Ambition being demolished in real time


We signed Hyeok-kyu Kwon (22) for €1m from K League 2 club Busan IPark.  He joined St Mirren on loan last month, where he has since made six appearances.  Watch this short video montage of him there.

Look at his stature; he is 6’ 4” tall and broad too.  Watch how he tackles, wins the ball, look at his passing.  Note how he runs with his head up, the way he covers 20 yards to close down opponents.  This is in the league we play in, the league we have looked lost during long period in games.

All this, when a few of us bemoan the lack of physical presence in the side and regret the retirement of Aaron Mooy.

A quick reminder of Celtic’s place in the food chain.  We are able to sign players from Norwich in the English second tier who can do a job here but will not transform us.  We were able to sign a number from Israel (I doubt this will happen again).  We can shop in the Benfica youth ranks and pick up the odd star in places like Spurs’ unwanted list.

All of the above is capable of winning the league and remaining just about where we are in Europe, nothing more.  If we want to actually progress as a club, we need to take risks and be capable of the kind of outstanding find that Kwon clearly is.

That’s not all.  When we manage to achieve this, we cannot be a place where talent comes to die, where it withers on an unhappy vine.

Recruitment is not all about what the player brings in the way of innate talent (I remember Tommy Burns talking about how Celtic coaches had to work on the touch of Pierre van Hooijdonk), it is also about how you transform that talent into a great footballer.

If we are in the business of making great strides  in Europe, we are also at the raw material end of the talent purchase business.  If you want to remain roughly where you are – just a bit ahead of Newco – buy the kind of finished article you can afford.

That’s your choice.  Stay only just ahead of Newco – buy the finished article you can afford and will come to Scotland.  Or, make real strides as a club – buy and play Kwon, and develop him into a Champions League player.

Our job is to find talent with huge potential and develop that potential into something special, not to look for lazy shortcuts that anyone with more money than the rest of the league could succeed with.  This is really difficult.  Most players will fail, when they do, we move on quickly, but if we committ the club and apply our significant resources to this strategy, we can make significant strides.

Now I read that after having the player for five weeks, St Mirren have opened talks to extend Kwon’s stay for the whole of next season.  It is like watching ambition being demolished in real time, with cheer leaders who hate what they want most – to just stay ahead of the other lot.  Knowing the CQN demographic as I do, we are all a bit too old to hope for more in Europe too far into the future.  I want it now, give me Kwon in the heart of the midfield in August, give me more like him, or tell yourself you are happy squabbling with the neighbours.

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  1. Dundee FC this season in 14 away matches have scored 20 goals and conceded 24. At home they have 16 for and 17 against. This is not a Park The Bus team under Tony Doc. Thay have a few promising players looking to impress, like Owen Beck and Luke McCowan. So, we can expect our defence to be under pressure but should expect to have plenty chances too. How confident can we be that we’ll keep a clean sheet?- not very! But I still have 3:0 on my predictor- Jane Lewis told me to put a tenner on it. She’s a good girl.

  2. Completely agree with JF on this


    Appreciate Paul gives us this platform to express our points


    but to steal someone else patter Dearie me



    I’ll take a bad girl over a good girl anyday !-))))))




    Aye mate…those GOOD Girls can be over rated at times.





  4. Very sorry to read of the sad passing of WhiteDogHunch , Rest in Peace Bryan YNWA,



    Re the Leader, very sad to see the architects of CQN openly using site to push an obvious agenda,


    This addition that St, Mirren are already in negotiations to extend Kwon’s contract for next year is pathetic, If Kwon continues to perform well and if contract is extended then it is legitimate for questions to be asked.


    Right now it smacks of scaremongering,



    Kwon is playing for St, Mirren , my interest are in players playing for Celtic in the crucial run in period, dissension is the very last thing we need..

