Ajeti angst, avoid betting on Celtic


I should know better, but the SFA ban on Albian Ajeti was simulation at Rugby Park was as surprising as it was ridiculous.  Killie’s Colin Doyle, went to ground fully committed but was beaten to the ball by Albian.  The keeper clipped the Celtic striker’s heel when he was unable to make contact with the ball without going through Albian.

It is up to the match officials to decide if that was enough to merit a penalty but with contact made in this manner the player should not be punished for going down.  The officials got themselves into a mess for missing the first half penalty on Odsonne Edouard, just as the SFA got into a mess when judging the apparent good character of a player who committed a dangerous act.  We have weak football governance in this country, in case you didn’t notice.

Stephen Robinson resigned as Motherwell manager in the first days of the New Year after a form slump that ended with a 3-0 defeat to Hamilton.  Under new manager, Graham Alexander, the Fir Park side have lost only once (at Pittodrie) in five games, that includes one of the rare occasions Newco have dropped points this season.

There are no easy games for Celtic these days and tomorrow’s will be as challenging as last weekend’s visit of St Mirren.  We have the playing squad to record another comfortable victory, but I suggest you avoid betting on it.

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  1. SFTB



    Just what i needed , Sean Dyche always struck me as a dour bugger , but i laughed out loud , cheers .



    Hope you and the family are well.

  2. Such a shy lot the Green Brigade. I can’t see any faces yet there’s four of them holding the banner. Odd.

  3. If you’re gonna was lyrical about someone, first rule is getting his name right.



    It’s O’Connor, not O’Connell….



    Let’s see how he develops. He’s a short arse at 5′ 9 so not a CH but we need someone to get excited about in these dark days. At the moment all the Celtic kids seem to be sprinkling dirt from the bottom of their trackies at Lennoxtown, plotting their escape…




  4. Turkeybhoy… O’Connor… Isn’t getting a regular game… Mostly sub… For tranmere in English league 2…………i don’t think we have a belter unless he improves dramatically

  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Yes its Lee O’Connor at Tranmere, not Luca Connell who is obviously still at the club.



    My typo.

  6. Marspapa. That’s v thoughtful and kind. Thank you.



    SFTB – I already liked big Sean Dyche. Still more after I saw that.



    HH jg

  7. PETEC on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 2:19 PM


    More the Location.





    Agreed. Given it was the training ground, he wasn’t likely to be there, right ?

  8. Statement is accurate the banner is unnecessary.






    True. Back of the snuss packaging would have been more impactful……



    Don’t come at me. I’m bored with the pantomine :)




  9. “MARSPAPA on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:16 PM





    That IS Anton Dvorak`s New World Symphony, yes?



    Beautifully sung.

  10. This new breed of Celtic fan…just don’t get it



    Unlimited Fapping material for our enemies.



    Must be a generational thing

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I would be pretty confident that no Sean Dyche team would get schooled by Ross County, St.Mirren coaches and the like.

  12. Do posters not pay attention?



    O’Connor was at Partick Thistle last season, played a few games then was dropped.



    Have we really fallen this far?

  13. SID,



    We are desperate for good news stories. Even those of the ‘hopeful’ kind….



    And on that note, hope you’re well.




  14. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    I would argue back that Tranmere in EFL League 2 is comparable to Patrick Thistle in Championship in standard, if not higher.



    O’Connor has over 20 appearances with Tranmere this season.



    I live in hope for him.

  15. What would happen if Celtic issued a Statement saying that they have had enough of all the` Rangers` nonsense and , from now on, would only refer to them as `The Rangers`and any mention of them in our programmes would talk of them as a new club who came into existence in 2012? Furthermore, no one connected to the Club would refer to the `Old Firm`.


    I cannot say that that is what `we` all want but I would say that my reading of CQN would suggest that that is what the majority on here would like. If CQN is fairly representative of our general support ( and I have my doubts that it is), then, as I asked at the beginning, what would happen?

  16. Celtic fans called °green brigade unhappy at Celtic over NL..



    interesting comment. and it only asks questions of us all.


    NL went from 1 of the 4 horseman to todays pic.NL is a tsubo to this group. their 180 and betrayal in support of him pains them.History will out it all


    Celtic goes on…






  17. Drew


    I think I have heard that one before but, to give others a chance to answer, I will just clear my throat ( cryptic clue).

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘We have weak football governance in this country, in case you didn’t notice’.



    I’ll say it again: in 2012 Scottish football had a chance to clean house. It chose not to do so. You reap what you sow.

  19. BIG WAVY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 2:27 PM


    Statement is accurate the banner is unnecessary.








    True. Back of the snuss packaging would have been more impactful……



    Don’t come at me. I’m bored with the pantomine :)








    ‘Oh no you’re not….’



    HH jg

  20. SFTB



    Get the basics right, then you earn the chance to express yourself.



    On the pitch and off.



    Sean Dyche has earned that right.



    HH jg

  21. Bhoy from the Boyne



    Yeah, Scottish Championship and EFL 2 comparable but the jump to winning every week with Celtic is massive.



    Keep the faith, I think you’ll be disappointed though but hope your right.