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  1. Question



    What’s the difference between getting a verbal abuse because of the colour of your skin & getting a hard time for acting in an obnoxious & provocative manner after being sent off for an egregiously reckless challenge on an opponent at your opponents ground?






    None according to Show Racism the Red Card (Scotland).



    Truth is that acting like an erse in a deliberate attempt to goad fans when you happen to be black does not exempt you from getting stick. Neither does it mean that deliberately provoking that response when you’re black – that subsequent abuse is because you are black.

  2. Mon Brendan’s Bhoys



    Game moved from Alashkert’s ground to the bigger national stadium apparently.



    Real grass and high temperatures.




  3. I’d take a score draw in this game and if we snatch a win it will be narrow judging by Alashkert’s previous results .




    Looking forward to the combination of Edouard and Dembele which we’ve seen previews of and were reminded of how well the two linked when briefly paired last season.




    Scott Allan on the bench but very likely to return to Hibs when he comes home.

  4. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Here’s the thing.


    I might have missed it but what was said to poor shay that so upset him two month later.


    Did the intrepid reporter not ask


    Makes me think he’s made it up


    Who’d a thunk it

  5. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Surprised wee Logan never said he spotted Tonev in the stands……….job done.




  6. The Star above The Crest on

    I like the look of this line up. Here’s hoping we get the job done with no injuries. COYBIG ????

  7. Celtic team v Alashkert




    Gordon ; Hendry, Ajer, Simunovic ; Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, Tierney ; McGregor ; Eduoard , Dembele




    Subs: Bain, Christie, Sinclair, Morgan, Allan, Ralston, Kouassi

  8. Like that Team…



    Interesting Bench…



    Good to see Big Joe indahouse!



    Alashkert 0 – 3 Celtic












    Hail Hail

  9. Big Joe



    Now you’ve got a big heid.



    I aim for #15 every time and fail..



    Always 14 never 15 CSC

  10. Celtic TV ..the drama builds..



    Pre game tunes have stopped…



    Nothing else has happened…



    Moment of truth…



    Will the pictures come thro like thye first moonshots images…



    Or will we hear the crackling tones of the ..& no pictures



    ..Nope we’re back tae tunes..



    which can only mean that the transmission is going to be a challenge for the faithfull



    in Planet Celtic TV that is..



    Are you BBC guys getting any pictures yet?

  11. JOHN51 on 10TH JULY 2018 4:37 PM


    Big Joe




    Now you’ve got a big heid.




    I aim for #15 every time and fail..




    Always 14 never 15 CSC





  12. Help with Premier Sports.


    In Paphos, Cyprus and I am getting a pop up to say the live stream is geo blocked?



    Anyone shed any light on this?


    Do they only have the game for the UK and RoI?