Alcohol, if you’re rich enough


As you and I know, alcohol is sold at football games.  If you are in a corporate seat, you can drink before kick-off, at halftime and again at fulltime.  Prohibition only applies to the cheap seats.

Alcohol-related issues remain a problem in towns across Scotland in the hours after big games, but suggestions by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, that there is a potential correlation between those drinking from cheap seats at games and violence (including the domestic kind) are simply unfounded.  People are free to get tanked up before and after games, the wealthy can do so during games, and millions can do so in pubs and at home while watching games on TV.

I have some concerns about reintroducing alcohol for the rest of us.  Alcohol requires appropriate infrastructure and ambiance – like there is at the Kerrydale Suite, for example.  The North Stand Upper, where I sit, does not have the space, supervision capabilities, or even the toilets to become an appropriate venue to encourage the consumption of any more fluids.  In the 20 years it’s been up, it’s never had enough paper towels to make it to halftime, and may God go with you, if you need to spend a longer visit, but don’t let that be a reason to stop the rest of you.

Modern football stadiums have many safe areas where alcohol can be consumed.  Those who cannot handle their drink, would find themselves supervised to within an inch of a football banning order. Scotland needs to learn what a healthy attitude to alcohol looks like – check out the Kerrydale Suite for a glimpse.

Build the lounges, toilets, and grills.  Put carpet down, dress stewards in black ties, have them welcome fans as “Sir” or “Madam”, treat football fans like responsible adults.  It works in the hospitality areas and in the Kerrydale Suite, it’ll work from Palmerston to Peterhead.

Thank you for the tremendous response yesterday to the line-up for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner.  We have (St) Packy Bonnar, Tommy Coyne and Joe Miller for a Q&A, an unmissable address on Jock Stein by Archie Macpherson, and Celtic’s First Lady of Song, Patricia Ferns, for those of you who enjoy a song or dance.  Let me know if you’re still looking for tickets,

And Celtic, how hard can it be to put enough paper towels in the toilets? I love the family approach the club has now, but bringing kids means dealing with the toilets, and that’s never a highlight of the trip.

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  1. Ernie lynch



    Yawn yawn yawn


    And those wee socialists pursuing income streams for big business.who’d ah thunk it!!… par for the course now.


    It would be better if ‘socialist’Labour concentrated on poverty, wealth distribution, not privatizing nhs instead of sound bite empty policies like this.its vacant politics.



  2. LiviBhoy


    14:27 on


    17 February, 2015


    Alfie Noakes



    I think the main problem is facilities. Some clubs will not be able to afford to put the correct facilities in. Look at Fir Park and Firhill for example. They would never cope!








    I take your point, however if they don’t put the investment in, that is up to them – it should not be used as a reason to stop other clubs like Celtic doing it.



    We are in Scottish football for the medium term at least, whether we like it, or, not. We do not share in the vast TV revenues of the EPL. So we must not face a restriction of trade, by forbidding the vast majority of our ‘customers’, the basic rights of ALL other event-goers in the country.



    The calling-in of the Safe-Standing areas approval to the Holyrood machine, taking it out of Glasgow Council’s hands and into Jamie Hepburn, (Minister for Sport and Mental Illness) office, is another example of the control-freakery of the SNP.



    Celtic and Glasgow Council were virtually at the ‘rubber-stamping’ of the certification to allow safe-standing at Celtic Park, when the news hit a “very surprised” Peter Lawwell last year.

  3. Weeminger 1323


    I avail myself of a single fish now and again from the Fish Bar, which tends to be fairly decent. Had a spat with them when it first opened as they would only sell fish suppers, despite selling single sausages and pies..! Anyway that’s sorted now, and it is a good facility. I also like the revamp of the catering facilities in the North Stand lower, especially the soup and stovies as mentioned already. They just need to sort out the drinks (non alcoholic) next: the coke etc is always flat and the coffee is like nats ….!



  4. ernie lynch


    14:37 on


    17 February, 2015



    yawn………………… Ernie your usual attempt to misrepresent views by placing your perverted thinking on to what i posted…….your predictable and fecking boring



    FWIW its my personal view i do not wish to have alcohol served in football grounds

  5. .



    l remember the First ever Old Firm Mid-Day Kick Off..To prevent Peeps in the Pub from Opening Time till 3pm..



