Ange, for the love of everything green and white, defend


In the absence of Cameron Carter-Vickers, Celtic will pair Stephen Welsh and Moritz Jenz in central defence in the Bernabeu against Real Madrid tonight. These two have only played together once before, at St Mirren Park, which saw our only domestic defeat of the season. The omens are not good.

If you are in the business of looking for more generous portents, there’s always that game in Barcelona 18 years ago, when a teenage David Marshall and 20-year-old John Kennedy were drafted into the Celtic side that denied Ronaldinho et al. Results like this do happen, as most of the CQN demographic are old enough to testify.

What does not happen, ever, is the likes of Celtic pitching up at the home of the European champions, playing open, expansive football, with an inexperienced and young central defence, and leaving with anything other than an absolute drubbing.

Ange, for the love of everything green and white, defend tonight. Regard forward runs with anything more than three players a ridiculous extravagance. Deny Real openings, like a two-on-one overload at the back post. Ask John Kennedy how exhilarating it was to be the extra man necessary to scoop the ball away from an opponent just before he shot.

We are five lessons into the Champions League this season in a group that held such promise when the draw was made. Nothing will be learned from discovering what will happen if both full backs simultaneously bomb forward to give Stephen and Moritz forward passing options. Even a win, unlikely as it is, will not affect our bottom of the group status.

Tonight is hopefully a dry run for what we will do away to tier one teams in next season’s Champions League. Let’s use it effectively.

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  1. AIPPLE on 2ND NOVEMBER 2022 12:34 PM






    Coffee didn’t work this morning. Must try harder!




  2. The Celts on Mt Rushmore votes have been collated, critiqued, drank over and argued over between myself and myself. Thought it would be a fun wee poll but I was “schooled” on Mt Rushmore by a few folks. Putting all that aside here are the top 10 people and vote count for the Celtic heads on a mountain of your choice. We are going to need a bigger mountain!



    In the spirit of Jobo my picks have an Asterix. Not the Gaul but an asterix all the same.



    Jock Stein – 22


    Brother Walfrid – 15


    James McGrory – 11


    * Fergus McCann – 9


    * Henrik Larsson – 8


    Jimmy Johnstone – 7


    Billy McNeil – 6


    * Tommy Burns – 5


    * Paul McStay – 5


    Martin O’Neill – 4



    Shout out to BourneSoupRecipe for the best comedy answers!



    Ps MadMitch is delivering his votes to CQN corner in a weekend yet to be named and Ernie voted to dynamite Mt Rushmore. Special mention to Uncle Alex of JinkyRedStar!



    Pps Big Jimmy also got 2 votes and the wee wummin in front of Lets All Do The Huddle in the pie queue also gets an honourable mention.



    HH all.



    The battle for Madrid it thunders on!

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    Tobago Street from last thread



    I’ve never listened to a Celtic state of mind as I don’t do podcasts.


    Are his msm interviews typical of his output on the podcast?

  4. I’d still go for it. In terms of the competition there’s nothing to be gained from this game, I’d much rather we test our attack against the best and try and take the chances that have cost us dear at the highest level



    We won’t have another game when we have to defend for the rest of the season, a couple of goals and I’ll do more for our confidence than a 2-0 loss

  5. Aipple, how about doing a Mount Rushmore for Celtic heroes that don’t already have a statue &/or a stand named after them or fans feel haven’t had the right amount of praise/ recognition for their time and efforts?




    Cut and paste error, sorry. He and his cohorts actually came top.






    Agree. Go toe to toe with them and play our game.






    I like that idea. An unsung heroes poll.

  7. If we’re talking horses for courses Madrid will murder us if we sit back. The best midfield in the world when they have time on the ball, their third (?) goal when Kris picked a perfect pass showed what they do when you give them the ball.

  8. MELVIN UDALL on 2ND NOVEMBER 2022 12:42 PM


    Aipple, how about doing a Mount Rushmore for Celtic heroes that don’t already have a statue &/or a stand named after them or fans feel haven’t had the right amount of praise/ recognition for their time and efforts.



    You could extend that to the Celtic Way,have icons instead of banners at the moment,8 either side down to the crest.who do we leave out?





