Alarming rise in tensions ahead of Sunday’s game


One day this week Strathclyde Police officers will have visited Lennoxtown and Murray Park and reminded players and officials the consequences their actions can have before during and after Sundays Celtic-Rangers game.

Our streets are dangerous on these weekends, best avoided, always avoided by me.  You know it, I know it, people who have worked in the game for the last 40-odd years know it.

At a media conference at Ibrox today, Sandy Jardine said:

“Having gone round and met a lot of the supporters and people within the club, I think people are absolutely sick and tired of everybody having a kick at us when we’re down.

“Out of that, the supporters will take sanctions against clubs which we deem have been unfair to ourselves.

“I’m not going to go into the actual details but we will probably announce that after the meeting with the supporters clubs.

“Everybody is sick and tired of just accepting everything that everybody is throwing at us and it’s about starting to fight back.

“The size of our club and the size of our supporter base, it can be a powerful weapon.

“Everybody having a kick at us”.   “Supporters will take sanctions”.  “It’s about starting to fight back”.

Watch yourself at the weekend.  After the game, go home and stay there.  Talk about kicking and fighting three days before the game does not bode well.

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  1. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Awe, just logged on and nearly in…



    and I read P67’s article – Jock Steins Celtic… huh… huh…?

  2. SmashingMilkBottles on




    Last shameless plug.



    We’re having a race night tomorrow night to raise funds for the Genesis research trust. This trust are attempting to find a cure for cancers / premature births and sometimes the resultant brain damage to babies .



    If you wish to come along its at Whitecraigs Rugby Club, Aurs Rd Newton Mearns starting at 7.30 pm.



    Alternatively if you wish to donate then please do so at







  3. dirtymac



    Nothing came of it, I was talking to a Barca fan about it just a few weeks ago, he still harbours ill will about it, the Real fans would be akin to the hun, they think it’s their god given right.



    There are people here who dedicate their lifes to outing the corruption, but are finding it harder as time goes by, the laws are being flouted, but it’s just like scotland, the establishment are the ones who control everything

  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Evening,



    At some point last night there was mention on here of the European Cup Final between Bayern Munich and St Etienne which was held at Hampden on 12th May 1976. There were reminiscences of the atmosphere in Glasgow around that week and the vibe created by the Bavarian Hordes and the band of Indomitable Les Verts.



    The posts were between various comments all relating to Ally McCoist and his public utterances. various posters commented upon Wee Ally’s culpability, his knowledge of what he was saying and his responsibility for his actions.



    And then up would pop another post about that May night at Hampden in 1976 and how St Etienne had been foiled by what the French newspapers described as “Les Poteaux Carres”– the square posts– which they hit twice. It was argued and widely believed that had Hampden had the more common round posts, then Beckenbaur, Muller & Co would not have secured their third European Cup in a row, and that the Big Cup whould have gone home with the French.



    In a desperate attmpt to claw back the German’s 1-0 lead that night, in the 83rd minute St Etienne’s manager replaced Christian Sarramagna with another of the young youth players that he had brought through the St Etienne youth system. The substitution did not change the result for les Verts but the young substitute would go on to make a name for himself in French football.



    His name?



    Dominic Rocheteau.



    Now I could go on to talk about the curly haired ones skills with the ball, his international career, or the honours he won with St Etienne and PSG by way of league and cup medals.



    However, what is more interesting about Rocheteau is what happened to him after his playing days.



    Always political, a spokesman for the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire, today Rocheteau heads up the National Committe for Ethics for the French Football Association. If you think about French Football in recent years and the actions of their world cup squad, then you may gather this is not a job without difficulty.



    It is commonly accepted that Footballers are not the most gifted academically- possibly because as youths they concentrate on football skills rather than Academic study. Yet some footballers do extraordinary things away from football.



    Apart from Rocheteau, Gianni Rivera– former captain of AC Milan, winner of the 1969 Balon D’or, holder of 60 Italian caps, European and European Cup Winners Cup winners medals– is now a longstanding member of the European Parliament as well as the President of the Educational Youth Sector of the Italian Football Federation.



    Still playing is Didier Drogba. Drogba has scored more goals for Chelsea than any other foreign born player and is the club’s 4th highest scorer of all time. He is captain of his country, The Ivory Coast, and scored the first ever goal for them in a World Cup Finals.



    Drogba is credited with playing a vital role in bringing peace to his country. After Côte d’Ivoire qualified for the 2006 World Cup, Drogba made a desperate plea to the combatants, asking them to lay down their arms, a plea which was answered with a cease fire after five years of civil war. Drogba later helped move an African Cup of Nations qualifier to the rebel stronghold of Bouake; a move that helped confirm the peace process. In September 2011, Drogba joined the Truth, Reconciliation and Dialogue Commission as a representative to help return peace to his home nation. His involvement in the peace process lead to Drogba being named as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine for 2010. Further he helped build a much needed hospital in his home town with £3Million pounds of his own money. He has been a goodwill Ambassador for the United nations Development Programme since 2007.



    And then there is Ally McCoist.



