Ambition being demolished in real time


We signed Hyeok-kyu Kwon (22) for €1m from K League 2 club Busan IPark.  He joined St Mirren on loan last month, where he has since made six appearances.  Watch this short video montage of him there.

Look at his stature; he is 6’ 4” tall and broad too.  Watch how he tackles, wins the ball, look at his passing.  Note how he runs with his head up, the way he covers 20 yards to close down opponents.  This is in the league we play in, the league we have looked lost during long period in games.

All this, when a few of us bemoan the lack of physical presence in the side and regret the retirement of Aaron Mooy.

A quick reminder of Celtic’s place in the food chain.  We are able to sign players from Norwich in the English second tier who can do a job here but will not transform us.  We were able to sign a number from Israel (I doubt this will happen again).  We can shop in the Benfica youth ranks and pick up the odd star in places like Spurs’ unwanted list.

All of the above is capable of winning the league and remaining just about where we are in Europe, nothing more.  If we want to actually progress as a club, we need to take risks and be capable of the kind of outstanding find that Kwon clearly is.

That’s not all.  When we manage to achieve this, we cannot be a place where talent comes to die, where it withers on an unhappy vine.

Recruitment is not all about what the player brings in the way of innate talent (I remember Tommy Burns talking about how Celtic coaches had to work on the touch of Pierre van Hooijdonk), it is also about how you transform that talent into a great footballer.

If we are in the business of making great strides  in Europe, we are also at the raw material end of the talent purchase business.  If you want to remain roughly where you are – just a bit ahead of Newco – buy the kind of finished article you can afford.

That’s your choice.  Stay only just ahead of Newco – buy the finished article you can afford and will come to Scotland.  Or, make real strides as a club – buy and play Kwon, and develop him into a Champions League player.

Our job is to find talent with huge potential and develop that potential into something special, not to look for lazy shortcuts that anyone with more money than the rest of the league could succeed with.  This is really difficult.  Most players will fail, when they do, we move on quickly, but if we committ the club and apply our significant resources to this strategy, we can make significant strides.

Now I read that after having the player for five weeks, St Mirren have opened talks to extend Kwon’s stay for the whole of next season.  It is like watching ambition being demolished in real time, with cheer leaders who hate what they want most – to just stay ahead of the other lot.  Knowing the CQN demographic as I do, we are all a bit too old to hope for more in Europe too far into the future.  I want it now, give me Kwon in the heart of the midfield in August, give me more like him, or tell yourself you are happy squabbling with the neighbours.

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  1. Think the Nazis through Hans Asperger and others, did a lot more damage to Neuro-diverse Children (Autism etc) than vaccines ever did.



    “Asperger managed to accommodate himself to the Nazi regime and was rewarded for his affirmations of loyalty with career opportunities. He joined several organizations affiliated with the NSDAP (although not the Nazi party itself), publicly legitimized ‘race hygiene’ policies including forced sterilizations and, on several occasions, actively cooperated with the child ‘euthanasia’ program.

  2. the booing of substitutions, in what way is it helpful to anyone of the staff ?



    a pointless entitled stupid thing to go.


    the manager is correct.

  3. I agree with St Stivs, the booing was weird and infantile, even more so than last Sat



    Do they not like Bernardo? who did they want on? Is Iwata now a cult hero?



    The question about The Ayrshire Superstar was weird and I was happy with how Rodgers dealt with it

  4. We – the Celtic Support – don’t give new players time to bed in, they have to hit the ground running or eventually they’ll get booed on to the park when coming on as a sub. Sending Kwon to St Mirren to allow him time to settle in to the Scottish game seems like a sound idea, similar to Ajer to Kilmarnock.



    Not sure I understand what you have against this move Paul, we simply can not afford any apprentices in the team right now smack bang in the middle of a tight race for the league.



    Hope CCV can stay fit for the rest of the season, he could be the difference between winning or losing this league.

  5. CHAIRBHOY on  ages go.…






    The Nazi scientists were supposed to be hanged at Nuremberg trials…didn’t happen….whitewash etc.



    Most of the Nazi scientists were flown or recruited to America and elsewhere to teach the 3 letter agencies how to make poisonous vaxxines etc, etc.



    Go and read up about “Operation Paper-clip” I think there are a few documentaries about it.



    Maybe in here.…





    or here.…




    or here….



    Good luck.




  6. “BURNLEY78 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:34 pm


    Hopefully, too, we are 2 or 3 clear and never allow the crowd to play its part tomorrow night.”



