Anatomy of a Cup winning goal


The reason Paulo Bernardo had the freedom of Hampden to push forward in the last minute was two Newco central mids, Diomande and Wright, took themselves out of play.  Diomande initially did well, splitting the Celtic midfield open with one of those priceless 20 yard forward passes.  Unfortunately, for the opposition, Scott Wright let the ball roll under his foot.  This was the last touch a Newco player had of the ball before Butland picked it out of the net.

With Wright in no man’s land, Alistair Johnston gave the ball to Callum McGregor, however, Diomande’s instinct was to win the ball back and he rushed McGregor, which is never wise, as McGregor passed around him to Bernardo.

With two central mids missing, Newco were already in trouble.  Bernardo picked up the ball inside the centre circle and was immediately fouled by the third central mid, Nicolas Raskin.  Raskin made the right decision to foul Bernardo, but his execution was ineffective.  When Bernardo bounced off the turf, the Belgian must have known the risk ahead.

Others would have accepted the foul but Paulo sensed the opportunity.  As he turned to face the Newco goal, he saw the blue sea back away from him, with an empty 30 yards to progress into, he know what he wanted to do.

His shot was 25 yards from the goal line, four yards outside the right-hand post and went right at the centre of the goal.  That means it travelled 26.25 yards.  We always look for moments of brilliance to settle tight games but more often than than not, they are decided by who makes a mistake.

Goalkeeping is not easy.  Bernardo thrashed a thunderbolt past Butland earlier this season and the keeper knew to expect a venomous effort, but 26.25 yards is enough for a topflight keeper to get the ball safe.  Instead, as he did fatally in the league at Dingwall last month, Butland returned the ball into play.

I have some sympathy for the Newco defensive line at the goal.  Their one mistake was not actually keeping that line.  A makeshift central defensive partnership split, one ahead and one behind the fullbacks.  This created the space for Adam Idah to pinball right, then left, then forward to attack the lose ball.

With Idah set to pounce, Butland was on the deck.  The keeper had one decision to make: try to get to the ball, or spread himself.  He chose the former and Idah’s shot went below him into the net.

We’ll analyse the game more generally tomorrow.  In particular, we’ll discuss how Celtic could have been more ambitious in their passing in the first half.  Perhaps the reason they didn’t, is they carry experiences like Diomande, Wright and Raskin went through yesterday.  Ambitious passing inevitably leads to turnovers, which can be dangerous.

Still celebrating, speak later!

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  1. Born under a union jack


    Die under a union jack


    The ‘rebel’ unionist in the dark


    The definition of a fart in a vacuum


    Woke- like a lot,the fleg sooker dont know its meaning.

  2. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH MAY 2024 9:41 PM


    I think he’ll stay for another season.”



    I hope you are right, Tom……and with that, I`ll say


    Goodnight all.

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    🎶 Oh ye cannae shove the goalie in the box



    Oh ye cannae shove the goalie in the box



    Ye cannae shove the goalie he’s gawn up to lift the trophy



    Ye cannae shove the goalie in the box 🎶

  4. The returnof weeron on



    Re Tom Campbell….



    I had that 1945-70 book when it came out. As you say, great book. I emigrated to Canada when I was 19. in 1987, a work colleague was going home to Scotland on holiday and asked if there was anything she could pick up for me. I asked for something (can’t recall what, but it was football book of sorts). She couldn’t find it, so brought me ‘The Glory and the Dream’ on the advice of Joe McBride.



    I thought, ‘oh no, not another history of Celtic’. There were as a few, and none were great, IMHO.



    The name of the author caught my attention, and I quickly figured out that he was the same author of ’45-70′.



    Then I read the blurb ‘About the Author’, which included the fact that Tom was Head of english in Ottawa’s largest high school. I hunted him down. We met. A couple of weeks later, I introduced him to may Celtic supporting pals. Through this, The Ottawa CSC was born.



    Tom is the most decent of human beings, and has plenty of knowledge on a great many subjects. I’ll share your comments with him.






  5. Hrvatski Jim on

    Gary at 9.06



    I have also read Celtic 1945 to 1970 several times. Still have the book in my Celtic collection.



    It was depressing on two fronts.



    Our own incompetence to build, coach and keep together a team when there was some prospect that we could become winners.



    The bias against us from the authorities both off the field with the flag issue and excessive suspensions of players compared to other teams and on field via refereeing decisions, including drunk referees which were strangely reported by the Herald more than any other publication mentioned in the book.



    VAR is imperfect but better than going back to those days.


    Tom Campbell is one of our greatest historians.

  6. Melvin Udall on



    🎶 Oh ye cannae shove the goalie in the box



    Oh ye cannae shove the goalie in the box



    Ye cannae shove the goalie he’s gawn up to lift the trophy



    Ye cannae shove the goalie in the box 🎶




    That made me properly laugh that one! 😂😂😂👍

  7. Melvin Udall on

    Does anyone think it is a coincidence that Brendan is back for 3 years and by the time he leaves, we could be on 56 titles?



    Possibly to make up for leaving when we were heading for 10 in a row.



    Hmmmmmmm! 🤔




  8. glendalystonsils on




    Maybe he’ll stay on for another go at the ten …… a successful one this time ! -))))))))

  9. What is the Starz on

    Tom McL and Hot Smoked


    I would be very pleasantly surprised if Matt O Riley stays .


    He may well do so..I think he will go based on our recruitment model …buying “cheap” young talented players like Dembele Jota and Others,getting a couple of years service and enjoyment from them which simultaneously puts them in “the shop window ” and then selling on at a big profit when a suitable offer arrives. We can’t say no to £20 million or so and we can’t prevent the players wanting to play in a bigger league and earning more money…


    I would imagine there will be offers for O Riley….Will he go ?..I really don’t know….but it might be best for both him and Celtic if he does..

