Ajeti angst, avoid betting on Celtic


I should know better, but the SFA ban on Albian Ajeti was simulation at Rugby Park was as surprising as it was ridiculous.  Killie’s Colin Doyle, went to ground fully committed but was beaten to the ball by Albian.  The keeper clipped the Celtic striker’s heel when he was unable to make contact with the ball without going through Albian.

It is up to the match officials to decide if that was enough to merit a penalty but with contact made in this manner the player should not be punished for going down.  The officials got themselves into a mess for missing the first half penalty on Odsonne Edouard, just as the SFA got into a mess when judging the apparent good character of a player who committed a dangerous act.  We have weak football governance in this country, in case you didn’t notice.

Stephen Robinson resigned as Motherwell manager in the first days of the New Year after a form slump that ended with a 3-0 defeat to Hamilton.  Under new manager, Graham Alexander, the Fir Park side have lost only once (at Pittodrie) in five games, that includes one of the rare occasions Newco have dropped points this season.

There are no easy games for Celtic these days and tomorrow’s will be as challenging as last weekend’s visit of St Mirren.  We have the playing squad to record another comfortable victory, but I suggest you avoid betting on it.

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  1. Hot Smoked



    I believe it is indeed the New World Symphony.



    And I believe CQN is far from representative of the wider support. I think most supporters know little about Res12 and the financial/trophy hit we (along with others) suffered.



    That’s why it was for the Board to have made (very) public these abuses of the system and to have sought redress (asterisk through every tainted title) and a reorganisation of the SFA to prevent a repeat.



    IMHO Kind Sir



    HH jg



    HOT SMOKED on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 2:50 PM


    Cough up………”



    Which football team is sometimes spoken during a pretendy cough?

  3. Big Wavy



    Very good thanks, hope you are too.



    Will be even better when or If our club shows some leadership and sound decision making.

  4. Jamesgang



    I agree with you re CQN`s representativeness ( awkward word !).


    Why was it, do you think, that The Board did not do as you suggest?

  5. Sid,Big Wavy, StTams ,ONIL et al.



    Of course it is possible that those running our Club have made mistakes. Is it also possible, though, that there is some long term good reason for the decisions they have made but for some reason those reasons cannot be made public?



  6. onenightinlisbon on

    HOT SMOKED on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 3:17 PM



    That is my only hope in the whole mess. That there is in fact a long term plan that cannot be put in place yet. I’m not holding my breath on it though….




    Aye very good clue there.


    was a natural leader and also as hard as nails physically..mentally a bit of a bam at one point but ok noo.. i hope!!

  8. Jamesgang…



    Boom tish….



    Hot Smoked..



    You’d hope so but for the life of me I can;t understand what stops us from saying: Thank you Neil, you’ll leave at the end of the season…….we are working on a replacement in line with the wider review that has taken place…..blah blah blah



    Would put an end to the Green Brigade v. Neil Lennon pantomine…



    “Oh yesss it would…”




  9. Big Wavy



    `You’d hope so but for the life of me I can;t understand what stops us..`



    That`s me as well but I am one for whom hope springs eternal !






    `That there is in fact a long term plan that cannot be put in place yet. `



    Something like that for me as well . The fact that I don`t actually believe it doesn`t stop me hoping, thouhh :-))



    Cheerio for now.

  10. I see that the GB, want NFL to stay, no chance.


    According to SC on 67Hail Hail, NFL is definitely going in 4 months time,


    that remains to be seen. Lets be honest here, it’s no just NFL that has to


    vacate CP & Lennox Town. It’s also JK & GS & NH, & The Scouting Set Up,


    & The Players who do not want to be @ our Club. As I’ve mentioned before,


    on here. There is not any players bigger than our Club, & that’s a fact.


    They have all under performed this Season, & have let us all down,


    considering we where trying to make history this Season, by going for


    10IAR, which is long gone, infact that notion sailed down the Clyde, in


    October/November 2020. Wee NFL’s weakness in his Managerial Mind


    Set, is not knowing how to Motivate each individual player correctly,


    under the Managerial mind set, entitled P&D which stands for


    Performance & Development. 67Hail Hail on YouTube (Hamish Carton)


    reckons we need to offload 12 players, come the end of this Season.


