Ajer will continue to develop for years


Delighted Kris Ajer has been secured on a new 4-year contract.  The player is fast, good on the deck, and at an enormous 6’ 5”, is amply tooled in the air.  At 20 years and one month old, developmentally, he is years ‘ahead of the curve’ to borrow a phrase I enjoy.

It is fundamental to the way we play football to have central defenders who can control the ball, pass, and carry it into space.  These attributes are even more important that what we regard as traditional central defensive duties.

He will continue to improve for years and has found the perfect environment to develop in.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on

    Delighted that we have signed Bain and Ajer on long term deals. Hope Armstrong and Rogic sign similar deals. Both would be great but prefer Stuart to Tom, if only one commits. Thought SA was our motm yesterday in the short time he was on.




    Surprised this hasn’t been commented on,but heyho…




    JOHN51 on 14TH MAY 2018 4:14 PM






    Great post.



    Shinnie’s studs up assault of Scott Brown with the ball long gone should have been an obvious red.



    Madden refused to see 2 equally egregious assaults by Naismith.



    Scott’s heroics in standing up to these assaults is commendable but somehow, as you say, many in the the media & many other club’s fans cheer when he is taken out & jeer when he comes out smiling at the other end.



    Scott doesn’t whine or demand that his opponents are sent off.



    He doesn’t simulate to get opponents sent off.



    He doesn’t get provoked and belt his assailants.



    He doesn’t stop trying to play his game.



    He doesn’t hide in any game regardless of how it’s going.



    Referees not doing their job, referee supervisors not doing their jobs, SFA failing to give required oversight.



    SPFL importing lower league players from England who love to put it about. They come up to Scotland becuase they can get away with so much more in our correctly described cloggers league.



    (When it isn’t called the mickey mouse league)



    Pitches are either Tynecastle meadow type, Aberdeen mud piles or Killie/Hamilton astro-legburners/jointkillers.



    Referees are inconsistent but all will allow much of what is illegal in the rest of Planet Football.



    No accountability from governing body.







    IMO,that’s POST OF THE DAY.







  3. BSR



    What do you do..



    When your franchise signing is unknown – even to your own fans.


    When your franchise signing hasn’t played for 3 months for club you’re signing him from.


    When fans of his ex club shrug when you he leaves them.


    When your franchise signing wasn’t offered a new contract by his previous club.


    When your franchise signing stays on message with Level5 quotes like “no brainer”.



    Hold a press conference to present him to the breathless media.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    THE EXILED TIM on 14TH MAY 2018 5:09 PM



    Yup. We need a Ki to unlock some of these defences.




    I’ll get my coat.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GARY67 on 14TH MAY 2018 3:09 PM


    !!Bada Bing!! on 14th May 2018 2:33 pm




    If BR wants to sign McGinn then I’m sure Allan will be part of the deal. Hibs don’t need Ciftci, Kamberi likely to stay on loan for another season and they’re trying to get Maclaren for another season as well.



    EK Thistle can have Ciftci, as bad a player as i have seen in the Hoops, and i have seen a few mate.HH

  6. 10 years ago today…



    Manchester bore the full brunt of Scotland’s Shame.



    Bu twhat a greta night.



    200 quid on Zenit -1 at 10/1 witha local Hun-facing bookie, summer hols paid for.


    Gleeful baiting of despairing Huns after the game as a troop of them walked past the pub door we were standing in; one of them wanting to kill me, so angry he was actually greeting his eyes out, but being held back by a Hun I knew from the Sunday League, dragged away, us mocking him mercilessly, believing his big red-faced heid might explode at one point as he clawed the pavement to get at us. Tears soon in my eyes too from laughing so hard at him.



    How we escaped a lynching that night is quite difficult to believe; makes me sweat sometimes :))


    Happy days.



    Never thought I’d say it, but thanks Dick Advocat :))

  7. That awkward moment when the Shortbread special is with a Burnley Evening Post ( no laughing at the back ) and what the free transfer will bring to the Scottish game.



    £4MForLightbulbs CSC

  8. Gutenberg,



    Saw your post from last night. Unfortunately, I have plans tomorrow evening, but if you’re back in Aberdeen again, let me know. Would be great to catch up and chat.







    I’m in Bridge of Don. Furryboots are you ? Can definitely meet up sometime.




    We’re going to be at the ‘one night in lisbon” dinner on 25th. If either of you are going, let me know and we can meet at the bar ?




    16 ROADS – PROTECT THE 8TH. on 14TH MAY 2018 12:40 PM



    The Centenary side will always be my favourite Celtic team.












    Emdy brave enough to disagree with this,bar having seen The Lions?






    Brave Sir Robin here. Some of my favourite players, one of my favourite seasons, but within a matter of months that side had shipped 9 goals in 2 games at Ibrox, which I had the displeasure to witness, and ended up 3rd in the league in that season.



