Ajer will continue to develop for years


Delighted Kris Ajer has been secured on a new 4-year contract.  The player is fast, good on the deck, and at an enormous 6’ 5”, is amply tooled in the air.  At 20 years and one month old, developmentally, he is years ‘ahead of the curve’ to borrow a phrase I enjoy.

It is fundamental to the way we play football to have central defenders who can control the ball, pass, and carry it into space.  These attributes are even more important that what we regard as traditional central defensive duties.

He will continue to improve for years and has found the perfect environment to develop in.

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  1. Good news that Kriss Ajer has followed Scott Bain and signed up for 10 in a row, hopefully we can announce an extension to Tom Rogic’s contract and Odsonne Edouard signing permanent deal this week ahead of Cup Final.



    Obviously if all of the above happens it’ll still pale into insignificance with Scott Arfield starting off the Stevie G revolution (copyright Jim White this morning) at Poundland!!!

  2. Actually he’s not that fast and would benefit from a pacy central defender alongside him.

  3. Kris Ajer: Well done Celtic . What potential this boy has.



    Actions speaking louder than words.




  4. Brilliant news about Kris. I agree about his potential and future development.



    Btw Paul67 – it was great to meet up yesterday outside CP. Nice touch putting in a shift selling the charity badges. I wore mine with pride.



    Back to work.




  5. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    The Centenary side will always be my favourite Celtic team.







  6. Big Kris is a very good signing, imo.


    Long week in anticipation of the double treble final.


    No doubt the chip wrappers will be full of sevco nonsense.







  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “These attributes are even more important that what we regard as traditional central defensive duties.”




    Not sure I would agree with that, Paul!


    Anyway, great news. Top player in the making.


    Now onto Tom and Stu…..

  8. Good afternoon good ghuys


    Just catching up at lunch break


    Great news re Kris Ajer.


    Lenny don’t hold back my Bhoy.



    Jobbo thanks for the kick off time of cup final and the countdown on previous thread :)






    D :)

  9. Hrvatski Jim on

    Good news about Kris. He could be Ronny’s legacy like Lubo was Dr Jo’s.





    30 years ago today Frank McAvennie scored two important goals but not as important as the ones he scored when St Augustine’s Primary won the Baillie Riley Cup in 1971. Just so that you understand the true context.

  10. Armstrong was turbocharged when he came on yesterday. Sign him up. And unleash him in the final.



    Though Rogic is my personal no. 1 priority for getting his autograph on the contract documents.

  11. Nice to see Ajer sign infer four years.


    He has some terrific attributes and hopefully Celtic’s coaches will work on some of his weaknesses to make him the great player he truly could be.


    Ballwatching is one of his flaws but it seems to be a general problem with our centre backs.


    Would still like us to sign an experienced leader at the back as we truly need a conductor for such a young defense.

  12. Very good news, hopefully the necessery training and game time afforded to him will help continue his development apace.



    As others said rogic and Eduard on long term contracts would be nice.



    Hopefully we will had good summer ahead with quality over quantity taking effect,



    please, please, please sign a quality, rightback, centreback and attacking mid, while cutting the squad down to make room by 10 to make room for a another few additions in january







  13. The defence, whilst not great has been acceptable this season. We have pretty much conceded the same number of goals as last season in what has been a tougher division this time around. Kris has been integral to that and has cemented his place in the first 11 so it is clearly good business. Obviously he still has a way to go in terms of learning the game and decision making but that should come with age and experience. He goes to ground too easily and i would like to see him threaten more in the opposition box with his height, albeit the deliveries this season have been woeful. Ideally he will have a solid, experienced pro in beside him in time for the qualifiers.

  14. Kris Ajer is a fantastic prospect. He is faster than he appears and has a great football brain which gives him an extra yard or 2 on the park.



    He does tend to ballwatch and also goes to ground to often. We need to remove thes flaws and then he would, IMHO, be better than VVD.




  15. fieldofdrams on

    Supersutton at 12.54 is right! Armstrong gave us another dimension in midfield. Please, Celtic, get him signed up.

  16. 6ft 5in really!


    Stood next to him after the game yesterday, nothing to him. Many a striker must think they could give him a hard game on a tight pitch on a cold, wet and windy Tuesday night.