    Something, at one time, I would never have expected on a Celtic site. Unfortunately, I now see it as all too fair an observation.

  7. Hope Kwon is recalled before St Mirren game tonight, as he’s the new Roy Keane, obvious to all……

  8. What is the Starz on

    A truly bonkers article today.


    Kwon !..fecking Kwon !


    Mr Lawwell sources these champions league type superstars and our idiot manager won’t pick them..


    We really need to sack Rodgers now to save the season.Put Mark Lawwell ( who has an eye for a player) in charge as interim manager and recall Roy Kwon and Jinky Tillio immediately.

  9. Hugh Keevins, zero credibility, you cant take anything he says about us seriously, the guy is off his head, he never ever has a good word to say about us and is always forecasting disaster, regardless of what ways up, Probably why Radio Clyde employ him.

  10. very interested to see our CHs tomorrow. CCV coming back, Nawrocki injured, Welsh? Lagerbielke?



    I think we will start:





    Johnston CCV Scales Taylor


    O’Reilly McGregor Bernardo


    Yang Idah Palma



    Hopefully CCv gets some rest, Kyogo for Idah, Maeda for Yang, Holm for Bernardo as the subs

  11. Paul 67


    What/who is the most important to you ,Celtic or The Lawwells ?


    Another disappointing leader article.😩

  12. It would seem to me that its time for football department at Celtic to agree on type of players required. Ange has gone and Brendan is in charge now. I would think that Mark Lawwell was in step with what type of players which Ange wanted, indeed Ange publically said as much, when he stated that he had previously worked with him and he knew the type of players Ange wanted.



    What we have been told that recruitment works like this.



    1. Manager identifys the type of players he needs.


    2. Recruitment team identify at least 4 players who fit the specification


    3. Manager and his coaches rank the options


    4. Recruitment Team monitor the candidates and update the coaching team on performance


    5. Coaches then watch the player and evaluate his suitability


    6. Club approaches the players club for permission to speak with player.


    7. Preliminary discussions with player and agent


    8. Recruitment then report to manager who controls the budget.


    9. Negotiation progress with clubs agreeing the fees.


    10.Negotiation with Agent and target player


    11. Manager approves the deal.


    12. Contracts and Legal complete the deal including work permit



    Now something went wrong in January Window. Could have been Manager rejected the majority of players put forward by recruitment or negotiations broke down. Either way you know that Brendan never got his 4 players and the Club statement noted their disappointment



    It has been suggested that Miloski was available at £4m, but reports suggested that Celtic were quoted £8m


    Brendan had publically asked for 4 quailty players. Recruitment will have produced 4 lists of 4. So either the Manager has not approved many of the options or negotiations broke down



    There was also a sea change in January window with less than 10o/o of business than previous years throughout Europe, with big hitters being notably absent



    As our Academy and B squad are not producing first team squad players then it is imperative that Recruitment and First team management team get their acts joined up. We only have 3/4 months till summer window opens

  13. McLaughlin on Reporting Scotland , cut short BR explaining the good girl nonsense, the BBC continues the nonsense basically saying, no apology and it won’t satisfy a lot of people, ban them Celtic, even Sky Sports News showed his full statement.

  14. There is evidence of the sheer unwillingness of journalist to delve into matters concerning the SFA and their prodigy (or is it Proddyigy) Rangers/R2ngers when presented with hard evidence the LNS Commission was a sham can be read at





    That is what truth tellers are up against and why the mendacious get away with their lies and still do.



    No full exposure and counterganda.

  15. the long wait is over on




    Feels like the walls are closing in on us



    Keevins desperately peddling the Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark agenda. MSM trying desperately to belittle BR as a misogynist dinosaur ( although tbf the “victim” herself has dealt with it today in a pretty dignified manner which is to her credit ) and we have our host again running another piece which seems predicated on a view that we had terrific players on our books but BR can’t see that and lets them slip through his fingers.



    All of them are entitled to their view of course.



    I was as critical as anyone else of our first half performance at the weekend but BR , whether through substitutions, tactical changes or a half time team talk , or a combination of all three , turned us around in a second half performance no one in this country could have lived with.



    If Ange had done that we’d have been raving about him.



    For now, I’m 100% behind BR for this reason if no other – there’s practically a single figure number of games left. If we’re going to win this league BR and the players are going to need everyone in our camp behind him.



