And they came in huge numbers to buy season tickets


Ticket officeThis morning’s images of a chain of people snaking around the Celtic Park ticket office and out towards London Road is remarkable. Even more so when you consider more people were buying season tickets online than queueing from the small hours to make sure they can support Celtic next season.

Frankly, I didn’t think we’d see sights like this until we saw a change in playing environment.

Season ticket sales, together with recent commercial deals concluded with Dafabet and Magners, puts the club on an enormously better financial footing, but the benefits extend beyond what we see today. Peripheral income, such as match day spent at the superstore and at kiosks, will have a corresponding lift.

Now if we get Champions League income on top of this………….



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  1. Rowley Birkin QC on

    Extremely happy to report that I’ve just got my season ticket and looking forward to the new season.







    Hail Hail

  2. Repost…..mad cow alert


    Ruth Fuddley Dudley Edwards is the go to “historian” by those wanting to paint the Orange Order in a flattering light. I have mentioned her on here in the past when she attempted to deny hat there was collusion between the RUC and Loyalist paramilitaries in the murder of Catholics/Nationalists. Her mantra on that one was that there may have been an odd bad apple in an otherwise sound Apple barrel. A proposition which has been completely blown out of the water by books such as that penned and RESEARCHED by Anne Cadwallader “Lethal Allies:British Collusion in Ireland”.



    She is a walloper of the highest order who knows her demographic and plays to it consistently. If she was a Scientist she would be working for the cigarette companies telling us that smoking was good for our health.



    If brains were Semtex her hair wouldn’t be ruffled if there was an explosion in her head.




  3. What is the Stars on

    Have they not suffered enough ????



    I honestly think they have now



    I mean imagine after all they have been through to wake up and discover that Ruth Dudley Edwards had decided to start supporting your team ……that has to be the last straw

  4. What we should really be aiming to do is to qualify for the Champions League (for the money) but look to secure 3rd spot and sneak into the Europe League (for the success). Seville have that never ending circle down to a tee.

  5. What is the Stars on




    Re Ruthie baby donning the old Sevco top



    aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile

  6. Jimmynotpaul on

    One final thanks from me to all who have wished me well. Especially 2 great ghuys who are on line just now.


    Yes that’s you Franny and Jim B.


    Never underestimate the power of the blog. I showed the messages to my wife and she was genuinely touched that people would take the time to pray, wish me well etc. Macjay,she really appreciated your effort from OZ.


    Also lurkers, the 2 people that have been in touch privately after reading online. Get yourselves on the blog.


    Finally my boss lurks, so J.H. If you are lurking thank you for all your help and support. I just wanted to put that in writing for you.





    As I said a few hours ago,it seems that downsizing to match anticipated reduction in ST sales may have been a self-fulfilling prophecy.



    “Give us hope in our hearts. ”



    “They’re there. They’re always there.”



    “The Celtic jersey does not shrink”



    Let’s hope the last few years is the last time that Celtic settle for mediocrity. Let’s live up to those three statements above.



    We are back. The fans are back where they always wanted to be.



    It will take a while to rebuild the side after the last few years,so no knee-jerk reactions from me.



    Good luck,Brendan. And Dermot?



    Thanks. Oh so much.

  8. What is the Stars on




    Sorry missed your bad news but wish you all the best,Hope everything works out


    Stay strong

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No doubt the MSM will spin it as being about the “return” of “Rangers”.


    We can only pity the poor fellas!

  10. What is the Stars on

    By the way I really hope we dont touch that Wisdom fella



    A big puddin

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 6TH JUNE 2016 12:17 PM


    BMCUW @11 46 .




    My love of PG Wodehouse was a cross to bear in the Maryhill of the mid /late 60s . It enhanced the ####### weirdo status earned by my love of cricket and Blue Note LPs .Boy named Sue stuff and an early lesson re the difficulties caused by being true to yourself .. I escaped to Uni in 68 and found that there were lots of people who loved PG Wodehouse and cricket but in a world full of Pink Floyd fans having lots of jazz LPs was still far from being cool ,man .





    A quiet encapsulation of the Tim dilemma.


    With which I can identify.


    I like people whom I am told I shouldn`t.



    Go with your heart , pal.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Why isn’t PL out offering cups of tea to the queueing thousands, like Big Haunds did.



    Sack the Board.










    We are a community,a family. We reach out for those in need.



    Some offer prayers in their own way,others advice where possible.



    It all counts,mate. Even if it’s only to know that yer not on your Jack Jones in a tough oul’ fight.



    Btw,ask TBM about his wee icon. Not had a bad result yet,the pair of us.



    Soon as he gets home,you have something special on your side.



    (Aye,I know. But don’t mock the percentages!)








    I’ll contact you when I get home.

  15. What is the Stars on




    All good here,and yourself ? looking forward to those friendly neighbours of yours expressing their love of peace tolerance and ecumenism by strolling the queens highway in the next few weeks ?





    Maybe tongue in cheek, but a great idea. Especially in the current weather. Has the sun stopped shining since BR signed ?



    Maybe the local vans ( if any ) may not be sooooooooo happy though.




  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JIMMYNOTPAUL on 6TH JUNE 2016 12:52 PM



    Semper fidelis.



    Shoulder to shoulder.



    Hail , Brendan.

  18. Wits




    Yep looking forward to the cultural extravaganza that is Orangefest where setting fire to a sofa defines your cultural identity.




    Unlike Almore….work to be done.

  19. Jimmynotpaul on

    What is the stars.


    Thank you.




    Very true. I will ask TBM about his wee Icon.


    I’ve never heard it being called that before.

  20. Neustadt-Braw on

    afternoon champions…..a braw sunny day here in North Hessen…….but a storm looks to be heading across the garden I should be in…..lot of peeeps being struck down with lightning bolts at the momentover here ….soI think I will observe and procrastinate…I see P67 didn,t push the t-shirts……mmmmm is he holding back for a huge Revolution Raffle plug!!!!


    time will tell….





    lo sonriente




  21. Has John Brown been asked to comment on Celtic season ticket queues, him and Ms Edwards would make s fine pair.


    It was really noticeable how many hoops were out on show yesterday

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    A cautionary tale



    It is great that we look to be maxing out on season tickets, and if some more of the extra income goes towards the football team, so much the better.






    Large supportive crowds can intimidate as well as support.



    Some of the current players have shown that they can more often than not blow it when the big games come around.



    I really hope that they don’t buckle under the weight of expectation.



    I really do.

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