Ajeti angst, avoid betting on Celtic


I should know better, but the SFA ban on Albian Ajeti was simulation at Rugby Park was as surprising as it was ridiculous.  Killie’s Colin Doyle, went to ground fully committed but was beaten to the ball by Albian.  The keeper clipped the Celtic striker’s heel when he was unable to make contact with the ball without going through Albian.

It is up to the match officials to decide if that was enough to merit a penalty but with contact made in this manner the player should not be punished for going down.  The officials got themselves into a mess for missing the first half penalty on Odsonne Edouard, just as the SFA got into a mess when judging the apparent good character of a player who committed a dangerous act.  We have weak football governance in this country, in case you didn’t notice.

Stephen Robinson resigned as Motherwell manager in the first days of the New Year after a form slump that ended with a 3-0 defeat to Hamilton.  Under new manager, Graham Alexander, the Fir Park side have lost only once (at Pittodrie) in five games, that includes one of the rare occasions Newco have dropped points this season.

There are no easy games for Celtic these days and tomorrow’s will be as challenging as last weekend’s visit of St Mirren.  We have the playing squad to record another comfortable victory, but I suggest you avoid betting on it.

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  1. Happy Friday!



    Louisville set to see a high temp of -11c next Friday. Anyone want to walk the dog? 



    Play the weans. 




  2. If Alexander is competent he’ll know from Goodwin how to nullify our diamond, how susceptible we are to crosses and how ill disciplined we are in midfield to protect the defence.



    Oh and how vulnerable we are in adversity or lacking in reaction to game management.



    Victory should be a shoe-in, given the disparity in resources, but anyone confident we have fixed those things above in training this week or selection tomorrow?







    Wee SORO looked a bit leggy after a run of games , as noted in the game the free centre half needs to step up and for wee SORO needs to take his marker for a walk …



    It’s a bit depressing our guys can’t work this out on the day

  4. DAVID66







    Aye doin fine mate..yourself? Just waiting for this calamity of a season to finish.really should be gettin a new manager in well before that.got to skelp that mob too.canny have them unbeaten

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  6. O’Connell played RB for the Republic last season, he made a goal, and I thought he was MOTM…

  7. Positive cases under 5% for 2nd day running, WHO say if it’s under 5%,the pandemic is ‘under control ‘👍

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Reading the various fan site breakdowns of Tuesday’s nights game v Killie. We didn’t play as well as I had thought at the time, even though we ran out 4-0 winners.



    Expecting more unorganised chaos tomorrow and for rest of the season. Also known as Lennyball.


    That’s what you get in appointing a manager who believes the players win games, not tactics or shape….Pretty sure that is what Marvin Bartley and Mulgrew have both said on NL over the past year.



    I am sure I heard him say himself in press conferences this season he doesn’t want to give the players too much information.



    That is all very well for managing in the 00’s and early last decade. Doesn’t fly in modern game with modern players as we are seeing with results this season.

  9. On Facebook:



    “OMG the ignorance of some people!


    I called Womens rights UK and they hung up on me twice ?!?!?


    I only asked to speak with the man in charge 🤨”

  10. Just to be sure,what is the name of the entity presently going through the longest liquidation in history,that used to play out of Ibrox.Serious question.So long ago,it has become a bit foggy .

  11. glendalystonsils on




    That’s what you get in appointing a manager who believes the players win games, not tactics or shape



    St Mirren beat us with tactics , shape , and a game plan . Oh , and with supposedly lesser players too .



    But who are we to argue with Lenny?

  12. O’Connell got his cap against NZ,at right back.Brilliant run and cross from him got Irelands goal.Sure he got MOTM for a terrific performance.Strange,he was a CH,looked a bit small to me,played at RB that night,and has now been hailed by his loan club for a MOTM performance as a defensive midfielder.


    Think we might have a belter on our hands here.

  13. Motherwell and Livi have both seen results improve after parting company with under performing managers



    They should both enjoy a better 2nd half of this season and be in a good place to start next.



    Strong leadership being shown from their respective boards.

  14. I dont like to see Celtic players going down easy and dramatically. It just doesn’t look right.



    Ajeti looks like its in his game, , Julien is bad for it and Christie is embarrassing at times.



    Old fashion view maybe. but its just not the Celtic way

  15. “ We have weak football governance in this country, in case you didn’t notice”



    I beg to differ. I believe we have a long tradition of strong governance in Scottish football. It just happens to be inherently corrupt and sectarian. But very effective. Kinda like a pernicious weed, whose roots have got into the foundations.



    What a tragedy that nothing was done to destroy this when the Res12 heroes handed PL a watering can full of weed killer.



    HH jg




    Heck, I am even boring myself discussing NL this season!




    so tempted!


    Thing is boyfromtheboyne


    your not boring us with what you think at all.


    There is very little of that.


    Dont be locked in Cellic meeja.they are greasepolling for their own clicks


    they carry no weight or gravitas with Celtic support,they lick the bottom of the barrel.


    look at cqn and the tale on earlier blog look at james forrests hysteria,juci lying,cbn explaining how NL batted all BR stats out park in 9iar.


    As i said to most bloggers they are.a vast source of eunuchry but personally i hope that changes,it will have to as they are currently the digital equivalent of windae hingin bettys in a tenement street.













    seen as your havin a half days skive, i dint know if you seen Drew1967 and St Tams chat bout the Roch St Rochs.did you play for them?



    great wee community club with strong links historically to us.still working away


    enjoy the couch lol




  17. Old hat I know, but “the peepul” are not just confined to castle greyskull. Majority of Scoddland are the peepul, it was ever thus.


    We sadly are confined to shovelling shit up hill until these peepul are dragged into the 21st century.



    I will not hold my breath







    Agree totally.something snide about it.it has crept into our team in recent seasons..even our captain has been guilty of it imo..tho hes had his fair share of bad tackles too.tbh i also thought KT was a bit guilty of it aswell..tho again he copped a few aswell.


    stand strong..dont show weakness..you can get into oppositions head much more effectively if you show your strength and committment to playing fair.



    Kinda like a pernicious weed, whose roots have got into the foundations.


    I seem to remember that there was a poster on here referred to the rAnkers as “Darnel”


    This I think is exactly what you describe.



  20. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    I have high hopes for O’Connell too.



    Hope we don’t have another Seamus Coleman scenario on our hands.



    Coleman came over for a trial from Sligo Rovers under WGS but club didn’t pursue, if I recall correctly.



    Look at the career he developed after.




    I thought of you listening to this song on Sunday morning from a beautiful lady , who looks not unlike that Jocelyn Fella your seeing 😂



    The sentiments of going home to see all your loved ones , not the leaving earth scenario lol.



    I see you havn’t been back to specsavers to pick up your glasses


    (GORGEOUS 🤣🤣🤣)




  22. RIP Jim Weatherley



    An NFL prospect after quarterbacking for Mississippi University, he chose songwriting and wrote this classic.



    Initially titled “Midnight plane to Houston”, following a conversation with Farrah Fawcett, girlfriend of his ex-football buddy Lee Majors, the song was recorded first by Whitney Houston’s mammy, Cissy, but became a number 1 single in the US in 1973 ( it only reached number 10 in the UK when released in 1976) when the definitive version was made by Gladys Knight and her Pips. The stars of this production are the Brecker boys on Trumpet and Sax, and Meco Monardo on trombone. The opening riff is glorious