Ambition being demolished in real time


We signed Hyeok-kyu Kwon (22) for €1m from K League 2 club Busan IPark.  He joined St Mirren on loan last month, where he has since made six appearances.  Watch this short video montage of him there.

Look at his stature; he is 6’ 4” tall and broad too.  Watch how he tackles, wins the ball, look at his passing.  Note how he runs with his head up, the way he covers 20 yards to close down opponents.  This is in the league we play in, the league we have looked lost during long period in games.

All this, when a few of us bemoan the lack of physical presence in the side and regret the retirement of Aaron Mooy.

A quick reminder of Celtic’s place in the food chain.  We are able to sign players from Norwich in the English second tier who can do a job here but will not transform us.  We were able to sign a number from Israel (I doubt this will happen again).  We can shop in the Benfica youth ranks and pick up the odd star in places like Spurs’ unwanted list.

All of the above is capable of winning the league and remaining just about where we are in Europe, nothing more.  If we want to actually progress as a club, we need to take risks and be capable of the kind of outstanding find that Kwon clearly is.

That’s not all.  When we manage to achieve this, we cannot be a place where talent comes to die, where it withers on an unhappy vine.

Recruitment is not all about what the player brings in the way of innate talent (I remember Tommy Burns talking about how Celtic coaches had to work on the touch of Pierre van Hooijdonk), it is also about how you transform that talent into a great footballer.

If we are in the business of making great strides  in Europe, we are also at the raw material end of the talent purchase business.  If you want to remain roughly where you are – just a bit ahead of Newco – buy the kind of finished article you can afford.

That’s your choice.  Stay only just ahead of Newco – buy the finished article you can afford and will come to Scotland.  Or, make real strides as a club – buy and play Kwon, and develop him into a Champions League player.

Our job is to find talent with huge potential and develop that potential into something special, not to look for lazy shortcuts that anyone with more money than the rest of the league could succeed with.  This is really difficult.  Most players will fail, when they do, we move on quickly, but if we committ the club and apply our significant resources to this strategy, we can make significant strides.

Now I read that after having the player for five weeks, St Mirren have opened talks to extend Kwon’s stay for the whole of next season.  It is like watching ambition being demolished in real time, with cheer leaders who hate what they want most – to just stay ahead of the other lot.  Knowing the CQN demographic as I do, we are all a bit too old to hope for more in Europe too far into the future.  I want it now, give me Kwon in the heart of the midfield in August, give me more like him, or tell yourself you are happy squabbling with the neighbours.

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  1. the long wait is over on




    I didn’t know WDH and may not even have conversed with him directly on here but it saddens me , as it has done with others in the past I also didn’t know , to hear of his passing.



    It’s a reminder that strangers can create a community where we share something – in this case a love of all things Celtic.




  2. Dan Dan



    Yes. Maybe if he had done as rangers continued to do back in 04 and we could have had another share issue like we had to pay for MON team or even gone for bust like Murray did then you would be happy.



    I think of you track our spend on player acquisition and wages it significantly exceeds inflation over the period.



    I get that Celtic winning 5 trebles in 7 years and 17 out of the past 21 is nothing compared to 2 finals in the 2nd tier European comp where they beat a poor Dortmund side and a decent Leipzig one which we had also beaten a year or so earlier.



    Our European record includes beating top tier teams such as Barcelona Man Utd Milan I am not sure theirs does. They have only been in the CL groups 5 times in the past 20 years and only once got to the knockout stage. Even we have done that 3 times.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ONL – the header is as bemusing as it is disappointing.



    On a morning the Celtic manager is getting it tight from the SMSM, CQN decides to, er, give it tight to the Celtic manager.



    I said a couple of days ago that there are some who would sacrifice this league to get rid of the manager and today’s article only reenforces that view.



    What that faction do not understand is that if this comes to pass there will be several others following him out the door.

  4. onenightinlisbon on




    I agree.



