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There was no vandalism, pitch invasions or general misbehaviour at Fir Park on Saturday.  What we had instead was Motherwell and Celtic fans engaged in a collective protest against the Offensive behaviour’ Act.

Fans Against Criminalisation put the issue plainly:

“Every single mainstream opposition party in Scotland opposes this Act, as do many notable lawyers, sheriffs, political commentators and Celtic Football Club.

“We call on the Scottish Government to accept that this legislation has achieved nothing other than to criminalise ordinary football fans and to repeal it as a matter of urgency.

“The Scottish Government cannot reasonably expect football fans to meekly accept the harassment they face nor the attacks on their rights to freedom of speech.”

Delighted to see Nadir Ciftci grab a poacher’s goal on Saturday.  This is the kind of goal he should be scoring lots of.  Hopefully it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Well done to referee Alan Muir for an outstanding performance on Saturday.  It takes a lot to turn in that kind of performance, don’t think it’s easy.  Put yourself in his shoes (with Motherwell facing different opponents, obviously).

Think of the pressure you would be under to give one or both of those penalties.  It can’t be easy to have watched Kieran Kennedy take the legs from Scott Brown, then dive to save the ball with his hand, and tell everyone that no offense took place.  Don’t underestimate how hard that was for Alan Muir.

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  1. Florida Bhoy (Formerly SDB)


    I assume you’ve switched coasts?


    San Diego will be a hard place to leave.


    Where in the swamp are you located?


    Mind the pests:


    Alligators, snakes, spiders, bees, ants, others too numerous to name,


    But worst of all………….The no see ums.

  2. Toronto Blue Jays survive an unlikely 9th innings 4 run rally from KC to win 11-8.


    Big sighs of relief in Toronto.


    KC now lead the 7 game series 2-1.


    Big day in Canada today.


    They had a general election. Haven’t seen any indications of outcome.


    Or indeed what the issues were.

  3. And finally before the presses stop rolling


    Eagles beat Giants 24-7 in a sloppy error strewn game.


    And it’s a good night from me.

  4. FB


    A friend of mine, spends winter in the Lake Worth Wellington area.


    He is 82 and plays three rounds of golf a week when he’s there.


    Plenty of courses to choose from.


    Be safe.

  5. GG-



    Agree about the verging on intolerance for rugby on Paul’s site. Disappointing considering we are supposed to be open to all.



    I’ve travelled all over the world, meeting rugby enthusiasts everywhere, not a snob amongst them, and all weren’t shy about getting a round in.

  6. Martybhoy59 sorry to hear about your uncle Paul. Take car of yersel and your family. May he rest in peace.

  7. Just catching up






    Sad news.. Rest in peace Paul










    Great post.



    Thanks for that.




  8. Good morning CQN






    Match day revenue down by 4 mill…………it matters not a jot



    Rarely watch the EPL……………..Its not fitba any more




    In fact, City reported a pre-tax profit of £10.4 million (£10.7 million after tax), compared to the previous year’s loss of £22.9 million, a year-on-year improvement of £33.3 million. Revenue rose by £5 million (2%) to a record £352 million, marking the seventh straight year of revenue growth, with commercial income up £7 million (4%) to £173 million and broadcast revenue up £2 million (2%) to £135 million, though match day revenue was £4 million (9%) lower, largely as a result of the stadium expansion works.



    Profit on player sales was £14 million higher, but the main driver of the better figures in 2014/15 was a reduction in costs, as the wage bill was cut by £11 million (5%) to £194 million and player amortisation was £6 million (8%) lower. Against that, other expenses rose £8 million (12%) to £76 million and depreciation was £2 million higher.



    This year also benefited from having no exceptional items, while 2013/14 was adversely impacted by the £16 million settlement with UEFA for failing to meet Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, though this was partly offset by £7 million insurance proceeds. Finally, there was a £2 million loss on disposal of fixed assets, while other operating income was £1 million lower.

  9. SUMMA OF SAMMI…. on 20TH OCTOBER 2015 1:10 AM



    Ah, but my Antipodes amigo, to be equally pedantic, I said any ‘ version’ of them again! Quite, quite different :-)



    You are of course correct. I’ve conducted no surveys and I have no viable evidence to back up such a statement.



