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  1. Chairbhoy



    There is no doubt an appetite in Scotland to eliminate what they look upon as sectarian.



    I agree and I agree that this majority opinion thought the OBaF Act would deliver this. They swallowed the line that was pushed- that this would even up the score and get the fenian side in trouble as much as the Orange side, Of course, they never dreamed that anybody would be arresting any fans singing anti-English songs at Scotland matches, or songs of tribal rivalry between fans of Morton v St Mirren, Hamilton v Well, Ayr v Killie, Hearts v Hibs, St. Johnstone v Dundee United, Falkirk v Dunfermline or Aberdeen against either Celtic or Sevco. They thought it was all about that Irish thing – you know Ulster stuff- and it won’t affect us because we are not sectarian, we are not bigoted or prejudiced or tribal or adversarial. Ours is just banter about paedophilia and the like or how Cowdenbeath folk smell



    The stats produced by the OBa F convictions did not back this up with only a moderate increase in convictions for Celtic supporters and a massive one for Sevcoites and an inexplicable number for Falkirk after a fight at a railway station.



    In 2017, Sevco fans received 110 charges, Hibs (with no rebel songs) got 101, and Celtic had 60.



    Overall 66% of all charges cited an alleged Hate Crime, 58% alleged a target against Religion (75% of this was antii- Catholicism) and 6% and 2% were for Race and Sexual Orientation offences.



    What is clear is that your assertion that the rebs have a clear sectarian intent was not proven in law and I would argue, with this evidence, that this is due to the sonbook being largely non-sectarian and provably so.



    Your attempts to prove that the rebs are sectarian has floundered on this rock time and time again. When Ray McAreavy posted his powerful condemnation of the disrespectful use of wall to wall rebs at Celtic games, on Sentinel Celts, you were not brave enough then to tell him that his life’s work and his songs were sectarian. So why are you on here trying to prove that point?



    We all accept and condemn the RITG add on- not one dissenter is to be found on here for that. There are many of us who share the condemnation for the sheer boring repetition of the songbook and the provocative use to which it is put but the solution is not to moan and wring hands on here. Be brave enough to sing over it or whistle it down. You’ll soon find out what the views of the (silent) majority is. I’ll even promise to join in with this but do not ask me to accept that the rebs are all sectarian or that there is anything honourable about singing sectarian songs in private amongst our “own kind” but not in public amongst others, because I find that the worst sort of hypocrisy.



    I would like to see songs of Irish Republicanism reduced but I do not want them to disappear and I will never find them shameful, apart form the overt anti-protestant add ons which shames RITG.



    I don’t feel the Green Brigade are responsible for those add ons either (it is against all the things they articulate on their site) but a younger crowd attracted to their colour but unaware of their views, have re-introduced this egged on by the same group who organise and signal each other to disrupt any match day Remembrance Events (those who have attended away matches know who is doing this and I’ll give you two clues- It is not the GB and it is not our Irish travelling support).



    If I know who this group is, then our club allocating away toclets know who it is and can effectively intervene. Dare I say it in the same way that the Ibrox club cracked down on those fans from EK supporters buses who “disgraced” them.



    How’s that for an ecumenical reach out?

  2. I think we need to be careful about complaining that Clancy has been dropped because they complained.



    We need stats to show how often Clancy has been rested or dropped from a SPFL 6 match list before we know if this is unusual- we cannot go off half cocked if it is as innocent as the SFA says it is.

  3. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 8:48 PM




    You say the Kelly’s dipped the till.


    I say the Kelly’s allowed a third 1/3 of the crowd, who knows maybe more than that, to be lifted over the turn style.


    I, and anyone else who went to see Celtic when the Kelly’s were in charge can testify that the crowd attendance figures were out of sync, because of the kindness afforded to Celtic support, by the Kelly’s.


    You say the Kelly’s dipped the till, can you prove that?

  4. Hyrvatsi Jim @3:49





    this gentleman might not be welcome at Ibrox



    but he will be at the BBC sports desk, if you



    get my thoughts

  5. Not on here often these days – in my opinion both of the injuries on Sunday are on Ange.



    Halliday’s shocking challenge on our captain at Tynecastle; Power’s challenge on Turnbull (?) at CP; Butcher’s challenge on Turnbull at Tannadice … and not a single peep from our manager.



    If you accept these type of challenges, then they will carry on regardless – now we have Calum and possibly Guchi injured for several weeks.



    These challenges should have been called out by Ange from day one – not quietly avoided by someone who supposedly speaks his mind, and is known for putting the journos in their place!