    So we changed out Matchday Ritual..



    Instead of Getting in the Pub at 9am with the Cleaners..we met at a Mates house at 7am then met the Cleaners on the Way to the Pub at 9am then left the Pub as it was Opening at 11am..;-) and Got a Carry-Oot at the Off licence that had Just Opened fro the 15 Min Bus Journey..



    Renumber thinking at 5PM..Jeezo is that All the Time it is..Feels like Midnight..




  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    13:20 on,



    You have the right idea,



    Concourse pre/post match facilities would be the best of both worlds.



    Supporters have the on site facility and the club have the revenue.



    I attended a midweek game at Pittodrie in the early 70’s and was pleasantly surprised that after gaining entry to the stand, there was a large area with an appropriate bar facility.



    An extension of that to other parts of the ground, or even incorporated to the outside of the stadium would be mutually beneficial.

  7. ernie lynch



    There is nothing in the legislation which bans scooters. Perambulators are allowed if you have obtained the necessary permission beforehand and enter the stadium through the relevant gate.Any intended’ Choreographies ‘must be submitted and approved in advance .

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    If TRFC Limited is the engine room company, presumably RIFC plc is the boiler room outfit.

  9. Delaneys Dunky, 12:42



    I was on the Springfield Road, at my granny’s, on the day in 1970 that Billy McKee first brought out the guns – the day before the battle of St Matthew’s in Short Strand.


    Every single door was open and the street was literally black with people breaking up paving stones and anything they could use to defend their homes from the hate-filled Lambeg marchers with their armed RUC guard coming down from Woodvale.


    I have never been as scared in my life. You could literally taste the fear in the air.



    I took my kids to see the memorial a few years ago – two of my cousins’ names are on that long list – and I was glad to see it so well looked after.


    That area suffered greatly and their victory is that they are still there.

  10. An Tearmann


    14:37 on


    17 February, 2015


    Ernie lynch



    Yawn yawn yawn


    And those wee socialists pursuing income streams for big business.who’d ah thunk it!!… par for the course now.


    It would be better if ‘socialist’Labour concentrated on poverty, wealth distribution, not privatizing nhs instead of sound bite empty policies like this.its vacant politics.





    It would be better if the SNP produced even one policy/proposal that would enhance life for the working class and poorest in society. In all of their EIGHTY years of existence, in and out, of power, they have NEVER managed it.



    They are making a complete A*** of NHS Scotland, over which they have complete control.



    And as far as ‘big business’ is concerned – they alone were the only beneficiary of any distribution of wealth, a THREE PER CENT TAX CUT, as outlined in the now discreited SNP ‘thick’ white paper.



    Anne Dear – You are wrong on everything – as per usual. !!!!!

  11. Paul67,



    As I was saying yesterday, I wouldn’t avail myself of a drink at Celtic Park because I usually drive to games. I do, however, believe that the ban should be challenged as, even in Celtic Park, those who can afford the pricier seats have access to alcohol. That cannot be right and should not be seen as acceptable.



    Looks to me as if we ordinary punters are being discrinated against by our Scottish Government.



    By the old bye, the hand towel situation in the North Stand Lower toilets is much improved although it would be good to have some hot water!!!



    I still seldom use the catering.

  12. frannyb67



    14:33 on 17 February, 2015





    Hopefully hes still a good player when that happens.

  13. Could anyone who was involved in the drawing up of the Gallowgate Report comment on this statement that I received in a letter from Roseanna Cunningham, “Despite the march being a protest against the Offensive at Football and Threatening Communications Act, none of those arrested were charged with offences under that Act. It is not the case, as the Citizens Report claims, that all those charged were found not guilty.”



    I have read the Report over and over, and I cannot find any reference to suggest that the Report states what Ms Cunningham suggests. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.



    Elsewhere Ms Cunningham states that “The Police advised participants they were willing to facilitate their procession on the proviso that all marchers remained on the footpath. Marchers refused to comply with this request, instead unfurling a banner and stretching out across the width of the road.”



    I have communicated my displeasure at the OBFTC Act on several occasions to Ms Cunningham who always comes back with what I consider feeders from Police Scotland.

