Anderlecht and Hibs will keep adrenaline flowing


Celtic are used to putting in the miles but this month they play an incredible six home games, surely a record (?), with away trips only to Edinburgh to face Hibs and Hearts, and Dundee. If you are keeping an eye on historical records, eight of our 12 games until February are at home, with a trip across town to Firhill the only other away game on the schedule during the period. Deal with Hibs on Sunday, and we will take on an even more formidable look.

8 games in 29 days is as packed a schedule as anyone in Europe will have this month, but the lack of travel will help players prepare for each subsequent game.

The unbeaten domestic run is set-aside tomorrow as we conclude the Champions League group stage against a resurgent Anderlecht. We will talk more about this game tomorrow, but get through this one, and the adrenaline will flow sufficiently to see us through to the winter break.

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  1. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Just catching up on the blog as usual, won’t be down to Mornington


    till the weekend as our young bhoys are still training most nights, i


    told Sean we would catch up when you are down in Feb.


    See you then.


    H.H Mick

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Big Table booked from 3pm in BV in oldtims name as I have Work commitments and won’t make it …

  3. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (This is how it feels to be Celtic …..)



    syntonic /sɪnˈtɒnɪk/





    1. (psychol) emotionally in harmony with one’s environment



    Derived Forms


    syntonically, adverb



    Word Origin


    C20: from Greek suntonos in harmony with; see syn-, tone





  4. If my wife reads the article, I’ve no chance of getting out on Boxing Day for the now-mythical Dundee at dens game.

  5. Last December’s schedule was also packed with 8 league games starting on December 3rd with a 4-3 win over Motherwell thanks to Tom Rogics last minute winner and ending with a 2-1 win over sevco on Hogmanay with six other victories in between,there was also the 1-1 CL draw with man city,another undefeated December this year would be a big ask but this Celtic team are more than capable of achieving it



  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning CQN.



    My thoughts and prayers are with Eurochamps 67 this morning as he heads for his procedure.



    He is one of life’s good guys and deserves all our support, spirtual and otherwise.



    On another front, I am on the mooch.



    I have helped organise a wee campaign to feed 805 kids in Liberia over the next year via Mary’s Meals.



    So, who will pledge £3/goal scored by Celtic against Anderlecht tomorrow night? Yip – Its the Champion’s League challenge to help feed some kids who have absolutely nothing.



    Last year, I got my wee church (150 parishoners) to help sponsor the school which had 265 pupils. Well, we made it and fed everyone, but as a result the number of kids attending jumped to 805!!



    That’s the difference that Mary’s Meals make. Food and Education, Educucation and food.



    Over the course of a few years such a kitchen transforms a community in many ways.



    So, if you have any money at all to spare please make a donation via the link below.






    For every pound donated between now and 31st Dcember, that will be doubled thanks to the generosity of a few well heeled folk.



    So come on, take the challenge, make a donation while backing the team and the “winnings” so to speak will be doubled – and all will go to feed these kids.






    Walking in Walfrid’s Shadow.







  7. Saturdays game showed we dont have a 2nd string. We have a Squad of first teamers all capable of staking a claim for a 1st team place. De Vires should have played on Saturday IMHO, just to give CG a reminder no one is irreplaceable.


    As P67 points out we have a full dance card in the next couple of months. Lets use the Squad thats what they’re there for.HH

  8. If McInnes works out why it’s taken the huns 6 weeks to cobble 800k together, he should see the bigger picture….

  9. Going for 68 –



    Big sun / clear blue sky — 20 degrees at 1pm ( exactly 0 at midnight ) -way down south .



    68 -January . A Cup loss at home to Dunfermline . 2-0 . They went on to win it -beating Hertz in the Final . Good “honest mistake ” at 0-0 – a perfectly ok Brogan goal disallowed . ( an RH Davidson thing )



    2 choons from January 68-






  10. I won 2 tickets in the main stand for Saturday’s game at a charity event last month.


    I used to take my son, now 13 to games when he was younger and more recently when he started high school as some of his new friends supported Celtic, went to games etc but he just doesn’t like football! Them’s the breaks.



    So, back to Saturday’s 2 tickets.


    I ask my daughter, aged 10 if she would like to go. She jumps at the chance and me & Miss jimbob71 head to the club to catch the bus, also part of the prize.


    She sits with my mate’s daughter who is 14 and little Miss is having the time of her life.


    Into Celtic Park, up the stairs and she walks out to the seats. Well, the reaction and look on her face was amazing!!


    “Dad!! Whoa!!!!!”


    She asked all sorts of questions, who every players was, followed the game all 90 mins, loved the 67th minute lights and jumped about daft at every goal and moaned at the disallowed goal!! You can imagine how I was feeling during all of this!


    We stayed til all the players and Brendan had left the pitch.


