All 12 Premiership clubs put their name to making Celtic champions


Premiership clubs surely hoped details of their unanimous vote on Friday to agree the time was right to call a halt to season 2019-20 and to declare Celtic champions remained private until the SPFL took the final step. Sloppy minute taking and (credit where due) sound reporting by the Daily Record brought the story to light today.

Credit also to the other 11 Premiership clubs, each of whom put their name to the call to declare Celtic champions.  With so much acrimony around, it is important to know so many were on our side on this historically important matter.  I’m sure we will all say “But your club voted to instruct the SPFL to make Celtic champions” at some point in the coming months.

Uefa require each national association to inform them of their plans for completing this season by 25 May, so the SPFL have little over a week to consult with public health advisors and inform the SFA of their plans.  I know we are not all working Monday-to-Friday, but a decision tomorrow would allow many the weekend for a rare celebration.  After this, the club can sit out the rest of the crisis and prepare for their Scottish Cup semi-final against Aberdeen and the chance to complete a fourth consecutive treble.

Nine-in-a-row and four trebles on the bounce.  Still cannot believe where we are.

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  1. HamiltonTim



    I took yesterday off to ponder life and think of you guys. Corkcelt has said everything I’d like to, except with a cool Irish accent. So may I just echo his words.



    Two of my colleagues down here are proper football fans. Looking at the tweets about Helen, they said they ‘got it’ about her. We all do.



    God Bless



    HH jg

  2. HT sorry to here about your loss of your good woman, they never leave when they are in your heart YNWA

  3. I want 10 in a row and hope celtic can get it done, but celtic’s winning streak, as enjoyable as it is, does not define celtic and if players need to go and If cut backs are needed to keep the lights on then so be it.



    Guys like ajer, ntcham, eduard etc come and go and it’s great to watch the top ones them develop but they are not bigger than the club.



    We would simply need to move on and find the next batch of kids that wanna make their name with us.







    As I understand it, say Hampden was chosen as a hub stadium, it would be used for a few games in a row, over a number of days whilst being deep cleaned between them.

  5. From previous



    GREENPINATA on 14TH MAY 2020 8:32 AM









    Many thanks for your reply.







    I maintain my opinion that now is not the time to take Celtic to task by its own support.





    It will invariably cause repercussions that we don’t know the outcome and will certainly divide our support and weaken our club.







    Media spin will spiral out of control and we will become the story. We will give a focus and comfort to the huns and without doubt ” historic ” allegations ” will come to the fore.







    At this time ” confession” would be madness and we would definitely shoot ourselves in the foot.





    Not now, No.




    I agree which is why I said what I said. Not sure how Celtic committing themselves to support Mclellan’s statement about looking at issues when the time is right could have any possible backlash from the media although no doubt they would try , but having been such strong advocates for it they would have some job on their hands.



    As regard harming Celtic, that has been a brake on releasing the truth since Res12 was adjourned and it is still on, for now ,because they would become the story.




    Best wishes to your good lady and you!



    I will be applauding her tonight!



    You take care of that lovely girl now.



    She deserves it.



    Take care buddy!

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thanks Roninbhoy.



    I was hoping a ‘journalist’ from the tax payer funded BBC would know his stadiums from stadia, but there you go. It’s BBC Radio Scotland, after all.



    It will be interesting to see who gets the gigs. SFA owned Hampden for sure and probably another Klub close to their hearts. Hopefully Hun Stadia will not be more accurate.

  8. I, for one, will be celebrating the 9th like no other- especially so as it will stick in their caw for years to come, if not for ever. More fun to add to Bada’s Banter Years from earlier this week. Rather excellent red biddy to uncork ( tried to get Whitedoghunch’s (sp?) Lybian/Lebanon recommendation, but no luck) , flag going up on the telegraph pole at bottom of the garden, bottles of bubbly for Mrs S and daughters and the Rheb Songs so loved by Melbourne Mick will be our backing track. Can’t wait.


    It’s so great being a Tim. Thank you Celtic, and all who support you.