    Lucky he’s not up against a Sutton or Hartson.

  17. fieldofdrams on

    One of the highlights yesterday for me was the Aberdeen fans singing We Hate Rangers More Than You, and getting a round of applause from the Celtic support.



    By the way why is the wireless access in the stadium so pash? Is it so some bad boys can’t broadcast the game live?

  18. Fieldofdrams



    Maybe,rather than applaud, a Hoopy chorus of “They’re No Rangers Anymore” would have been a more apt, not to mention educative, response.

  19. Glasstwothirdsfull



    Me neither. Pep found out last season that having a ‘keeper who was good with the ball at his feet, did not compensate for him being unable to actually save anything.



    Now he’s got one who’s a ‘keeper first, with the bonus of being an excellent distributor of the ball.



    League table will show the difference he’s made.

  20. If we had someone who could hit a decent corner Ajer would score at least half a dozen goals a season. He towers above most when in the opposition penalty box.


    Hopefully when Brendan sets his pre season targets more goals from set pieces is amongst them. More goals in general would be good.

  21. GARY67


    Our lofting of free kicks and corners does my nut in.


    Hit the ball with pace and make it harder for opponents.


    Do our coaches ever work on dead ball situations?

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Hello Champions.


    Jeez I’m thirsty, strange ‘cos I drank plenty yesterday ?


    So now everybody’s attention can turn to the quest for Scottish Football’s first ever Hextuple.


    There has been a fair level of comment/criticism about our form, and also about some selection/tactical choices, this season. At first glance, some of it perhaps justified.



    Howevaaaah (Copyright Petec) I think that where we have improved this year is in the development of our mentality and resolve. I think nine of the starting eleven yesterday were part of Ronny’s team. During Ronny’s time these players struggled to win the big games. That Achilles Heel, never more evident than in the Semi-Final against Sevco, would ultimately cost Ronny his job. The same players, with a few additions, have spilled a few points, lost a few games (3 is it?) this season, and there have been too many draws for most people’s liking.


    Domestically we have won every single meaningful game this season. When we had to win, we did, and in some style. Ten men at Ibrox, Aberdeen at the pen, five going on fifteen against Sevco in the Cup. The mentality of the team is now excellent imo, and we now know when we need to get the job done. Last season was a freak, you just can’t win every game, especially as we play so many competitive fixtures in a season. There are always key games, that can gain or lose momentum. The trick is to recognise those games, and win them when they come along. We now have the mentality to do that, and I have every confidence that the team and coaches will prove my point for me on Saturday.





  23. Paul67 et al



    Will be interesting to see if Dydryck is listed in Belgium’s provisional list of 35 players today, and even more so in the final 23 player list Wednesday. Looks like Jozo will go, so we need to add one, preferably experienced, centre back to Kris, Jack and Dedryck. Assuming of course, despite the hoopla on here when he signed, that Martin Comppner is not that man.

  24. South Of Tunis on

    Sampdoria 0 — Napoli 2 –



    Game briefly suspended to allow a section of the home support to be advised -chant that again and the game will be terminated –





    Expressing the aspiration that people die of cholera and a city is destroyed by a volcanic eruption is not allowed

  25. HUNDERBIRDS ARE GONE on 14TH MAY 2018 1:43 PM



    How very dare you come out and talk sense!



    We are pish, Brendan’s a dud, the team is full of wasters, wee Jaimsie husnae just had his best season in Celtic jersey, calMac hisnae improved at all, Moussa should be sold and Sinclair is an imposter!



    Get on script FFS!








  26. I think that as we saw last season that Armstrong wants to leave and we should sell him rather than allowing his contract to run down.


    I fear Rogic and Dembele will also be leaving. I think all in all, we will need to bring 6-8 new players in and we have a major rebuilding job.



    Roberts and Musonda loans are over. Scott Allen and Ciftci contracts are up



    Compper, Miller, De Vries, Benyu, Sviachenko, Hayes Kouassi should all be out before Simunovic and Boyata are allowed to leave.



    If matters don’t go the right way the 16 players above could leave. We have got Bain, Christie and Morgan in and only Mikey Johnson to step up from Development squad.