All 12 Premiership clubs put their name to making Celtic champions


Premiership clubs surely hoped details of their unanimous vote on Friday to agree the time was right to call a halt to season 2019-20 and to declare Celtic champions remained private until the SPFL took the final step. Sloppy minute taking and (credit where due) sound reporting by the Daily Record brought the story to light today.

Credit also to the other 11 Premiership clubs, each of whom put their name to the call to declare Celtic champions.  With so much acrimony around, it is important to know so many were on our side on this historically important matter.  I’m sure we will all say “But your club voted to instruct the SPFL to make Celtic champions” at some point in the coming months.

Uefa require each national association to inform them of their plans for completing this season by 25 May, so the SPFL have little over a week to consult with public health advisors and inform the SFA of their plans.  I know we are not all working Monday-to-Friday, but a decision tomorrow would allow many the weekend for a rare celebration.  After this, the club can sit out the rest of the crisis and prepare for their Scottish Cup semi-final against Aberdeen and the chance to complete a fourth consecutive treble.

Nine-in-a-row and four trebles on the bounce.  Still cannot believe where we are.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on



    I’m with you on that one – this win is the sweetest in my adult life – only needed 30 games, cudda gone shi8 , we stuck to it and the league has backed us

  2. auldheid



    Wonder what you thought about the recent developments vis a vis FIFA-Chelsea-FA cases. Chelsea were given a transfer ban re registration of young players etc last year, but the FA were also fined for their part, (registrations processed by them) since appealed and reduced. The FA have since appealed to the Court of Arbitration, under FIFA rules, and it will be heard in June. Any relevance to the situation in Scotland?

  3. CORKCELT on 14TH MAY 2020 8:55 PM


    The night you refer to I believe was the Ajax game and the Restaurant Amore, I met you too that night for the first time. Not long after the untimely death of St. John Doyle.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  4. MWD – lovely suggestion my friend. Hope you’re well.



    Corkcelt – Richie doesn’t look like the Fonz, but he’s pretty much as cool as him. And he shares the same sneaky habit of buying rounds en masse, much like his pal Oldtim.



    So aye, that would have been him. Class act.



    HH jg

  5. Another day gone and still no declaration of the 9 in a row Champions.


    Is it time to look at the SPFL governance? 😉

  6. LMS WWS Legacy Fund Round 1


    With the results being adjudicated Saturday, are the panelists going to inform us how they arrived at the score?


    Like the FAG, Fat Angry Gardener, I will demand names of anyone who doesn’t have us winning by less than 3 goals.

  7. Can’t wait to see the Hoops stroll onto the turf again. Due to Covid19 we will all have to wait but life demands stimulation, nourishment, love and just something to get up for each day.



    This is just like the longest close season ever.



    In all my years I have never witnessed such success from Celtic – I just can’t get enough – such domination. Too young for the Lions era, which I would have been proud to watch. Only caught the tail end of that particular wonderful group of players (and manager)..



    Records have fallen these last season’s and Celtic have been the architects of Sevcos’ crumbling dereliction. Something that seemed impossible for those who lived thru the poverty and uncertainty of the tainted Hun run in the 90’s.



    Then Fergus came (although he was not alone) and the death of the original Murray bankrolled Rankers (bankrolled by you and me by the way, taxpayers) gained momentum.



    The pursuit of the Big Cup and Murray’s hubris killed them.



    Now here we stand, on the brink of an amazing second 9-in-a-row.



    Couldn’t be prouder of my team and it has been achieved with hard work and not a little talent.



    Stand up for your 9-in-a-row Champions.



    Ps. Our current cups run is amazing. See this below from the BBC (grudgingly) back in March.











    Celtic travelled to Perth on Sunday knowing a victory over St Johnstone would grant them a place in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup.



    After the holders prevailed at McDiarmid Park, it was their 34th consecutive victory across both domestic cup competitions.



    BBC Scotland runs through some of the most notable numbers from that remarkable run.



    At least three goals per game


    On top of winning 34 ties since a penalty shootout Scottish Cup semi-final loss to Rangers in 2016, Celtic have scored an incredible amount of goals along the way.



    In 18 Scottish Cup games Celtic have hit 55 goals and in 16 League Cup the total is 49.



    That’s a very healthy average of three goals per game.



    Formidable Forrest


    Celtic have enjoyed the talents of a number of exceptional players but one that has remained steadfast throughout their cup runs is James Forrest.



