An elite individual talent at work


Winning as comfortably as Celtic are these days, it is easy to forget those times when we struggle to breakdown packed defences.  This has been a feature of Celtic games for as long as I’ve been watching.  We have always and will always come up against teams who will put 10 men behind the ball and seldom leave their final third.

In most games we will move the ball around quickly enough for cracks to open up.  The same is true for our main title rivals.  Often, the league is won and lost on how well the contenders are able to overcome a packed defence that sticks to task.

Leagues are won by players and actions that set the champions apart.  In this particular area, David Turnbull excels.  His technique when shooting from outside the box is exceptional.  In less than a combined 90 minute action against packed defences in recent weeks, he has scored three times from outside the area.

Low shots, hard and bullet fast, this is not about how Celtic move the ball or their ability to create space, it is an elite individual talent at work.  When we are comfortably ahead of St Mirren, Morton or St Johnstone, this is of little consequence, but when struggling to make the breakthrough, David Turnbull is an outstanding asset.

He is still only 23, lots of road ahead. Talk of a new contract is not premature.

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  1. MARSPAPA on 6TH FEBRUARY 2023 11:53 AM





    Wonder if proven will any titles be stripped……


















    Someone should ask Slippy what he thinks of that idea.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Aftershocks now hitting Turkiye imparing and endangering rescue attemtps.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Another three points. Still well on course for 100+ if we can maintain current form.


    Strange to have used that free-kick routine in a game that was already won. Surely better to have kept it in hand for a more important occasion when a game is in the balance? You can’t surprise people twice.


    Great to hear Ange with his “no ceiling” comments again. Be good to hear the same from someone at board level. Wonder if there’s any reason why we don’t……..?

  4. SFTB



    I guess the “hopeful huns” do it on a weekly basis do that sort of thing.:-))




  5. STEPBHOY Could I ask what in your opinion what the hold up with Barrowfield being upgraded,and any news about the expansion of the Ticket Office,The Hotel and the Museum.

  6. And I would like to add that our club should have added another Centre Back in the January transfer window ,just say god forbid Cameron Carter Vickers and Starfelt pick up a serious injury,who have we to replace them .

  7. Timbhoy163



    I think Starfelt still has to complete scapegoat course,some still not happy :-))




  8. ‘Sfunny, but here was me thinking (before this piece, Paul) DT could be the next guy who moves on.


    Can’t hold down a starting berth, looks generally a bit slow for thon Angeball stuff and never looks that hungry/passionate about being a Celt (not that that did much for big Moritz in all truth).


    Not sure Bully wid be in high demand in the EPL. Maybe a Norwich level, or could replace Rogic at WBA…



    So now that Citeh are in trouble, perhaps we’ll creep up in these rankings of the world’s top football clubs:




    Ranking ‘the best’ teams in the world – by a thing called an ELO points rating – we come in at 62 in the world.

  9. Timbhoy163



    I think Starfelt still has to complete scapegoat course,some still not happy :-))



    They did ,kobeyashi




  10. Had a great day out with 4 life long friends in hospitality at McDiarmid park watching the bhoys. Due to health reasons my first game since Ross County before lockdown,can’t walk very far nowadays so got parked right outside stadium. I’d only seen Callum in the flesh before Yesterday and was very impressed with the other 10,


    Mooy and CCV were exceptional but the endeavour and work rate of our Japanese bhoys was a joy. I was right opposite Jota when he received ball for Kyogo,s goal and thought he was offside not realising the near side defender played him on.hence I didn’t celebrate till after var ( my first live game with var). There is no better feeling than being at the game. The bhoys are in a great place at the moment.HH

  11. TIMBHOY163 on 6TH FEBRUARY 2023 12:42 PM



    If any team in the world lost their 2 first team centreback starters they would likely struggle, but few if any go out and buy 4 first team starters cause they would not be hanging about long.⁹l



    However, we still have 2 fairly experienced centrebacks if young centrebacks in welsh 23 and yiki 22 years old. We have 2 more experienced players that can cover ther in iwata and johnson.



    Any new players we sign from here on in need to be at the higher end of our squad quality. They will not come in as back up.

  12. I hope DT signs another deal, he’s a great prospect for us and gives us something no other midfielder does, consistently scoring from long range.



    I’d be reluctant to draw any comparisons as yet between City and the huns.



    City are claiming these charges are primarily based of leaked information which is only part of a picture, information which made a large part of UEFA’s case against City which they went on to win on appeal at CAS.



    There’s someway to go yet before City are guilty. Of course if at the end of this process they’re adjudged to have broken the rules, their titles should be stripped. Otherwise they’ve benefitted from cheating.

  13. PAPAJOE55 on 6TH FEBRUARY 2023 12:52 PM



    that is a great share, glad you enjoyed your day, and best wishes for health improvements.

  14. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    Just put up a post asking them if they get paid for doing that and if there were any jobs going.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Just because David Turnbull is not a regular starter does not mean he should be shipped out or that he might want to leave.



    Football is about a first team squad, not a starting 11. Players like Turnbull are essential throughout a long season and I for one believe he is a great asset to the squad.



    As for him wanting to leave, he loves life at Celtic. When the club first bid for him, he went down to Norwich and failed his medical. On his return to Scotland, Celtic told Motherwell they were still keen and would wait a year to allow the player to have surgery and complete his recovery. Motherwell agreed and a year later, David was a Celtic player.



    He has a loyalty to Celtic after they showed faith in him. He won’t be knocking on Ange’s door with threats of moving on if he doesn’t get a regular starting berth.

  16. PAPAJOE55.



    Great you had a good day.watching Celtic yesterday would be a tonic too.i agree,nothing beats watching a game,being there.great post👏💚



    Hail Hail

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The second quake was not an aftershock but another full blown earthquake 7.5 magnitude praying for the casualties and rescuers.

  18. City look like they’re in serious trouble



    The same breaches that brought them the punishment from Uefa – side contracts for the manager and some players, and cheating their revenue and cost figures by hiding payments from their owners.



    They appealed to CAS to have the punishment overturned, got their expensive lawyers on the job and were, surprisingly, able to recommend the chairman of the panel, who had previous links with the city owners.



    They had the Uefa punishment overturned on a technicality – the breaches occurred more than 5 years before the charges were. brought.



    In this case the Premier League doesn’t allow for appeals to be taken to CAS and there is no time limit. An independent commission will look at all the evidence from the investigation.

  19. Hope David Turnbull is given an extended contract.


    I think he has been unlucky not to have played more, so far this season.

  20. paulsthroughball88 on

    City officials leave meeting looking very smug.



    “Imperfectly financed” seems to be the line, nowt to see ‘ere, geeza.

  21. The Premier League judicial panel has been created to take the place of CAS:



    “The Premier League has recently resolved to create a new Judicial Panel, that is a standing group of arbitrators with legal, financial, sporting and other relevant expertise, the members of which may be appointed to adjudicate independently on disciplinary cases referred to it by the Premier League Board and to resolve disputes between Clubs and Managers by way of arbitration.”



    They have created a judicial panel with an appeals panel.



    I wonder what conclusions they would have come to if they had been presented with cheating we saw in Scottish football.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Looks to me like a new “rules based order” is being invented for sport. Only corrupt UK can investigate corruption in the UK.

  23. paulsthroughball88 on

    Any talk (or whisper as it was up here) of title-stripping should be accompanied by a demand for re-allocation to the runner-up in any given year where cheating has been proven to have occurred.




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