  9. Agree with every word Paul. We can counter attack leaving men at the back to defend incase of a turnover. No one is talking about parking buses.



    If we play this game like we did RB and SD, we’ll get murdered. And that will be on Ange.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Don’t see what we will gain by parking the bus. Ange has a way he wants us to play and the players have bought into it. We just need to get better at it! Rowing backwards will only plant doubts in their heads.


    For all the criticism Brendan Rodgers has received about his European record he did win more away CL points than every other Celtic manager from MON-NL2 put together.


    Hopefully Ange can take that on and better it.

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    Wayne Biggins


    Frank Munro


    Roy Kaye


    John Dowie



    Certainly qualify as unsung.


    Heroes? I’m not so sure.

  12. With next years tournament in mind, and not having our best defender playing I’d take a 5-2 over a 2-0

  13. For goodness sake, tightening up in midfield and telling the FBs to prioritise defending for 90 mins rather than playing as wingers is not parking the bus. JJ and GT grew up training and playings as FBs, I don’t think it will confuse them too much to play more conservatively occasionally.


    Absolutely nobody on here over this CL campaign has advocated parking the bus.


    It is like saying in politics if you are not of the far right you are of the far left. There is a mass of options in-between and against Real Madrid in Madrid it is time to see if the team can be a bit more savvy, see if they can wait for chances rather than trying to force them. The likes of Jota, Kyogo and Maeda are fast enough to play on the counter just as SD did to us,

  14. MELVIN UDALL on 2ND NOVEMBER 2022 12:42 PM


    Aipple, how about doing a Mount Rushmore for Celtic heroes that don’t already have a statue &/or a stand named after them or fans feel haven’t had the right amount of praise/ recognition for their time and efforts?






    Bring back the Legends Banners, I am hoping they are somewhere in storage, or away to be cleaned and reprinted, if they have been destroyed then that would be a real shame, I thought they could at least be hung inside the stadium or gifted/make a donation to CSC to allow them to contine to be displayed.



    but as an alternative repurpose, reuse, and recycle ……..



    put them up on posts in the pathway to the stadium, on west and east janefield street, rename them to compliment the Celtic Way



    Paradise Parade, Bertie Auld Boulevard, something like that or such like.



    Give the banners a name check, where are they from, give the knick-name, an appearances and honours list, and what are they most famous for.



    It is important that our history is passed on, I am often dumbfounded in casual conversation with youngers (under 40s ha) who dont know things that I would call the basic facts that are a must know to call yourself a supporter.



    Patsy Gallagher


    The Might Atom


    B. MIlford Donegal


    Resident of Clydebank and Renfrew


    Shipbuilder (or was he a shipyard joiner ?)


    Buried in Arkelston Cemetery


    Played from 1911-1925


    Appearances -432


    Goals 186



    Most famous for –



    He went on to play for Celtic for 15 years from 1911 to 1925, featuring in 491 games in all competitions.[10] In 464 games in major competitions Patsy scored 195 goals. Today he ranks as Celtic’s sixth highest goalscorer behind Jimmy McGrory, Bobby Lennox, Henrik Larsson, Stevie Chalmers and Jimmy Quinn.[11] With Gallacher added to the lineup, Celtic won six Scottish League titles, four Scottish Cups, four Glasgow Cups and eleven Glasgow Charity Cups.[12][3]



    One of his most famous moments came in the ‘Patsy Gallacher’ Scottish Cup Final of 1925 against Dundee, when he barged from behind in a packed penalty area and somersaulted over the goal line with the ball between his feet into the net for a goal.[13] This last winner’s medal came 13 years after his first in 1912.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    The new club across the city tried to defend and succeeded in winning the title of worst team ever in the competition(except bate Borisov according to a gardener I know).



    I’d rather see us have a go than sit back and wait for the roof to cave in.

  16. Ernie,



    More like that awkward moment when you have to Google what Paul’s talking about regards tactics.

  17. Aipple, three of my mount Rushmore picks are in your ten.


    The one that’s missing is Auldheid.




    Absolutely nobody on here over this CL campaign has advocated parking the bus.



