Anatomy of a Cup winning goal


The reason Paulo Bernardo had the freedom of Hampden to push forward in the last minute was two Newco central mids, Diomande and Wright, took themselves out of play.  Diomande initially did well, splitting the Celtic midfield open with one of those priceless 20 yard forward passes.  Unfortunately, for the opposition, Scott Wright let the ball roll under his foot.  This was the last touch a Newco player had of the ball before Butland picked it out of the net.

With Wright in no man’s land, Alistair Johnston gave the ball to Callum McGregor, however, Diomande’s instinct was to win the ball back and he rushed McGregor, which is never wise, as McGregor passed around him to Bernardo.

With two central mids missing, Newco were already in trouble.  Bernardo picked up the ball inside the centre circle and was immediately fouled by the third central mid, Nicolas Raskin.  Raskin made the right decision to foul Bernardo, but his execution was ineffective.  When Bernardo bounced off the turf, the Belgian must have known the risk ahead.

Others would have accepted the foul but Paulo sensed the opportunity.  As he turned to face the Newco goal, he saw the blue sea back away from him, with an empty 30 yards to progress into, he know what he wanted to do.

His shot was 25 yards from the goal line, four yards outside the right-hand post and went right at the centre of the goal.  That means it travelled 26.25 yards.  We always look for moments of brilliance to settle tight games but more often than than not, they are decided by who makes a mistake.

Goalkeeping is not easy.  Bernardo thrashed a thunderbolt past Butland earlier this season and the keeper knew to expect a venomous effort, but 26.25 yards is enough for a topflight keeper to get the ball safe.  Instead, as he did fatally in the league at Dingwall last month, Butland returned the ball into play.

I have some sympathy for the Newco defensive line at the goal.  Their one mistake was not actually keeping that line.  A makeshift central defensive partnership split, one ahead and one behind the fullbacks.  This created the space for Adam Idah to pinball right, then left, then forward to attack the lose ball.

With Idah set to pounce, Butland was on the deck.  The keeper had one decision to make: try to get to the ball, or spread himself.  He chose the former and Idah’s shot went below him into the net.

We’ll analyse the game more generally tomorrow.  In particular, we’ll discuss how Celtic could have been more ambitious in their passing in the first half.  Perhaps the reason they didn’t, is they carry experiences like Diomande, Wright and Raskin went through yesterday.  Ambitious passing inevitably leads to turnovers, which can be dangerous.

Still celebrating, speak later!

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  1. Connaire 12 – from earlier of course my friend and thanks.







    D. :)

  2. The grass was too long and we seemed to have the wrong studs in our boots, guys were slipping everywhere, although its great to see the fans enjoying themselves in the sun after another win, Hampden is a dump bulldoze it have 1 National stadium for all Finals, the parochial attitudes of Governing bodies is what is hindering this. Other countries and cities even manage to produce class arenas for spectactors why cant we?


    Well done Celtic on another successful season.

  3. garygillespieshamstring on





    He certainly wasn’t watching the same game as I watched on a recording.




    His shots on target thing doesn’t stand up.




    In the 89th minute alone, we had two shots on target.



    One Butland saved but failed to hold and another that went into the net.




    Celtic were in complete control of the first half. Indeed after 30 minutes we had over 70% possession.




    We could have had two penalties and Diomande wasfortunate again not to be sent off. He should have been booked sooner than he was.




    How they can claim the goal should have been allowed is beyond me. A clear, two handed push on Hart’s back. All this stuff about him not going to get it anyway is pish.




    Also possibly two valid penalty claims.




    While we are on the pushing thing, their goal at Celtic Park should have been disallowed for pushing on Taylor as the guy used Taylor for leverage to get up to head the ball back across goal.




    Clement is, with apologies to big Jimmy, a chump of the highest order.

  4. The meeja are in cahoots with the huns over Buttland – he’s a decent keeper, not the worst but nuthin’ special………………..


    The meeja / hun , hook-up is designed to get thum wedge that otherwise they would not get.




  5. I heard Vlad the Impaler,yapping about them having 6 shots on target.Anyone remember them?.Only 1 for me,Silvas trundler in the 1st half.I honestly cant remember another.Anyone else?.



    Looks like Ross County are staying up,3-1,HT.No extra plastic pitch.


    Was a penalty yesterday,but seems the more important incident was a foul outside the box,well to Shortie last night anyway.Noticed not one asked Vlad what he thought of our penalty claim.


    Who cares job done .Mullions to now be spent. :-) :-)

  6. GGH,


    Sorry,asking the same questions about shots on target.Their manager is deranged.The mad eyes.Typical ignorant Belgian.

