Ajer’s German suitors


Not remotely surprised by reports from Germany that Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig are interested in Kristoffer Ajer.  Kris was our standout player last season and comparable to Virgil van Dijk, when he was a 23-year-old at Celtic.

The money Leverkusen paid for Jeremie Frimpong was incredible for a player I wanted to replace this year; Kris is worth far more.  Leipzig, however, are the more interesting club.  They have one of the best scouting systems in Europe, if they are interested in Ajer it is an endorsement others will follow.

Note, it is not even a possibility he will stay at Celtic.

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  1. Ajer is a want away who never let his performance level tail off. I hope we get a bid auction going and we ger a decent fee with add ons. We need the money

  2. quadrophenian on

    Great player-in-the-making.


    Probably less about wanting to be away from us PER SE. More about his personal development.


    Kris is realising that to fulfil his full potential, he has to play in better surrounds than the wee Scotch goldfish bowl. Probably has no faith we are on the verge of any serious European success.


    If we get less than 15mill we will look like dils when he goes for serious dosh in his next move.


    Will this be Dom’s first negotiated sale, or is Pete’s hand still on the tiller ?


    HH Kris – thanks for the best years of your developing youth.


    Still say Ange might get Trent Sainsbury for the backline.

  3. Who was it you wanted Frimpong replaced by Paul? Who replaces Kris? Under BR at least Eddie was in place when Moussa left. These days we are like that old Genesis album “Selling Celtic by the Pound”


    Any news on Ang’s backroom boys? Will he get to pick them or will it be more nepotism a la Gavin Strachan.

  4. Ajer was training to be a doctor, wonder if he has finished his studies? Anyway as he is not staying so get the most money we can and a healthy sell on percentage in the deal.

  5. “Corkcelt ! 2:38pm



    I wouldn’t classify myself as a good Poster. ”



    In which case, your `good poster` barometer is faulty.



    IMO, your posts have always been polite, valid , interesting and pertinent. That`s good enough for me.

  6. Let me add that , on a personal level, the `politeness` criteria is not important. ernie`s best friends wouldn`t call his posts `polite` but ,again IMO, his posts are well worthy of consideration.


    Spice of life and all that.

  7. Another day, another article on a player leaving.


    I wonder if we still plan on competing in 11 a side tournaments next season?


    I know I don’t have the confidence of the ‘it’ll be alright’ posters. I just haven’t seen any evidence of us having successfully replaced so many players during a single season.


    Add to the mix the new manager (mgt team?) and we have one helluva challenge to field a competent team next month

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Kris can go all the way.



    Advantageous that Norway are not at the Euros.



    Major tournaments are a nightmare for well organised scouting systems.



    £5m player operating at 110% for 3 weeks for the worldwide audience – all of a sudden becomes a £20m guy.



    Buying and selling club should be motivated to do this quickly.

  9. Ange turns up at Lennoxtown where he meets Dom.


    When do I meet the players says Ange


    Funny you should ask that says Dom

  10. for as long as I can remember – the Celtic board approach to negotiating has cost the team in Europe and deprived the team of the quality players needed to achieve a higher standard.



    If ever there was a season when this approach need changing – its this one!



    We need to do our business swiftly and smartly.



    I won’t be holding my breath – we never speculate to accumulate and I firmly believe the board is thinking slow transition rather than building a team that can win the league in Ange season 1.



    Shocking lack of continuity planning from DD, PL and board if this turns out to be the case!



    They have 4 weeks to redeem themselves!

  11. Kris can go all the way.



    hopefully as far away from our centre back position as he can.

  12. fourstonecoppi on

    RON BACARDI on 17TH JUNE 2021 4:27 PM


    Sad news about Bertie Auld having dementia.



    Aye sad

  13. I’m in favour of fans applauding at a certain significant minute of a game, to recognise an event or a player.


    However, for players to intentionally kick the ball out ahead of said minute is a slippery slope.


    Where does it end?

  14. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 17TH JUNE 2021 3:31 PM




    I’m good thanks. Hope you are too.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    Sad news about wee twothirty and anyone else that suffers from this too (and other horrible conditions)



    KA will develop far quicker and better in the Bundesliga than the footballing backwaters of Norwich and Newcastle, plus we might get more cash, though I seriously doubt it will go on team building, looks like we might have Griff for one more year

  16. timmy7_noted on

    Coneybhoy on 17th June 2021 4:12 pm



    Thanks for the response. I obviously had my tongue firmly in my cheek.


    My youngest is down there this weekend so I certainly don’t want any bother.


    I too have had run ins with English hooligans but only as a Celtic supporter.


    Blackburn in the run to Seville was scary before and after the game.


    The right wing loonies in particular come out when Celtic are in town.



    All the best.

  17. RON BACARDI on 17TH JUNE 2021 4:27 PM


    Sad news about Bertie Auld having dementia.







    That is very, very sad.



    No Celtic player has spread more happiness among the support than he has over the last seven decades. And the real deal when it comes to charity stuff.

  18. I thought Broony was quite good in the football analysis today.



    I am gonny hate seeing him play against us.

  19. timmy7_noted on

    Saint Stivs on 17th June 2021 4:55 pm



    Agreed, he should hopefully get a great welcome. Right up until he puts McGregor into the front stand :-)

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    The Danish are fond of Walk On, in fact Liverpool legend Jan Molby used to start his radio show with fans rendition of it, it wasn’t Liverpool fans though it was us………..

  21. It is becoming a common event unfortunately for ex players to suffer dementia, alzheimers and to a lesser extent, MND



    I think the news on Bertie Auld is more shocking/surprising as he has been in sparkling form over the last decade or so in the stands, being interviewed etc. Wish him all the best



    I watched a doc a few years ago based on rugby mainly (Brian O’Driscoll narrating/interviewing) and they were worried that there was trouble ahead for his generation due to the high speed impact of tackles and head clashes in the professional era. They looked at data in American Football to project.



    Since then there have been several sportspeople getting ill due to heavy ball heading, concussion etc.



    makes Pavard staying on the field the other day a bit worrying

  22. I can’t think of a finer ambassador for Celtic over the years than Bertie Auld.


    He’s also quite the dancer.


    Thoughts and prayers with Bertie and his family.

  23. Coneybhoy



    Excellent point on the French player. Very disappointed with the response of the national team. Now suggesting the player was never concussed.


    Football teams certainly talk well.


    Actions, however?

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    I still can’t believe that black American footballers that suffer from head traumas are classed as intellectually inferior to their white counterparts and compensation is applied based on this, I think I read that it was finally being consigned to the bin, but the sheer gall for it to exist in the first place.

  25. In a recent survey in the US, 72% of southern evangelicals stated that they believed Jesus was born in South Carolina. How dumb are the Americans?


    Everyone knows Jesus was born in Arkansas.

  26. Go Tell



    I think it’s slightly more complicated than that. The criteria was set decades ago, as part of positive discrimination, allowing under privileged individuals to receive support ahead of those considered more privileged.


    To be fair to the NFL, they never introduced the formula, they merely followed a flawed model.


    I agree, the criteria was wrong then and it is wrong now.

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