  5. MARSPAPA @ 12:30 PM,



    Had to chuckle…



    The aul’ elevator pitch



    Watch this guy…



    “Look at his stature; he is 6’ 4” tall and broad too.  Watch how he tackles, wins the ball, look at his passing.  Note how he runs with his head up, the way he covers 20 yards to close down opponents.”






    One million pounds please…



    Now, there’s this bridge in London…



    Hail Hail

  6. Weebobbycollins on

    Jane Lewis is not offended by Brenda Rodgers’ comment. Of course not, she’s a good girl.

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    Jane Lewis is not offended by Brendan Rodgers’ comment. Of course not, she’s a good girl.

  8. *England related Celtic quiz*


    1)Trinidad and Tobago capped, played 3 times for the Celts?


    2)Mansfield born. Joined Celtic 2011 12 Scotland caps?


    3)Sheffield born, one appearance for Celtic vs Sliema Wanderers (Malta) in an European cup fixture) replacing Vic Davidson?


    4) He came on as a sub for Jonathan Gould at the start of second half in a friendly game against Sporting Lisbon. This match was part of the original deal bringing Jorge Cadete to Celtic?


    *Just for fun and to stir the memory*

  9. SFTB



    Great observation re Dundee home v Dundee away. First 40 mins or so they gave us a run for our money at CP this season. Similar at Ibrox too.



    Matthew McDermid is a funny wee ref (0-0 v St Johnstone certainly did us no favours) but backed by Euan Anderson on VAR we need to do it ourselves.



    Hopefully an early goal riding the momentum from Sunday before the crowd get edgy. Hopefully too we are 2 or 3 clear and never allow the crowd to play its part tomorrow night.



    A goal or 2 for Killie would help of course. I really want to see how that weird looking Belgian looks and performs if McInnes does a number on him. It won’t be pretty. Nor will IbRox when they play Motherwell on Saturday should they not win tomorrow night.

  10. Lazy journalism is the epitome of all mainstream media outlets, BBC, The Guardian, ITV, CH4News, Sky News, etc, etc.



    And yet, Dr SFTB quoted Verbatim from what these outlets said about the U.S.A. created plandemic from 2020 and the fake untested unproven vaxxines that were tested on 8 mice and the mice all died…so the maniacs deemed the vaxx fit for 7.5 billion human race and supposedly 5.5 billion innocents took this vaxx with millions losing their jobs for refusing to take the vaxx.



    But there was no coercion say the lazy journalists. 👀️



    Dr SFTB is the epitome of lazy journalism…covering up corruption against Celtic fans when it suits with his girls blouse filled retoric.



    Apart from Peter Obourne there are no journalists left in UK, certainly none in Scotland that is for sure.



    There have been no sports journalists in Scotland who ask the difficult informative questions since Gerry McNee retired in 2008…just look at all of the unreported corruption since then 👀️…Rangers even got away with pretending to not be dead…because of succulent lamb journalists…a crooked Celtic executive…and 60,000 dull dim empty and easily played by everybody Celtic supporter base who allowed themselves to be seduced by the utterly woke and utterly hideous and utterly corrupt Krankie government with their local in-house media.



    There will be no Independent Scotland, no United Ireland, probably no Palestine left either because these version of Tims voted against Jeremy Corbyn TWICE2…and Indy in Scotland was just a piss take since the attempt in 2014 which would have meant out of EU and UK without any trade deal but the news didn’t spin it that way so Tims didn’t realise the disaster that awaited them…and they still don’t have a Scooby. lol



    Lazy and pretentious folk parrot lazy corrupt journalism….as Dr SFTB consistently proves with his staunch defence of the big Pharma Genocide program since 2020…fake Covid 19 – [formerly the seasonal Flu] now c19 which you don’t REALLY get c19 unless you have had the fake genocidal vaxx….or you are tricked into believing that you have c19 from the 97% false positive PCR tests which were designed to spark fear into millions to go and get the fake vaxx.