    However, that is more easier said than done, considering the Economic


    Climate we are all going through, this present day & time, it’s not going


    to be easy, that’s for sure, considering we are all still waiting, for our Club’s


    January 2021 Forward Planning Club Review. Lets all be honest here, our


    Club Board, could not orginise a piss up @ a Brewery. What, no Plan B/


    C/D/E etc-etc, when things start to go pear shape, its a systomatic shambles


    & a failure, one big cluster f*ck up. We all know by now there needs to be


    thorough changes, from top to bottom, with close attention paid to details


    We all have to move with the times, or we will all get left behind with the


    past times. We need to face the modern challenges, which lays ahead.


    We need to be well prepaired, after all, we are operating in a Results


    Driven Industry, which requires positive results, not negative results,


    & failure, we need to take the bull by the horns, so to speak.


    Referring back to 67Hail Hail, video log on YouTube. Mr John McGinley


    talks a lot of sense, when he is talking/his IMO about our Club, that’s


    for sure. Anyway, Hail Hail All, From AKBW1888.

  11. Big Wavy😉



    Hot Smoked



    What do I know for certain?



    I know for certain that the Celtic Board at the time of Rangers’ liquidation was dismayed at the prospects of loss of Old Firm revenue. A Director told me to my face, very openly and with significant feeling.



    What do I think?



    I think DD ‘bought’ Celtic with the hope and intention of getting entry into England.


    I think he – reasonably – recognised the commercial attraction of the Old Firm brand, particularly to Sky.



    I think he was, and is, more concerned about maintaining that, than he was about Res12 etc



    I think that the Celtic Board was complicit in the 5 Way Agreement with the aim of restoring the status quo ASAP



    I think DD and Bankier railed against hoi polloi shareholders like the Requisitioners pressuring them to change tack.



    I think PL has followed a ‘just enough, just in time’ policy (much favoured in procurement in recent years) in terms of keeping our noses just in front of the FOD.



    I think this policy has been found out, spectacularly.



    I think real professionals don’t appoint senior managers in the shower.



    I don’t know why as successful a businessman as DD has tolerated his assets so badly underperform over so many years (European football)



    And I don’t know how this will pan out in the months and years to come. But I do know that nothing and no-one is too big to fail.



    HH jg




    EEJIT 🤣🤣🤣 looking forward to the the review , hook line and sinker,😊👍



    more like CQN after a defeat

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    AN TEARMANN on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 2:49 PM



    NL went from 1 of the 4 horseman to todays pic.NL is a tsubo to this group. their 180 and betrayal in support of him pains them.






    I’m not a lover of the Green Brigade – certainly not as much as they are themselves.






  14. Alan Stubbs has revealed he tested positive for Covid-19 after feeling ill on his way to cover Celtic’s game away to Kilmarnock for Sky Sports.



    The former Hoops defender was en route to Rugby Park to take up his punditry role with the broadcaster when he began feeling out of sorts in his car on the way to the stadium. The quick-thinking Scouser, as opposed to taking any risks regarding his own health and that of his fellow Sky staff that evening, called bosses and cancelled his appearance.




    Back home was daughter Heather – a nurse – who had a self-testing Covid kit which her dad made use of, only to find that, despite having just slight, mild symptoms, he had indeed tested positive for the virus.



    Stubbs, 49, described himself as ‘one of the lucky ones’. “I was due to go do Celtic Kilmarnock game for Sky and when I was driving up I didn’t feel too good,” he said. “Also just in terms of just a temperature. I rang up Sky Sports and just said, ‘Listen, I don’t feel great and don’t want to take any risks’, more so for anyone else than for myself.



    “I turned back and came home, my daughter is a nurse so had a self-testing kit, I tested myself and it was positive. I’ve been isolating since then, luckily for me I’ve only had mild symptoms at the mooment, a bit of a temperature and only in the last day or so maybe a little bit of shortness of breath, nothing more.



    “It looks like I’ve maybe been one of the lucky ones who had only had mild symptoms.”



    Stubbs was in conversation with Football Pass UK.

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SAINT STIVS on 5TH FEBRUARY 2021 3:45 PM



    Braw photie.



    Just hit my teenage years at that point. Provan was my favourite – swashbuckling, socks around the ankles, no shin guards, long hair – looked like a fitba God to my young eyes.



    Jorge Cadete was Provan re-incarnated.



    That fist goal against Aberdeen – dark Parkhead night, raucous crowd, he stood at the sideline waiting to come on as a sub for an eternity – that ball just refused to go out of play – and all in the wake of Farry’s meddling that maliciously held his registration up for weeks. When he scored a few minutes after coming on (his second chance in a few minutes) – the noise was…bedlam…unique and never bettered.






