna doesn’t have it.

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