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There was no vandalism, pitch invasions or general misbehaviour at Fir Park on Saturday.  What we had instead was Motherwell and Celtic fans engaged in a collective protest against the Offensive behaviour’ Act.

Fans Against Criminalisation put the issue plainly:

“Every single mainstream opposition party in Scotland opposes this Act, as do many notable lawyers, sheriffs, political commentators and Celtic Football Club.

“We call on the Scottish Government to accept that this legislation has achieved nothing other than to criminalise ordinary football fans and to repeal it as a matter of urgency.

“The Scottish Government cannot reasonably expect football fans to meekly accept the harassment they face nor the attacks on their rights to freedom of speech.”

Delighted to see Nadir Ciftci grab a poacher’s goal on Saturday.  This is the kind of goal he should be scoring lots of.  Hopefully it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Well done to referee Alan Muir for an outstanding performance on Saturday.  It takes a lot to turn in that kind of performance, don’t think it’s easy.  Put yourself in his shoes (with Motherwell facing different opponents, obviously).

Think of the pressure you would be under to give one or both of those penalties.  It can’t be easy to have watched Kieran Kennedy take the legs from Scott Brown, then dive to save the ball with his hand, and tell everyone that no offense took place.  Don’t underestimate how hard that was for Alan Muir.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    The Tim Reaper



    Not sure what the flag flown was, but if you look at the Barcelona badge it contains both the Catalan and the English badge. UEFA are nonsense in my view with some of their decisions



    Lets fine Celtic for flying the Saltire and the Tricolour as both technically support independence movements







  2. Bourne



    Cambuslang Rangers???



    Nae wonder he took the walk to Paradise :-)



    Thankfully, there have been many like him.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hamiltontim on 19th October 2015 9:56 pm



    I’m ashamed to say – I do not know !!!


    But I didn’t think that “they” were the reason we did or did not increase revenue – OK it has an impact – but the real honey pot for Celtic –


    I thought CL was the real measurement



    PL will take a revenue benefit from playing the Huns – but it does not determine our club as a business (that mob in Sweden did that) 67ECW

  4. CRC



    Doubt it was the flag itself, more likely to have had pro independence rhetoric on it. Just guessing.

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    thetimreaper on 19th October 2015 9:59 pm In other news think I’ve seen an improvement in Dedryk Boyata in the last few weeks, hope it continues.






    Do you think he will make the next step up to CQN 5s? -)



    Where is Jozo BTW? Dedryk would benefit from a settled partnership.













  6. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:04 P




    I could be wrong but I’m sure I’ve seen posted on here that since their demise we’ve increased revenue.



    You’re right though, our possible increase would have been much greater had we beaten Malmö.

  7. Also Think its Really Sad that Any Celtic Supporter who Didnt Want to watch a game against the huns would deny a fellow Celtic supporter the chance to see the game by not giving them their Seat..




    Small minded and Selfish in my opinion..

  8. TTR



    Aye I’ll continue to do all the graft while you take the glory! :-)



    Did you get a ticket for Tynecastle?

  9. Bournesouprecipe



    Progress has been made today on solving the mobile issue and we hope to implement the new mobile tags over the next few days.



    If anyone is experiencing problems getting into CQN at the moment or sometime tomorrow can you at the same time try to access http://www.onfieldsofgreen.com and/ or Videocelts.com and let me know if the same problem occurs. If it doesn’t we should be sorted. Fingers crossed…feedback crucial!

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hamiltontim on 19th October 2015 10:10 pm


    Without doubt – in my small mind anyway – I would be happy to never play the scum again – sadly the CL would need to be achieved at least 2 out of 3 seasons to keep the numbers acceptable to those that seek financial benefits from our love life (Celtic) so if no CL it has to be the scum !! – we all need to earn a living including our beloved Celtic


    67 ECW X

  11. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:16 PM



    Yep we do but that’s why I think we require some new blood on the board with entrepreneurial backgrounds to seek new finance revenues.



    Let’s face it the vast majority of Tims never want to play any version of them ever again.

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    HAMILTONTIM on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:21 PM


    Sounds like a job for you and I.


    coukd you imagine the Board meetings???




  13. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on 19th October 2015 10:03 pm –





    Ref your comment re the Barca badge,nothing to do with England other than they share the same Patron Saint


    St George,or in the case of Barcelona Sant Jordi who was Armenian and whose flag as we know it was brought to England by returning Crusaders who aligned themselves with a warrior known as the “Scourge of the Infidels” Barca strips when shipped to certain countries have St George badge amended for that reason.



    When Cruyff played for Barca he named his son Jordi.

  14. During the insular debate I noted quite a few advertising hoardings were used by the SNP at football grounds, why were those clubs not fined ?

  15. Big cup winners



    My point to HT was , they say they never want to play them , but how many just say that and actually look forward to playing them.





    email your evidence to the Uefa department that intend to fine The Catalans…cc them into it.

  17. I expect the Sspanish football Association complained about Barc, the same way the Scottish polic complain the UEFA about Celtic supporters

  18. Then we had Celtic supporters singing about it, and again the SFA and SNP never found it offensive, overt political activism inside football grounds but it was not about Ireland so it is ok, seems to be the message, eh





    Truth is the huns are our second biggest draw .



    That’s the case in reverse too.

  20. Big cup winners



    I don’t have a problem with fans saying one thing and doing another , I did so myself.


    I swore I wouldn’t attend on other SC game or international due to the cheating of the refs and the SFA !!….my daughter pleaded with me to go ….because we’re Celtic fans … So I did go …ICT


    In the semi -final …..look how that turned out … Saturday ffks …Efe could have received a career threatening injury …is that what it’s going to take before these incompitent refs are taken to task .





    In no way am I having a go mate,


    Its a grim situation we find ourselves in

  22. Hamiltontim


    I Would Also Disagree on your Vast Majority Comment..



    The Opposite i would Suggest..Me. i Wish they would just Curl Up And Die..



    I Do…

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hamiltontim – one of the great things about being a lover of our football club and CQN – is that you can find yourself in darkest Hertfordshure in a local pub – being bored with the local manager of the Carfone Warehouse shop and his taxi driving Dad – who both think Watford are bigger that Celtic !!!! But you can find Celtic minded people on a web site and discover logic an common sense thank you one and all on CQN. PS the taxi driver Watford supporter has just googled “have Celtic ever won the Eurooean cup”. !! He now wants to buy me a drink They have no idea.


    Hail Hail friends 67ECW

  24. Big cup winners



    Yes it’s the biggest draw outside of European games.



    If there isn’t a ceiling on the price of a SC ticket , Rangers should fix it for a home draw against Celtic and charge £100 pound a ticket ….full house should see them through the next couple of months :))

  25. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:25 PM


    HAMILTONTIM on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:21 PM





    Sounds like a job for you and I.





    coukd you imagine the Board meetings???













    Aye but they’d be fun! :-)

  26. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    excathedra44 on 19th October 2015 10:32 pm



    Cheers for that



    One of the founder members of Barca was English but I am not sure if he helped design the badge or was a former crusader :-)







  27. Big cup winners



    I never took it as a dig mate ..



    Bmcuw haha , you know me so well bud , she gave me grief on Saturday because I wouldn’t go to a wee Rebel singsong with her …I would have went , but it was in a pub in….WISHY!!! :))