Ajer will continue to develop for years


Delighted Kris Ajer has been secured on a new 4-year contract.  The player is fast, good on the deck, and at an enormous 6’ 5”, is amply tooled in the air.  At 20 years and one month old, developmentally, he is years ‘ahead of the curve’ to borrow a phrase I enjoy.

It is fundamental to the way we play football to have central defenders who can control the ball, pass, and carry it into space.  These attributes are even more important that what we regard as traditional central defensive duties.

He will continue to improve for years and has found the perfect environment to develop in.

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  1. BMCUW,


    dont think there is any coincidence in the timing


    of the opening of the US Embassy,and who does Trump send,


    dumb amd dumber





    The P is as important as the other five letters. I’ve mentioned on here before why I chose the moniker. Maybe not for a while,so…



    It’s from a line in Bobby’s biography by David Potter. An outstanding piece of work,lovingly crafted.



    Different Class.



    It describes when he met his wife,Kathleen. It struck a chord with me then,it still does.




    It was however Sean Fallon who did the persuading and the hiring. Sean was a charming Irishman who allayed any fears that the boy’s parents might have had, guaranteed that he would be looked after and allowed his own deep love for the club to become infectious. Sean had played well for the club in the 1950’s as a full back (and occasionally centre forward), and immediately on finishing his playing career, began to work for the club as part of the scouting, training and managerial set up.



    It was also in 1960 that Bobby’s social life began to develop. He met and began to go out with a girl called Kathleen Barrie. She was pretty, charming and very soon a romance would develop and blossom. There was a religious difference – something that might have made been important in some West of Scotland households in the early 1960’s, but it said a great deal for both of them (and their families) that it was not allowed to stand in their way. There was to be no “Romeo and Juliet” or “West Side Story” theme to this romance! Indeed, Rutherglen being such a small place, it transpired that their parents knew each other!



    Sadly, in Glasgow at this time, there could still be quite a problem with religious bigotry (on both sides, it must be said) and quite a few young people found it to be an insuperable obstacle to incipient love affairs. Stories abound of young Catholic boys and girls who would actually give false names to prospective suitors lest they were immediately deterred by the thought of someone with an Irish name!



    Yet the circumstances of them meeting each other were somewhat unusual and contain a humorous comment on the sectarian nature of Glasgow in 1960. Kathleen had been invited to a party on 7th August 1960. Bobby wasn’t, but he crashed in anyway demanding the return of some of his Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley records that he had loaned. Presumably, this matter was amicably resolved, but Kathleen noticed this boy (apparently he had been playing in one of the Celtic trials that day) – dark haired, handsome, athletic looking and wearing a brown suit and brown winklepickers.



    The term “winklepickers” might need some explanation. It refers to shoes worn by young men at the time – uncomfortable but stylish and called “winklepickers” because of their very sharp toe. Kathleen immediately noticed them and correctly deduced that he was a Roman Catholic. She noticed that the toes were curled up – a consequence of the amount of genuflection that is necessary in the Roman Catholic faith! Glasgow is notorious for ways in which one’s religion is spotted. Your name and school are the obvious ones, more subtle and sinister methods involve funny hand shakes, nods, winks and (apparently) the rolling up of a trouser leg. All that the bright Kathleen needed to see was Bobby’s shoes!

  3. BMCUW,


    cracking story as to how you picked your blog name,


    wish i had shown more imagination ;-))





    it just struck a chord,mate. Still makes me smile.

  5. FAIRHILL BHOY on 14TH MAY 2018 9:26 PM



    Glad you had a good night! Good grub, good wine, good company. What’s not to like?





  6. Bobbio



    Class yarn from a class storyteller.






    Love n prayers brother.



    Good night Timdom.



    HH jamesgang

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    The jungle used to chant Di’s a cow when the match got boring. Kevjungle could be a prophet like my jungle in the 80s/90s Tims were.



  8. Delaneys,


    aye Kevj of the 9000 empty seats,


    canny see him being a prophet when he canny


    see what is straight in front of him

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    There were 90 empty seats in Paradise on Sunday if you at a guess. No seen it that busy since we pumped der hun 5 none. Kev is a Tim. Hate when Tims don’t get on wi Tims.


    Peace and Love


    Pogues CSC

  10. JOHN51 on 14TH MAY 2018 4:14 PM



    Thanks for you’re well thought out response. It was snooze o’clock here in oz zzzz.



    Our game has lots of issues for sure , many of which you mentioned.


    I’ve been watching football since the 80’s and don’t remember ever seeing a concerted campaign to injure a player from numerous different perpetrators , at anytime, anywhere in football. It’s really sinister.


    I don’t know if it’s been raised on ssb or similar equivalents but the general acceptance of it in the commentary teams is frustrating to say the least.


    I may have missed something similar,somewhere. As far as I’m aware this is unprecedented. There’s a calculating nature to it that is particularly nasty imo.


    Broony’s teammates owe him some ‘ hauners ‘ in these circumstances. Widely acknowledged as a great leader/captain, let’s get behind him as he’s getting it from all angles on the park. His attitude and reaction to these assaults and provocations is a credit to his improved professionalism and focus, amazing that he hasn’t ‘ lost it’ .


    He will go down as one of our best ever captains imo and if the trend is allowed to continue I fear his reign is in danger of being cut short due to these thugs.



    It’s incumbent on our club and his teammates to be proactive about this . I get the feeling instead they’re hoping these attacks just stop or go away. If the witch hunt against our captain continues it won’t stop till someone injures him.


    That would be a complete travesty if allowed to happen.




  11. I always thought that Winklepickers was one word. So no need for P at the end.



    I don’t like using all the Initials no matter how well intentioned. I love Bobby. Bobby is both. Respect to the moniker and personal.