  6. martin o'seville on

    FLEAGLE1888 on 23RD JANUARY 2022 10:12 PM




    Agreed 100%. 👍

  7. On February 2, we will be without Rogic and Maeda on international duty, and Callum, Hideguchi and possibly Abada and Kyogo through injury. A repeat of official sanction of brutality by Cheatin’ Beaton on Wednesday could be devastating to us.



    The Zombies will be without Fat Charlie, but will have Aribo and Roofe available in February. They are just unbelievably jammy.

  8. MARTIN O’SEVILLE on 23RD JANUARY 2022 10:16 PM


    A tribe of dumbfkery Dan’s.



    And everyone of them a Celtic fan unlike your confused hun self



    Away ye go and watch fantasy george like the Kellys gone


    Like Brian eh av nae money really dempsey-gone


    Continuity over being shat out- gone


    You can change history- its gone


    You can change your politics pending who you whore to george falls away.but gullible saps like you think he is working(funded by who) class.no class vermin

  9. When you are down,someone will kick you in the Nuts.We lose our Captain.They get their best player back,Aribo,due to a shock result.


    Deary me.

  10. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 10:29 PM




    Still no evidence of the Kelly’s till dipping?


    Or is it just you’re SNP mindset speaking, were dipping, and thieving, and much worse than that, becomes the norm?

  11. A win at Tynecastle will be huge for us. We will field a team with 8 Tynecastle virgins. Never easy at that bitter little cesspit.

  12. martin o'seville on

    If Hearts park the bus like Livi, St Mirren, 4 European trophies José, etc, etc, what should Ange’s approach be?

  13. Martin o confidence missing


    Torn face who is that?


    Is that a top down view of your topic hoor.


    Never voted for snp in my life unionist vermin



    At every turn you are on the same side as the cheating rancid hun,a daily diet of ignore Boris and his Eton set




    Failed talk by the failed Russian funded topic hoor


    That independence will cost


    Whilst ignoring how the f people like Michelle money get £200 million contract with not even a company set up.


    Not a word as the next generation of Eton attenders and their ilk embed in UK class structure with our money


    Michael o hun your gullible and not read at all.all that is left for ignorance like yourself is racism.even the people of Batley thought he was playing his racist(brexit) masters tune.


    Remember vermin refugees are welcome at Celtic,racist vermin like you are not.


    Remember four pro racist post a few weeks back complementing those seeking to stop rnli life rescue.



    Racists are not welcome at Celtic


    Not that Scum like you go anyway

  14. MARTIN O’SEVILLE on 23RD JANUARY 2022 10:46 PM


    Ange ball?



    The Celtic way?



    Park the bus and mug them back?








    Not telling you hun scum


    Tims know



    Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of

  15. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 10:58 PM






    So, evidence of the Kelly’s dipping the till?

  16. Att:21,000.



    40,000 lifted over.


    Think yi better get the unelectable Georges election lawyer onto that..


    I believe yi.r

  17. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 11:01 PM




    If Tims know, then it be better to tell Ange, don’t you think?


    Or is withholding evidence strictly an SNP thingy?

  18. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 11:05 PM




    Your SNP / Nat mindset is fueling you’re posts with who knows what.


    Better going to bed.

  19. martin o'seville on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2022 11:07 PM




    Again dunno what you’re saying.

  20. Martin o rent boy



    Which bit of the English language do you not understand


    Never voted snp in my life rent boy?



    Tell me rent boy


    Was it Russian TV that got you into the failed topic hoor?


    Or was it a passing interest in workers parties funded by brexit supporting tories.


    How very individual and upper class riding the working class like you.but your unionist have no confidence and will change your tag in a min,so deserve the thoro pounding the brexit racists give you.

  21. Michael of no confidence



    Why are you a falloway rent boy


    Farting out your racism?


    Refugees are welcome racist huns like you are not

  22. Snp mindset



    Never voted for them in my life,please seed that in the core of your scum unionist cranium



    Michael o no confidence,how many of team fall o way are on here?


    There’s you Michael o no confidence,Park the bus and have no confidence,jhb – just a hun boz up.


    Vermin crawling all over this Celtic site

  23. DEARIE ME,



    wonder if the fella was part of the right wing group identified as being on the anti-vax protest

  24. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Just caught up with your post about me giving the wee Aussie


    wumman a Scottish kiss and not a Glesga kiss 😂


    She might have been in her eighties but she still looked fit


    enough to put me on ma erse 🥰


    Another fantastic Celtic Sunday in the Dub, big Ritchie our


    music maestro in great form with some great new material


    And we even got half a verse of the…Glasgow Cat… from


    PADDYMACOZ before he forgot the words of the rest of the




    H H. Mick