And so it begins


And do it begins.  For years we were subject to ‘Martin O’Neill leaving’ stories, as everyone from local pundits to Tory Party leaders wanted him to move south  Now they want Brendan to leave his beloved Celtic.

This is the reality of success, the alternative is anonymous failure.

I don’t know Brendan’s inner thoughts, but I know he invokes plans for years ahead at the club when taking to his employer. He may or may not be settled in Scotland, but he sounds it.

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  2. CONNAIRE12 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2018 12:35 PM



    Interesting that White admitted to wearing a Newco hat. Usually Sky expect us to believe he is neutral. When in fact he is the person responsible for all the anti-Celtic garbage on that channel. Congratulations to the ghuys who have cancelled their subscriptions to that mob.

  3. AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2018 11:52 AM (Previous Blog),



    All’s well in ‘The Barras’.



    Hope you’re well.



    As for Jim White, had telly on Sky Sports News (sound off) this morning and he’s up on the stage with co-commentators collecting a ‘Journalism’ award, that, in a nutshell, shows how dumb the English are.




  4. Never do or did trust people who smile too much, Jim White is a prime example, his telephone conversations with people in the game are for his benefit to give the impression he has contacts and is in there to bring stories , he is a spin doctor for Sevco, I am sure i saw a picture posted on here of him in his Toy Soldier marching suit .McQueen is another annoying anyone but Celtic newsreader, she appears talentless and prejudiced, she was gutted Celtic won on Sunday.


    BR has a four year contract, barring him becoming disillusioned with Celtic I think he will see that out minimum, ignore the spin the lies the stirring, the media, none of them, are friends of Celtic Football Club or the support, its not just clubs that envy Broonie clubs envy Celtic and envy is ruinous. The club will be duty bound through contracts to give access pressers etc and that cannot be avoided unfortunately.

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  6. What is the Stars on

    So finally Brendan has admitted failure and called it day to head back down south to manage Huddersfield or West Brom.


    Does this mean that the Slump will end or is the writing on the wall.


    The Rangers fans are coming..55 and counting

  7. I think there is a coordinated plot led by level 5. The aim is to create a mood of criticism of Bennda. The first part is circulating articles to newspapers. From Daily mail to the Record last week there were almost identical articles about the suicide of Brendans wife’s ex.



    It continued with so called Celtic fans phoning the Radio phone ins and moaning about Brendan.



    Hunposters went on Celtic blogs and stirred up anti Brendan threads. Even Etims were taken in and suggested that we should have left Brendan out of work



    It worked to an extent that there a debate among fans about Brendan



    Now talk Sport and Sky are involved in trying to get Brendan to leave.



    Their aim is to create a feeling of dissatisfaction with Brendan. When an offer of a big job like Arsenal or Chelsea comes in, they hope that Brendan will feel unappreciated and will take a big money offer to leave ” the ungrateful fans.



    Brendan has said he is here for 10 but who knows. He is an honourable man and there are pleas from our fans to go then he would go.



    So Celtic Fans don’t be manipulated by the media who are not friends of our club.



    Back Brendan and push on for 10 (after 5 consecutive Trebles

  8. Glasgowbhoy – many thanks if you can help.



    Mike in Toronto – thanks for the kind words. She had a good innings as they say but will be sorely missed by her family

  9. Poppy debate raised it’s head over the weekend. Refreshingly on TV Martin Samuel (daily mail -i know) said that Poppies had no place at Football matches and neither was forces personnel on zip lines. It came out of the debate about pep wearing a catalonian yellow ribbon for which the FA have called him to a meeting.

  10. I would play 3 5 2 tomorrow night KT and JF as wing backs , pulverise Dundee from the start high tempo press get a few goals ahead quickly

  11. Jim Shite got it from the record who cut and pasted it from the mirror. These so called MSM could not write a holiday postcard without telling porkies. Something like ” weather here great”, when all the time it’s pissed down all week.

  12. As we like boycotts on CQN, I propose boycotting Ryanair.


    We are a Glasgow based team and it’s actions will directly affect many Celtic Supporters.



    I blame the greedy company and the Scottish government who have not moved on their aviation taxation promises. Glasgow deserves better from both.



    Blaming Brexit and moving to Edinburgh beggars belief.




  13. I think Ralston will play against Dundee & Morton, then when it comes to facing that sevco mob we might see……



    Ralston, Comperr,Ajer,Tierney which will be our defence when the CL qualifiers come round in july,imho.



  14. Even today we had a well know character on here suggesting that we got Brendan from the “scrapheap” and maybe we should have left him there.



    And people wonder why I’m the “Teachers Pet” whatever the funk that means.



    Almost everyday personal attacks on our manager on a Celtic blog FFS, maybe I’m just paranoid or no a good enough Tim for some.



    But beware the insiders bearing platitudes about some bygone time barely recognisable by folk who were there, hail rain or snaw, win, lose or draw…




  15. Greenpinata


    Its not just Ryanair , I booked a holiday for my good lady and me in June with Jet2.com, the cost was £100 cheaper per head flying from Edinburgh rather than Glasgow, and if we needed it flying fromEdinburgh we were offered a free child place, so big variation, I took this up with Glasgow Airport and they said it wasn’t their issue it was the travel company, if other companies do this Edinburgh will get the business, incidentally the only difference is Glasgow was a Wednesday and Edinburgh a Thursday departure

  16. Dessybhoy,



    I agree with you. Glasgow is being short-changed again and our elected representatives seem unable or unwilling to help.


    Regarding the boycott, slightly tongue In cheek. However both Sky and Ryanair made annual profit of circa £1.1 GBP.


    If we think we can impact one, then why not the other.


    Make no mistake, Ryanairs actions will directly impact on Celtic and her supporters.




  17. If ye’s didn’t have Sky, Refferees, plastic pitches,the Msm, KevJ, to moan about, ye’s wouldn’t have anything to post. Ffs.


    And why can we only post comments on the main article and not the others. Hmmmm likes to keep an eye on us in the one place doesn’t he.

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