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There was no vandalism, pitch invasions or general misbehaviour at Fir Park on Saturday.  What we had instead was Motherwell and Celtic fans engaged in a collective protest against the Offensive behaviour’ Act.

Fans Against Criminalisation put the issue plainly:

“Every single mainstream opposition party in Scotland opposes this Act, as do many notable lawyers, sheriffs, political commentators and Celtic Football Club.

“We call on the Scottish Government to accept that this legislation has achieved nothing other than to criminalise ordinary football fans and to repeal it as a matter of urgency.

“The Scottish Government cannot reasonably expect football fans to meekly accept the harassment they face nor the attacks on their rights to freedom of speech.”

Delighted to see Nadir Ciftci grab a poacher’s goal on Saturday.  This is the kind of goal he should be scoring lots of.  Hopefully it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Well done to referee Alan Muir for an outstanding performance on Saturday.  It takes a lot to turn in that kind of performance, don’t think it’s easy.  Put yourself in his shoes (with Motherwell facing different opponents, obviously).

Think of the pressure you would be under to give one or both of those penalties.  It can’t be easy to have watched Kieran Kennedy take the legs from Scott Brown, then dive to save the ball with his hand, and tell everyone that no offense took place.  Don’t underestimate how hard that was for Alan Muir.

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    You have to draw the line somewhere,mate!

  2. Hamiltontim



    Eventful day :))


    The GB’s banner I was stuck on the end of it , and the kid who got the selfies was in my seat for most of the second half ( a harmless young boy ).



    I don’t know if anyone has news of him or the guy who looked to have taken a heart attack on the hill on the way out .



    Yes we had a good laugh , enjoyed the game , the atmosphere and result , you must know the layout of the stadiums /stadia judging where your seats are or is it just luck :))





    Blame the wean indeed, but which one ?



    Just went to the fridge to find one can of beer left…..there was six, the last time I looked.



    There’s two options:


    1) my 6’3″, 20 year old son.


    2) his younger sibling aged 15, smaller, at 6’0t but heavier built.



    Who do I confront first, or do I make the one remaining beer last ?

  4. Anyhoo guys need to go ….



    Btw…. good luck to our Irish friends , hope you can qualify in your play-off



    What a lovely feeling when you get a wee chat going …goodnight hoopies :))

  5. I would like to thank everyone for taking some time out to express their sympathy and support on the passing my Uncle Paul. It was very much appreciated by my family , thank you again you are special people.

  6. Marspapa



    No I always go in to the TO and try to pick my seats! :-)



    The young lad is looking at a one year banning order and a charge of BotP.

  7. martybhoy59 –



    Just read back and noted your message from earlier. Will say a wee prayer for you and the family and of course for your Uncle Paul.

  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 19th October 2015 11:08 pm



    Think outside the box, Mrs BCW could have tanked these and now waiting for you upstairs in an amicable mood and you’re on this blog? :-)







  9. MARTYBHOY59 on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 1:27 PM


    Could I ask that you remember my uncle Paul (Murray)in your prayers who sadly passed away yesterday, a good Celtic man. Leaving his Son and Daughter Sean and Helen Rose. RIP Paul




    -condolences to you and yours…..rest in peace Paul Murray

  10. Ye know what ahm smuggly chuckling to my self about, and ah’ve been like this since yesterday’s rugger game finished??


    What’s suddenly happened to the good ole Corinthian spirit?? The, “Three cheers for the winning captain..” the “No need for segregation here..” “Hoorah Hoorah to the victors, well done chaps, deserved winners..” an all that wannabe upper middle class crap??


    Suddenly there’s an injustice, a mistake from an official, (albeit a spiffing sort of fellow) that has possibly cost a team a serious place in a competition.. and the media has it as their banner headlines!!


    Come on chaps, it’s only a game.. these things even themselves out over the season. I don’t want to hear any suggestions of bias or favouritism, and don’t gimmie that nonsense about line judges or tv replay evidence.. it’s all in the spirit of the game.


    Now, let’s applaud the opposition off the field of play.

  11. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Was bored .. Wee swatch a Celtic newsnow .. Stefan Scepovic, scored a brace at the weekend .. Doubling Madrid’s Welsh £80 mil quid ‘superstars’ Tally for this season ..



    As I was saying .. Just bored :)

  12. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Watching .. Embarrassing bodies down under ….



    If the Aussies aren’t the ugliest bassa’s shat into humanity …



    Then ?



    Look like convicts ..




  13. Oh, and just to add my opinion to the ‘welcome the scrum back’ debate.. what do you say to opening our doors and our arms to rolf harris, lady thatcher, mcgregor (of miners strike fame) saville, ernie walker, gary glitter, starbucks (tax dodgers ) and the countless others who cheated and lied and hid behind the establishment and used the press to cover their deeds.. just my thoughts.

  14. I think the ones who crave for a return of “them” are the sky and the daily record folk who have been reported missing from the stadium for years ,then acting as strangers appear at the EURO GAMES

  15. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    ANDYR53 on


    20TH OCTOBER 2015 12:12 AM ..