  14. lionroars67


    14:45 on


    17 February, 2015


    Labour party trolls hi jack CQN for faux electioneering issue



    yawn yawn fecking yawn





    LOL – now I see where your bile come from – wearing your SNP head – LOL again!!!!!

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Beer at football?



    Hands up all those who fancy a pint of warm, flat Carling C2 for a fiver?



    Nah, me neither.



    On the other hand, Livibhoy’s ideas based on the set up around Murrayfield are feasible at Celtic Park on 3 sides. Get the punters inside the perimeter an hour or more before kick off, let us feed and water, heck even smoke, and it changes the entire experience.



    All comes down to cost:benefit. If it delivers 20,000 fans spending an additional £10 each at every home match, at the kind of margins applied to existing concourse outlets, Celtic could afford to invest £6M in getting the perimeter right and it’ll be returned inside 2 years.



    Good business at face value.

  16. So Bevvy at the Fitba again .


    I was 11 in 1980 and therefore didn’t get to sample the delights of a bevvy at the game .


    TBH a respite from drink for the duration of the game suits me but not fussed either way.



    Anyway reminds me of a trip me and 2 mates made to Hamburg on the Edinburgh no1 CSC.



    36 hours on the bus , unfortunately , as the smallest represented CSC we were seated next to the toilet !!



    Anyway, we are there for a day prior to the game and shall we say well oiled and late for the KO.


    Gets in and my mate spots Ghuys with the plastic pint glasses.


    I’ll get them in he says…


    Just approaching HT he reappears with 3 pints, well half pints by that point.


    Have u missed anything he says..


    Nah , no mugh , we’re 2 down and a Big Malcy had been sent packing, or was it Yogi?


    Anyways, back in the bus after the game and a ghuy says to us , nobody bought that beer at the game did they?


    Aye shouts my mate.



    It was alcohol free!!



    Funny, I thought I was getting drunker!!




  17. The extra cost of ordering tickets online is to cover recorded delivery. I am happy to pay it for the comfort of knowing my tickets will arrive securely as was the case for the semi-final.



    The £1.50 is to pay for the agency that runs the website. Buy any ticket online for any show or concert and there is a booking fee.



    MoaningForMoaningSake CSC

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK



    Only way I could see it working although a winters day or night would make it difficult.


    Standing about in the cold or rain would not be pleasant.


    Some interest for kids would be good. It all costs money though and if the attendances don;t improve is it worth the extra cost?






    Dundee United FC v Celtic FC


    The National Stadium, Hampden Park, Glasgow


    Sunday, March 15 2015


    Kick-off 3.00 pm



    Tickets for this match are now on sale to Season Ticket holders who have been allocated a ticket. Tickets have been allocated to Season Ticket holders based on membership of the Home Cup Ticket Scheme, attendance at domestic away matches, attendance at previous League Cup matches against Hearts and Partick Thistle and attendance at The League Cup Semi Final.






    Season Ticket holders can check if they have been allocated a ticket by logging into the game when it goes on sale online. To check your eligibility ‘Buy Tickets Online’ below and then click ‘Find Tickets’ next to the game.



    Buy Tickets Online



    Tickets are priced as follows:-



    South Stand – £35 (limited availability)


    North Stand – £28


    East Stand – £28 Adults/£12 Under 16



    Please note, an Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to attend a match at The National Stadium.



    The deadline for those successful STH to purchase their ticket is 5pm on Friday, 27th February.



    Tickets can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888* or by visiting the Celtic Ticket Office which is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5pm. Please visit for extended opening hours. Booking fees apply online and via the booking line.



    As there is no reprint facility available for tickets, all tickets booked online or via the booking line will also be subject to a Special Delivery Fee. Tickets booked online/via booking line cannot be uplifted from the Ticket Office.



    For those on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme, tickets must be purchased via one of the above methods. Payment will NOT automatically be taken from accounts.



    Season Ticket holders collecting tickets on behalf of fellow Season Ticket holders from the Ticket Office must bring all TeamCards with them. Tickets will not be issued unless TeamCards are provided.



    All tickets are issued in accordance with Celtic Football Club’s Social Mission Statement, your Season Ticket terms and conditions and the Club’s policy on Unacceptable Conduct at Celtic Park and Away stadia (available on



    Our supporters attending this match are ambassadors for the Club and its supporters world-wide and are requested to conduct themselves in a manner befitting this status when travelling to and attending the match.