    I know they defended the Cup, stopping a Rangers treble, but it was a pretty poor defence of that hard-won title. Maybe the effort of winning it against the new money attracting England internationals at Ibrox proved too much, but those Ibrox hammerings were hard to forget.



    So, it’s MO’N’s cheat-defying, miracle-working (as Glibby confirmed last week, this truth being the exception to the rule) treble-winners for me,with Henrik, Sutton, Hartson, Lubo, Lenny, Petrov, Lambert etc who followed up their first season successes over the years, up against the team who shouldn’t even have had a licence to play.




  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    Remember watching the Zenit vHuns game in BJ’s pub Anniesland. Upstairs was the huns, support, downstairs the Celtic and Jags fans from our area. At the final whistle I went outside for a smoke. All the angry huns came storming down the stairs and proceeded to kick the parked cars at Anniesland Cross. One took a swing at me and missed, my mate who is a bit of a martial arts expert destroyed the clown in 2 seconds flat. This caused the hun mob to further attack inanimate objects like parked cars and shop windows. How we laughed at the cowardly morons. Scum forever.

  11. Today see’s a welcome return of reliable journalist quotes as the first signing is made for Stevie G’s Galacticos.


    Always wondered if you auditioned for a job in the ever amusing mssm what criteria is given if your employed?


    A thick hun like DJ could skoosh the interview and be given their highest acclaim as a reliable journalist.


    It’s a title worn as a badge of honour by most of the mssm.


    Any cynicism of hun bullshit will see you return to unemployment or a rapid recovery as an Uncle Tom.


    Turd polishing is a prerequisite .

  12. mike in toronto on

    For this weekend’s CL final, Kiev’s stadium has a capacity of around 63,000…..



    about 33, 000 tickets have been split between Real and Liverpool.. with another 7,000 tickets for other fans worldwide …



    which means that 23,000 (more than 1/3 of the tickets) are reserved for sponsors, officials, etc….



    Football used to be called ‘ the World’s game’ … now, ‘the Multi-National Corporations’ Game’ may be more accurate…

  13. Then there is the 1997/98 team and stopping the Ten.



    Not the greatest ever team, but a great feat of achievement in our history.






    Too many to pick a favourite for me, easier picking a favourite child to be honest.

  14. Sorry, last was ofr BeatBhoy, BMCUWP’s and 16 Roads, and anyone else who wants to join in.

  15. Hi Bhoys



    Re rat face logan this is part of his tweet



    “Enjoy the summer people because I certainly will… no better feeling than pumping Celtic but fair play there champions.”



    This sums the wee thick numpty up “there champions”.



    Should that not be “they’re champions”. (again)



    As my wee mum would have said “You canny put brains in potted heid”.



    On the tackle fae shinnie sure it should have been red and I really only care what happens to Celtic players but I’ve watched a few games with other scottish teams this week and the tackling is beyond a joke. Livingston showed how to kick your way to a play off and Scott Allan’s tackle was another shocker worthy of a red. It’s the refs who are just incapable of doing their job properly. Only in Scotland are tackles like these either ignored or treated as only a bookable offence. Someone has to sit the referees down and show them how to punish wreckless and dangerous challenges. They also have to be told that pulling another players shirt is an automatic yellow they don’t all seem to know this. While we play football in this country with different refereeing to every other country we will never progress as a footballing nation. Having said all that. 7 IN A ROW ,when will it ever end if they are not allowed kick us up and down the park.




  16. I am the only one who fears for Scott Brown – that assault yesterday was an attempt to put him out of the Cup Final – and it came VERY CLOSE! Action is needed now – either by the Club or by the support.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 14TH MAY 2018 6:15 PM


    Tuchel named as new PSG coach … like him, but a bit of surprise…



    Aye, Stevie G was lined up but did a u-turn when he heard ra Gerrrrz were in for him.



    Level5 CSC

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    bournesouprecipe on 14th May 2018 5:44 pm




    That awkward moment when the Shortbread special is with a Burnley Evening Post ( no laughing at the back ) and what the free transfer will bring to the Scottish game




    Their last signing from Burnley didn’t go too well. And he was a first team player…..

  19. Can’t see some of what Logan did but it looks like he was holding up fiingers to show 1-0 score to all the Celtic fans.



    Lustig’s attempts to point out where Aberdeen fans were located led to violent reaction.






    Sorry if already posted.

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    What are your thoughts on the Canadian Galactico signing for the Ibrox tribute act?


    Should we be worried? Hahahaha

  21. Another so called Celtic Supporter, Scott Airfield,what is it with these guys, signing for Sevco,for a club that’s supposed to be skint,can still pay good wages,?

  22. Delaneys Dunky on




    I was unimpressed by Dedryck and Griff throwing the ball at Logan. Was hoping they threw their fists at the wee fuds face.


    Scummy wee creature is Logan.