  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’m with others on here. IMHO ….



    Statement (haven’t read it) is fine.



    Banner at a person’s workplace is not.



    So very few people have been talking about the Green Bridge recently.



    Perhaps they are suffering from the lack of attention?



    Poor wee lambs. Maybe their mammies didn’t cuddle them enough as weans.



    Now if just one individual from the GB ….



    – published their full name



    – published the registered address of their employer



    – okayed (in advance) a group of people putting a banner outside their workplace calling for their employment to be terminated



    Admittedly, I might take a different view?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. JamesGang, you are right in what you are saying about our Club Board.


    Our Board do not want to see Sevco go under, they via PL pointed out


    that they lost over two & half million pounds, when Sevco where not


    playing in the SPL, via lost revenue. @ a past AGM, a shareholder


    raised the point, about our Club using the services of Parks of Hamilton


    Coach Service, who are obviously linked to a Sevco’s present day Board


    Member,Namely Dougie Hamilton. & our Club Board’s Response to


    said point raised, “We are not interested in changing our Club’s Coach


    Provider” FFS, even Aberdeen FC, have their own personal labled Coach.


    If Aberdeen FC, can afford to have their own Coach, then so can a Club


    of our stature, can afford to do likewise. Indeed, our Club will do anything,


    to help out their personal M8’s. As for DD, lets be honest here, he has


    been found out/ guilty, of treating our Club as a cash cow. With adopting


    a penny pinching aproach, when it comes to the required attention to


    details, in properly & efficiently, running of our Club. You only have to


    look @ our past deallings within the Transfer Market, what a complete


    shambles, & appointments as well, totally unprofessional, & one big


    cluster f*ck up, right through in how we operate, which seriously needs


    to be addressed asap, sad but also very true.


    Yeah, our European Footy planning & aproach, has been very poor over


    the years. Considering we won the SPL, nine years on the bounce, & we


    only managed to qualify for the Group Stages, twice in nine Seasons, is


    a complete total of abject failures. We all need people @ the helm, who


    have our Club, honestly in their Heart, & who will seriously want to move


    our Club forward, to face the challenges that lays ahead, & not to treat


    our Club, as a quick way, to make a fast few bucks. After all, not one


    or several individuals, are bigger than our Club.

  18. Norriem


    Do you think if we were neck and neck with them Morelos and Roofe would be cited .Me neither ,things even up over the season 😡

  19. I mean Douglas Park who owns Parks of Hamilton Coaches & is on the Sevco PLC


    Board not Dougie Hamilton, sorry my mistake, anyway I’m sure you all know who


    I’m referring too.

  20. Jamesgang,



    I think your synopsis has a massive grain of truth about it – balancing the ‘old firm’ business model with the ability to stay just ahead whilst in scotland, judged by a group of old men on a board who didn’t see how football was being changed around them – to the benefit of der hun (more modern thinking) on the rise and detriment of us (dinosaur thinking) on the decline.



    Like ships in the night, we’ve passed by each other whilst clinging onto a series of mythical beliefs that proved to be compete ballix (skint hun, in lennon we trust, winning mentality, more money, blah blah blah).



    Hope you’re well and hope it all marshalls in some new thinking ahead.




  21. Big George, yeah Jim ‘Wait We Have Not Fax Machine Paper’ Farry, what a wee


    cheating f*nny. Nae wonder wee Fergus said, I will go after that cheat.

  22. AKBW1888 – I hear you



    Big Wavy – a massive grain of truth is consensus by CQN standards. I agree with your ships in the night analogy.



    Big George – Cadette’s debut when at a time when getting to a game was a very rare treat for me. I was standing close to where my seat now is.


    I’ll never forget the noise and prolonged joy.



    What might have been. He could have been a Ghod. For us, for TB.



    HH jg

  23. How do you Express yourself if you are not allowed to?



    How do you Express yourself if your custodians do not listen?



    How do you Express yourself if you’re management team are taking the piss and not listening to you?



    The Green Brigade are expressing how a lot of the support feel.



    So how do you Express it without the banner and all of the above in play?



    I watched Neil’s presser today and he us not interested 1 iota.



    D :)

  24. So we have a great plan in place that will be implemented at the end of season when the league has long gone.



    We could easily lose 4/5 first team regulars.


    4 loan players go back.



    Need to be some plan to make European qualifiers and next seasons league achievable.



    We are a shambles.

  25. Bhoyjoebelfast on

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