    However, as I’m sure you’re well aware, it is a statement based on my personal experiences of speaking to fellow Tims. Since 2012 I can only recall two who’ve made the claim to miss them, thankfully.



    Numbers biatch right enough :-)

  10. Good morning friends from a damp, drizzly and still dark East Kilbride.



    2 more sleeps…….

  11. Just saw this on Twitter….



    BBC Scotland Weather ‏@BBCScotWeather 16h16 hours ago


    Calling all weather geeks! Sessions are running in Glasgow and Inverness for a new BBC weather project. Email EarlyBirds3@bbc.co.uk



    Might give that some thought…



    Enjoy your day bhoys and ghirls and be nice now.

  12. Morning Timdom



    As a former egg chaser I can assure you my absence of late wasn’t down to flouncing! Just first day back at work.



    As I alluded to in a reply to sftb the other night genteel Glasgow and Edinburgh rugby doesn’t for a moment represent rugby on a global scale. Just as Hurlock bore little in common with Henke or Pele!



    I would say however that it wasn’t easy at times in many Edinburgh/Glasgow clubhouses where I was often the token Tim and there were way too many Tory bassas for my liking.



    Rugby allowed me to travel the world meeting lots of amazing folk from a myriad of nations. Conversely it also taught me that lots of bitter, hurting Hun short erses hail from Bishopton.



    The contrasting reactions to Muir and Joubert not being able to spot a gold top handling the ball is hugely instructive. Sadly only to us.



    Martybhoy – sincere condolences Sir. Prayers said.



    HH jamesgang

  13. Morning all.



    Could be brightish today. Dawn is slowly coming.






    Thanks for the reply last night. I suspect you are right. The possibility that our main shareholder should see us as simply a money making machine makes me sick. The very idea that the deid team being resurrected to add to that income is beyond contempt. Not just this generation but since we began we have been cheated and primarily to the advantage of that same team and its vainglorious support. I have no wish to harm Celtic but I also have no wish to help Scotland’s Shame.

  14. Martybhoy59




    Sorry to read yer news pal.


    Thoughts & Prayers to all who are close.


    So sad.


    RIP Paul Murray

  15. Turkeybhoy













  16. If, the huns go into administration…it’ll be spun as their 1st time meaning that, they’ll only get 10 points taken off them…ie…another LNS-lets-all-laff-at-Timmy-#



  17. Dermot Desmond is the anti-christ and has to be removed or, Michael Kelly will have been proved right after all these years when he said – “Celtic might well have a lot of money now(1994) but, they seem to have lost their soul!”


    Michael Kelly ar la


    Sack the kowtowing board now!!!



  18. Would the Kelly’s & White’s have sat in their directors box and watched as….


    Rangers FC hoovered-up 3 in a row of CL-money-pots to stay alive…..knowing, full well that…53,000 Celtic supporters had bought SB’s to watch these games?


    The Kelly’s & White’s might have been incompetent-self-preservationists but….they werent soup-takers….imho



  19. Ah mean….John Reid, a former cabinet minister….sat in the directors box and watched on as, a host of mibs carved-up the game to hand the CL-money-pots to the huns and…he got off the hook at the ‘constructed’ AGM by spouting alot of p#sh about…The Holy Willies?



  20. Parkheadcumsalford




    I know what yer saying but, if Michael Kelly was a billionaire?…..do you think he would have sat back and watched the ‘then’ huns, equal Mr Stein’s 9 in a row?





    Referencing M Kelly and his crew, that’s. Beyond desperate. Those clowns nearly killed the club.

  22. ..






    Let’s face it the vast majority of Tims never want to play any version of them ever..






    However, as I’m sure you’re well aware, it is a statement based on my personal experiences of speaking to fellow Tims. Since 2012 I can only recall two who’ve made the claim to miss them, thankfully ..






    Maybe Your asking the Wrong Questions..



    As Missing them and Playing ‘Them’ Again if the Ever Reach Celtics level Again are 2 Totally different things..



    If We Enter a Tournament We need to Play the Teams that are set before Us..