  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    No worries.



    Great end to the season.




  8. boondock saint on

    Left Birmingham Friday morning, Alabama that is. Drove 20 hrs straight up to Cape Cod with the family. Got there with 30 minutes befor game kicked off on Saturday. Rental house amazing, but I planked me arse on the couch, computer in hand. Game was shite but who cares. Put in the hoops went down town Chatham for some lunch with the family, fish and chips ( not a patch on Tony’s in Wishy by the way). Walked back to the house , sat down exhausted. Went on YouTube and watched everything I could about the celebrations and crashed to sleep after watching the Boston Celtics come back from 18 down to win. It’s exhausting , thank goodness we get a break now😂😂👍🇮🇪


    Now off to beantown to watch the Red Sox.


    Life is good my cqners.


    Hail Hail



  9. McPhail Bhoy on

    In the clash of the Glasgow heavyweights, Rangers the underdogs were ahead on points with a minute to go. They’d hustled and harried Celtic all day.


    Their midfield trio – Mohamed Diomande, Nicolas Raskin and Dujon Sterling – were in the faces of men who have dominated them all season.


    Diomande was class. Sterling was so busy all over the pitch you wondered how many of him were actually out there.


    Then, the knockout blow. Out of the blue, so to speak.


    A rare lapse in concentration in letting them through, a goalkeeper exposed and a shot spilled by Jack Butland, a man who has been their totem since the summer.


    Above from Tom English on the BBC, clown of a ‘journalist’’.

  10. fanadpatriot on

    Great day yesterday,Grandson confirmation then watching our great club win another trophy.


    Got a fantastic photo taken with eleven grandchildren wearing the Hoops.


    Definitely one that is getting framed HH☘️🇮🇪


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 26TH MAY 2024 1:22 PM




    Above from Tom English on the BBC, clown of a ‘journalist’’.






    He’ s the infamous Limerick soup drinker. Even the Huns hate him because of his Irish accent. Bog-trotting version of Hugh Keevins.

  12. The WINNING GOAL !



    While watching in ” Real Time” yesterday I FAILED to realise just how brilliant the Celtic Goal was by Adam Idah.


    I have watched the Goal several times Today and after the Hun ( Wright) allowed the ball to under his foot, it travelled to AL JOHNSTON, who quickly fed CALMAC, who then found DAIZEN with a swift pass, who laid the ball off to PAULO BERNADO, who ( DESPITE being Fouled by the Hun Raskin ) side stepped the swipe…and then broke into their half, and with the Hun defence backing off, PAULO quickly saw his chance to shoot for Goal.



    The shot DID swerve a little as it made its way towards the Huns Goal, with the Hun Goalie ( BUTLAND) only able to palm the Ball forward and onto the in rushing ADAM IDAH, who coolly smashed the Ball UNDER the Hun Goalie and into the Huns NET !



    The QUICK and DECISIVE Passing from AL Johnston, CALMAC and DAIZEN was the BEST piece of Fitba all game…not forgetting PAULOs run and shot…finished off by ADAM in true centre forward style.



    I may watch THAT goal again a few dozen times !





  13. It is not accurate to state that this was the last Newco touch until Butlins picked the ball out of the net. It ignores the save from Bernardo’s shot.

  14. The returnof weeron on

    Great day at the Ottawa CSC yesterday.



    Finished off the celebrations with a 90th birthday bash for TOM CAMPBELL, esteemed Celtic author and one of the Founding Members of the Ottawa CSC in 1987.



    We had our biggest crowd since the good old satellite days.



    We are living through what will become the Good Old Days for the young team.



    Obviously, there is much room for improvement in our squad. I hope that Brendan gets to buy some experienced players this summer. We have plenty ‘projects’. Few of whom played yesterday (not sure if Bernardo falls into that category).



    Speaking of Brendan, while I wish he’d get us playing quicker balls to our forwards, he has had that steely eyed look to him, as if he knows what he is doing.



    He has managed us well through the last 2 months or so.






  15. Legends game is very entertaining. 2-1 to Celtic, great goals.


    Live on Celtic tv and youtube

  16. Watched the whole game again. Paused at all the moments. Counted the rights and wrongs. 40 off fouls in the game.



    Then watched it again.



    Celtic were again the better football team. Had the most possession.



    Rangershad a lot of corners in their new tactics of rush and kick. It got them no where.



    The two not given penalties should have went to var.



    Does butland get an assist ?



    Brendan’s loans won the game.

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