    I think I have made my position clear on the manager. I never wanted him to darken our doors again.



    Firstly for the way he left but more importantly I couldn’t see his motivation for returning, it was a lazy appointment from all concerned.



    However. I want us to win every time we set foot on a pitch and no one will be happier to see us win the league this year than me.



    The time for discussion on our direction and future comes after business is completed this season.

  5. James Forrest



    You should maybe get out more.



    Any thoughts as to why you are not running Celtic right now ?

  6. Another strange article. Kwon tearing it up gor St Mirren is not much different to Kris Ajer going on loan to Killie to get some game time and robustness.



    Development is not an exact science. Loans have their place.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    BURNLEY78 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:47 PM



    Why should he get out more?



    He can clearly see where the issues lie, others seem not to….

  8. Doubts that we’ll sign any Israelis again?



    What happened to a club open to all?



    Very disappointing.

  9. Blogger GM



    Not sure he is giving it right to the manager.



    I think he is just making a point about talent development.



    Ignoring the rubbish about the Ghirl comment.



    The whole area of talent signing and development is not easy and not really fully understood by many. Certainly not me.



    Trying to implement a strategy of the sort we are trying to do over 2 seasons with a change in manager in the middle is tough.



    A new manager brings a new style and philosophy and way of working and even culture to a club. If we have been signing type A to fit manager A (eg Kyogo) and then switch to type B for manager B then Kyogo might seem like a dud and poor signing for the money. A player like Oh was scoring at rate per minute better than anyone in the league under Ange but seems to be a dud now. Maeda similar. Perhaps Abilgaard would have worked better under Brendan where ball retention is more valued. Narwocki was identified as suiting Ange style but may not suit ours. I am not sure about Kwon and who he was identified for but my hunch is it was Ange style. For me there are many factors at play with a recruitment and player development model. Far too many to just look at short term performance of the team under new management. Clearly many other experts on here see it differently.

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Joe Hart is an example


    Projects are good but not 100% of the strategy


    A year ago you told us to enjoy the next generation of dominance how is that working ?


    Then you told us to read the data Kuhn !!! Not Idah


    And now “Not lazy journalism” is a mouth piece for the board


    Paul67 you are trading your journalistic credibility for the Chairman’s favour



    2 of my most favourite things Celtic and CQN are underperforming probably for the same reason underestimating the most important people supporters and readers (who are one and the same)


    What chance does our manager have when working against this internal nonsense



    Talk about blame game – throw Brendan under the bus so Peter and Mark are blameless


    Appalling piece of written rubbish




  11. Pretty bizarre article. Personally, I read it as a slight against the current manager. Other opinions are available.


    Stats are incredibly similar to Lewis Morgan (79 vs 76 pre Celtic appearances in top 2 leagues in respective country. Loaned to st miren early 20s. One scored 5 in 15, one has played 5 for them)


    If we think that Kwon or Lewis could have made an immediate and significant difference, then we probably have more serious issues to address.


    Strange article. Almost seems personal now.




    Is part of the problem here that these articles are a red rag to a bull?



    Everyone can see the abysmal performances on the park right from Killie in August onwards with few exceptions, everyone can see little to no contribution from the Mark Lawwell signings, and yet there is no humility, no accountability and no contrition. And we are to disbelieve what our eyes are telling us week in week out?



    Remember we were all too dumb to understand how the transfer market works?





    Key quote from that article:



    “Failure to grasp how the world works – when it is so obvious and predictable – holds people back more than they are prepared to accept”



    Followed by the transfer window ending in an entirely obvious and predictable fashion. The P67 / PL strategy is to double down on a failed recruitment strategy and hang this on the manager. And to anyone not joining the dots that suggests the same failed recruitment strategy next season and beyond. PL’s ego is deemed more important than the success of the football team. No one can deny his presence is toxic amongst the support and since he apparently doesn’t do much there’s no reason for his continuing presence as Chairman except to act as a defacto bodyguard for his son. Perhaps if we have more talent off the park then we’ll have more talent on it.