    Many an expert in Education will tell you that having the ability to communicate and be of instant sharp wit is a sure sign of intelligence and in some cases is a far more convincing sign of intelligence than exam results which stem from an academic paper which a boy sits in sterile artificial conditions at the age of 16.



    McCoist is no dummy, and had managed to become a respected football pundit and friendly media personality before taking up a post with Rangers. As Walter Smith said today, he gave up a lot to join Rangers’ management team. McCoist could and indeed would have graduated from sports only broadcasting to other forms of broadcast entertainment. In short– he made for good Telly and could have been a major personality in that idiom. Instead he chose to return to his beloved Rangers.



    It is against that background, that intelligence, that knowledge of broadcasting that you have to view his extremely foolish and ill advised — but carefully and deliberately chosen– public words.



    Ally McCoist has missed an opportunity here, for no matter what happens to Rangers- whether there be an old Co or a new Co, the current dire financial situation presented Ally McCoist with a unique opportunity. An opportunity to lead and take forward a new Rangers, or even an old Rangers with a new owner, going in a new direction, with a new purpose and with a renewed dignity which has been missing for a long time and which will simply grow ever more undignified in the coming days when the transgressions yet to be judged come around. In short, he could have made a unique and universally acclaimed place for himself in Scottish Football and social spheres if he had chosen to lead Rangers and their fans forward in a new direction.



    Instead, despite all his media savvy, his quick wittedness, his appeal to many neutrals, he chose to go down the dogged old fashioned Rangers under siege mode. He has opened the door and appealed to that element of the Rangers fan base who have harmed and damaged the reputation of the club for oh so many years.



    We all know that there are lots of really good folk who support Rangers. Guys who you are proud to call a friend and who have no time for bigotry, threats, violence or any of that stuff. Yet these guys, as someone else said earlier on today, are the silent sector. They are drowned out and their voice is suffocated by the growling element. They have no voice and little influence. They are the missing Gers, the disenfranchised and the disenchanted.



    Ally McCoist could have been their champion, their talisman, their ethical light, and like the other players and ex players mentioned above he could have done so much good for Rangers and for each and every one of us who live in Scotland amongst the social problem that has been tolerated and never spoken of over these many years.



    However, over the last number of months, it would appear that Ally has chosen to turn his back on that opportunity. He could have enhanced his own reputation and established himself as a guy with real leadership qualities and strong moral courage and appeal, building on his open friendship with Tommy Burns and his past actions such as his public support of SCIAF. He could have lead the Rangers ranks- new or old– to a new place and a new level and made a real difference.



    I am sure that in time he will regret deeply the words issued to Rangers TV. He will regret the actions taken mistakenly at his behest, and that guys like Sandy Jardine have followed his lead instead of following that lead in another direction.



    The character of Ally McCoist that is currently on public show is undoubtedly a victim of the Big Tax Case, the past misgovernment of Murray and Whyte, the current finacial pressures and the all pervading attitude that has been redolent at Rangers for far too long. Whilst all the other guys who are ultimately to blame for the current Rangers mess– including Walter– have buggered off– McCoist is left to face the music and crack under the pressure. His choice of course and his responsibility, with no one else to bear the blame for his actions.



    Despite all the mitigating factors– and there are some– put simply he should have been better than this.



    He should look at guys like Drogba, Rocheteau and Rivera, read the Ethical aims that Fifa and other associations aspire to and think deeply about how he could influence things at Rangers and in Scotland for the better.



    If he does even half of that, then he may reach the conclusion that the first person that he should publicly name and shame as having to do more for Rangers real long term interests at a really difficult time– is the guy who stares back at him in the mirror!

  5. RFC are rudderless and leaderless. Into the vacuum has stepped Dingwall and his ilk.



    Incredibly, a man once banned from Ibrox because of the content of his website is now courted by Murray and his media allies.



    The shameful statements of the last few days – culminating in today’s insane outburst from Jardine – perfectly sum up what this club is.



    The whiff of fascism is strong, and the green (sic) light is being given to the lunatic element of their support. Like you Paul, I am a mite concerned about Sunday, and am reviewing where I park the car etc. I certainly won’t be in town that afternoon…

  6. TET


    The training is starting to arrive here.


    My Daughter plays for an under 15 team, plays Rangers next week as it happens. Celtic in a few weeks, mixed feelings for her, we’ve already talked about it, she’s torn, but will play for her team and give her all.


    But they have young coaches who are trying to get them playing football, good coaching drills, developing play, time on the ball, using your brain.


    Kick and rush football is not allowed.


    That philosophy is spreading across youth football, a dutchman is head of SFA youth football, early days but from what I’ve seen progress.

  7. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Can’t wait for the game on Sunday, should be a great atmosphere from our perspective, but would urge caution to all. As Paul has pointed out, just about every sentence they come out with has violent undertones.


    Every Celtic fan should go and enjoy the day, just take care all.

  8. serious question


    are we safe in our ground this sunday?


    will the police be able to guarantee safety of our fans? especially those within coin-throwing distance of them and their bile?

  9. He has taken a leaf out out fat sally’s book and given a call to arms. I for one will be heading straight for home after the match, win, lose (not likely), or draw.