    Like Jinky are His Dribbling best.. I wouldn’t mind Beating them going back and beating them again and then Again.. 【ツ】



    Plus I’m Against Apartheid in Football.. lol



    Summa of SevcoPartsOneTwoOrThreeCSC

  23. Alex McLeish is on a shortlist of candidates for the Greece national coach (drivers) job, with the former Scotland, ranjurs and Aston Villa boss currantly unattached………….



    (Fixed that for you shortie CSC)

  24. Summa



    My gosh you’re being uber pedantic :-)



    I’m talking about both. Missing them and wishing to play any version of them ever again.



    I’ve only met a couple.

  25. I have a DVD with, some old Celtic stuff on it….transfered from VCR to DVD.


    It contains an extract from Scotsport were, Brian Dempsey calls out, Fergus McCann….the gist of this being…..McCann had a double page spread in the Celtic View, telling Celtic fans to be aware of what they read in the SMSM…were, FM described BD and, Celtic-board-cage-rattling-journo…Gerry McNee as being….”Wolves in sheep clothing.”


    BD was in the Scotsport studio were he said that, “Fergus has the hump with himself and, McNee because they knew too much!”


    Now…..if, that wasn’t true?….why didn’t Fergus nail them both?


    Why didn’t Fergus set the record straight?


    Why was Fergus paranoid of both, Dempsey and McNee?


    I’ll try to get my son to put the DVD onto youtube and let you see what I’m trying to say here.


    Also…BD, also claimed that Fergus ‘tried’ to say that BD didnt have the money to put into Celtic FC but, BD had a Bank Of Ireland certificate for an joint-account for both himself and, John Keane for the amount of almost £7 million to be put into rebuilding Celtic FC but….as, BD says in the DVD – “Fergus misled a lot of folk, Celtic supporters and, I would have no part in that.”


    Now, if that is true?….why no tough guy stuff from Fergus?


    Every doggy has it’s day – CSC



  26. GG & SDB & Taurangabhoy






    “Open your mind bhoys to other sports.


    Appreciate the skills and teamwork involved.


    Don’t dismiss them out of hand without an appreciation of the players and teams.


    Have you seen the size of some of the guys playing?


    Have you seen their speed and agility? Especially the Southern Hemisphere teams.”



    Apart from one reference to “testicle squeezing” there was absolutely no, I repeat, no, denigration of the intricacies and challenges of the sport itself. You have invented an attack that was not there, Indeed, given my own sporting background, I would not denigrate any minority sport, with the possible exceptions of showjumping and Polo wi’ cuddies.



    My rant was about the Rugby Union toffs taking the moral high ground over the “ned” culture they perceive in football and other oik sports. It was an attitude prevalent in many of the contributors to the OBaF Act and has led to a situation where Rugby fans can drink at matches, where Republican songs can be sung there and on the way to and from such matches, and where sectarian or racist terms like Jock & Frog & Taff will not be prosecuted on any rugby social media but will be at football.



    As the guy who started this Rugby (Union only BTW and British RU, in particular), I plead assuredly Not Guilty to your charge.

  27. Parkheadcumsalford on 20th October 2015 8:07 am



    Thing is, I think it’s too late. Whatever is happening right now is in my opinion being done to save SDM and if that means the death of RIFC, so be it. If it was about saving them it would never even get to court. The help they need requires certain things and one of those is the availability of assets as security. Right now they’re off the table.



    SDM must know some dark stuff.

  28. At any given time the urge to sing the” lion sleeps tonight “is just a whim away





    a whim away ,a whim away a whim away …..





    goes straight in at No 1 with a bullet. And you’ll bliddy get one off me the next time I see you.




  30. Andyr53



    “Errrrrr, what we gonna do with this Help for Heroes money or the gate receipts from the Juventus charity .watch..?”



     Aye, bring them back, the game in scotland needs them.



     Rot and burn in bell for eternity.”






    They’ll get out on appeal.

  31. GG, SFTB et al,



    Re “The Wugby”…….



    My own views restricted to first hand experience( socially and thru work) of Embra and West London TVR drivin’, Pint Of Flowers quaffin’, chino-wearin’ wallahs……..all frightfully decent chaps (an’ chapesses) mind, but in the main Bullingdon Club wannabes and quite possibly actual members……………….









    FreedomForTooting CSC