    American military wheeled out the c19 grift onto the world and tried to blame it on China.





    The Western governments were planning for c19 since 2016. 👀️





    Nobody had heard of Autism till mandated vaxx took effect.





    And, and on, and on,.…




  11. CHAIRBHOY on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 3:10 PM


    AN TEARMANN @ 2:52 PM,



    The Leaders go out on “NEWS NOW”



    Many more fholk pay attention to the leaders than the comments.



    And Paul knows that…



    Hail Hail.





    Hi Chairbhoy



    I would read the rekkkord or murdochs bin raider before i would go near nooznoo!!


    All clickbatin pash,yir maws signin guff.


    Clickbatin to the bottom.



    They are the rekkkord and the binraider under guise,gleaning and farming fans opinion,BR and wee Jane the latest example,and i bet the 2 of them give a lesser(ahem!!) than i do but some still clicks.


    Dundee the morra is our focus.



    Hail Hail

  12. The hand of God on

    Another fine article from Peter,oh sorry Paul.He cannot be serious considering since the demise of Rangers and the rise of Rangers International football club all our board have been interested in is staying sightly ahead of them.Even during Ronnie’s reign they only spent enough to win the league despite guaranteed Champions league access.Multi millions idling in their bank account No thought of bying players in a higher price bracket with a greater chance of selling them on at a profit.We sold KT for £25M and replaced him with Greg Taylor who cost £2.5 M ish.Greg in my opinion has done well but clubs like Ajax and Benfica sell star players and reinvest decent some in replacements mosof whom leave a couple of years later for huge fees.

  13. Anyone got Mark Lawwell’s Job spec or KPI ?



    Seeing plenty of views about his performance so I am sure it must be out there somewhere ?

  14. You could put together a montage of clips of Spittal at Motherwell and he would look like a world beater. Does that mean he is good enough for Celtic. We are talking about a highly regarded manager with more than 700 games under his belt and a collective coaching staff with years of experience. Kwon is out on loan because he’s not been good enough for the first team either in training or reserve games.

  15. Loving the attempts of some on here to dance to the media divide and conquer tune. Just as in lockdown the media seeding internal strife and magnifying it. Celtic folk dancing to it for sure.



    Sadly many of our own who see 17 trophies out of 22 as not good enough seem to want to sabotage as the pander to the popular narrative being sown and magnified.



    How many could name previous chief scouts or head of recruitment or sporting directors ? Never mind have a clue what they actually did. Now everyone is an expert on a 2 year plan split over 2 very different management styles.



    Consumers vs Supporters. We deserve better. The hun like mantra fits well. We don’t know what we want but we deserve better.



    If someone was taking bucket loads of cash out of the business then fine I would get it. They are not through.



    I would love a blog asking who folk would see as the right CEO / Chair / Recruitment chief but first ask people for what they think each role even means…….. ah but that’s not their job they would cry. Why should we do that ? We just want to moan. We deserve better.

  16. AN TEARMANN @ 4:29 PM,



    Totally agree, seriously can’t remember the last time I viewed it, maybe looking for transfer news a dozen years ago…



    Still people have habits and more Celtic fans than we’d like to admit get their “news” from the outlets you mention.



    Luckily their impact is going in ever decreasing circles.



    Thanks for posting the presser, very interesting.



    If I told any of my kids, I’m going to see the girls… they’d know, I’m visiting my sisters…



    Never thought about that use of the word, probably use the term far too often for modern day sensitivities…



    Hail Hail

  17. If we are in the business of making great strides in Europe, we are also at the raw material end of the talent purchase business.





    Incase you hadn’t noticed Paul we haven’t won a European knock out tie for 20 years. The only strides we have taken in Europe since Peter was appointed CEO are significant strides backward.



    You are seriously presenting a few clips of Kwon doing ok at St Mirren as evidence that we are somehow neglecting a process of taking risks with talent which will allow us to make strides in Europe. As we saw from 2012-2016 our board have a business plan and it starts and ends with the blue buck. Blaming Rodgers is a rewriting of history and a considerable embarrassment to your site.

