Ajer right to move on


I don’t know what Kristoffer Ajer is planning to do over the next two seasons, but when his then agent, Tore Pedersen, suggested the player would not sign a new contract with Celtic, a bridge was crossed.  Even players who are committed to leave usually observe rules of discretion.  Pedersen broke those rules, unnecessarily putting his client on the spot.

It was shoddy, Kriss was right to move on.

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  1. glendalystonsils on




    The club surely cannot expect supporters to pay normal season ticket prices for televised football.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A pal has a bar in the Merchant City,The Dam,started doing takeaway pints,done 600 in 3 days,looking to put more tables outside as well.

  3. fourstonecoppi on





    The club surely cannot expect supporters to pay normal season ticket prices for televised football.



    Thats what i’m thinking…sadly if they dont give a significant discount i may well give up my seat, a seat i’ve held for many a year. Its a price i can ill afford, especially when i can find it on tinternet somewhere. As far as Celtic tv goes its just a joke tbh.

  4. Big Jimmy,


    You will be able to watch Celtic TV on your smart TV if it has internet access. Just go to the Internet tab in the options screen ( dependent on model) and search for Celtic TV. It’s a bit of a pain in the rear using the remote control to do the typing, but worht the effort. Alternatively, plug your laptop into the TV using HDMI cable and use the TV as an additional monitor.



    Pubs opening ? I have it on good authority that at least one hotel in Aberdeen is converting their car park into a ‘beer garden’ area, and are working to a date – maybe optimisitc – of 18 June. City Council have already contacted licensed premises to ask about plans for opening outdoor areas.


    Whether it goes ahead in the timeframe mentioned is entirely dependent on what happens in the next couple of weeks. I think, personally, the week after is more realistic……..🍺

  5. HAMILTONTIM on 3RD JUNE 2020 7:59 AM


    Very good surmastion of all three players.


    Only thing I would add is on Ajer, I agree could be future Celtic Captain. He reminds of me sometimes of Roy Aitken going forward. Ajer has a lot more skill and knows when stop when he hits the bye line…and I am not criticising the bear who was a fantastic Celtic player and Captain.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. Everyone has their own circumstances, I’ll hopefully get offered a season ticket after being on the waiting list for a couple of years now. I’ll take up the offer if it comes my way.

  7. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    “Rangers ramp up transfer push as they join Arsenal and Juventus at 250-team signing summit”,




    Oh!… and Ross County



    Daily Record ©️

  8. on CHs



    Remember we still have Hendry on contract for 2 more years. Might actually turn out OK in our new style.



    Elhamed can play CH. Did OK on LHS at Ibrox later in the game . He would be in competition with Frimpong at RB in a back 4 but if we play 3 at the back he is in competion with the CHs. Frimpong and Forrest are then the options at wing back



    Tony Ralston is still on contract for 2 more years.



    I’m sure most of us expected Hendry and Ralston to move on but with the current stagnant market and their contracts, they may still get game time

  9. Neil Lennon was happy to let Hendry go to Australia and he’s barely made the bench



    Add a nasty ligament injury on top of that I doubt you will see much of Jack in the first team.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    So, Ajer, Julien and El Hamed in place for next year.



    Not a bad foundation at CB but possibly another decent player (their level or better) needs to be added?



    Frimpong and El Hamed at RB.



    Not bad on quality. Bit short on depth if El H covers CB too?



    Taylor and Boli at LB after Hayes departure.



    Again not bad – but would suggest we either stick with these two or bring in someone MUCH better (easier said than done).



    GK is a cinch.



    Southampton give FF a free with an F-off sack of cash, we give him a whopping signing on fee (offset by no transfer fee), a high basic and he is sorted.



    Bain is a good no.2 – give him games.



    Midfield sorted – Calum, Tom, Ryan, Scott, Olivier. Have a look at Euan.



    JF bit isolated on the wing. Frimpong can play further forward but needed often at RB.



    Shved needs to make impact or we sign someone at e.g. Paddy Roberts’ level.



    Strikers sorted. Leigh captains and runs that group (the responsibility will do him good),



    Odsonne is our star, Patryk and Bayo backup but need games.



    Top Priority : find a replacement for Edouard for season 21-22 (no projects).



    This management lark is easy but I have to go now – am being dragged back to the ward !



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  11. Hot Smoked @ 9:05 am



    “Brown has been with the Parkhead side all the way through the glorious nine-in-a-row achievement and this season’s Premiership crown was his ELEVENTH successive honour during the historic sequence.


    It’s a feat which leaves him behind only McNeill, with 23 medals, and Bobby Lennox, who has two more, as he piles up the silverware.`



    So, how many medals has Broonie won in his time at Celtic?”





    The article tells you, in the first paragraph, that Scott has won 21 medals with Celtic . He actulally has 22 medals overall as he won a LC with Hibs.



    Billy’s 23 medals include the Big one as does Bobby’s 25 medals.



    I think Bobby and Billy might claim a few more from their Glasgow Cup haul (a big competition in its day which Broony never got to contest), a few International Home Championship Medals and, in Billy’s case, a few managerial medals too.

  12. Let’s hope the club will be upgrading the Celtic tv servers.



    This seems a pragmatic move and one which could allow us to minimise the financial risks of covid 19.

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