Alcohol, if you’re rich enough


As you and I know, alcohol is sold at football games.  If you are in a corporate seat, you can drink before kick-off, at halftime and again at fulltime.  Prohibition only applies to the cheap seats.

Alcohol-related issues remain a problem in towns across Scotland in the hours after big games, but suggestions by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, that there is a potential correlation between those drinking from cheap seats at games and violence (including the domestic kind) are simply unfounded.  People are free to get tanked up before and after games, the wealthy can do so during games, and millions can do so in pubs and at home while watching games on TV.

I have some concerns about reintroducing alcohol for the rest of us.  Alcohol requires appropriate infrastructure and ambiance – like there is at the Kerrydale Suite, for example.  The North Stand Upper, where I sit, does not have the space, supervision capabilities, or even the toilets to become an appropriate venue to encourage the consumption of any more fluids.  In the 20 years it’s been up, it’s never had enough paper towels to make it to halftime, and may God go with you, if you need to spend a longer visit, but don’t let that be a reason to stop the rest of you.

Modern football stadiums have many safe areas where alcohol can be consumed.  Those who cannot handle their drink, would find themselves supervised to within an inch of a football banning order. Scotland needs to learn what a healthy attitude to alcohol looks like – check out the Kerrydale Suite for a glimpse.

Build the lounges, toilets, and grills.  Put carpet down, dress stewards in black ties, have them welcome fans as “Sir” or “Madam”, treat football fans like responsible adults.  It works in the hospitality areas and in the Kerrydale Suite, it’ll work from Palmerston to Peterhead.

Thank you for the tremendous response yesterday to the line-up for the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner.  We have (St) Packy Bonnar, Tommy Coyne and Joe Miller for a Q&A, an unmissable address on Jock Stein by Archie Macpherson, and Celtic’s First Lady of Song, Patricia Ferns, for those of you who enjoy a song or dance.  Let me know if you’re still looking for tickets,

And Celtic, how hard can it be to put enough paper towels in the toilets? I love the family approach the club has now, but bringing kids means dealing with the toilets, and that’s never a highlight of the trip.

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  1. And now follows a broadcast by the New Labour Party.


    Mair drink fur the masses!


    When do we want it?


    Maybe if we ever get back into power in Scotland.




  2. jamesgang


    16:45 on


    17 February, 2015



    Thats what happens when you play dominoes in the corner with Alfie…………change pubs

  3. So having been at the early rounds of the League Cup against Hearts and Partick Thistle where there were around 15,000 at both games I log on today to be told I don’t qualify for a ticket for the Final.



    Do the ticket office not look at who goes to these midweek games?



    Not happy

  4. Sigh,




    So it has come to this has it?



    Has Saint Jim called in a favour to get this tripe spoken about?



    Lets get a few things straight shall we?



    We all know why drink was banned from being taken in to football grounds in Scotland and I would also like to ask any South Africa based Celts if that match was shown live on TV as Saint Jim alleges.



    This new policy is a cheap and tawdry gimmick. I’m sure John McTernan is laughing somewhere at a job well done.



    As usual one willingly led poster or two with an axe to grind out of their deep seated hatred of the letters S, N and P starts telling lies about the alcohol ban being a Nat policy.



    Remind us which great unionist PM introduced the ban in the first place and which other great unionist PM who had a huge majority in Westminster (OF 13 YEARS BUT WHO NEVER REPEALED ANY OF THE LAWS OF THAT FIRST GREAT UNIONIST PM) later did nothing to change this law because their Scottish branch office all felt it worked fine well?



    Let me pause for the inevitable permarage. It will sound something like this –
















    As for alcohol in football grounds itself I am against it completely. I always have been and the fact that this is the new flagship policy of the Labour party (Scottish branch to prove London doesn’t pull the strings) says everything about the role they see for the Scottish parliament.



    This policy does NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to improve the lives of the working poor, the ordinary person, the family going to the game.












    AS I said before it is a gimmick and only the truly stupid or someone selling something would go along with seeing it as anything other than that.



    It is NOT about class it is about fooling people along class lines for votes.




    Scottish supporters are no more likely than any other group of people to become violent because of drink seems to be the thought process and yet come on here on a daily basis and we will be reminded of the violence associated with those who follow follow our former rivals.