    Nothing to see here ..



    Timmy :)

  16. “Errrrrr, what we gonna do with this Help for Heroes money or the gate receipts from the Juventus charity .watch..?”


    Aye, bring them back, the game in scotland needs them.


    Rot and burn in bell for eternity.

  17. Really getting pissed off now.Cheating referees?.Does anyone on here really believe this is a new thing?.When were you born,10 years ago?.FFS,my father was on about this ever since he started watching Celtic.I have watched it for 55 years.Did any Celtic board take them to task over it?.No.So why is this board any different?.If you want to have a go ,then you can go back all our history.The only time the SFA were taken to task was under this board,leading to the referees strike.I have personally witnessed referees,who would make this current shower look like members of the Green Brigade.Dont keep pushing your agendas on here.Its always the same.We go top of the league,have an important Euro game coming up,and all we get is”The board,boycott,dont turn up against the Huns”


    Away and gie us fekin peace.You dont like this board?.I am no great lover either,but theydont stop me loving watching my team,celebrating a win,looking forward to the next game.I dont see much of that with the constant whingers.

  18. Winning Captains-



    I know it’s a wee bit late for you, but here goes:



    In the last three weeks I have used my iPhone here in the States to log in from far flung places such as San Diego, Seattle and Southern Florida. In all instances I’ve had a pop up from Turkish Airlines that appears with every refresh. It has a timer on it and you have to wait for the countdown before accessing the blog.



    Hope that helps.

  19. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Help the heroes of the 6 counties ?



    The heroes that set up food banks who help feed Scots ravished by Tory austerity ??

  20. .



    HAMILTONTIM on 19TH OCTOBER 2015 10:21 PM















    Let’s face it the vast majority of Tims never want to play any version of them ever again.









    Now HT..Ye Ken l have a Pedantic Prevalence for being a Numbers Biatch..The ‘Unspun’ Kind..;-)



    Now Not wanting to Wake Ole WC from His Slumber..



    You might remember My CQNCSC on a Matchday Stat of 0.003% on Any Given Home game..



    ‘Vast Majority’..



    Now I;m Sitting here Thinking You haven’t Interviewed 60,000 Matchday Supporters..(So Much for the Unspun Promise)..





    So the ‘Vast Majority of 0.003% 0f 60,000 Combined with the CQNCSC Away Division which l have gave a Revised stat of 0.005% on any Given Away Matchday..*Does Not include the 3 that are Currently Boycotting All things Celtic because the Never want to Play them ……0.005% of 8.888 at Fir Park..




    Sorry l have to Rub My Brow there..






    Yea So..In My Humble estimations The Vast Majority of 17 Celtic Fans who were at Fir Park on Saturday Never want to Play them Again..



    Ps..This is For the Really Pedantic..



    Shirley if ‘They’ are Deid..We can’t Play ‘Them’ again..;-)



    Summa of SpinningStatsCSC

  21. Winning Captains-



    Further to my comment about Turkish Airlines, when I access James and Joes’ blogs, I get redirected to random games in the App Store. Video Celts in particular drives me mental with this.

  22. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Fascinating documentary on BBC4 .. Favourable variation .. Stronger breeding pushing out weaker variation ..





    Natural selection .. Expand your genes .. Unlike ‘Ra Peepoo” .. Become weaker, due no selective breeding.




  23. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Mon the diversity of nature ..



    Charlie Darwin CSC ..



    Nite ..




  24. Good evening from a chilly eastern seaboard.


    I am quite surprised about the attitude towards the egg chasers.


    It wasn’t a game we saw at all growing up on the North Lanarkshire moss.


    I was first introduced to it at St Pat’s by Mr O’Britis in the gym.


    No one had any experience of playing before.


    As no one had any experience of learning French.


    It broadened our perspective of sport, as did learning to throw the javelin and dancing the Dashing White Sergeant or Strip the Willow.


    Open your mind bhoys to other sports.


    Appreciate the skills and teamwork involved.


    Don’t dismiss them out of hand without an appreciation of the players and teams.


    Have you seen the size of some of the guys playing?


    Have you seen their speed and agility? Especially the Southern Hemisphere teams.


    I don’t know how to tell, but I failed to spot the so called snobs or upper crust public school boys in the Samoan, Fiji, USA etc sides.


    Did they have a mark on their foreheads? Or numbers underneath their hairline?



    I’m sitting here enjoying the Eagles, in green, over run the Giants, in white, red and blue, on Monday night football. Eagles have just scored a TD which was converted to lead 24-7.


    Between plays I’m switching over to watch the Torontoa Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals battle it out in ALCS championship game. KC has a 2-0 games lead but Toronto are 10-4 up in game 3.


    These were games I had little or no appreciation of in my days at home.


    I’ve come to appreciate them now .


    Hockey and basketball are different kettles of fish though


    Especially for a diminutive old white guy.