    We all know what happens when the get beat.

  10. West Wales Celt on

    Sandy and Ally both.


    Apparently the violent analogies continue despite the evidence that such sentiments are taken literally by considerable numbers of the peepil. Not sure what is more shocking, that those who play with this fire do so in apparent ignorance or contrivance…





    When they dieing?

  11. Was Jardine’s talk of kicking and fighting no just one of Iboak Legned John Greig’s team talks?






    Facetious points aside, I think this weekend has been in the post for a number of years now. We all knew the writing was on the wall for thems at the first slip they made, though to be strictly accurate, we might contend that this year’s various debacles weren’t nearly the first slip.



    I think this may be the one game v them where I genuinely would prefer a tedium-fest 0-0 over the usual 6-0 orc-slaying I would otherwise hope for.

  12. I said last night on one of the posts that every Celtic fan this Sunday need to be very careful, whether they are at the game or in a bar or just walking in the street after.


    McCoist, Smith, Jardine, Hately and the MSM have them primed and ready to exact some sort of vengence on people who in their dark and evil mindset are culpable for all their woes. That and they hate our club and our culture and diversity, our church ( for some ) our Irishness ( for some ) our schools in general our way of life.


    so please everyone be on your guard on Sunday, get home safe and lets pray that this is the last time we have to see these animals in our stadium and on our streets.




  13. The Ragers will have worked out by now that they are doomed.



    “we’re dooomed” they will say, with big manic eyes.



    On Sunday we will see thousands of angry and embittered men show the world they have nothing to lose.

  14. eirecamper on 26 April, 2012 at 22:42 said:



    Inside the stadium will be about the only place that will be safe.

  15. Paul67,



    Great article, again!



    Any confirmation that orcs have GCC permission to have their protest march on Saturday? Read a poster earlier saying it had.(maybe on an another site)



    Do you think game could be pulled if violence ensues Saturday?

  16. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    I best wear my keflar vest for the game then.. I ve a ticket too for my oldest BHOY but not sure I want to take my kids to this game..



    Jardine Smith Mc Coist are culpable in the raising of tensions.. As was Their board last yr when the odious Diouf was signed..



    They are a vile uneducated bombastic tribe..




    Dangerous and self righteous..



    Ha , but we won the league ..



    Makes me so happy..




  17. Paul67



    Was hoping you would say this. Was glad BT said it last night. All our Bhoys & Ghirls need to be on their guard this weekend, We are up against Evil. Had a bad feeling about this game for weeks.

  18. A timely reminder Paul67 and bang on the money.



    Advice I will be heeding.



    The words of McCoist and Smith and Jardine have raised the temperature further than ever. I hope no-one lives to regret that.




  19. Paul 67


    I said to you last night that I thought that Mc moist would not be in bother for what he did, I still think the same, especially after all that has gone on in the media today.


    Now we have an ambassador of the club, openly advocating violence, cos that is what he is doing, and we are at the front end of his jibes, again nothing will be done about it.


    You said yourself many months ago that things would get dirty, well it’s getting dirty, but the sad thing is blood will be spilt, and our club and it’s supporters will be the one’s who’s blood is going to get spilt.



    It’s very much akin to NI a few years back.



    Tis a sad time, but a good time to be a Tim.



    Please be carefull out there.

  20. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Anybody else feel a bit elated and depressed at the same time here?



    Elated, because a body whose gravity has sucked much of the bile in this society to its centre, is about to implode.



    Depressed for how this country is… a population of 5 million people for gods sake… great hatred, little room.



    There is a lot that is good in this country, but it is silent. There are strident voices, roaring drunk on certainties, who mark this country as their own, like cats pissing on a tree. They don’t speak for me, or you, but they’re heard above us all.



    It’s time for others to start talking.

  21. Mark \o/ McGhee's \o/ Eyeliner \o/ AKA Mark Guidi on

    Paul I posted on an earlier thread about Jardine.



    One word.






    Everyone be extra careful this Sunday.



    Hail hail




  22. A very timely article Paul, these scummy peepil now realise it is all over for them and they are going to lash out very badly I fear.



    The rhetoric used in just the last few days has been disgraceful and IMO, pre-meditated to incite the peepil to their worst behaviour. The Media once again have been at the forefront with some highly inflammatory stuff this week and I would urge All of the Celtic family to take extra care on Sunday, especially later on when people are more likely to be on their own.

  23. Doc is Neil Lennon on 26 April, 2012 at 22:41 said:



    Totally agree. I am chairman of a big youth football club with teams from P2 to u21s and all of our players are encouraged to play that way (some with more success than others!). Unfortunately, when we get to 11-a-sides we start to come against kick and rush teams and it is difficult to play the proper way against this, but we are getting there



    I also started a girls section a couple of months ago (we now have about 30 girls) and it is noticable how much less they focus on pace and power and more about picking passes etc

  24. Doc



    Delighted to hear that.


    Football in scotland has suffered since the souness days, his approach to the game destroyed what we have a few short years before he came to the hun.



    Sort the referees, sort the problem, simples.

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