    We are also reminded by others about how deeply Sectarian Scotland as a country is and that we should always be wary and fearful for our safety when visiting certain grounds.



    Does drink not play a part in that behaviour?



    We’ve also heard how the arrests after the recent semi-final were drink fueled in some cases and we have also heard people ask how do you arrest 20,000 people singing the same vile song? Well it becomes a lot harder if they are hopped up on the bevy I would hazard a slight guess.



    As for the domestic violence, I do not see anyone disputing that the correlation between O** F*** games and this issue exists and if you allow alcohol into the mix what would that do to the stats?



    AH BUT SNAKE I can hear already, Saint Jim said it would be restricted at certain matches involving the O** F***.



    So OUR supporters are not really being treated like everyone else then are they? So what exactly is the point of this? To make the breweries a few quid ?



    Is that socialism or proving we are the friends of business?



    How about Sevco Aberdeen game either in Glasgow or at Pittodrie? Could drink be sold at that?



    Nope – history of trouble and violence.



    Ok A Dundee Derby? A Lanarkshire Derby and Edinburgh derby?










    Hearts vs Celtic?


    Hibs vs Sevco?


    Aberdeen vs Celtic?


    Inverness vs Ross County?


    Dundee UTD Vs Aberdeen?




    Ok so which games? Who decides?



    What a waste of time, money and resources if you ask me.



    Remind me how this is socialism again?



    Maybe if your a wee Ross County fan with no real big rivalry across the country you’ll be fine but Celtic, Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen fans etc will inevitably fall foul of restrictions at some point so what is the point?



    It’s all about the money (and the votes) Lebowski.



    You can bet your boots if domestic violence, A&E figures on a Saturday across Scotland either through violence or drunken stupidity or public drunkeness at and after games increases putting off people trying to take their families and children to football the likes of Saint Jim will not take one iota of criticism from the media or from the usual suspects on here.



    Why don’t we go the whole hog and just let fans sit anywhere in the stadium while we’re at it. That’s progressive and surely they can behave themselves in that kind of situation?

  5. Alfie Noakes



    “I am NOT Jim Murphy – but I tell you this – he is a GOOD man and a force for GOOD in Scotland and for GOOD measure, he is a BETTER Celtic man, than some of the impostors, who lurk and spread their hatred on this forum”






    I couldn’t care less how good a Celtic man he is. He is the worst kind of politician. A complete self-serving opportunist. His expense claims suggest he doesn’t even try to hide his greed.

  6. LiviBhoy



    Have spoken to a few City fans. Say it’s first class. Really helps build atmosphere for games.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on






    14:53 on


    17 February, 2015


    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    Only way I could see it working although a winters day or night would make it difficult.


    Standing about in the cold or rain would not be pleasant.


    Some interest for kids would be good. It all costs money though and if the attendances don;t improve is it worth the extra cost?





    It shouldn’t have to involve standing in the cold and rain.


    Are we not intending to add a café to the Celtic Way?



    As TBB suggested earlier, if it is done on a proper scale, then the investment would be returned in quick time.



    Drink served during the game would be a no no for me.

  8. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    That doesn’t seem fair at all mate.


    Hamiltontim is the man.I’m sure he will do his utmost to sort you out.


    Good luck.

  9. Love it An tearmann



    The minutes even had a ‘Regrets’ section – ha, how long would that take



    – the minty years


    – thinking Alistair Mccoist knew football


    – buying flo


    – letting the mssm tell them everything was ok


    our hero



    and on and on……….

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK



    I can see what you are saying but will they get upwards of 10k in the cafe?


    I don;t see drink being served during the game. No need for it.


    Doesn;t happen in England. It didn;t at the grounds I have been at.


    I have been to the rugby at Murrayfield a few times and you can buy a drink there during games and take it to your seat. It comes in a plastic bottle. The quality of the drink is much better than a plastic cup.



    I think the serving of alcohol outside the ground at some sort of fan zone is the way forward and can be done without any law changes.




  11. saltires en sevilla on

    an tearmann



    16:28 on 17 February, 2015


    Saltires en sevilla



    did you get up to Arrochar?


    Beinn an Lochan tomorrow for me









    That climb is a bit beyond my technical ability mate, you seem to be up the ‘Alps’ regularly I assume you are a seasoned climber?



