Alcohol, poor facilities and dignity at Ibrox


I’m a bit confused at the chat this morning of reintroducing the sale of alcohol at football games.  Alcohol is available for sale at games at Celtic Park, you just need to have a ticket for an expensive enough seat.  If you’re in the cheap seats, you get to queue to pay for some cola.  Is people’s ability to pay an indication of their likelihood to behave in a dangerous or criminal way with some alcohol in their blood?

This implication has always troubled me.

Alcohol, wherever it is sold, inevitably leads to over-indulgence and potentially dangerous behaviour, and requires strong stewarding, whether that is at a night club, or in the No. 7 restaurant.  Scotland’s licenced premises have changed beyond recognition in recent decades.  They are increasingly well-lit, family friendly and safe places to be.  They now sell better beer too, but our nation’s problem with alcohol remains acute.

Society needs to be educated on how to use alcohol responsibly; good venues are part of the solution.

While we are on the subject of facilities at Celtic Park…….  I go months without buying food or drink in the North Stand, Upper, for good reason.  Last week (pestered by one of the boys), I left for the kiosk with 40 minutes on the clock, didn’t get served until the second half started, only to be told there were no hotdogs or pies left.

You know me, I’m not one to get angry at Celtic, but the sheer frustration pushed me over the top, and I didn’t have a drink!  If you’re charging circa £4 for something that’s costing less than £1, make sure stock is sufficient.  Have two people serving each side of the kiosk, not two on one side, with a single person making hardly a dent on the queue at the other.

Needed to get that off my chest.

The ‘news’ this morning that Rangers International are trying to sack commercial director, Imran Ahmad, is more curious for being news than in itself.  Is it even possible for this news to be anything other than a leak from a director against another director?  These newspaper people don’t do irony, they just take careful notes and go write up their story.

This whole episode is beginning to feel a bit like sitting out the back when the neighbours don’t realise their bedroom window is open.  You can hear the noises and you looked up and caught a glance at something horrific looking.  It’s something you’ll laugh about later with your friends but these people really need to acquire some dignity.
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  1. Hamiltontim


    12:36 on 26 April, 2013





    I’m not decrying Celtic mate I’m just glad that something is now being done to address the issue.

  2. tomtheleedstim on

    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 6m


    3/3 RT from y/day: they all know going to go bust again. Options: Murray or Mather find short-term finance quick, DCK comes back, or death.




    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 7m


    2/3 Adamant there is no £22m & institutional investors are a front. Big trouble brewing over accounts. Will be lucky to see out May 2013.



    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 8m


    1/3 My sources include 4 bank CEOs, 3 £1bn+ property CEOs and a Blue Knight.

  3. JJ



    Thanks for reminding me of the difference between Grammar and Punctuation! I enjoyed our chat on the Arbroath bus last week, and the very nice sample of your






  4. afternoon all



    just my tuppence worth , would it not be great to see both stan petrov and wee oscar unveil the flag together next season , after they both fought the battle of their lives and won .








    ‘Alcohol, wherever it is sold, inevitably leads to over-indulgency and potentially dangerous behaviour, and requires strong stewarding’



    Comment noted for tomorrow…..

  6. Question of the week



    From RangersMedia:



    What’s going on?



    Started by OzGers , Today, 10:31 AM

  7. Ntassoolla, always.



    rt rev david hay, if they do, it wasn’t them I was talking about. It was the other neighbours.




  8. Catering.


    The race to beat the stampede for pies has always annoyed me.


    For a time, the big screens used to encourage to leave their seats before the half time whistle.



    One idea for reducing the queues, late returns to seats and lack of stock may be to have purchases made before the game and customers given an itemised receipt to be handed in at half time.


    No dealing with cash and change. No excuse for not having supplies available.

  9. From Previous article







    12:33 on 26 April, 2013




    Thanks Big Fella.



    I hope yer day the morRA goes grand for yeez awe.


    I would love to have been there wi yeez and see the faces behind the names and introduce some balance to what seems like being – the Happy-Clappers Ball :)))



    Just kidding Big Yin before yo go off on one….



    Circumstances dictate that I can’t attend(phew….say the congregation) :)))



    Maybe next time.



    Take Care Fella



    Hail Hail n God Bless

  10. The Player of the Year nominations list



    or as Luis Suarez calls it



    ……a menu





    I personally would like a wee beer in Celtic park before a game, over the last year and a bit we have missed a few champagne moments ( of the park ,and on the park)

  12. wicklowbhoy



    12:43 on 26 April, 2013



    afternoon all



    just my tuppence worth , would it not be great to see both stan petrov and wee oscar unveil the flag together next season , after they both fought the battle of their lives and won .








    I’d second that notion.



    Inspirational people in so many different ways.

  13. I have had a significant amount of education re alcohol



    The responsibility aspect …. I have always had difficulty with



    Intend to continue with my education

  14. Paul67



    Dignity and Ibrox, like the irony.



    Pies at Paradise…..Burghbhoy junior insists on a steak pie and bovril at every game…….£2.20 a bovril for a bit of Luke warm water on some beef powder stuff is an incredible profit…. Don’t mind so much if it all goes to the club but I’m sure it won’t.


    The pies are crap as well , either incinerated or cold.



    Wouldn’t it be nice to get maybe a reasonably priced pint , reasonably priced baguette without having to queue an hour???



    Maybe we could employ FPLGs favourite caterers to provide some value!!!



    Hail Hail




  15. Aren’t Hearts trialling a system of pre-ordering food/refreshment which is delivered to your seat. Could it work at a much larger ground like ours .

  16. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on




    12:36 on 26 April, 2013




    Workshy is it!?? I’ll have you know this seat doesn’t warm itself!!! :)))

  17. neveralone



    12:47 on 26 April, 2013


    The grand opening of the north stand v Newcastle (nearly 20 years ago!!!) & and the hottest day I’ve ever experienced at CP – absolutely billin’ it was.



    What I remember most though was it was a miracle. Remember what we had been through. Remember the slagging Fergus got from the press. Remember the doubt about getting a safety certificate in time for the game to go ahead. (Jabba particularly obnoxious in that storyline).



    I mention this in light of the seat changes now planned, bars,improved disabled areas. The north stand opening meant I became a ST holder for the first time. Not just me but my wee boys’s too. It was the adult/child section.



    The boys are now men so obviously now not a adult/child section at all!!! Just making the point that circumstances change,new ideas develop,tastes alter.



    Give the club the benefit of the doubt,at least sometimes.



    Next time you’re at CP look around – its a glorious miracle.




  18. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    My neebors are all Tims. Except the wee fluter I huvnae saw for 6 months. But he’s 3 blocks away.





    You would be most welcome,mate.



    Good-natured disagreement is all part of the fun in life.



    You have my e-mail address should you be able to make it.

  20. There has to be some way of introducing drink in a safe manner. If you can do it in England you can do it in Scotland. As a nation we’re no worse or loutish than them with a drink in us. In fact, if numberous bhoys holidays are anything to go on we’re mild mannered in comparison.

  21. From previous article ___________________________________________________________





    12:36 on 26 April, 2013



    KevJungle – “Walk-On” in the Jungle = Bliss



    Why do you think its important that you post the exact same guff every day?




    So that when the penny drops just as you find the light-switch…you’ll remember that yon looney choons bloke on CQN – told you 1st :))


    Hail Hail


    Not in favour of booze at the game if I canny have a fag wi it…..

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