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There was no vandalism, pitch invasions or general misbehaviour at Fir Park on Saturday.  What we had instead was Motherwell and Celtic fans engaged in a collective protest against the Offensive behaviour’ Act.

Fans Against Criminalisation put the issue plainly:

“Every single mainstream opposition party in Scotland opposes this Act, as do many notable lawyers, sheriffs, political commentators and Celtic Football Club.

“We call on the Scottish Government to accept that this legislation has achieved nothing other than to criminalise ordinary football fans and to repeal it as a matter of urgency.

“The Scottish Government cannot reasonably expect football fans to meekly accept the harassment they face nor the attacks on their rights to freedom of speech.”

Delighted to see Nadir Ciftci grab a poacher’s goal on Saturday.  This is the kind of goal he should be scoring lots of.  Hopefully it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Well done to referee Alan Muir for an outstanding performance on Saturday.  It takes a lot to turn in that kind of performance, don’t think it’s easy.  Put yourself in his shoes (with Motherwell facing different opponents, obviously).

Think of the pressure you would be under to give one or both of those penalties.  It can’t be easy to have watched Kieran Kennedy take the legs from Scott Brown, then dive to save the ball with his hand, and tell everyone that no offense took place.  Don’t underestimate how hard that was for Alan Muir.

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  1. HT



    It’s just internet blogging and ‘labeling’ yes, I’ve even seen it used negatively, and not exclusively just in the ‘big lie’ debate, currently topical, but I expect it to see it again in the future depending on how things, develop.



    I refuse to accept somehow Celtic are culpable in the incarnation or ultimate acceptance of a ‘Trigger’s Broom © Jobo Baldie, despite perceived board failure’ which there certainly is, in other matters.



    If you lived within striking distance of CP and were somehow born neutral, and free from any affiliation, you would go and see Celtic, we’re brighter and big.



    We are the natural club for the neutral, we will always also attract the minority, which is just us.




  2. EXCATHEDRA44 on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 8:44 PM



    I don’t think Bourne means that either I’m just not exactly sure what it constitutes to be one.

  3. Watched the highlights last night , I see the two dreadful tackles on Broonie and Efe where airbrushed from the game , surprised Efe wasn’t seriously hurt , I was more insensed about the challenge on Efe going un punished than the other two decisions .



    The AGM , are the questions limited to a certain line or is it a free for all , could be interesting if it’s not staged .

  4. Parkheadcumsalford – it’ll never be provable beyond supposition and conjecture.



    Take the 5 way agreement no Celtic staff are signatories nor were they officially involved in the drafting of it but due to the fact they hold senior positions it is supposed by some that they must have known the details. They might be right. As it stands nobody really knows. Apart from those directly involved of course.

  5. How good would it be if Ramon Vega got the Presidency of FIFA? Maybe some Ref. decisions might come our way.

  6. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    JimTheTim .. The guy was buzzing wearing the hoops .. Loved every minute … Playing beside .. The KOK, Sutton and Lenny in his prime ..



    Was partial to the odd important goal tae ..




  7. The Clumpany, Read your articles every day and love them But no comments section to let you know. Voted for you both rounds. Good luck. HH

  8. If I had a hammer,


    I’d hammer in the mornin’


    I’d hammer in the evenin’…






    I’m not allowed a hammer.



    Goodnight all. Be nice, now.

  9. Bourne



    Partly I agree and partly I don’t.



    I’m now of the opinion that the board, certainly on a financial level, would be happy to see RIFC in our league. The fact that a decision on the pricing of child season tickets for this season was left until after the Championship play off would back this assertion.



    However, regarding refereeing incompetence and puerile nonsense from the MSM, I actually think Celtic are attempting to change things in the background.



    As you know there are several issues at Celtic which affect me in different ways. From disgust, anger and disdain to downright frustration. However, despite this, the best thing for me about being a Tim is actually watching the guys in hoops surrounded by mostly likeminded folk.



    I suppose so long as I still get that feeling, the other stuff will take a back seat.