    Aye they did , there’s been a few , well one with many guises… 😜😁😂

  19. Peerless Patsy, from the Celtic Wiki






    In 1926, Celtic ‘retired’ Patsy without warning. Speculation among his fans was that they wanted to save on his wages, which were considerably higher than those of any other Celtic player of the time (despite the fact that the team included greats such as Jimmy McGrory and Jimmy McStay).[citation needed] Gallacher went on to play for six more years with Falkirk,[14] fuelling speculation among Celtic supporters as to how many more goals he would have scored and trophies lifted had he stayed at Celtic Park.[citation needed] He received a testimonial match in January 1932 between a Celtic-Falkirk XI and a Scottish League XI.[15][3]



    International career


    Patsy gathered 12 caps for Ireland in an age when fewer internationals were played,[16] and World War I also led to such games being suspended for several years. On his debut for Ireland at Windsor Park in Belfast against England he became the highest paid international ever. Interest in the Ireland team grew tremendously: 50,000 packed into Windsor Park for his Ireland debut in 1919.[citation needed]



    Like many Irish players of his era, he played for both the Belfast-based Irish Football Association side (11 times, with six matches against Scotland), and the Dublin-based Irish Free State team once versus Spain – at 40 years of age,[17] he became their oldest-ever debutant (surpassing Bill Lacey, although Lacey made further appearances up to the age of 41).[16]



    Gallacher also represented the Scottish League XI twice (both against the Irish League)[18] while at Celtic, and made seven appearances and scored seven goals in a Scottish FA tour of Canada in 1927 while at Falkirk.[19][3]

  20. This Saturday it’s the Green Brigade’s Annual Foodbank Collection


    By PETER BROWN 31 October, 2022 No Comments





    An important reminder that the Green Brigade’s Annual Foodbank Collection takes place this Saturday 5 November ahead of Celtic’s Scottish Premiership match against Dundee United at Celtic Park.




    “Food banks in the food charity network provided more than 2.1 million emergency food parcels between the 1st of April 2021 and 31st of March 2022. This represents an 81% increase compared to the same period five years ago,” the North Curve Celtic account points out on Twitter.





    There will be collection points at the Gallowgate Entrance, the 111 Entrance at the Green Brigade corner of the ground and also on The Celtic Way as you can see on the image below.



    The Green Brigade as usual supply a list of items that are most needed. They are as follows:



    celtic logo CELTIC FC






    UHT milk, UHT juice, sugar, tinned veg, tinned fruit, tinned fish, soup, tea bags, instant coffee nappies, powdered milk, ladies and gents toiletries. Each donations are also welcomed and appreciated.



    So where to put those banners ?



  21. Surely better to put all Carl in tonight.Has been training for a week.Sometimes struggle to understand this.Big Ollie has played CH regularly,he is fit.One of the two.Not Welsh.Boy is not up to it.





    JJ Moritz Carl Greg




    Haksa O Riley



    Kyogo Jota


    Haksa has played no 10 before. That stiffens up the midfield and gives attackers.



    Please,no Abada,or Maeda.Passengers not required for this game.

  22. CELTIC40ME – yeah, indeed you are right, Paul did mention that. But on here, a few of us have suggested playing more conservatively in the CL without meaning that it is backs against the wall for 90 mins ala most of the teams in the SPFL when we play them.


    Playing 442 is not parking the bus. Asking the defenders to prioritise defending rather than bombing forward at every opportunity is not parking the bus.



    Parking the bus, like Angeball, is a cliche. Football is fluid and tactics should be adapted to suit the circumstances of the game. All out attack against SPFL cannon fodder makes sense. Against the best team in Europe less so.

  23. Agree that we need to sit in tight tonight and look to hit on the break. If we are still in it towards the last 20, bring on fresh legs and have a bit of a go. Regardless of what happens we will wake up tomorrow as champions, looking forward to seeing the bhoys at the weekend.



    Aipple – I’m calling for a recount- where’s Willie Maley? – I’m pretty sure the legend got more than just one of my votes. Good to see big Jock on top of the mountain – we’ll never see his likes again.

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