  9. So, we are going to have an asterix after our name, lets hope there will be 9 of them.





    Let us know how you are, ok? My theory is you have had too many bottles of Barolo.




  10. Phil’s up with a reminder of the Manchester Wrecking Crew anniversary. How far down the slippery slope have they fallen since then. Not far enough, and no sign of those pesky interims for UEFA scrutiny yet…… but they’re “on the clock” with this. When did the goat become a clock?

  11. fairhill bhoy on

    Cheers bhoys,Wasn’t going to say anything because of the sad losses we’ve had on here recently.


    If anything,the last wee while on here as made me appreciate what I have even more.


    Thanks again for your good wishes and god bless everyone we have lost💚

  12. Fairhill Bhoy


    Congratulations to you and Mrs FB 💕 have a lovely evening.


    Time to clap for the key workers. 👏👏👏

  13. `There’s not enough disinfectant in the country to deep clean ipox`



    Well there was plenty before the panic buying after Trump`s disclosure of it being a cure for Covid-19,

  14. HT


    Don`t know if you have met Corkcelt but I can assure you he is every bit and more, the decent human being his posts on here indicate. A top man ( who will be embarrassed about me posting this :-)) ).


    Keep on keeping on , Chris. Your posts also reflect your qualities as a human being.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Mary May rue the day



    That’s what they told me and Mrs F 26 years


    ago next week



    Congratulations to you both

  16. Weeman67 @ 6:43 pm


    Not sure why but I found that quite a touching performance. Brilliant.


    Cheerio for now.

  17. fairhill bhoy on

    Thank you 👍


    showed the good wishes to the wife and she said,how can you be getting good wishes when you argue with everyone.😉


    I said calm down there for you 😂

  18. In defence of Cormack at Aberdeen.



    He comes from a background of American Sports and their approach to it.



    I suspect he did not do due diligence on Scottish football governance. Either that or he did and he wants to change it.



    Think of how narrow the financial and so points gap between Aberdeen and “Rangers” would be if there was a domestic version of Financial Fair Play relevant to the true economics of Scottish football.



    Think how if it came to awarding a UEFA licence the club acting from a sustainable model might watch their main rivals closely enough to shout foul if they suspected skulduggery.



    Aberdeen might, like in the past, become Celtic’s main rivals and I for one would take that in a heart beat. Rivalry without the poison.

  19. Jim, thanks for the vote of confidence but I think the whiskey we had in the Barras must have been a bit strong.


    Met Chris & Helen once. You were probably there too, a big crowd of us met in the Blane Vally and after a few scoops we were all booked for a meal in some nearby Restaurant, Chris & Helen just happened to be there.


    Had a quick shake hands with them & a few words, I remember Helen’s parting words, ‘ I hope your team wins’


    I think all of us here grew up with the Celtic ethos & none of s are any better than each other.


    We all have different debating styles & different ways of expressing ourselves but that should not be used as any kind of measurement.


    I’m in awe of some of the Bhoys on here & what they do in their Community & for Charity, that is the real measure and I’m not fit to tie their shoe laces.


    Anyway enough of all that stuff, I remember one of my earlier visits to the Blane Valley and there was about 20 of us sitting around a large table or maybe twas a few tables pushed together, as usual, Old Tim was holding Court .


    It was getting close to leave for match time, when suddenly a round of drinks appeared for all.


    I thought it must be a central fund that everybody threw a few quid into & looked to contribute but was told Richie had bought the round.


    I thought feckin hell this Richie must be minted.


    Anyhow think Richie was gone before I could thank him, I assume it’s the same Richie who has sadly lost Michelle, I must ask him when he does get back.


    Anyhow enough of my reminiscing,


    Happy Days hope they will come back some sweet day.

  20. With the recent passing of Minxy1888, I propose a wee toast to Helen on Saturday night at 8:15.



    Raise a wee glass of Prosecco or your favourite malt to toast the life of Helen and take a minute to remember her kindness, charity and her smile.




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