  10. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Mr Pastry on 19th October 2015 9:06 pm There was NO mechanism that would have allowed Celtic to ‘wave ‘ Legia through – NONE! –



    That is why I said Celtic would have been hammered

  11. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Did he no score in the Scottish Cup final ?



    IMO..Played his part :)

  12. The old saying, never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake rings true. What about when they make hundreds of colossal mistakes. The fact is oldco/newco have done more damage themselves than our Board ever could have. More should have been done with regards to the striping of titles, that would be my biggest criticism of our Board.

  13. mike in toronto on

    barca fined 40,000 by uefa for barca fans displaying catalan flags.



    Interesting that Barca seem to be backing up their fans, and have said that the club will fight this ….



    “First we will speak with UEFA and we will go to the CAS [Court of Arbitration for Sport]; if necessary we will go to the ordinary court in Switzerland and maybe even the court in Strasbourg.”



    Despite being upset with Uefa’s decision, Mestre insists Barcelona are not looking for a fight with the organisation.



    “It is not a war, we only want to defend the interests of the club and we will never limit what our fans say, who have always been an example,” he added.



    full article is here




  14. M in T



    If they are pro independance then would be considered political, hence the fine.

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hamiltontim on 19th October 2015 9:10 pm


    Agree with most of they (and nearly all of what you say) but I don’t think it’s about wanting or not wanting them back it’s simply money – as a Plc Celtic have to no all they can to maximise revenue – I accept OL can sometimes take liberties – but his job is to keep us solvent. He does that !! 67ECW x

  16. mike in toronto on




    I haven’t seen the flags, but agree that is likely the point. Just found the last comment about supporting the fans quite refreshing ….

  17. HT



    You are going to go and see Celtic, effectively, and regardless.



    There are many Celtic posters like you in cyberspace, but thankfully true to their word, in actuality, in the Gazebo.



    I think Celtic face a much bigger problem with the SFA than many think,



    Indentations and ground was made in the face of Dougie,, Dougie, and Dallasgate but the establishment position of Gt. Britain, the Country, the Queen, Scotland Alex Salmond , and Nicola Sturgeon, Hampden, Fleming, Thomson, Collum McLean, Muir, remain.



    The exceptionally well paid ‘Bellarmine Bhoy’ and the odd comment from somebody like minded, like the Holy Catholic Church, cannot help Celtic, it’s only football after all. ‘Bulldog inappropriately named,’ Reid’ checked out, early doors, with no stomach, for football politics, apart from grand standing and his wee cliché..



    A Cambuslang boy was asked, there are two games on today son:: “We can go and watch Cambuslang Rangers, or we can walk to Parkhead and see Celtic Reserves”




    The boy said “ Can we go and see Celtic reserves – Dad ?”



    He’s still got his OAP season ticket, and I’m proud that he’s my friend.



    The polemics in the tiny Celtic boardroom, PLC or not, we remain a minority group with a huge football club, and no new modern Brother Walfrid.

  18. Regarding rugby and social class, judge for yourself based on admission prices.




    Categories A, B, C , D.


    250 215 150 95 no child prices.


    Semis 515 315 215 125


    Final 715 515. 315. 150


    Can’t imagine too many discarding their dominoes at the local to make their way to Twickers !


    Great anniversary today, Hampden in the sun !



  19. 67 European Cup Winners on

    They = that


    No = do


    OL = PL






    Hope it makes some sense !!



    Bed time




  20. I really dont understand the whole, There heading for liquidation or admin, or the When they come up i wont be there watching thing, Truth is 40, 000 huns on a Saturday aint going nowhere, call them ranjurs or sevco playing out ibrokes or wherever….They will always be here in one guise or another, Trick is This. Ignore them as an irrelevance, Act Like the Champions of Our Country Thats what Works…That we Are…..Then Hammer Then on The Park…..

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Thoughts and Prayers







  22. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 9:49 PM




    But I’m sure the finances show that we’ve actually increased revenue since they died. No?

  23. In other news think I’ve seen an improvement in Dedryk Boyata in the last few weeks, hope it continues.

  24. Jeezo…..Think i just Outed Myself as an Uber Tim…, Board lover, Pl Adorer..Status Qua Supporter..Realisim.Com.