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast



    Great questions again.



    Hancock is the only one I got so far. Was actually at both legs of that tie. The park in Malta was brick hard almost baked sand.

  19. the scottish media are really pathetic – but the celtic board staying quiet irks me much more. When no one speaks up , nothing changes. The board should have taken a stronger position after Fergus showed them how its done.



    Anyway, I thought Brendan handled the good girl situ quite well today – HOWEVER why why why did he bring up the booing of the substitutions? Who cares? he is shining a light and drawing attention to the players involved in the substitution – how must they feel now? Do the fans not like / appreciate me. Rather stupid from Rodgers.



    Stop the soundbites – focus on the team, complimenting their attitude , reminding the media who the champions are how winning the league requires experience and mental know how (the last one is a crucial psychological soundbite – as sevco dont have it and going into the unknown)

  20. Kev- 18th April – SDL- Proto-Blackshirt



    “Nobody had heard of Autism till mandated vaxx took effect.”





    I started my degree course in 1973 and I was semi-informed of Autism then and have attended courses on it regularly over the past 50 years.



    It was first categorised in 1943 and was probably known about before then. It entered DSM-III in 1980.



    If you are prepared to stick your erse out the window on such an easily disprovable assertion, I have a right to call out the rest of your guff as “doing your own research” badly and without any regard to factual accuracy.



    Away and dress up in your nice Hugo Boss uniform!

  21. Always good to see a (largely) enthused debate on here, but I don’t see Kwon’s loan as any different to Calmacs or Ajers.



    If he returns a better player with more game time, then mission accomplished.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good afternoon CQN.



    Looking forward to the read back, but first, Paul’s leader.



    Decent stuff Pablo. Actually read it a few times.



    I suspect you may not be thrilled about my next comment but ….



    …. when I read it, I immediately thought of the Celtic Board.



    BTW Paul – that’s me giving you a compliment.



    I know some on here denigrate you for being aligned to board thinking.



    I’m not at all fussed.



    Either you’ve got an “in” 👍






    You’re a Celtic supporter who happens to be a businessman … and so think along similar lines to the Celtic fans who happen to be businessmen on the board



    (Pedant watch : a Celtic supporter who happens to be a businessman is NOT the same as a businessman who happens to be a Celtic supporter 🤔)




    Yawns all round.



    Your article and my “reminds me of the board” reaction?



    IMHO, the strategy is correct but the tactics are not.


    (Common with our board)



    What is wrong with Kwon spending 18 months on loan before coming back to us?



    It worked with Ryan Christie.



    Ryan was a nearly man in his early time at Celtic. We wanted him to do well but he wasn’t quite cutting it.



    18 months at Pittodrie brought him up JUST ENOUGH to a level Celtic could then develop.



    If we wanted Kwon back with us in August 2024 why didn’t we have a season long loan to St Mirren lined up immediately when we signed him?



    Man City do it all the time.



    It’s a natural pathway and means Brendan doesn’t devote coaching time to players who are not up to a level yet – something he clearly doesn’t like … and which dilutes his time, energy and attention to our top 22.







    Vaxxines have been mandated since the early 1960`s…go and see the effects on children in Africa for example.



    You really need to get over yourself.




  24. The hand of God on

    Would be nice if we could score a right few goals against Dundee tomorrow so we can relax and enjoy the game instead of stressing out.Last minute winners are brilliant and often live longer in the memory than thumpings but I will take the latter tomorrow night and hope Kilmarnock can repeat what they did to rangers earlier in the season.

  25. Under any other manager today’s article would be about the importance of game time for players who need development and that loans are great for that.



    I hope Brendan rams this negativity right down the metaphorical throats of Lawwell PLCs PR people.



    Get behind the team or be quiet.

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