  23. Things of note from this season:



    # -We seemed pretty poor at set-pieces.



    # – We seemed pretty amateurish as we dither taking throw-in;s watch the top boys – Barca in particular – fast as they can the balls back in play at their feet, opposition scrambling for position.


    A simple shy can be utilised as a big advantage – to shake up the opposition mentally and physically – if your schooled enough to know the drill. In Scotland, traditionally, ball going out for a shy is used as a little breather; teams often relax; concentration slips.



    # – Players we took as a given failed to perform at all; Sincy, PR7 (injury a contributing factor).



    # – Unexpected players stepped up to the plate (baseball term, used in proper context here, and not the Derek Johnstone/Alan Partridge ‘Big Plate’ guzzling euphamism as interpreted by half the SMSM) – Callum McGregor; take a bow, kid. Ajer broke through, Forrest was consistently effective.



    # – Exciting new talent – the French duo of Ntcham and Edouard showed class a few levels above the SPL. Demble fully recovered from injury and gradually revving up to full effectiveness is a beast of a thoroughbred to watch.



    # – Magnificent strength to carry the side and drive that winner’s mentality through the squad – Captain Broon.



    Broon – thanks to sinister, soft-spoken-wearing-glasses-so-I-look-smarter-than-the-slow-witted-thicko-I-am, Budge-bondage-fetishist Levein, our captain has had open-season declared on him by the barnstorming ‘professionals’ in the SPL. To wit, every slow-reader mutant with an anti-Celtic grudge thinks they get a free studding of the skipper.



    In the dark-underbelly traditions of the Scottish game a Celtic player tougher and more accomplished than the rest can be construed as ‘bringing it upon himself’. Broon will be lucky to play half our games next season if the hits on him continue like this season’s Cosa Nostra messaging service.



    There is a solution – give him a minder; we’ve employed the tactic very successfully twice this season – Kouassi in besdie Broon and Ntcham; beat Zenit at CP and slapped Hearts all over the place soon after


    just as questions were being asked of us. That rio in the middle controls the game for us and allows Ntcham to employ his guile higher up the park.



    Why Brendan has not employed it again – despite me constantly calling for the terrorizing trinity on here! – I’m not sure – is there a problem with Kouassi? We will see, but going forward, it would extend Broon’s career and effectiveness; Kouassi looks a mean cohort to have on his wing, not afraid to savage a few reprobates.



    # – Anyway, the manager – roasted for the PSG humpings; but stoical in his ethos of attempting open, attacking football whatever the occassion or level of opposition. Naive? Stubborn? Insanity?



    Whatever your opinion, we’ve seen enough to know he will go with it again this coming CL campaign. IMO, as long as it gets us over the qualifying line and into the group stages he’s entitled to a free go. I doubt he’s daft enough to contuinually hang himself on the most public of platforms so caution will naturally evolve in our performances; it’s been a hard, hard lesson for our squad over the last two seasons – faces mashed right into the coalface, and I guess there’s a school of thought that it’s the best – and quickest – way to learn to play at the very top.



    Just get us in there again, Bhoys – qualification’s a major win anyway.



    If we can rewrite the history books this weekend with the Double Rebel Treble, wouldn’t it be something going for a TRIPLE Rebel Treble and 8IAR.



    # – Green Brigade – Young team delivering the atmosphere and the marvellous displays on a consistently scintillating basis.


    And didn’t they behave well? Hardly a corporate murmur or bleating Hun outrage. You feeling alright, lhads? ;))



    # – For someone of my generation, feeding off the scraps of the 80s and 90s as we grew up through the Jungle years, these are truly the times of Celtic dreams come true.



    Magic Days. May they never end.

  24. Bateen Bhoy


    No worries mate. I’m going on the 25th so hopefully we’ll meet up then.

  25. Paul67







    Good news Ronny Deila knew how to pick a prospective Celtic centre back.





    What a pair of Norwegian diddies that turned out to be.






    BSR :)



    Was hoping for a pic of the Norwegian diddies………….

  26. Jimmynotpaul on

    JIMTHETIM53 on 14TH MAY 2018 7:18 PM


    What did the offensive banner say that Hibs fans displayed?



    Hun Scum.

  27. OLDBHOY on 14TH MAY 2018 7:00 PM


    Another so called Celtic Supporter, Scott Airfield,what is it with these guys, signing for Sevco,for a club that’s supposed to be skint,can still pay good wages,?





    Scott has landed apparently.



  28. 50 shades of green on

    Sky reporting that a banner in the Hibs section at the weekend has upset the delicate little souls in the away section, and an inquiry of some sorts is being called for.



    What was on the banner anyone???? and can I get a double XL t-shirt with it.????



    And before anyone jumps in,,,, Yes they mentioned the sectarianism pouring out they same wee delicate souls, and no mention of it being a tiny minority either…







    O aye and no smarty pants comments please saying I should be getting a Treble X t-shirt ?