  13. SFTB / An T



    So sorry to hear of WDH passing.



    A really good man and a really good Celt.



    I enjoyed his company a good few times.




  14. David66



    Thanks for the heads up – the offensive post has been deleted. Repeat offenders will be referred to Paul 67 for any future red card decisions.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That’s not quite how I see it, Burnley.



    CQN has been trying to shape a narrative over the past few months suggesting the manager has been lavished with a pile of unpolished diamonds but either refuses to develop them or is incapable of doing so.



    This narrative has evolved in lockstep with a supporter base that is becoming ever more critical of the recruitment strategy and general direction of the club.



    Coincidence? I think not.



    They are written in support of a faction that want to get their excuses in early and save their skin – if we lose the league they’ll tell us: it wasn’t the recruitment strategy, stupid, it was the manager!!

  16. Paul



    It has been clear for a long time that you don’t like Brendan Rodgers. Everyone is entitled to his opinion and there are many others who share your view. However, constantly undermining Brendan with these thinly veiled attacks on him at a time when we need unity to try and win this league does not help the cause in any way whatsoever.



    I think you underestimate the intelligence level of your readers. Peter Lawwell is a lost cause as is his son. Celtic fans will not tolerate either at the club beyond this season especially if we fail to retain the league title. Please don’t spend any more time extolling the virtues of Tilio and Kwon as being players who Rodgers has underestimated. There is a limit to the number of rough diamonds a manager can polish while at the same try to retain a treble and make progress in the CL.



    We have eleven Cup Finals to negotiate if we are to retain the league title. As Celtic fans we should be getting behind the manager and the players on the pitch. It was very reassuring to see the second half comeback victory on Sunday and the effect it had not only on the players and those Celtic fans within Fir Park but amongst the wider Celtic support too. More importantly it was very gratifying to note the impact of the victory on our enemies. A look at FF shows the nerves and fear among their support after we snatched that late victory. Many tried to cover it with bravado but they fear us alright. The media gave us no praise either instead they concentrated on our poor first half and ‘glaring issues that still remain’ despite the win.



    You’ve made your point about Brendan Rodgers. Now it’s time to give it a rest. The recruitment by Mark Lawwell over four windows has been a disaster. The majority of the players brought in have been bang average and if we win the league (which I think we’ll do) it will be a magnificent achievement.



    You should be issuing a rallying cry to fans for the remaining games, getting behind the manager and doing what you can to generate confidence at this crucial stage.

  17. 100% agreed with James Forrest here. Plain nonsense and contradictions in every paragraph. If Mark Lawwell had found Mikey Johnstone, tomorrow’s piece would be about him.

  18. Even the Huns know that the Tims are dim…here being shown the reality of woke white Christian western governments invasion facilitations…being protested against by the real Irish citizens who`ve had enough.





    PS Palestine genocide which has gone on for almost a hundred years must not to be confused with woke bought and paid for governments facilitating the Kalergi plan.

  19. Hoop hoop Hooray on






    I remember the article slating the managers pick Idah.


    (Imagine a football man being able to spot a footballer)



    He finished the article with “anyway Hail Mary….”

  20. I don’t understand how anyone with Celtic’s best interests could possibly want or make a case for Mark Lawwell remaining in his post.



    Even if P67 got his way, Mark stays in place and a new gaffer comes in, does anyone seriously see anything different happening next season ? Will it be the new gaffer getting in the neck because our new keeper whom we bought in India for 750K is throwing the ball into the net ?



    In all seriousness, how much money and how much harm has to be done before the likes of P67 call for the removal of Mark Lawwell ?

  21. Constant sly digs at the manager since he returned is very telling of what may be going on within the corridors of power at Celtic Park.



    Someone high up at Celtic obviously thought it was the right idea to bring back BR, however going by the nature and frequency of the digs at BR on here some other people obviously thought it wasn`t a good idea. The result is people with agendas or supposed grievances are putting just that in front of what should be their one and only priority, what is best for Celtic football club.