    I know your real name, but that is for use in real life. Including on line when your not well.




  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    With Mr. Markel dirtying his bib, does that mean that neither of the couple’s fathers will be at the do?


    Another royal break with tradition. What next?

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    I love your posts. I guess you are my kind of Tim friend.


    Hope to meet you soon. If I haven’t already?



  14. GORDYBHOY64 on 14TH MAY 2018 11:07 PM





    dont think there is any coincidence in the timing



    of the opening of the US Embassy,and who does Trump send,



    dumb amd dumber





    I vanka know who you’re referring to ;)))




  15. The beacon of impartiality on everything that is Fox news…



    Well, the Palestinians were warned they could get hurt if they approached the fence, and they did, and Israeli snipers have apparently killed a number of Palestinians. We do know right now at least 26 are dead and 700 are injured. They are squarely against the fact that just about 30 minutes from right now the United States of America is going to move our embassy officially from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It has been in Tel Aviv for decades.



    Unbelievable even by their shockingly low standards.



    Off to work.








    Mail you in a mo,mate. Comment not really for on here.



    Surprised this hasn’t been commented on,but heyho…






    JOHN51 on 14TH MAY 2018 4:14 PM








    Great post.




    Shinnie’s studs up assault of Scott Brown with the ball long gone should have been an obvious red.




    Madden refused to see 2 equally egregious assaults by Naismith.




    Scott’s heroics in standing up to these assaults is commendable but somehow, as you say, many in the the media & many other club’s fans cheer when he is taken out & jeer when he comes out smiling at the other end.




    Scott doesn’t whine or demand that his opponents are sent off.




    He doesn’t simulate to get opponents sent off.




    He doesn’t get provoked and belt his assailants.




    He doesn’t stop trying to play his game.




    He doesn’t hide in any game regardless of how it’s going.




    Referees not doing their job, referee supervisors not doing their jobs, SFA failing to give required oversight.




    SPFL importing lower league players from England who love to put it about. They come up to Scotland becuase they can get away with so much more in our correctly described cloggers league.




    (When it isn’t called the mickey mouse league)




    Pitches are either Tynecastle meadow type, Aberdeen mud piles or Killie/Hamilton astro-legburners/jointkillers.




    Referees are inconsistent but all will allow much of what is illegal in the rest of Planet Football.




    No accountability from governing body.










    IMO,that’s POST OF THE DAY.













    Was this directed at me by any chance?




  18. IMO,that’s POST OF THE DAY.
















    Just to clarify, this is the part I’m referring to.




  19. Matt Stewart on

    Just home after our seven in a row party. Bit tired. Good night.



    Hail hail



    Knackered Matt

  20. Neustadt-Braw on

    is it our job?



    55 dead as I type…


    is it our job…


    may their brothers ,sisters,nephews and nieces,godfathers and godmothers…may everyone who held them close…


    just fecking sad



    and erdogan comes …state visit



    never in a free Scotland



    smiley I trust in smiles thing








    No,mate. Not at you in particular. Surprised why you would think so.



    I was congratulating JOHN51 on his post,wondering why it hadn’t been commented on,and asking what should be done about the issues he raised. All of which are still valid,none of which have been addressed.

  22. Neustadt-Braw on

    guten abend M….hope your Mac does you good things …



    gute besserung von Hessen…



    smiley Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms.thing




  23. Neustadt-Braw on




    I never meant any personal insult to your friend …





  24. BMCW


    No worries.The way it was worded made me unsure. I should have given you the benefit of any doubt.




  25. Delaneys Dunky



    I learned a long time ago to try my very best to restrict my posts to Celtic, football & other minor Scottish clubs.


    Especially those fledgling clubs that still struggle for financial stability.











    Thanks, but I took the cue from you then just tried to take the ball up the field a wee bit more.



    It’s often the way of it on here on good days.






    Appreciate the comment & really glad to see that your’re getting back to fully match fit.






    When you were poorly I posted choon dedicated to you..



    So in case you missed it & because I think it’s awesome…



    Her’s that wee boy from Saltcoats again







  26. Running the risk of being a bit repetitive here, dog with a bone, broken record etc , insert as appropriate :))



    Good to see Mark Wilson shine a light on the assaults on Broony and simultaneously prove he reads Cqn ;)))



    Mark Wilson believes that because opposition players can’t get close to Celtic captain Scott Brown on the park they have resorted to more crude methods in order to halt his progress.



    Aberdeen’s Graeme Shinnie is the latest player to have earmarked Brown out for a late tackle, with the Pittodrie midfielder admitting some culpability after Sunday’s game at Celtic Park when he said a post-match television interview: “what comes around, goes around.”



    It irked Wilson, who feared that Brown could have missed the Scottish Cup final this weekend given the pernicious nature of the challenge – the latest in a series of them on the Celtic midfielder.




    “I thought the tackle on him on Sunday was a shocker,” said Wilson. “One or two of those challenges and I’d have thought it was a coincidence but they are now tallying up and you see how bad they are.



    “The one at Celtic Park from Andrew Davies was an absolute shocker, Naismith the other week was an absolute shocker and Cosgrove at Aberdeen was a shocker.



    “And Graeme Shinnie’s here was a bad one. I think Broony has had problems with his ankles. People say it was a nothing game for Celtic but that could have put him out of the cup final.



    “I don’t know if it’s people just want to try to get near him because he’s been on such a high level, no midfielder has really touched him this season. The young boy at Hearts, Harry Cochrane, had a good game against him at Tynecastle but apart from that no-one has really touched him.



    “I don’t know if it’s just frustration in other players thinking if I can’t get near him in a football sense I’m going to try to leave something a mark on him.



    “But I thought the one on Sunday was a bit naughty, going into the last ten minutes of the game but Scott takes it well.”



    Full article here…