    There’s plenty out there hoping , praying we slip up but they know we’ve been serial winners over the last few years and they haven’t. That’s priceless.



    We’re 2 points behind. Sure maybe we should be 8 ahead but we can’t change that now.



    The summer is the time for any post mortem we might require.



    For the moment thought that all needs to be parked imho.



    Right now , all that matters is that it should be everyone else’s nerve and resolve we’re putting to the sword – not our own.

  16. John Hartson has taken to the soup.



    “”He shouldn’t have said it,” he told Go Radio. “Whether he crossed the code of whatever, he shouldn’t have said it to a woman presenter. That’s not language that you normally hear him speak to people.



    “There was no apology there, from Brendan that I listened to. No apology and I believe, although he said he spoke to Jame Lewis, I think she would have probably wanted an apology.”

  17. ROCK TREE BHOY on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:40 PM


    Hugh Keevins, zero credibility, you cant take anything he says about us seriously, the guy is off his head, he never ever has a good word to say about us and is always forecasting disaster, regardless of what ways up, Probably why Radio Clyde employ him.





    I referred to The Plato’s Cave analogy previously.



    Keevins is the main projector of the shadows on the wall and he is bloody good at it. After the R2ngers game on Saturday he pointed out that R2ngers January signings had scored v Hearts which contrasted with PL’s statement in Interim Accs about it being difficult to recruit value in the January window.



    He actually had a point to make and you could argue he was on the side of many Celtic supporters, but the alternative, which I favour, is he does it for himself and has made a good living from it for years which depends on ignoring the corrupt state of Scottish football which he will be well acquainted with .



    For those who wonder what the projected shadows mean this explains a lot about humanity.



  18. Who gives a Celtic supporting toss



    What keevins thinks?


    What John Hartson thinks ?



    Not relevant to tomorrow nights game



    Stop being media saps




  19. the long wait is over on




    “ There was also a sea change in January window with less than 10o/o of business than previous years throughout Europe, with big hitters being notably absent”



    A seriously important point.



    No movement at the levels above our budget means no trickle down.



    I wonder how many fans were happy with their clubs January window this year ?



    Precious few I would have thought.

  20. Auldheid 7.27



    No full exposure and counterganda.



    And acceptance from Celtic pitifully.




  21. Paul Scholes,on being asked about BR comments to Jane Lewis,being sexist,


    ” Really,get this world to f–k,Bye”.


    Good Boy.

  22. Very sad news of the passing of Bryan WDH .



    He was the first poster I met ,one Friday afternoon in the Burnside hotel Ruglen,he was with another


    ex CQN’er can’t remember his blog name now but ,believe he was a cousin of James Forrest (the blogger)



    Rest in Peace Bryan hh

  23. Lagerbielke has racked up 6 appearances so far this Season, can’t see him being transported in tomorrow unless CCV cries off, he could make the bench with Rocky injured.



    I was impressed by Holm but he has only made 8 appearances this year, certainly would like to see him in the squad.

  24. Away from football for a minute,with all the money our club has in the bank isn’t time they invested in a restaurant and bar facilities were the pools office is located catering for 3to 4hundred fans and maybe the museum added to

  25. New depths plumbed each day by our national broadcaster.



    I simply cannot imagine the main news being dominated by a non story about a manager not upsetting a woman reporter if the club were any other than Celtic.

  26. AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 7:41 PM


    Who gives a Celtic supporting toss




    What keevins thinks?



    What John Hartson thinks ?




    Not relevant to tomorrow nights game




    Stop being media saps





    While I acknowledge what Auldheid and others have to say about Keevins et al, I agree with you 100% that from now on we must ignore them and block out the white noise emanating from them. As far as I’m concerned it’s pull up the drawbridge and close ranks time. You’re now either ‘fur us or agin us’. Anyone who is negative about the management or team – the only people who can win this league for us – is doing the job of the Huns.



    In Brendan We Trust


    In the players we trust




    Hail! Hail!

  27. Hartson Is an embarrassment.



    If he had put as much effort into the season HL left then we would not be looking at rangers franchises combined 55 Celtic 53 right now.



    Our CEO should man up and take media to task over their coverage.



    Rangers don’t get a penalty and the story runs for weeks as their manager and club discredit an official. No apology



    Our manager takes issue with an over zealous journo. She doesn’t take offence at his girl comment and it is still a story running for days.



    The CEO should unite the club by taking a lead or at least posture for this one to galvanise us and support his manager publicly.

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