    The Club’s policy in connection with unsafe or unacceptable conduct is clear. Any supporter participating in such conduct may be removed from the stadium and banned from attending future matches involving the club.



    In particular, please note that the possession and use of fireworks, smoke bombs, firecrackers and all pyrotechnics are absolutely prohibited. We stress the dangers surrounding fireworks and pyrotechnics, which are considered a serious safety issue.



    If you have any questions, please contact the Ticket Office Customer Service Line on 0141 230 1967, which is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5pm.

  20. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Wonder what Murphy will conjure up next to try and win votes ..



    Buckfast tokens at Food banks ?



    Compulsory smoking in A&E ?



    Less additives in Irn Bru ( because it’s obviously making the chancer more and more delusional!)

  21. Re booze



    I saw somebody saying we could buy booze inside stadia on our trips to the continent. I have been to three in the last two season and a couple of dozen over the years in all. I don’t think that one has sold any alcoholic beverage inside the ground to Celtic fans since I went to Ghent in 1984.



    I know from going to few matches in Italy a few times in the 90s and the early part of this century when I visited that country quite a lot that you could buy beer much nearer to the stadia than any football ground in Scotland and I would probably quite like that near Celtic Park- though space would be a potential problem.#



    I do agree that there is something wrong that rich folk and rugby fans can buy drink inside grounds- – whilst the the hoi polloi have to make do with liquid beef or own label iron brew. And it is strange that you have always been able to buy alcoholic drinks at cricket matches which when Scotland was playing a touring team or some English counties would get bigger crowds than Hamilton got against Aberdeen on Sunday.



    But there are think more pressing and omnipresent examples of discrimination against football supporters ( see Lionroars67 post 8.01 this morning) than whether we can get a drink inside the ground or not.




  22. Stewards cannot conduct personal searches unless they are SIA (Security Industry Award) accredited, and visibly display a badge to that effect.



  23. Genuine question…




    To those moaning about/mentioning the ticket charges…



    How did you book your semi tickets and what charges were involved?








    Peter Lawwell was very surprised,was he?



    Is that the same very surprised at the LNS verdict?



    Very surprised disnae seem tobe enough for him to get his finger out of his million pound backside and fight our corner,he just soundbites once and counts his money.



    Tell you what,I was “very surprised” when Celtic were charged over the Rennes match. My Dad,his brother and I were right next to the GB that night.



    We heard nothing as was alleged.



    Did PL fight our charge?






    Did PL fight the verdict,when a first year law student could see that it had been deliberately left open to appeal?






    He decided to teach the GB a lesson,and hung our club out to dry in the process.



    I realise that he now recognises his error,but what an error.



    A million pound a year for a prick who screwed our rep.

  25. Alfie Noakes


    14:51 on


    17 February, 2015



    I am not a member of the SNP, never have been, was a member of the ole real Labour party as was my father and grandfather, with moronic party trolls like you no chance of returning

  26. bournesouprecipe on

    Multiple Gazebos © praecepta, people could arrive at the footprint early doors for Rolls n Squerr?



    The Celtic Way should be awash with Fish n Chip’s, Roll’s n Pie, washed down by a cheeky wee can of Murphy’s.



    Why did Celtic not think of this?



    *Because youv’e to queue up to get inside for flat warm Carlings at a fiver a whip *

  27. Any Labour followers know if Jim Murphy has cut his links to the right-wing neo-con Henry Jackson Society yet?

  28. lionroars67


    14:45 on


    17 February, 2015


    ‘Labour party trolls hi jack CQN for faux electioneering issue’








    The article is headed….



    ‘Alcohol, if you’re rich enough’.



    Not quite sure how posting comments about allowing alcohol in football stadiums could be seen to be hijacking the thread.



    Not like a nat to be intolerant of those who disagree with them though, is it?

  29. .



    Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. The Vow – Critically Rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.


    14:47 on


    17 February, 2015


    Can’t wait till Thursday. Hopefully opens the eyes of some of our old firm fans and makes them realise it’s not just about Celtic v diedco.



    MWD said AYE






    Thursdays game is a European Far a l believe Rangers are Not in Europe and l don’t think we have Ever Played them in Europe so Why bring The Old Firm into it..



    Would have a Great ring to it but..Old Firm Euro




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