    I’m going to stay in Arrochar Hotel Saturday night ( a wee prezzie from friends in Melbourne) then drive over to walk a Loch Katrine route on Sunday, which is about the extent of my skill level



    Hope it stays clear tomorrow for you




  12. DownForSam



    Atmosphere at City games??? Need to tune in and turn my volume up next match.




  13. Whilst I remember, I promised one of our CQN fundraising chaps a limited edition signed/framed picture – Billy McNeill’s all time 11 – back in Nov/Dec.


    Apologies but I cannot remember who it was?


    I’m up for the game on Thursday. Give me a shout if you still want it.



  14. Phew that was a tough catch up.






    It’s impossible to get access to Stonehaven now on the way back from Pittodrie because both roads are blocked by the police. In fact on the last 3 or 4 visits all slip roads until Dundee have been blocked.






    You can still collect tickets from the TO at Parkhead mate.






    Were you offered a ticket for the game against the huns?

  15. Why do those who want the present situation with regard to Football Grounds to continue not respond to the disparity between the rich and poor? I would be all for the current ban, if it were to be cover all parts of every sports arena. Surely, the current situation can’t be allowed to remain. It’s simply unjust, imo.

  16. Hamiltontim



    Yeah was like that for years but for some reason that midweek mid 90’s we had no problem.




  17. The only way a venue is going to take a booking for the Orcs EGM, is if they do the Traveller thing, false name, turn up on the day, too late for the venue to cancel, then the inevitable ransack will happen.



    Just another day out for that mob, ala Barcelona, Manchester etc. etc….

  18. lionroars67




    16:48 on 17 February, 2015




    Ben A’an is a little hill with wonderful views




    Sitting here smiling



    Me and my mate”scaled” Ben A’an ,one day a massive achievement we thought ,


    At times I thought I was taking altitude sickness :))))



    Sitting there 20 mins later congratulating one another on our “conquest of the mountain” when we looked round and over the brow of the hill came a bus party which included such famous climbers as 4 auld women , two couples with their weans on their shoulders and a sprinkling of school weans not even out of breath,


    Gutted we were:((.




    Turns out I was ill with a lung infection , which led to it collapsing 2 days later, hence the altitude sickness, (my mate I still rib him about it).

  19. lionroars67



    16:48 on 17 February, 2015



    I’m a big fan of Ben Venue which is just round the corner. Just shy of a Munro but a fairly easy climb. Decent views as well.

  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Since 2006 in 36 games Paris St-Germain have never been beaten at home in Europe.


    26 wins,10 draws.Phenomenal.


    Will that record go tonight?

  21. Hamiltontim



    Yes I was at Hamdump



    I have written to the TO and JPT so haven’t given up hope yet.




  22. leftclicktic


    17:07 on


    17 February, 2015



    With your long legs half a dozen strides take you up there bud lol





    17:09 on


    17 February, 2015



    Ben Venue is a lovely corbett, when i said Ben A’an was thinking of those who don’t have a lot of climbing experience or go climbing with lung infections

  23. lionroars67



    16:54 on 17 February, 2015



    Anyone seen Selma yet ? is it worth going






    I thought it was excellent. The actors really resembled the characters they portrayed even the lesser known ones like Andrew Young.



    Interesting as well that the 4 main protagonists – MLK, Mrs MLK, LBJ and George Wallace were all played by English actors.



    This seems to happen more and more – look at The Wire – are they working for 30 bob a week or whatever as my old Dad used to say ?

  24. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Continues to amaze me why CFC fans listen to that garbage radio station




    The level of stupidity of their football pundits is significant



    The tweet you highlighted isn’t stupidity …it’s disingenuous agenda driven misreporting ….outrageous

  25. Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug now11 seconds ago


    2 London hotels perform #Rangers EGM u-turns. It will now take place at Ibrox. Date tbc. #circus

  26. Grange Tower Bridge Hotel tells the huns to beat it,EGM to be held at Poundland,no date decided yet…….if ever…

  27. traditionalist88 on

    People debating the alcohol ban… its draconian and a source of potential income for all clubs. Has to be controlled of course but so do pubs, especially football boozers which come in for unfair scrutiny at times.



    If people want a drink or two pre or post match they will have one – where is the question.



    Take one look at the Celtic bars around Glasgow on Thursday and you’ll be lucky to get in never mind get to the bar.