    The one-club forward has played 29 of the 33 games in Celtic’s winning sequence and in that time he’s found the net 15 times.



    When we couple that with a further nine assists in that period it just shows how important the Scotland international has been.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rumour we will be announced Champions on Sunday night,to avoid gatherings of delirious Tims

  9. I would also like to add my belated condolences to Richie on the passing of Michelle.


    May she Rest In Peace.


    Hail Hail.

  10. CELTIC MAC on 14TH MAY 2020 10:00 PM






    Wonder what you thought about the recent developments vis a vis FIFA-Chelsea-FA cases. Chelsea were given a transfer ban re registration of young players etc last year, but the FA were also fined for their part, (registrations processed by them) since appealed and reduced. The FA have since appealed to the Court of Arbitration, under FIFA rules, and it will be heard in June. Any relevance to the situation in Scotland?




    I cannot see it. The SFA are studiously avoiding a decision that might involve UEFA charging them and UEFA will not press unless Celtic ask them to and Celtic refused to do both at last GM ie involve UEFA and press the SFA.



    Until Celtic have some reason to press SFA and that can only come from pressure from shareholders and supporters, the majority of whom no longer care, then SFA will sit on any decision and Celtic will let them.



    Belated congratulations as Ive seen seen the other posts wishing you and your good lady all the best.




    Stay safe.

  12. When Celtic FC become Champions for NINE in a Row, its a pity the Pubs are closed obviously, but I am sure that there will plenty of people holding ” NINE in a Row Garden Parties”, with others over the garden fences keeping to social distancing, whilst enjoying themselves with a few Drinks and Music/Songs being belted out all over several countries.


    I witnessed the first NINE in a Row as a Teenager, this one is even sweeter in many ways.


    Stay safe…dont get yrself lifted by the Polis…



  13. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all from an overcast, dull but dry and safe East Kilbride. Patience is a wonderful thing. 9 in a row will be confirmed soon.

  14. When the Pubs are allowed to open…and I get out of here…the first NINE Pints of Beer will be so sweet… will the “second” NINE Pints of Beer in the same session !





  15. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ART OF WAR on 14TH MAY 2020 11:09 PM



    Thank you ~ YNWA



    ……..and Hail, Hail

  16. If the decision is taken today then announce it this evening and give the fans the weekend to celebrate with their families. Probably too much like common sense to go down that route.



    I never seen the lions or quality street gang – I’ve always associated 9 in a row with Rangers – Albertz, Laudrup & Gazza haunted my dreams as a teenage Celtic fan.



    When it comes, this will be special. The 9 will again be ours and a generation of football fans will forever associate it with Broonie, Forrest and CalMac.

  17. Tommy Burns and Bobby Murdoch R.I.P.


    I have only had one Celtic players name on a Celtic away shirt in the late 1990’s, thankfully I had it printed on the back, and little did I know it would be only a couple of years before he would pass away….



    “Bobby Murdoch No 4”


    I still have that Celtic Jersey.




    Stay safe.

  18. I saw our first 9IAR, between the ages of 9 and 18. It was a time of growing into a man, transitioning from school to uni, drinking, girls , you know the script. The one constant was that Celtic would win the league and most years a decent run in Europe. The Huns were an irrelevance. The nine between the ages of 54 and 63 is satisfaction of a job well done. I think there is more bitterness and hatred today. John Lawrence, Rangers chairman in the 60s, formally congratulated Celtic after Lisbon. Imagine that now?


    Our dominance on the park is greater now than in the first nine, and this won’t change for the foreseeable future. I love being a Tim.


    Hail hail, Matt Stewart. Love your posts.


    HT, good to see you posting. You and Helen went out of your way to make me feel welcome to cqn and introduced me to a few on here. Thank you. Remember when Macjay turned up for the hoot? Several of us had slagged him big time in the previous few days on the blog but we all shook hands and talked Celtic. Great day.

  19. MWD



    The big one will always be ours !



    If we get the ten next season to go along with 67, they’ll forever play in our shadow (despite all those trophies they bought of the oldco).



    I’d like to see us put a silver star alongside the gold star to mark the achievement of the ten but we’ll see what happens next season and look to our laurels.

  20. I guess putting YouTube links up is a wee bit useless these days as javascript is turned off for most now 😜

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