    Anyone employed by the club who doesn’t have that at the forefront of their minds and are allowing themselves to be distracted by petty grievances or agendas should be marched off the premises immediately.



    There is so much wrong with Celtic right now it can`t be all on one person’s shoulders, whoever that maybe, however if we are not all pulling in the same direction, we are setting ourselves to fail.



    CQN used to be a decent read however not anymore, who needs enemies if this blog is your friend.

  22. REGGIE on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:55 AM





    Jesus wept. I’m glad I never posted here during Covid. No doubt many people suffered. No doubt many mistakes were made. But as the son of a father killed by Covid, brother to a nurse and a pharmacist, I’m unequivocally in the camp of the world’s best scientists over the Daily Mail and Boris ‘let the bodies pile high in their thousands’ Johnson.



    *as did tangerine heid and also climate change is a chinese hoax.

  23. Jane Lewis breaks silence on Brendan Rodgers row as journalist says Celtic boss didn’t ‘offend me’




    Wonder what kept her from airing that on Sunday lunchtime. . . .. . .

  24. Climate change isn’t a Chinese hoax, just another money grab.



    With the most gullible in society falling for it.



    Does anyone know what actually happened to Covid or has it been returned it’s proper title of the Flu?



    Answers on the back of a 50 note.




    Thanks for that clear, articulate and rational appraisal of where we are and where we need to be.



    That together with some very insightful comments today, re-ignites faith in the intelligence of the Celtic support.



    Back in the day Paul67 used to regularly post comments.



    One day I’d made a joke about Garry Caldwell, not a dig or malicious, just “harmless banter”…



    Yet Paul67 came on and chided me for it, Celtic players weren’t ridiculed on this blog…



    An old school Celtic ethos, that ethos was what CQN seemed to be founded on…



    It now seems there are individuals bigger than our Club and what it stood for.



    Hail Hail

  26. Still amazed folk pay attention to the headers!


    Not lazy journalism and that will remain until we get a critique on the transfer/project policy,but that might mean being a naughty poodle


    Not one article dissenting our buys,none critiqeing the path our youth make until they get to the distant B league,which is miles off Celtic first team.


    Be brave Paul as Sadiesbhoy says we have a title to focus on.




  27. glendalystonsils on

    ‘ we need to take risks and be capable of the kind of outstanding find that Kwon clearly is.’



    I was warned against using ‘persuader words’ such as ‘clearly’ during an OU course some years ago . Words like ‘Obviously’ , ‘clearly’ , ‘undoubtedly’ , which brook no disagreement .



    Kwon may turn out to be an outstanding find but right now , that is far from clear .



    We need to balance ‘project’ recruitment with players who are outstanding in a Celtic shirt within weeks of signing , as well as those who might be outstanding a season later.


    Sure , take a few risks , but don’t risk so much that we stand to lose our place at the top of Scottish football .

  28. AN TEARMANN @ 2:52 PM,



    The Leaders go out on “NEWS NOW”



    Many more fholk pay attention to the leaders than the comments.



    And Paul knows that…



    Hail Hail

  29. There’s an article on the CQN site by Alex Gordon praising his old tabloid colleagues for their ability to push the buttons of football fans with opinions, stories or, most often, made up pish as it all generates more heat than light and always got more reader involvement and, thus, money to ease whatever conscience they had left to them.



    I think that sentiment has now seeped in to the CQN blog leader too. Paul used to be more thoughtful and considered in making the case against the mad spending and wild economics of football. But using Kwon and one-goal Tilio to shore up the current argument, actually weakens your case as you are guilty of exactly the kind of lighthouse thinking that you previously objected to.



    That is the epitome of lazy journalism.



    Anybody who can pull a sneer, can perform the monkey tricks that are beloved of Hugh Keevins and “Candid” (sic) Cameron. You used to be better than that, Paul.

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