    She looked up at me and said,



    “When’s the next game you’re bringing me to?”




  11. When big Eddie scored, it was noticable every player went to celebrate with him, best part of the day was when he ran to Brendan after his 3rd, a credit to his man management, when a guy who hasn’t had a lot of gametime reacts the way he did.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JIMBOB71 on 4TH DECEMBER 2017 1:01 PM






    Brilliant – best thing in the world having the company of your wean when you go to see Celtic – can’t be beaten :-))






  13. BGFC



    It was absolutely fantastic mate.



    After taking my son on and off and him just not getting into football at all, to get the reaction I got on Saturday with my daughter was priceless!!!

  14. I also took my son to the game Saturday he flew over from Canada for my birthday , he loved every minute of it, I managed to get him a brief for tomorrow’s game, he’s buzzing and so looking forward to it , last game he was at with me was the Naka V Man U game, let’s hope he’s lucky.

  15. That McInnes really must rate himself if/when. he takes the Sevco job. Of course you can see he has a big ego. He will be saying to himself this is his destiny.


    Rather like McCoist did.


    Sevco managers are like nappies, changed regularly. And for the same reason.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Started taking my daughters when she was about 7 and took a we gamebhoy for her if she got bored. Now at 17 in the standing section loving every bit of her Celtic experiences, even going to sway matches with my dad now

  17. Did not know you were back on Tony.Welcome back.


    I see the price quoted for Edouard is 8 million Euros.That was from a Celtic site.If he maintains his progress,that is not a lot of money,especially nowadays.Could look like a snip.A 4 year contract,could again see us way out in front.We know Moussa will move eventually.Wee Griff must be thinking”Aw FFS,no another wan”.


    Talk of an interest in a loan deal for the boy Foden from Man City.CH,only 17 years old.Again from a Celtic site.I would think it would need to be another 18 months deal,if true.Hope wee Paddy makes it back to us in the January break.Would hate to see him not returning.No matter what,he deserves to be there picking up his medals for managing to get back to us.We could be trying again to get him permanent in the Summer.Hope so.


    Anderlecht and Hibs.Cracking week of football.Great time these.

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    See the Bramalea club coming along fine in time for next year, looking good

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JIMBOB71 on 4TH DECEMBER 2017 1:09 PM





    It was absolutely fantastic mate.





    I sense impending competition for away-game spare tickets for me and Wee BGFC :-))






  20. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 4TH DECEMBER 2017 12:54 PM


    Going for 68 – was at that game with my uncle.im almost sure tommy callaghan was playing for dunfermline. but maybe wrong.hh.

  21. Celtic Champs Elect on




    I Love your work you are a credit to our support Mary’s Meals was close to my mother’s heart so I have kindly donated her xmas money as she is no longer with us :-) Keep up your good work James

  22. South Of Tunis on




    Yes – Tommy Callaghan was playing for Dunfermline . He and Bertie Auld spent the game kicking lumps out of each other .




    Loved your posts during the game on Saturday.












    Same again tomorrow will be lovely!

  24. Jimbob 71


    I had a wee lump in my throat reading that.


    I took my daughter Keara to her first game when she was 10. It was her first and last game.


    Maybe it’s no coincidence that it was John Barnes’ last game too!


    If only we had won 5-1 that night she might have a ST like her dad, mum and brother.




    Once a year I try to achieve being first with every goal. in the 3 years i have tried this (successfully) we have scored 14 goals in those 3 games.



    I am now back into hibernation and will leave it to others who add more useful detail to their posts.

  26. Turkeybhoy on 4th December 2017 1:23 pm



    I would take the Phil Foden story with a huge pinch of salt. For a start he’s not a defender as the story reports, he’s a 5’8″ central midfielder.


    Edouard, if he keeps progressing and gets more game time to show it, would be a bargain at 8m euros.

  27. South Of Tunis on

    JIMBOB71 .



    My London residing son has an Arsenal season ticket and supports his team -PTFC – by having a season ticket for Firhill which he rarely uses . .



    He and I used to go to Celtic games but come Primary 7 ( 1993 ) he announced he wanted SFA to do with The O## F### and all that went with it and would rather go to Firhill with his pal . . ..



    Mrs S of T and my 2 daughters have no interest in football whatsoever . Mrs S of T once went to a game — Chelsea / Fulham . A 26th of December thing — George Best / Alan Mullery / Rodney Marsh and Davie Hay . She went because it enabled her to avoid going to the Sales with her staying for the festive period mother and mad Auntie from Padova

  28. Domestically our awY record is better than our home. Motherwell 1-1 were the first dropped points away all season. Teams tend to be unashameably defensive at CP. bit more open away.

  29. Cheers everyone for all your lovely comments and shared stories too, great reading.



    I don’t know how I’ll be able to sneak out the house tomorrow night with my Celtic scarf without her knowing!!




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