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic are now up to 54 titles in their history, moving 53 ahead of Rangers.



    @ PaddyPower



    Would it be considered sexist if they sang ‘the Billy boys’ at the women’s Scottish Cup final ?





    I don’t think that the Huns were stupid enough to fall for all of that sort of, Krankie flavoured Politically correct p∆sh.



    There was an English girl who votes for The Green Party, and during a discussion she was pointed towards a video from the House of Commons featuring, George Galloway MP, utterly rattling the Tory Government’s cage about the Genocide of Palestinians.



    The Green Party supporting girl’s response.…



    “I utterly detest that man. He has never ever…said his pronouns Once.”



    This Identity Politics p∆sh needs a way out…to safety…before its too late for them.



    That isn’t intended to be a threat, from me, but there are plenty of ticking time bombs going around out there, and things might turn out bad for these cliquey, clingy, bubble people.



    All of them trained at their own branch of the University of Krankie flavoured boaking degeneracy.



    Back in the reality world….seats are boring and make people fat and lazy…just like Thatcher wanted…the football terraces gave society members too much energy and comradely connections…which the evil Thatcher’s of this world detest.



    All Seating = P∆shy overreaction to Hillsborough psyop.



    Safe Standing = Stabilisers for Standing lawwl 👀️


    [Billy Connolly would say “FLUK OFF!!!”]



    All real Standing area of 40,000 inside Parkhead = Now We’re Talking.



    PS, All of this talk about folk born in the wrong body, well…is Gerry McCulloch one of these creatures?




    Gerry Old Firm this, Old Firm that, McCulloch. Woof! 👀️



    No wonder Celtic TV sucks so bad.



    Where’s Glibby Fae The Brig? CSC



    PPS, I Hope that GFTB or anyone else hasn’t been listening too much to CQN’s Dr SFTB or Sentinel Celts Dr Winkle….over the recent period. 👀️



  12. Melvin Udall on

    GLENDALYSTONSILS on 26TH MAY 2024 10:24 PM





    Maybe he’ll stay on for another go at the ten …… a successful one this time ! -))))))))




    Well, he’ll have us on 5 in a row by then. So, he may as well stay for the ten. 😃👍🏆🍾🇮🇪🍀

  13. Melvin Udall on

    BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 26TH MAY 2024 10:34 PM


    Celtic are now up to 54 titles in their history, moving 53 ahead of Rangers.



    @ PaddyPower






    Paddy Power don’t miss them with their trolling. Class! 😂👍

  14. Tom Campbell in the Glory and the Dream relayed the tale of Ned McGinn,when in 1892 Celtic won 3 cups .He was ecstatic at this achievement that he wrote to The Pope/Vatican seeking candles to be lit,on not receiving a reply from the Holy See he motioned the committee to censure the pope! :-))


    If you have the book its on page 8 or 9.


    It was a much more definitive history imo than Brian Wilsons official club history brought out for the centenary year.



    Hail Hail

  15. glendalystonsils on




    Hardly a fair comparison though … comparing the total titles for one club against the combined totals for two clubs .

  16. An T





    The Z’s are infiltrating Dublin streets.



    Just saying.




  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tom- agree,but strange that there wasn’t a fee to buy Idah from Norwich, I would take him and Bernardo

  18. garygillespieshamstring on




    That is a great story. I would be delighted if you passed my comments on to Tom. I also enjoyed The Glory and the Dream and still have both books.






    I agree with your thoughts on the way we were treated. That is one of the things that should make it a “must read” for any Celtic supporter, particularly the younger generations.



    I remember my da saying to me when I was young and complaining about the refs and stuff that it was a lot worse before TV coverage became common.


    The 45-70 book certainly shows that.



    I think Cyril Horne was the reason the Herald reported the stories. I think he was Jewish and a very respected journalist with a great deal of integrity who would not be swayed by the supporters of the establishment club.



    The Cox/Tully case, the disruption of the minute of silence for John Millsopp, the flag controversy and the drunk referee story would probably all have passed by unremarked had it not been for Mr. Horne.




    Re Tom Campbell His book “Glasgow Celtic 1945-70” is the best book about Celtic I have read.



    Great mix of Tom’s writing interspersed with contemporary newspaper reports, particularly those written by Cyril Horne give a real insight into Celtic’s trials and triumphs from the immediate post war period to the end of the 60s.



    I have re-read it many times since my godmother gave it to me as a Christmas present the year it was published.



    I think the format of “The Glory and the Dream” by Tom Campbell and Pat Woods owed a lot to Tom’s earlier book. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



    *Snap GGHS as a very young Mrs TT bought me it for my Christmas 1970 along with a Celtic tammy, which I still wear 54 years later, I still have both and as you say an absolute gem of a book

  20. Good morning all from a 12 degree overcast but dry at the moment Garngad.



    Bhoyjoebelfast – Thank you for the prayers and thanks to all.



    D. :)

  21. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill.


    A meeting of the Shipbank Shipwrecks taking place at the Old Ship Bank, Saltmarket on Friday 31st May, 12pm onwards. Warm up/fitness test in McKinnons from 8am.

  22. leeds v southampton championship was a dire game of footie yesterday – it’s like they’ve coached the footballer out of the football

  23. Is there any chance that there’s a good manager somewhere hidden in clemente? He’s found a way to get us off our game – he maximises their set piece chances ! if he had decent players could he beat a team with BR’s own choices playing?



    There’s two problems with this thinking –



    It relies on fouling to disrupt our game which is not punished and


    they don’t have a sustainable source of income to buy better players than their current crop and


    I can’t understand the Ross county and Dundee results when the league was there for the taking.



    anyway , just thinking aloud!

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